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    So, this is a script I wrote about a bit less than a year ago. It's just a little for fun thing. It kind of takes some liberties and incorporates fanon ideas such as human "Techno Organics". So if you're not a fan of the latter, this is most likely not for you as it plays a rather substantial role. But here it is.

    Figured I might as well share some of my TF writing here! :)  A lot of the characters are based on their G1 incarnations, but are also very different.

    + In this universe, the title of "Prime" is both a rank AND a last name. If you're the child of a Prime you typically have the last name of "Prime". Adoption is usually the ONLY case where you don't.
    + Holoforms do exist in this universe.
    + The existence of Techno Organics IS explained in this. LOL
    ^ Courtesy of my friend Qwerty^
    Sixteen year old Christopher ‘Spike’ Witwicky has a seemingly normal life, he has a loving Father, a gorgeous girlfriend, and a loyal best friend. Oh yes, and he’s also secretly the only human-Autobot hybrid in existence, even if he doesn’t know it. The secret, however, is not about to last. Sixteen years after crashing into the side of an Oregon mountain range, the Autobots have at last pulled themselves out of their slumber. And with their awakening, brings the return of their war against the ruthless Decepticons. One which Chris, his friends, and the entire world, are about to be unwillingly pulled into.



    CALLAN MCAULIFFE: Christopher "Spike" Witwicky
    BRITTANY ROBERTSON: Monica Carly Summers
    SAM EARLE: Markus Devon "Chip" Chase
    BILL MURRAY: Daniel "Sparkplug" Witwicky

    CHRISTOPHER JONOTHAN ‘SPIKE’ WITWICKY: 16. Son of Optimus Prime and adopted son of Sparkplug Witwicky. A rare half-breed, or techno organic and the lead human character. Incredibly intelligent, and brave. Chris takes after Optimus a great deal. Raised by humans most of his life. Loosely based on G1 Character Spike Witwicky.

    MONICA CARLY SUMMERS: 16. Chris’s girlfriend, a mechanics whiz kid, very gorgeous, and very sassy. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is. She can be described as a ‘bitch’ but she’s far from it. Loosely based on G1 Character Carly.

    MARKUS DEVON ‘CHIP’ CHASE: 16. Chris’s best friend, also a genius, but a jock on top of this. He is a bit of an oddball, very smart, but you couldn’t always tell in by the way he acts. He’s also a pacifist. Loosely based on G1 Character Chip Chase.

    DANIEL ‘SPARKPLUG’ WITWICKY: EARLY 60s. A farmer who found and raised Chris from the time he was in infancy. A loving Father, Sparkplug hides from Chris the circumstances in which he really found him. When Optimus shows up, he fears being replaced as Chris’s Father. Yet for reasons unknown, Optimus doesn't seem to entirely trust him. Based on G1 Character Sparkplug Witwicky.

    PETER CULLEN: Optimus Prime
    WILLIE NELSON: Ironhide
    BRADLEY COOPER: Sideswipe
    ROBERT DOWNEY JR.: Sunstreaker
    SCOTT CAHN: Tracks

    OPTIMUS PRIME: Supreme Commander of the Autobots, Former Leader of Cybertron, and Chris’s Father. A kind mech with a tough personality, he is both strong and stern. A loving mech, he despises the war he has now brought to Earth. He loves his son, and would do anything to keep him safe. Transforms into a RED AND BLUE 2012 MACK LONGNOSE TRUCK.

    IRONHIDE: The tough second-in-command of the Autobots. He’s got the accent, and sometimes, attitude, of a southerner. While he acts very tough, and is very intimidating, he is the kindest mech you are likely to meet next to Optimus. He raised Optimus when he was growing up, and therefore, is Chris's Grandfather. A trainer of Primes as well. Transforms into a RED 2012 FORD EXPLORER.

