The Transformers Part 1: Secrets of The Past

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    I grew up a huge Transformer's fan and I watched religiously until the series ended. The series to follow the original just never cut it in my estimation, nor did the original series after the movie. So I have decided to do a rewrite void of a ton of the sci-fi elements many of you are probably accustomed to. There will be no robotic deities e.i. Primus, no Matrix of leadership, and no monster planets that can devour other worlds. I'm attempting to give the Transformers a more realistic origin. I just recently saw 'I Robot', and it gave me some ideas for this fic. Please enjoy.
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    I like it. Some scene transitioning issues and that last line needs to be edited, but overall I like the concept. Hope you update soon. XD
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    I like it pimpin', I like it a lot. Keep it poppin we like our installments to roll in daily here on TFW although we make the occasional exception for guys like Petey and Jetplague who love starving us.

    I know pimpin' ain't easy, but it helps when you have the magic stick. (what can I say, I saw the 50 Cent video this morning)
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    Changed for editing purposes
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    nice story keep it up.
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    It's an interesting idea. There are some sentence transition problems, it also appears things are rather hurried. For instance:

    I believe if you explain how they got to the pay phone and the scene around it, it would flow a lot smoother.

    There is also quite a bit of spelling and other problems that I have seen. Just need to fix these few things. Can't wait to read more. :) 
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    Sorry about the grammer, looks like a little editing was in order
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    In a small Oregon town, a big international secret stands on the verge of being revealed. Four locals will stumble upon a discovery that will leave jaws hunging and many to question what goes on behind government doors. Beyond good, beyond evil, and beyond your wildest imagination, prepare to witness the first chapter of The Transformers.

    Chapter One:
    Secrets From the Past

    As the evening sun began casting shadows across the landscape of Beaumont, Oregon, sixteen year old Spike Witwicky had his eyes fixed on the stars are he always did this time of day.

    “For the last time Spike, there are no such things as aliens. Get your head out of the stars and let's go.” Chip, the tall handsome older brother of Spike Witwicky said as he entered the attic.

    “I’m not crazy Chip, I know what I saw last week, and what I saw was a UFO crash right over there by Mt. St. Hilary.”

    “What you saw was probably no more than a shooting star that faded out of view and disappeared behind the mountains. Why would aliens land here in Oregon anyway?”

    “I know what I saw Chip! That UFO crashed into the side of old St. Hilary and just as I said before, it exploded and two beings crept away from the wreckage.”

    “You saw all that with your telescope Spike? Give it a rest, Mt. St. Hilary is almost five miles away from here, yet you think you made all that out through the lens of that old piece of junk telescope you got from our NASA trip nearly 10 years ago. C’Mon Spike, stop dreaming and let’s go get us something to eat. I'll even let you drive my new truck.”

    “New truck, you need to get your hand out of somewhere, that thing's a piece of junk. And do you really think that letting me drive that old brown thing is gonna make me forget all about the aliens that crashed right outside my window? Yeah right.” Spike replied sarcastically.

    “Okay smart ass, just for that you won’t be driving my truck anywhere. As a matter of fact I’m going to get Carly and you and your damn telescope can stay here hungry for all I care. Let’s see you get excited about that!”

    “You can’t just leave me Chip; I’m hungry too.”

    “Well you should have thought about that before you opened that big mouth of yours. Bye.” Chip said as he left the attic and ran downstairs towards the door.

    “Chip wait; wait up, I’m sorry. Let me ride or else.”

    “Or else what,” Chip asked.

    “Or else I’m gonna be hungry, that’s what.” Spike said as he caught up to his older brother. “Now let me ride.”

    “So you’re a space geek, a smart ass, and now you want to tag along. Did the mention of Carly's name motivate you little brother?” Chip said as his brother caught up to him just as he was walking out the door.

    “Put a sock in it num-nuts and let me drive.” Spike said as he ran ahead of Chip attempting to open the door.

    “No, no, no. You talk trash, you ride with it, get in the back.”

    “The back! Whatever Chip, I like the view from back here better anyway.” Spike said as he jumped in the dirty bed of Chip’s pick-up.

