The Transformers: The chosen son

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    Hi! It's my First Fan fic, Hope you like it!

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    This story centers around Eduardo, is a tall guy around 5.6 feet tall, dark black hair,and tan skin, but due to conflicts in his family he ended up in Austin,Texasand his parents divorced, but it was years ago, when he was twelve.

    Present day

    May 14,2015

    It's Eduardo's 18 birthday! sadly he misses his friends in Panama, He celebrates at Londoneers bar With two of his friends since he moved: Andrea The hottest chick around. she was sligthly smaller than Eduardo, long, dark blonde hair, and skinny. Eduardo fell in love with her since he saw her. The other one was Jake, a short blonde guy. After the party,Eduardo arrived at home where his mom was waiting for him, with a present! His mom was 1.8 feet tall,long black hair, and had brown eyes.

    He removed an old sheet covering it..... but it was just a blue Susuki B-King Not that he didn't like it,but it had signs that it was used and maltreated, the paint was fading and it had rust all over her he could ask his cousin Gabriel to repair it, but it wouldn't be cheap.

    He noticed that in the gas tank cap it had a symbol he felt he recognized, but he had nothing about it in his memories. That night, in his dream, a voice said: ''My son you must protect the ones close to you and prepare to lead to victory, without hesitation'' ''It is, and always will be your destiny''. Just then, he woke up, and went to take breakfast. But he could not forget the words the voice said.

    That's chapter one


    Chapter Two

    The whole day he stayed at home, trying to think about those words. That night, he went out, just to take fresh air, he went to Mt. Larson which was said to be cursed, no one that went as near as 100 meters lived to tell it. Guess who tried to get there. Near it A large bulky figure appeared, it had big red eyes and asked for what the puny fleshbag came. He said: ''My name is Eduardo.... and I came here to see if the legend is true and everyone dies near here''. The bulky figure said: My Name is Destructor and it is true... Want to expirence it?.

    Just the he thougth he would die, but his motorcycle tranformed into a robot that had a wheel for feetit was 5 meters tall with shining blue optics. She said: Run boy! I'll stop him! The big robot said: Chromia! my old friend! how have you been ? Haven't seen you since I trapped you in the Arch-Ayr fuel dump. '' And that won't happen again! you creep!. She proceeded to blast the robot's face and left foot, then she launched a smoke grenade and with a swift move picked Edy and took him home.

    Back at the garage, she explained who she was '' I'm Chromia, I'm one of the autobots. We're what humans would call an android, a robot but with feeling and life.He asked what she was doing on Earth, and she continued : We come from the planet Cybertron, we once lived peacefully, but when one robot whose name is Megatron, formed the Decepticons, he initiated a war for an artifact which is the Matrix of Leadership the resistance united under the banner of autobots leaded by Optimus Prime. He decided to send the matrix in space so no one could have it. I tracked it down to Earth here, in this house.

    Just then he thougth it was time to call his sister........

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