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    I bought the 2-disc version of the movie from Walmart and I liked the little prelude. So, here's mines..........
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    Cybernetic Trans-Organic Life Form


    For a time we lived in peace. Our world was a blissful utopia of scientific knowledge and understanding. We had come so far as a race, until we became divided as a people. Propaganda and politics replaced science and learning as our passion. Factions arose, and many great truths of the past were forgotten and caste aside as tensions grew and a race of scientists began a transition to a race of warriors. We felt that our world was on the cusp of war until……..

    “Hear these words Cybertron. I am Alpha Trion, and I have been commissioned to bring you a message from mighty Primus himself. Cease your bickering, band together, and continue in his ways or all you know will be lost. He will allow chaos to overtake you if you continue down this path of destruction. So turn away from war, or face a judgment more severe than any can imagine.”

    The words of Alpha Trion brought peace back for a time. Until one day, the Lord of the military forces was angered and declared war on all who would dare stand behind Alpha Trion. Those loyal to Alpha Trion were either slaughtered or forced to escape to the barren empty lands of our world. It was during that time I received my calling. Alpha Trion appointed me as guardian of the Cube of Primus and defender of Cybertron. Together, we defeated the tyrant that launched us into war. But before peace could be fully realized, a new threat arose more powerful and determined than his predecessor. He enslaved and killed many in his quest for power, and ultimately, he did the unthinkable. He totally destroyed the city of Matropolis, extinguishing the spark of every femme save a select few who had joined our ranks. Without femmes, Cybertron’s future was doomed, or so we thought………..

    “Alpha Trion. What are you doing?”
    “She’s leaving.”
    “But Alpha Trion.”
    “Not buts son. Cybertron has sealed its own fate. I will not watch as my only daughter either gets slaughtered or lives to experience the chaos Primus vowed.”
    “No! You can’t take her away from me. She means the world to me.”
    “She means the world to more than just you son. That is why she must be taken to a place of safety.”
    “How will our world survive without femmes Alpha Trion?”
    “The cube holds the key son. Protect it and don’t let Megatron get his hands on it no matter the cost. Goodbye.”
    “Wait, how can I find you after all this is over?”
    The Cube will lead you. The Cube will lead you.”

    The Cube, I know not where it comes from, only that it has the power to create worlds and fill them with life. That is how our world is to be reborn.
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    Chapter 1: Beginnings

    Scene 1: Cybertronian Planning Facility

    (An alarm sounds in the infirmary)
    “Emergency, emergency. Wounded soldier en route. Wounded soldier en route.”

    “Okay Teletran, I got the message,” A mostly white trans-organic cybernetic being replied as he readied a rather large gurney. “Who’s the wounded soldier this time?”

    “Designation of the injured is Bumblebee.”

    “No. He’s only a kid! Damn that Megatron,” The white being replied. “Send the kid in ASAP.”

    “Patient will arrive in less than 10 Cyber seconds. Damage major, but subject still functional.”

    “Excellent Teletran. Download the patient’s memory banks so we can give a report to the general.”

    “As you wish Ratchet.” Teletran concluded as the injured being designated Bumblebee was brought in.

    (A few large robotic beings sit around a desk as a large flat-screened monitor comes on)

    “Sorry to interrupt, but we’ve got a problem.” Ratchet declared as the robots around the table fixed their optics on the screen.

    “Don’t tell me there are more casualties Ratchet. That’s the last thing we need to hear.” A large white rather imposing robot responded.

    “Fortunately that is not the case this time Ultra Magnus.”

    “And just what is the case Ratchet?”

    “Well sir,” Ratchet answered. “It appears that young Bumblebee was severely injured at the hands of Megatron on the outskirts of Iacon a few cycles ago.”

    “How is the lad?” Magnus inquired.

    “He’s fine, all except for his vocal processor.” Ratchet stated. “He will probably never talk again.”

    “He’s still with us, and considering that he went one on one with Megatron, the fact that he’s just unable to talk is good news.” Magnus stated.

    “Well here’s the bad news sir.” Ratchet informed. “Megatron was after something called The Cube.”

    “The Cube.” Everyone at the table gasped.

    “Whatever this Cube is Bumblebee tried unsuccessfully to keep it away from Megatron.” Ratchet continued. “It appears as though Megatron found the Cube and young Bumblebee was able to temporarily separate Megatron from it.”

    “What do you mean temporarily?” Magnus inquired

    “Bumblebee could not overpower nor outrun Megatron, so what he did was launch the Cube into deep space to keep it away from Megatron. Once Megatron caught up to Bumblebee he discovered what Bumblebee had done. He then preceded to rip away at our young friend before leaving Cybertron all together in pursuit of the Cube.”

    “Thanks for the information Ratchet.” Ultra Magnus stated. “Did Bumblebee happen to capture the coordinates of the Cube’s trajectory?”

    “Yes, I have already sent that information to your notes general.” Ratchet answered. “Is there anything else you need Sir?”

    “No Ratchet, you’d been a life saver as always already. Thank you.” Magnus said as the screen went blank.

    “This is real bad Magnus, real bad.” A large powerfully built red robot said as he stood up. “What are we gonna do about this?”

    “I need you to contact Prime Blaster. Kup, you and Prowl get a watch unit together. If Megatron was able to breach Iacon and get the Cube, there’s no telling what other possible Decepticon infiltration is being planned as we speak. It will be up to you to make sure the perimeter is secure.”