    “Oh, and for the record Spike, Carly thinks you’re cute in a harmless platonic kind of way, but right now she’s looking for someone a little more, manly. So when the time is right, and old Chip has had enough of her adolescent shenanigans, she’ll be primed and waitin’ for you lil’ bro.” Chip said as he started the truck and drove off.

    “Up yours Chip, up yours!” Spike whispered as they drove through the valley towards Carly’s dad’s house.


    "And where are you rushing off to young lady?" A grissled middle-aged man asked the beautiful homecoming queen candidate.

    Honk, honk.

    "With Chip dad," she stated as she grabbed her keys.

    “Carly, please inform that damn Witwicky boy that at the Chase house, we believe in knocking.” Her father said as Carly raced to the door.

    “I'll ask him to come in next time if we have some food in here. And besides dad, Its not a school night ans I am so hungry.” Carly replied with a smug look on her face.

    “Watch your tone little girl, just because you’re 18 doesn’t mean I can’t put you across my knee.”

    “Sorry Sparkplug, see you later.” Carly said after kissing her dad on the cheek and racing towards the door to the truck honking outside.

    “Hush all that racket." Sparkplug yelled as he followed her to the door."Kids.”

    “H, hi Carly, hey Mr. Chase.” Spike said to Carly and her dad as she approached the truck.

    “Good to see you Spike. Why are you in the back?”

    “Because there’s not enough room for in the front for space pirates.” Chip said as Carly got in.

    “Space pirates?”

    “Don’t mind him Carly,” Spike said opening the back window so he could converse with the duo in front, “Chip’s just jealous.”

    “Jealous of what egghead?” Chip interrupted.

    “Jealous of the fact that I witnessed the discovery of the millennium.”

    “Okay guys, can one of you tell me what all this means please?” Carly asked asked.

    “Spike claims he saw a UFO crash into St. Hilary, and that little green men are planning to take over Oregon.”

    “I never said anything about green men moron.” Spike said angrily. "What I said was that I saw a ship unlike anything that normally flies the skies of the great northwest crash on Old St Hilary."

    "Shut the window, lay back and gaze at the stars. Us normal people don't want to hear you space tales." Chip replied as he shut the window and sped off.

    “Don’t be so hard on him Chip, you know Spike’s got quite the imagination.” Carly said.

    “And there you go defending my little brother, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you had a thing for the Spikester.”

    “Ha, haha. Spike? Give me a break. I’m 18 and he’s only a sophomore. He’s got that Witwicky charm, but really; how would that look?”

    "How would that look?" Spike said to himself, "Man I gotta get away." He thought as he laid back and gazed at the sky trying to block out the fact that his older brother was inside the truck talking to the girl of his dreams.

    Back inside the truck Chip responded to Carly's statement, “It would look like you still had a thing for the Witwicky boys, you said it, we are charmers.”

    “Whatever Chip, I may have kind of liked you at one point, but that’s before I became a woman. I’m an adult now and I’ve left those childish feelings behind.”

    “Is that right? Well you’re entitled to feel however you want; after all you are a grown woman now. But if I remember correctly I was there when you officially became one.”

    “Shut up and drive I'd rather not talk about the past Chip.”

    “Whatever you say Carly, and don’t worry, I’ve got lots of respect for you. What happened between us will always be our little secret.”

    “Yeah well thanks, I think.” Carly replied. “Unless of course your little brother back here heard us.” She continued as she turned to look out the back window. “Chip!”

    “What is it Carly?”

    “Spike, Spike’s gone.”

    “Gone! Damn it, That little........I should have know he’d pull something like this.”

    “Something like what?” Carly asked.

    “I bet my last dollar that that hardhead is headed for St. Hilary.”

    “Well put your money where your mouth is and let’s go find him. It could be dangerous around there all alone.” Carly responded.

    “There you go again looking out for my little brother….”

    “Put a sock in it Chip. You and I both know you’re the biggest softy in the world when it comes to Spike, so stop acting like you don’t care and let’s go get him before something happens.”

