2D Artwork: The Zecn Five (My original characters + Bio)

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    Ok Here is my first attempt at doing Inks. After drawing a bit with my newly found Ink pen, I decided to draw all the Original characters I have created so far. I put all the Autobots in one group. I will post the decepticons in another group. If I somehow took your characters name or something just think of it as " My name is Einstein, The ******ed kid next door is also called Einstein". This is based on a Fan fiction I am writing, and I just thought it would be great for everyone to get the Idea of who the characters are and what the Team is about. Please enjoy, this took 2 days to write and draw. It would be awesome if someone can get these characters to at be mentioned in any fan fiction besides mine. Please bear with me and read through the whole thing.

    I still got some more ideas/Names left, but I must see what you people like/dislike about this.

    Well here it is...

    The Zecn. Five.

    I called this faction The Zecn Five. The Group Consists Of a number of Autobots Sent Of millions of Years Ago with a similar mission given To the Ark. To Find A Habitable planet Somewhere Isolated. These were the ideals of an Autobot called Meteor storm (Meteora), who suggests that If Cybertron is to be destroyed; The Autobots could migrate to an isolated distinct planet where they can find Peace. His Ideas were not appreciated by the cyberronians
    at First. After Astro-cycles of trying to convince the cybertronians, He met Up with Another Transformer whom had the Same Ideal. His Name was Neon; He Already formed a small Group of Transformers with These Ideals.
    They were Skyline, Twilight, and Updraft. As The Autobot Decepticon Wars escalated. The Zecn Five Were given Permission from The Leader of the Autobots, Sentinel Prime to Go Search For a home somewhere in the galaxy.
    They were accompanied by many others who would play major Roles later in Their Missions. It was known that after they Left Cybertron, the decepticons has also set up an army of decepticons to annihilate the Zecn Five. Less did they know that the Zecn Five Has Also grown in numbers.

    Here is the Insignia Each of the Zecn Five Wears.



    Twilight Likes to Say that eclipse is a non-stop Speed freak, Because of his ability to momentarily reach over the speed of sound in vehicle mode. His vehicle mode is
    That of equivalent to a Cybertronian Racing vehicle. Later when he arrives on Earth He takes on the mode of an Italian Lamborghini Gallardo Police car. Other Zecn Five Members usually mock him by telling him that he has too many weak Weapons. Eclipse isn’t troubled at all from what they say. Eclipse Has a brother called Quicksilver Who is imprisoned in the deepest quarters of decepticon moon base.
    Eclipse carries a shoulder Mounted Missile, and a rapid fire arm cannon which is prior to taking down enemies at high speed. He’s the Type of Bot who would fly 350 meters a second in Cybertronian jet Mode. Back to base and wait a few hours before the rest of the team comes back. Optimus has found this “Very annoying to wait for the recharging booth every time I come back from a big battle”.

    Picture below


    Here is Eclipse dismounting his shoulder missile preparing to go 250 meters a second through a Bunch of decepticons.


    Updraft is the brother of Jet Stream, and Like him, He is a very hardcore fighter when it comes to hunting down decepticons or even fleeing from them. Normally when not in battle, Updraft Trains With His brother in Weaponry ranging from Small Energon daggers to his Giant R-finite Missile Launcher on his arm. He usually claims That He has been hit by all kinds of weaponry and survived them. Sunstreaker regards him as To Suicidical.
    Updraft probably has one of the most unique weapons. Even though he has no visible weapon. His Arms can transform into Dual R – Finite accelerator Missile Launchers.
    His Close Range Attacks Are usually Martial Arts. But He does Like to fire His giant R finite missile Launchers in close range even though it leaves him damaged. He transforms into a Toyota Tacoma 1997



    Here is Updraft After he gets sliced through the chest from close Range from training with his Brother Jet Stream. He uses His mouth to reconnect the Wires Leading to His Arms and rest of body. Proving to his brother that he is a hardcore Battler.


    One of the Larger Bots in the Zecn Five. He isn’t the type that would like to talk a lot. But His Ideals are taken seriously by his comrades because they know that if they disrespect him they would be in serious trouble.
    He is always aware of things that happen around him. His sense of Logic is about as good as that of bluestreaks though sometimes He likes to keep things to himself. He possesses the ability to warp in short distances making him a perfect Opponent to Skywarp.
    Axis-Jump transforms into a cybertronian Tank with Earth Headlights license plates and such due to his early encounter with a Human Police Officer. Many transformers like to refer him to a trunk of secrets which would never reveal. Decepticons have tried countless times to extract things from his mind but failed. This was one of the reasons He was the perfect soldier for Zecn. Five. One of the members in the group known as Drift sees him as an unworthy traitor for keeping so many secrets.
    He transforms into a green Man Race Truck. Axis-Jump was one of the Original Five that started the expedition.



