The Transformers: To the future and back

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    Just an idea, not completly done

    Megatron smirked. His eyes swept across his latest plan. It streched roughly twenty feet wide, and twenty feet tall.
    " Status report Soundwave." Megatron said after a long moment of silence. Soundwave stopped working and turned towards his leader.
    " We are on schedule Megatron. We will be ready momentarily." Megatron smirked again.
    " Good. Good, continue." Starscream entered the room as he finished.
    " Ah Starscream, this is the moment we have been waiting for." Starscream walked passed him, not amused.
    " This, is our ticket to unlimited energy!" Megatron said as Starscream crossed his arms.
    " Unlimited? I'll believe it when I see it." Megatron smiled.
    " Ah but Starscream, the power is on this planet."
    "Earth? But the AUtobots will-"
    " Not if we use this!" Megatron walked over to the machine.
    " This Starscream. Is a warp gate. But instead of going form one point to another in the galaxy, we have modified it to back in time!" Megatron explained

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