    “Women,” Chip said as he turnaround and drove into the mountains.


    Undisclosed location somewhere in the Pacific

    “Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to present to you our latest invention. This model is far superior to any our world has ever seen. No longer will the slow, boxy forms from the past be the talk amongst our contemporaries for in this new era we will unleash a force more lethal than any ever dreamed of. So without further ado; release the constraints gentlemen, and enter the Nightbird!”

    Ooos and aahs filled the secret meeting room of the members of the U.N.I.C. (Unified Nations Intelligence Coalition) as the leader of the Robotics Origination Network, unveiled their latest creation. This specimen was a sleek, jet-black wonder of a robot standing about five meters tall.

    “Gentleman, though your Oos and aahs are well warranted, trust me, you haven’t seen any thing yet. Nightbird, transform!” The man ordered, and just a quickly the robot that was standing before the audience jumped in the air, folded itself over, contorted its limbs, which were immediately replaced by wings, flipped its robotic head back so that the eyes and beak of what appeared to be a falcon replaced it, and began flying above the heads of all of the onlookers.

    “This is truly amazing Dr. Chang. What else can she do?” a man in the audience asked.

    “A better question would be, what can’t she do?” Dr. Ron Chang replied. “This marvelous creation is an amazingly efficient robot. She uses less fuel than a home appliance, is undetectable on radar, and in robot mode has been programmed with the instincts of a master of Ninja, but in her case we’ll call it Metallicado.”

    “What does she run on?

    “Solar energy, so unlike the models of years past, Nightbird won’t suck the planet dry of resources.”

    “Doctor Chang, pardon my line of questioning, but what makes you think that you’ll be able to keep this robot under our control? She reminds me a lot of the TRON project you developed 20 years ago, and those silver transformers proved to be more than we could handle and they weren’t nearly as advanced as this specimen seems to be.”

    “You amuse me Mr. Consulate. You use terms like us and our, when in fact you and your country have been lacking in your support for our goals for nearly half a century. And I’m glad you brought up the TRON project, because unlike the TRON project, I will not make the mistake of letting someone with a separate agenda escape our mitts.”

    “What do you mean Dr. Chang?”

    “I commend you for your ability to play both sides of this cold war for so many decades Consul, but your days of playing the punch/counterpunch games are over. Say goodnight Consul.”

    “Wait, no!”

    “Nightbird, do the honors,” Dr. Chang ordered and before anyone could blink the Consulate was no more. “Are they’re any others who wish to fill his treacherous shoes?” the Dr. asked as the crowd marveled at what had just taken place. “Good, then this meeting is hereby adjourned.”

    As the crowd made its way out of the room, one of the dignitaries approached Dr. Chang.

    “Dr., was that display really necessary?”

    “I’m sorry Lord Chumbley, but treason is not something we can afford to tolerate.”

    “That is my point Dr. Chang. We need only founding from these members, they need not know how ever weapon we have at our disposal operates, who knows what they’ll do with such knowledge.”

    “That is why I had to make an example of the Consulate, I was because of his family’s dealings with the Kennedy’s years ago that the US was able to develop robots similar to ours with the ability to trick ours into boarding the spacecrafts.”

    “Their robots were far inferior to ours Dr., that is why hunting them down and eliminating them was no challenge at all.”

    “There is something you do not know Chumbley.” Dr. Chang replied. “You may have destroyed the first line of American robots, but they were able to develop a second and even a third line of more advanced robots. I found this information out from the Consulate, ironically.”


    “So, my dear Chumbley team U.N.I.C.R.O.N. developed the TRON Project to find and destroy the second generation US robots. We had all but succeeded when we found out that the Americans had duped us once again. They had managed to capture our TRON units and reprogram them to pilot the space shuttle Challenger into space in 1986. When we found this out I created another TRON unit, this one was different than the others, far more advanced than anything the 20th century could have dreamed of. This robot was capable of flight, just like the Nightbird, but was also programmed with an experimental Artificial Intelligence processor that had never been tested. Needless to say we should have. This TRON unit, the silver one the Consulate spoke of betrayed us. He sneaked his way on to the Challenger in an attempt to hijack it and reprogram the robots aboard to organize a revolt against mankind. This is why, my dear Chumbley, the Challenger had to go up in smoke.”