    SIDESWIPE: A cocky Autobot with a bit of an attitude to match. He is a prankster at heart, but also an accomplished bodyguard. He was Chris’s favorite playmate as an infant, and now he’s Chris’s guardian. He’s very dedicated to his work, and loves Chris like a little brother. Transforms into a RED 2012 LAMBORGHINI JOTA.

    SUNSTREAKER: Twin brother of Sideswipe. A cynic with an attitude, but a good mech deep down. He is very artistic, applying his own paint job, which he upgrades regularly. He’s the polar opposite of Sideswipe, being all work and no play, but often pulls pranks too. Transforms into a GOLD 2012 LAMBORGHINI JOTA.

    BUMBLEBEE: The youngest of the Autobots if you don’t count Chris, he’s Chris’s older brother, and Optimus’s eldest son. A bit on the cocky side, and very goofy. Bumblebee is very friendly, and kind, but one heck of a warrior. Cares about his family more then anything else. Transforms into a YELLOW 2012 VW BUG.

    TRACKS: Old friend of Sideswipe, he was trained alongside him and Sunstreaker. A little stuck up at times as he was in the ‘upper class’ on Cybertron. He develops a close friendship with Chris’s best friend, Mark. Transforms into a BLUE 2012 CHEVROLET CORVETTE C7.

    ARCEE: Old friend and love interest of Sideswipe. She’s very seductive towards the other Autobots, but has a deep affection for Sideswipe. While the only female Autobot in the group, she can kick as much butt as the rest of them. She develops a close friendship with Chris’s girlfriend, Monica. Transforms into a PINK AND WHITE 2012 DUCATI 1200CC SUPERBIKE.

    FRANK WELKER: Megatron
    JEFF BENNET: Soundwave
    COREY BURTON: Shockwave
    GILBERT GODFRIED: Starscream
    LIEV SCHREIBER: Thundercracker

    MEGATRON: Leader of the Decepticons and a rather psychotic mech. He wants nothing more then to take the large Energon Source on Earth and wipe the planet out. Holds a connection to Optimus, and therefore, Chris that no one is aware of. Transforms into a SILVER CYBERTRONIAN TRUCK.

    SOUNDWAVE: The most loyal of Megatron’s Decepticons. He shows no emotions, having wiped his processor clean of them. He’s a very intimidating and evil mech in charge of prisoner capture and containment. Also head of communications. Transforms into a BLUE 2012 SCION XB.

    SHOCKWAVE: The Decepticon who is in control of the Decepticons on Cybertron while the others are on Earth. Calm and thoughtful, he’s extremely intelligent, and logical about everything he says and does. Very formidable and even dangerous in a fight. Transforms into a PURPLE CYBERTRONIAN TANK.

    STARSCREAM: Megatron’s second-in-command. While he claims to be the most loyal of Megatron’s servants, he is far from it. He has been after control of the Decepticon forces since day one. And will do anything to obtain it. Transforms into a RED, SILVER, AND BLUE F-22 RAPTOR.

    THUNDERCRACKER: One of the Seekers under Starscream’s guidance. Does not take his boss very seriously at all, and often mocks Starscream. While still as evil as any Decepticon, he has a soft spot for humans, and finds them fascinating. Transforms into a BLUE AND RED F-22 RAPTOR.

    RAVAGE: Is one of Soundwave’s minions. A stealthy assassin in the form of a PANTHER, Ravage is rather cruel in his treatment of captives. He can’t talk, but his growls and snarls say it all. Transforms into a CD PLAYER WITHIN SOUNDWAVE’S ALTERNATE MODE.

    LASERBEAK: Is one of Soundwave’s minions. He’s the one normally in charge of grab-and-go’s if they want to capture someone without a fight. He is generally careful and gentle with captives, even if his firm is grip. Knowing they’re worth more undamaged. Transforms into the BACK DOOR OF SOUNDWAVE’S ALTERNATE MODE.

    Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it. :) 
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    I've already read this on a different site ;) 
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    Lulz Well I hope you enjoyed it person from USMB. Since that's the only other place this is posted on. :p 

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