    Here is Axis-Jump Drawing his Energon Sabre and his level 3 Ion Arm Cannon. Ready for attack.

    Jet Stream

    He is the older brother of Updraft. Like his brother, He loves big battles which he can get involved in. He also has a double personality. He can feel sympathy for others, While other Times he doesn’t hesitate to rip his enemy’s body in half crunching its spark. None of the Autobots have noticed his double personalities yet.
    After disguising as a Broken weapons Truck from a highly civilized nation on a Planet. A Local being fixed him and at the same time turned him into a lethal warhead. He was given the ability to manipulate Light, compressing the photons into a thick super heavy Solid wall in less than 10 seconds or Turning Light into burning liquid form. One of the downsides is that he is Blind as in that he can’t see visuals. He can only navigate from the many sensors attached throughout his body.
    He loves to crush his enemies with his super heavy giant walls of light which falls randomly from the skies despite the fact that they crave a huge amount of energy. Jet stream is a weapons specialist because he has through eons travelling parsecs within the galaxy learnt to operate all kinds of weapons. The Decepticons have once successively extracted his ability and tried experimenting with it, but none worked.
    He transforms into a small airbus a319.



    Sorry, I didn’t show him manipulating light don’t know how that looks like.


    It isn’t known how He convinced The First five to join the Team. But as observed by others in the team, He has very ominous behaviour when it comes to serious subjects. When The First Five or Optimus is around. Drift Pretends to act normally and becomes Nice to Other Autobots. This made many suspecting Autobots think he was just fooling around. Ironhide refers his as “Too Young”. He possesses the ability transforming his whole body into countless lethal weapons. “Wow! What a mess” Sideswipe says as he sees his transformation into battle mode.
    Drift likes blasting his enemy into pieces when he has a chance. Megatron has a few times been impressed by his destructive behaviour comparing Drift to himself when he was still young. Later on He kills one of his comrades when the Zecn Five were trapped onboard a decepticon ship. The same week He tries to decapitate Autobot Tracks. Drift transforms into a Black Nissan 350Z.



    Heres Drift withdrawing his energon Sword.


    One of the more lively Autobots in the group. He likes to communicate a lot with his comrades. He believes that If the whole team has good communication, They Can win many battles. When fighting, Helix would transform in his duo jets which separates when he transforms from duocon technology. If one of the jets get shot down, The other one can transform into a smaller mode.
    Some Autobots find him very friendly while others think he has a few screws loose. Helix also has a defensive behaviour where he would argue hours on end to get anyone to believe his Idealistic. There was a tragedy later when he confronts drift (no Spoiler).
    He has 4 Giant cannons each much larger Than Megatrons Fusion Cannon. He only uses Maximum 2 cannons during battles because using all four at the same time can surge his circuits with unnecessary energon levels. Helix Transforms into Roofless Hummer H4.



    Helix and carrying his 4 giant Fusion cannons.

    Meteora ( Meteor Storm)

    The Original Leader of The whole Team of the Zecn Five. He was one of the First five most respected by the whole group. His Ability to transform into six forms was quite unique even to the autobot Six changer Quick switch. Though He only uses 3 of his forms, He never uses Past 4.
    Quick switch told him that it was a waste for him to only use 3 forms forcing him to reveal his forth form. From the beginning He has led The Zecn Five Successively except One of the missions where He landed on a foreign Planet with a small group of Autobots (not in Zecn Five). After He saw that The Autobots Were polarizing, He deactivated them and abandoned the mission. He sent a final message to the autobot Base.The Transmission was actually a lie to stop the Autobots from finding them and learn about the fascism that took place around the ranks of the Autobots.
    Meteora Transforms into Red Truck which Carries 2 Trailers. The second mode is that of a small red Jet Liner. The Third is basically where the second trailer combines with the small Jet Liner to Form a Small Cruiser Ship. The final mode known so far is a Small battle station on Wheels. He carries different weapons ranging from Duo Flamethrowers to Human Weapons like The Machine Gun.



    Meteora Ready for Battle.


    The second commander of the whole team after Meteora was presumed dead. He wasn’t all that good at commanding the team, usually leading them right into trouble. He was then later tutored by Optimus on how one must successfully command a squadron.
    With his renewed knowledge of commanding his team, He leads them into a decepticon warship during one of the missions. Resulting in an unexpected ambush.
    Later One he was executed by Decepticon Leader Galvatron. This left only two
    Of the Original Five. And Twilight was made leader of the Team. He transforms into a red MXT 4X4 pickup truck.