    “So all of the robots were killed, I mean destroyed twenty years ago?”

    “No, the rogue TRON unit survived the explosion somehow and was able to escape the planet.”

    “So Nightbird is an insurance policy.”

    “Precisely, if he ever returns, we’ll make sure he regrets that decision.” Dr. Chang stated as the two men marveled at the sleek ninja robot.


    4400 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C.

    “Be seated everyone.” The president said as he took his seat at the head of the table. “Let’s get right to it, updates, please.”

    “Yes sir Mr. President. We have some good news, and some bad news.”

    “Give me the good news first general so I can revel in some form of satisfaction before the shit hits the fan.”

    “Okay sir, well the good news is that we’ve found, well the Hubble has found that there is indeed life on Mars, on a very small moon of the red planet to be more specific.”

    “A moon, Mars doesn’t have any moons!”

    “It does now sir. It appears that our, creations, have created a world of their own.”

    “How can a few thousand robots create a planet, there only robots?”

    “It looks like the Elite Units and the second generation Alpha Units somehow met the originals we designed and the originals designed by the UNIC, and together they’ve created a civilization of their own.”

    “Impossible, I can’t believe it!” the president exclaimed.

    “Furthermore general”, the lone woman at the table interjected. “How is that good news?”

    “Well Ms. Rhodem, the newer Alpha Units were programmed to protect and defend the US at all costs, and to the best of our knowledge they were given the most advance programming of any robots ever created. Which means that they by default if nothing else are in control of the planet.”

    “Which means we have someone to help us wage our battle to destroy the evil forces that threaten our way of life.” Ms. Rhodem concluded.

    “I could not have said it better myself,” the president stated, “now the bad news.”

    “One of our moles has been discovered.”

    “How can you be so sure?”

    “The entire family of Consulate Mandelev has either be found dead or disappeared. I’d say that’s a pretty good indication.”

    “Damn it! So how are we gonna keep an eye on that damn UNIC now?”

    “I don’t know, but we did receive an encrypic message, presumably from them.”

    “What is the message?”

    “It has they words, “beware the wrath of the”, followed by that purple crest that was on the frames of that last line of robots we captured and saw destroyed aboard the Challenger.”

    “So, the U.N.I.C. is at it again.” The president surmised. “Any suggestions?”

    “We landed on our moon nearly fifty years ago, I say we send a message the moon on Mars in hopes that we have some help from the friendly skies.” The general concluded.

    “Then it’s settled, contact NASA pronto and have them prepare an emergency mission, a secret emergency mission.” The President ordered.

    “We’re all over it sir.” The general responded.

    “Well let’s act fast, this meeting is adjourned.” The president stated as everyone left the table.


    As darkness falls, the only light visible on the trail at Old St hilary comes from a pick-up driven by Chip Witwicky.

    “Spike, Spike, where are you Spike?” Carly and Chip yelled as they drove slowly up the bumpy road along the side of Mt. St. Hilary.

    “Be careful Chip, it's dark around here."

    "Stop being a worry-wart, we'll find Spike, I'll knock the stupid out of him, and hopefully we'll get something to eat."

    "You're always so.... Oh my God, look out Chip!!” Carly screamed as rocks began falling on the trail in front of them.

    “What in the world! Hold on.” Chip gasped as he swerved to avoid the boulders that were falling in front of him but was not as lucky in avoiding the the weird looking metal object that was protruding from the side of the mountain.

    “Carly, Carly! Say something, are you okay?” Chip ranted as the wrecked truck came to a halt.

    "My head, ooh, my head." Carly said as blood trickled from her forehead.

