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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by D-Unit, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Hey all, help me if you can, the stuff I have to trade is at the bottom

    I need: (loose complete preferred)
    Devastator Reissue (Or just a complete nice shape g1 Devastator if you have one, it doesn't matter. High Priority)
    TRU Soundwave (don't need RAvage or Laserbeak , just Soundwave if you have it loose)
    07 Movie Voyager Ironhide's cannons (don't need the missiles, just the cannons, but I will trade for the figure so you don't have to separate the parts)
    ROTF Voyager Megatron (high priority)
    DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime
    Cybertron Evac/Classics Blades/Classics Springer ( I need some version of this mold, doesn't matter which one)
    Energon Bulkhead/Safeguard
    Classics Inferno or Grapple (whichever one you want to part with)
    Classics/Universe Smokescreen (low priority)
    Classic seekers (prefer non-coneheads, but let me know what you got)
    g1 Predacons reissues
    G1 Prime Trailer (just need the trailer and the door, dont care about roller or missiles)
    --------->There's probably more I need, let me know what you have if you see something here you want. Check my feedback, you have no worries

    I Have: (All loose, excellent shape, complete unless noted)
    RTS Bumblebee (MOC)

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