    One of the First Five.


    Streetlight loves to fight In close combat. His skills in cybertronian Martial arts is beyond that of a master, But he is only a recruit for the Zecn Five. He joined The Zecn Five when Helix introduced him to the autobot faction.
    He likes to consider himself as Lucky number 7 in the team because he was the seventh member in the group. Others think of him as Over superstitious. Streetlight carries a shoulder mounted Missile on his back and a level 2 compressed muon cannon. Streetlight transforms into a yellow Ford GT 40 Mk concept car.



    Streetlight holding his Compressed Muon cannon.


    One of the original Five who later becomes the Leader for the team. Before Twilight got recruited, He was an Autobot working for Perceptor and wheeljack. He left them when he thought that they kept on experimenting on him.
    Later on, he was recruited by Neon, One of the original Five. Later they were joined by Meteora, and so the whole recruiting began.
    After The first two Leaders were presumed dead. Twilight, as one of the original Five was voted for as the Leader of the Team. He like Helix gets too talkative through time.
    Twilight Transforms into a blue Hummer H2.



    I originally wanted to give Twilight the same ability as Jet Stream. Tell me what you think.


    Spin is one of the smallest in the team. Originally one of Crystal city’s Guardians. After it got destroyed, Spin went out looking for a hobby. He began with surfing in the outer atmospheres of gas giants. Shortly after He Joined the Ranks of the Autobots, He was assigned to this expedition namely Zecn Five.
    Spin Is More a close range fighter and long range. He is equipped with double Rotor blade sabres and one Long Range Sniper. He transforms into a small Black MD 520N Notar Helicopter



    Smallest in the group, The main faction Autobots call him Rogue insecticon that transforms into helicopter.


    For Neon, Driller is a very honest Autobot, He is good in cooperation. He constantly reminds
    Hot Rod Of download since he looks a lot like him.
    Others think of him as a random Autobot who does the most unexpected things.
    Driller Carries an u limited supply of missiles since Most of it is kept in autobot base where it is teleported to his shoulder Missile Mount. Driller transforms into a Nebulon Drill with cybertronian Technology, The same Mode Download had.



    Hotrod Thinks he looks like Download.

    3 Wings

    3 Wing is an Ex member of the Zecn Five. He joined in because after he left the decepticon seeker groups, He was afraid that Shockwave might hunt and destroy him. So he sought refugee on a distant planet where The Zecn Five happened to be on.
    3 Wing transforms into a Dark green cybertronian jet. On Earth, He transforms into a Dark green Kamov Ka-50 Helicopter. He is equipped with simple Seeker Weapons, But he can Reach Speeds up to 200 Meters a second.



    Autobot Seeker, What the Cybertron?


    Nothing much is known about ballpoint. Just that He looks like Hound backwards and he has a short temper. His Weapons are four Missiles mounted to his back. He transforms into a red Jeep wrangler.



    Looks like hound.

    Bullet Rain

    Bullet Rain is the Final one of the First Five. Since being introduced to the group by Neon,
    Bullet Rain has earned his way to second in command. He got aggravated when the “Rookie” Twilight was made Leader instead. His brother wildside who on the other hand is still considering if he should join.
    Bullet rain likes to train with Wind Brothers (nickname Twilight made up for Updraft and Jet Stream). But in the end He would get all beaten up by either of them. He loves challenges, especially when he can carpet bomb his enemy with thousands of small bombs. He transforms into a Blue 3 cabin Bullet Train.



    Bullet Rain looks a lot like his brother Wildside.


    Blackbolt is a retired member of the Zecn Five. He was considered a Die Hard warrior by many. He transforms into a small cybertronian cruiser van with a big carriage compartment carrying weapons and missiles. His Earth Mode Is that of a black Lamborghini Gallardo with
    A lightning bolt on the side.



    Blackbolt and his flamethrowers (Hot!)


    One of the oldest most experienced member of the team. He was named spray because he possesses the unique ability to Bomb his enemies with Acid which can melt through medium Titanium.
    Spray unlike the others has no cybetrtronian vehicle form. Instead, He takes on The Mode of the Earthen X-29 Switchblade which looks unmistakably cybertronian.



    Doesn’t spray look like gears?


    Skyline is the youngest most inexperienced Bot in the group. He is just a recruit who made it past training stages. He has a cousin called crossfade who is trying be recruited.He wields One of Helix Fusion Cannons and takes on the mode of 2007 dodge challenger



    Skyline and his energon sabre.

    Please, I put lot of effort in this in hopes of letting you transformers fans enjoy. Tell me if I should post more.

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