    Though he was bloody and bruised himself, Chip was able to help Carly from the truck so he could lay her in a safer area and take a look at her. “Somebody help us, please!” he yelled as he watched the blood from her injured head roll down her cheek. “It’s gonna be alright Carly, I promise.” Chip said as he used his shirt to wipe the blood from the forehead of his beautiful friend. “Damn it Spike, where are you?” he thought aloud as he walked back to his truck to inspect the damage and take a look at the weird metal object that caused it. "I'm gonna go around the ledge to see if there's any sign of Spike, will you be okay?"

    "How about I just lay here. Wake me up when you find him." Carly said as she blacked out.

    "Damn it." Chip cursed as he ran to the other side of the ledge. "Spike, anybody, we need some assistance, please help." He began yelling.

    "Chip, is that you?" a voice in the distance screamed as Chip turned around.

    "Spike, when I find you I'm gonna...."

    "You're gonna what?" Spike yelled back getting no response. "Chip, Chip, Chip!" Spike yelled before almost stumbling over Carly's semiconscious body.

    "Oh my God Carly! Are you alright?" Spike said as he picked her up.

    “Wha, where am I?” Carly asked in a groggy manner as she felt herself being picked up. “Chip, is that you did you find Spike?"

    "Spike's been found, but I ain't Chip." Spike said as Carly opened her eyes.

    "Well were is Chip?"

    "Somewhere around here, I just heard him yelling." Spike answered. “Carly, are you okay?"

    "I'll be fine," she replied holding her head. "Now put me down so we can find Chip and get off this creepy rock."

    "O, sorry." Spike said after realizing that he was still holding Carly.

    “Over there Spike, I think I remember him saying he was going over there."

    "Hold on a minute Carly, did he walk or drive over there?"

    "He walked I think. Why?"

    "Because I don't see his truck."

    "That's not good Spike, we'd better get out of here."

    "You're right, we need to get help. I sure hope those aliens didn't get him." Spike replied.

    "Shut up Spike, I really don't need to hear that right now, it's dark, my head hurts, and I'm a little nervous, so please, can the alien nonsense!"

    "Geez Carly, I was just stating a possiblity."

    “I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Now there's no sign of the truck, no sign of Chip, this is too weird. Do you think he left us to go get help?” Carly asked hoping to hear something from Spike besides Alien talk.

    “Chip wouldn’t just leave us here alone Carly. He can be a dick sometimes, but not even on his worst day would he leave us stuck up here.”

    “Well we did just have a wreck Spike and his truck is gone, so maybe, just maybe he was able to start it to go back for help.”

    “No way, he wouldn’t leave us. Those aliens probably got him.”

    “Spike, the are no aliens in Oregon, none, do you understand me! Please drop it. I say we go back into town and get my dad and come back. I’m sure he can help us.” Carly ranted as she moved hurriedly down the mountain.

    “Okay, I'm right behind you, I don’t have a good feeling about this.” Spike whispered as the two teenagers rushed down the mountain.

    “Did you happen to bring your phone?” Carly asked as Spike caught up with her.

    “No, I don't have one, you?”

    “I wouldn’t be asking you if I had mines now would I?”

    “It’s not good to bring anger to an already stressful situation Carly.”

    “I’m not angry Spike, sorry.”

    “But you’re making me angry so cool it will you!” Spike replied forcefully, making Carly realize that the usually subdued younger Witwicky was not the push over she had thought him to be.

    “Okay Spike, don’t bite my head off, let’s find a pay phone or something.” She said as they neared a filling station at the bottom of the mountain.

    “Payphone at 9 o’clock, hand me some change please.” Spike said as he ran towards the phone.

    “Give me that, we are calling my house.” Carly replied as she caught up to the over-anxious Spike and took the phone so she could deposit the quarters.
    “Dad, dad, it’s me. We’re at the Beaver Stop at the bottom of St. Hilary. We had an accident on the trail and now Chip’s missing.”

    “You gotta help us find him Mr. Chase, please hurry.” Spike interrupted as he took the phone from Carly to give exact driving directions to the man known to the town’s folks as Sparkplug. “He said he’d be there in five minutes, let’s go.”

    “Go where?”

    “To the smooth side of the mountain. It’s an easier drive up.”

    “All these years in school together and I never believed it cause you’re usually so quiet, but I guess Chip was right.”

