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    I decided one day when I saw the teaser poster for TF Animated to make my own Transformers cartoon as I thought it looked horrible(though I have grown to love Animated now). I wanted to make a series that was mostly based on Generation one but mixes elements from many other Generations as well. I never really did start making my own TF script but I finally decided to give it try. Anyways here's part of the first episode I've been working on


    A race of transforming robots known as the Transformers is at war. The Autobots designed to be scientist to cure the galaxy of all its diseases are struggling to defeat the forces of the Decepticons, who are designed to be war machines and destroy any evil threats. The Transformers’ home planet of Cybertron is slowly dying due to a lack of Energon, a special type of energy.

    Bullets and missiles spray the air. An Autobot defense team is being attacked by Decepticons, and the leader of the team, Inferno, is sending a transmission to the Autobots’ main base, Autobot City.

    INFERNO: This is Inferno to Autobot City. We’re getting hit hard; I’d estimate five to ten casualties. All space bridges have been destroyed, we have no way to get back and-

    A red, insect looking Decepticon shoots Inferno in the back and flies up to the camera.

    RED DECEPTICON: All Autobots will fall! In the name of Megatron!

    Ultra Magnus turns off the transmission. He then looks to face Optimus Prime; both of them are inside Autobot City.

    ULTRA MAGNUS: We got that transmission less than an hour ago, Optimus Prime. The Decepticons are destroying all our ways of transportation. There’s only three space bridges still functioning and we think they plan to attack another one tonight.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Hmm, we can’t risk losing so many more solders. I suppose we have no other choice than to send more defense teams. I’ll be leaving tonight with my new Autobot team to look for more Energon on a near by moon.

    ULTRA MAGNUS: Do you think that’s a good idea? Most of the Autobot recruits you’re taking have never been in any intense combat.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Don’t worry Ultra Magnus everything will be fine. We can’t go much longer without this energy; it may be our last hope.
    Optimus Prime leaves the room to go meet his team of Autobot recruits.

    ULTRA MAGNUS: Oh Prime, I sure hope you’re right about this.

    Megatron gathers his team of elite Decepticons on their warship, the Nemesis. Starscream, Shockwave, and Soundwave come into the ship’s control panel, waiting to hear Megatron’s plan.

    SHOCKWAVE (a grey, one eyed robot with antennas, and a gun for his right hand): Oh almighty lord Megatron it is always an honor to work with you to fight off the threat of those putrid Autobots.

    STARSCREAM (under his breathe): Suck up.

    Megatron walks toward his elite group of Decepticons. He places his hand on Shockwave’s shoulder.

    MEGATRON: Oh Shockwave always so loyal and noble.

    SOUNDWAVE: Decepticons superior, Autobots inferior. We shall crush them all.

    MEGATRON: Ah Soundwave. Always to the point, short and sweet.

    STARSCREAM: Yes, yes, we’re all great and wonderful. Can we get on with this already?

    MEGATRON: And Starscream. So powerful and quick thinking,

    STARSCREAM: You know Megatron I have many suggestions on how we can improve our success, firstly I think we should-

    Megatron punches Starscream across the face. Starscream falls that on the floor making a big thud.

    MEGATRON: -but you never know when to shut up.

    Starscream staggers back up on his feet. He looks very angrily at Megatron, grunting at him.

    MEGATRON: I’ve brought you all here today because you are the most elite and highest ranking Decepticons. As you know I’ve sent all my top Decepticon attack forces to attack the three remaining Autobot space bridges, but that is only to distract the Autobots from us. Optimus Prime is going on an expedition to a nearby moon to extract Energon. A very smart idea, to extract Energon from other moons and planets. But we can’t let them get any more sources of energy, so we will attack them.

    SHOCKWAVE: Attack them? With Optimus Prime on the ship?

    MEGATRON: Yes Shockwave. Prime is a coward, he wouldn’t even kill anyone unless the fate of the universe relied on it. I’ve waited long enough. Tonight we kill Optimus Prime and then we will win this war. Soundwave, power up modules one and two.

    SOUNDWAVE: Yes lord Megatron

    Soundwave leaves the room. Starscream’s jaw drops and his eyes widen at the sight of lord Megatron.

    STARSCREAM: Are you insane?! We should be attacking the space bridges. I can’t believe you’re even thinking we should attempt to attack Optimus Prime.

    Megatron grabs Starscream around the neck and lifts him up.

    MEGATRON: I’m not thinking anything, Starscream. We are attacking Optimus Prime and we are going to kill him. Don’t ever question my plans again, Starscream.

    Megatron throws Starscream across the room. Starscream struggles to get back up and Megatron kicks him down and walks away.

    STARSCREAM (under his breathe): Megatron you fool! One day I will be leader of the Decepticons and you will regret treating me like a can of tin rust.

    MEGATRON: Shockwave, set weapon systems to grade B.

    SHOCKWAVE: Oh yes almighty lord Megatron.
    The new Autobot recruits are preparing to leave with Optimus Prime at an Autobot base camp. A small yellow Autobot named Bumblebee is getting ready to leave with Optimus Prime. He stumbles over an oil can, causing all the other cans to drop over.

    BUMBLEBEE: Oh slag.

    WARPATH: Hey! What happened here?

    Warpath, a large red Autobot walks up angrily to Bumblebee.

    WARPATH: You little bug! I’m gonna beat the slag outta you!