    “We are on top of it General.” Prowl declared as he and Kup prepared to exit the war room.

    “Now to tell Prime.” Magnus said as he approached the place where the robot called Blaster was just standing. Now, in his place stood a red communication console of some type. Magnus pressed a button on the console and began speaking.“Prime come in, Prime come in.”

    “The big guy’s kind of busy with a purple Cyclops right now General.” Came the upbeat response on the other end of the comm.

    “Well help him get unbusy Jazz, cause we’ve got bigger problems than Shockwave!” Magnus declared.

    “Unfortunately that may take a while,” Jazz responded. “We’re outgunned and Prime’s buying us time, saving lives, and you know, the usual.”

    “Damn it!” Magnus ranted. “Just get back here quickly, even if it means retreating. The battle you guys are fighting is just a diversion. Megatron set this all up so he could get to the Cube while Prime was occupied. Tell Prime to hurry, Magnus out.”

    After cutting the communication Magnus stepped away from the console and just as suddenly the console began a series of contortions and a physical realignment than in the end revealed the form of Blaster.
    “What now Ultra Magnus?”

    “We rendezvous with Prime.”

    “In Tarn?”

    “No, the infirmary.” Magnus answered. “I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of our guys there pretty soon.”


    The battered legion of Autobots returned from Tarn after many weeks of battle with Shockwave’s forces to a distressed Iacon. Most of them either made their way to or were carried to the infirmary, but not Prime. After giving the order to have the newly repaired Bumblebee track down and retrieve the Cube, he separated himself from everyone. He had been entrusted with the protection of Cybertron for longer than he cared to remember. The days of peace and a stress-free existence had become distant memories for him. All he knew now was war. And all he cared about was survival and making sure he kept a promise he had made long ago. He vowed to one day rid the universe of Megatron’s evil so that his world could come back together before it was too late. He hoped that by re-unifying Cybertron he would not only ward off destruction, but be reunited with the femme he loved. This day, as he had done countless times before following a battle with the Decepticons, he made his way to the one place he could go to be alone with his thoughts before he had to deal with the next problem. Alpha Trion’s old lab was his sanctuary. It was a place of fond memories, a place of peace, and usually, a place of quiet. Today, however, would not be one of those quiet times.

    “So, this is indeed the place the mighty Optimus Prime comes in search of silence.” An unfamiliar voice said as a grey and red Decepticon stepped from the shadows.

    “You have less than an astro second to convince me to spare your spark Decepticon. Get to convincing!” Prime responded as his intimidating gaze pierced the Decepticon who dared confront him here.

    “I have not come to fight Prime.” The robot replied. “I may bear the Decepticon mark of war, but I do not share the same views and aspirations of our current leadership.”

    “Time is short seeker.”

    “Okay Prime, I get the point.” He replied nervously. “My name is Starscream and I have some information for you about the femme known as Elita.”


    “She lives Prime. I sort of, ran into her and Alpha Trion in the Sol system vorns ago.”

    “You lie Decepticon.”

    “It is true Optimus Prime, I swear.”

    “Why should I believe you? Why do you tell me these things?”

    “Because I need your help Prime. I am a fugitive. Shockwave has put a bounty on my head. He knows that if Megatron does not return that I would be the new Decepticon leader. He wants the position for himself, and you and I both know that with Shockwave, there is no reasoning. The bottom line is I need your help.”

    “So,” Prime began, “I provide you with sanctuary in return for?”

    “Elita. I will take you to Elita and will be forever in your debt.”

    “You WILL tell me how to get to the Sol System regardless.” Prime replied. “I will need more than just that promise from you to give you what you ask though.”


    “You will need to prove to me that what you are saying about being leader is true.”

    “It is Optimus Prime, I assure you.”

    “If indeed that is the case, I will not only provide you with sanctuary, but also help you assume leadership. And you, you will help me end this war forever.” Prime finished.

    “But Prime, the Decepticons will never…….”

    “There will be no bargaining Starscream. You will either end this war, or else.” Optimus said with a heated gaze so intense that Starscream felt like his metal chassis would melt.

    “You win Prime. It shall be as you say.” Starscream answered. “Here are the coordinates to the Sol System, and may this be the beginning of a prosperous relationship.”

    “We’ll see Starscream, we’ll see.”

    Iacon Amphitheatre, 2 years later

    “As most of you know by now, we are winning this war. Megatron has been gone and not heard from for ages. Shockwave’s forces have yielded stronghold after stronghold. And Starscream, a mech we all had our doubts about has helped us tremendously in our efforts to end this war. There is still much work to do. We do not have the energy reserves necessary to continue our existence, nor do we have a means to reproduce future generations, therefore; some among our number have volunteered to leave Cybertron during this time of relative peace and seek out the energy as well as the key to bring forth future generations of Cybertronians. Accompanying me on this journey will be Ironhide, Ratchet, Jazz, Trailbreaker, Huffer, and Wheeljack. In my absence, Ultra Magnus will lead us to what I hope will be ultimate victory.” Optimus Prime declared as cheers resonated from the crowd that looked to him.
    “This journey may be long, and though I cannot say for sure when it is we will return, I promise you that when we return Cybertron will be restored to its proper glory. Until that day, till all are one.”

    The crowd joined Prime, “Til all are one.”

    “Ready the shuttle for launch.” Prime then declared.
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    cool. any more?

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