    “What do you mean Chip was right?” Spike asked as Carly gave him a playful nudge before takinf off ahead.

    “You are a smart ass?”

    “Well it looks like birds of a feather stick together." He replied as he ran behind her. "What color is your dad’s van?”

    "You know it's red, Why?"

    "Because I think I see him just ahead." Spike stated. "Old Sparkplug sur does move fast huh Carly."

    “Shut up Spike and try to get his attention." Carly replied as she began waving her hands. "Hey, over here!” they both yelled as the van old van approached the duo.

    "Hurry, get in." Sparkplug said as he drove up to the kids. "You kids okay?”

    “We’re fine dad, we just need to find Chip.”

    “Which way Spike?”

    “This way Mr. Chase.” Spike said pointing up the mountainside as the trio began their search.

    “I called sheriff Thomas, and he’s checking the area to see if anyone’s seen Chip. Where was the last place you two saw him?”

    “He and I went up this trail looking for Spike and we had an accident. The next thing I know I was lying on the ground with this lump on my head and Chip was nowhere to be found.” Carly said as her dad drove carefully up the slope.

    “Carly and I both swear we heard his voice just before he came up missing Mr. Chase.” Spike added.

    “Don’t worry, we’re gonna find Chip, you two just stay calm.” Sparkplug reassured them as he drive up to a barricade.

    “Who put a barricade on an old mountain trail?” Carly asked.

    “Someone who wanted to keep kids like you away, that’s who. And if you all would take heed to the instruction of adults you wouldn’t find yourselves in situations like this.”

    “Oh dad, save the sermon and let’s go.”

    “It’s a stone barricade Carly, he can’t drive through. We’re gonna have to go it on foot.” Spike said as he jumped out of the van and ran towards the barricade.

    “Spike come back here.” They yelled before deciding to pursue him in the van as far as they could.

    “O, o.”

    “What Carly?”

    “Déjà vu. Dad look out!” she screamed as he dodged a falling boulder.

    “Carly, Mr. Chase, are you two okay?” Spike screamed as he ran back towards the van.

    “We’re fine Spike, but do you mind telling me what the heck a ten foot robot is doing standing behind you?” Mr. Chase said with panic in his eyes.

    "You're kidding right?" Spike asked as he felt a metal hand grasp his shoulder.

    “Silence human. Come quietly and you will not be harmed.” The robot stated as the frightened trio gazed up at it.


    “Are the human’s okay?” a mostly gray robot with red markings asked as Spike and the Chases were marched into the dark cave.

    “They are fine sir, and there don’t appear to be any others near any of the vulnerable areas.” The sleeker robot that discovered them answered.

    “Excellent, now if there are no further distractions we can proceed as planned.”

    The scene was totally unbelievable to the human onlookers. One minute they were minding the business of their normal lives, and the next they were the captives of what appeared to be living robots.

    “Hey robot,” Sparkplug asked in the direction of the one that brought them in breaking the temporary silence, “What have you done with Chip?”

    No answer came from the robot as it just went about its business as if no one addressed it.

    “Hey! I’m talking to you, you oversized tin can.” Sparkplug continued, “where’s the boy?”

    Peering down at the three humans with only the blue light that was coming from its eyes visible the robot responded: “In stasis.”

    “Stasis? What the heck does stasis mean?” Spike asked as a giant monitor switched on illuminating the rather dark cavern revealing what appeared to be the leader of the three robots as he turned to face them.

    “I believe you refer to it as sleep.” The robot in front of the monitor answered. “He is in the next room with his truck, the both of them will be out shortly. I assure you, he is fine.”

    “And why should we trust you?” Spike replied as the robot that brought them in and another similar looking robot re-entered the room with Sparkplug’s van in tow.

    “Looks like they don’t trust us anymore than we trust them.” The pink and gray robot said as she tossed the truck aside much to the chagrin of Sparkplug.

    “Why I ought to!” Sparkplug reacted angrily as he approached the robot as if he were going to strike it.