    Jazz, an average sized white Autobot puts his hands on Warpath keeping him away from Bumblebee.

    JAZZ: Yo man, back up on my boy Bumbles here okay?

    Warpath gives a dirty look at Jazz and Bumblebee and walks away.

    JAZZ: Man Bumblebee, you always find a way to tick everyone off, huh? You ready to leave with Optimus tonight?

    BUMBLEBEE: Oh you bet I am. And thanks for saving my servos Jazz.

    JAZZ: Ah it ain’t nothin’

    Optimus Prime waits to venture with his new crew, with his old friends Ratchet and Ironhide.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Thank you Ironhide and Ratchet for coming with me.

    IRONHIDE: After all the old times we’ve had together Prime, it’s an honor to fight alongside you again.

    RATCHET: I’m afraid I won’t be fighting anymore. I’ve retired from combat, I’m a professional grade A medic now.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Well Ratchet, I’ve always thought myself that saving a life is much better than killing one.
    Three robots walk about in front of Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Ratchet. They are the highest ranking Autobots in their specified field and are now part of Prime’s new crew.

    IRONHIDE: Well look at the new bots we got here

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Autobots, state your name and profession

    BUMBLEBEE: Bumblebee, grade A information tracker.

    JAZZ: Jazz, professional in hand-to-hand combat

    WHEELJACK: Wheeljack, grade A mechanic, and professional ship pilot.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Autobots we will be going to a nearby moon to extract energon. You have been chosen because of your high ranking professions. As you know the Decepticons have been destroying our space bridges and I fear if they destroy the last remaining bridges they will win this war.
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    Episode 1-Part 2
    BUMBLEBEE: Whoa, are you serious Optimus?

    OPTIMUS PRIME: I’m afraid so Bumblebee. Now let’s start up the Ark, it’s time for us to go.

    The Autobots walk into their ship the Ark. The Autobots take seats to different control panels of the ship.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: All right Autobots, let’s roll out! Wheeljack start us up.

    WHEELJACK: You got it Prime.

    Wheeljack starts up the Ark’s engine. The Ark lifts up into the air. Wheeljack then pulls back a lever and the ship zips forward.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: There’s a space bridge about ninety miles from here. We’ll use that to get to our location.

    RATCHET: Uh, Prime I’m picking up a Decepticon ship coming towards us.

    Optimus Prime gives a look of shock. He looks out the window to see the Decepticon war ship, the Nemesis, approaching them from behind.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Oh no, the Nemesis, Megatron. Wheeljack lock on to their ship and fire. Ironhide put up the defense systems.

    WHEELJACK: You do know that ship is twice the size of ours right?

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Yes, this is why we need to start shooting now!

    Megatron furiously looks at the Ark through the window of the Nemesis.

    MEGATRON: Decepticons! Fire at them now!

    SOUNDWAVE: As you request Megatron.

    The Nemesis shoots out an array of missiles towards the jet engines of the Ark. The missiles hit them and causes the Ark to angrily shake.

    JAZZ: Did they just shoot us? They just shot us!

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Well that’s just prime. Shoot back at them before we go down.

    The Ark’s turrets turned around and shot back at the Nemesis. The shots hit the front the Nemesis.

    MEGATRON: Ugh, shoot all weapon systems at them now!

    All the weapon systems deploy from the Nemesis and fire at the Ark.

    WHEELJACK: They’ll going to destroy all of our engines!

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Swerve away from them now!

    Wheeljack forcefully swerves the Ark out of the way from the Nemesis’s fire power but the Ark manages to lose one engine.

    BUMBLEBEE: We lost an engine! Oh my gosh, we’re going to die aren’t we? Oh and on the first day too.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: We have to get to that space bridge.

    Megatron notices the Ark attempting to reach the space bridge.

    MEGATRON: Board us on their ship now!

    The Nemesis shoots out wires onto the Ark and connects on to it as it goes through the space bridge. The two ships then teleport to a different quadrant of space.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Where are we? This isn’t where the space bridge was supposed to take us.

    WHEELJACK: The Decepticons connected to our ship while we were teleporting, it probably messed up the space bridge coordinates.

    RATCHET: We’re going down fast. We need to find a place to land.

    WHEELJACK: There’s a planet just one hundred miles from us, I’ll try to get us there.

    A load clunking noise comes from outside the control panel.

    JAZZ: What was that?

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Decepticons. Autobots, keep us on track to a nearby planet.

    Optimus Prime walks out of the control panel room and heads to the back of the ship. He looks around for any signs of Decepticons, not noticing Megatron standing to the side in the dark. It is dead black in the room, the only light coming from the fire fueling the engines. Prime suspiciously looks around. He is then hit by a blast from Megatron’s fusion cannon.

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Megatron.

    MEGATRON: Prime.

    Optimus stands back and shoots Megatron in the chest with his ion rifle. Megatron then runs up to Prime and punches him in the face causing him to fall on the floor. Megatron kicks him and then picks him up by the neck. He slams Prime against the wall continuously and then throws Prime back on the ground.

    MEGATRON: You’re so pathetic.

    Optimus Prime angrily looks back up at Megatron. Prime turns his right hand into an energy axe and slashes Megatron across the chest and kicks him in the face. Prime prepares to slash Megatron again but Megatron grabs his arm and throws him across the room.

    MEGATRON: Fool! I will crush you!

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