    “You ought to what human!” the 10-foot robot replied as it fixed its eyes on Sparkplug.

    “Enough, stand down Firestar.” The robot in front of the monitor interjected. “Though uninvited, these humans are our guests and will be treated with respect, is that clear?”

    “Yes sir Alpha Trion.” It answered. “Sorry fleshling.”
    “My name is not Fleshling, it’s Murray, but everyone calls me Sparkplug.”

    “Glad to make your acquaintance Sparkplug,” the lead robot replied. “As was said in your hearing I am Alpha Trion, the pink femme to the left is Elita, and you have already made friends with Firestar.” He concluded as the as the femme looked down shyly.

    “What’s all this commotion?” the blue and red robot asked as it reentered the room with Chip running from behind it.

    “Chip, Chip man am I glad to see you.” Spike said as he ran up and hugged his brother.

    “Looks like you were right all along Spike,” Carly began as she moved her gaze from Chip to the robot that had escorted him into the room. “We are surrounded by alien robots.”

    “There is so much they do not know Alpha Trion.” The blue robot stated as it studied the strange images on the monitor.

    “That is why we are here Pax. It is up to us to ensure that mankind is protected from….”

    “Mankind is protected from what?” the four humans asked in unison.

    “That is a long story that requires time we cannot spare.” Alpha Trion responded gently. “We will repair your vehicles and send you on your respective ways quickly that we may continue of mission.”

    “Wait just one minute,” Sparkplug said, “you tell us that mankind needs protecting from something from God-knows where and you expect us to take our vehicles and leave as if we didn’t just hear that!”

    “I’m sorry Sparkplug, but that’s what must be done.” Alpha Trion replied.

    “Hold on a minute Alpha Trion,” Pax interrupted, “I know you have more experience with the humans than I do, but how do you know they won’t reveal our location if we let them go?”

    “Yeah, Pax is right.” Elita said. “There’s something about them I just don’t trust.”

    “I second that Alpha Trion,” Firestar finished, “had it not been for their own treachery, we would not be on the verge of extinction now.”

    “Nor would we be alive either,” Alpha Trion answered. “Let’s not forget who it is we owe our existence to.”

    “Whatever, the bottom line we’ve got to act fast or Megatron’s gonna kill them and just like he did our brethren, and I can’t let that happen.”

    “Have faith Pax, things have a way of working themselves out.” Alpha Trion assured.

    “Megatron, killing everybody, can you please tell us what’s going on?” Chip asked.

    “If you let us use your vehicles, then I’ll think about it.” Pax stated.

    “Now he asks for permission as if he wasn’t already working his magic on the truck in the back.” Firestar stated.

    Well my friends,” Alpha Trion began, “there is a lot more than meets the eye going on. You are about to witness your world, transformed.”
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    Cape Canaveral, FL

    “Listen up men.” An old military veteran began as his voice broke the rhythmic sound of the raindrops that were beating against the windows. “It has come to the attention of our government that a threat believed to be behind us may still threaten our freedom, our safety, and our very way of life. We have been commissioned by the president himself to go on a journey into space in search of assistance in combating this threat. This journey in many ways is a journey into the unknown and will mark man’s first encounter with beings who make their home somewhere beyond our own atmosphere. We have every indication that the beings we will be encountering will be sympathetic to our cause, but in case they are not, be sure that you all make your peace with God right now; because the fact of the matter is, we don’t know what this Martian moon holds in store for us.”

    “General,” a young confident astronaut responded. “My whole life I’ve dreamed about venturing out into the great beyond. I like mostly everyone standing here have asked myself the question: Is there intelligent life out there? You have answered that question for us, so I don’t think I’m overstepping my bounds as I speak for all of my colleagues in assuring you that we look at this journey not as our duty, but as an honor and a privilege.”

    “Well stated son, and your courage, all of you, your courage is appreciated and will always be remembered.”

    “Why does everyone make this sound like it’s the end of the world?” An attractive woman in a black skirt and pumps to match proclaimed as she opened the door. “The aliens you are preparing to meet aren’t even aliens. We created them many years ago to be there for us in times of crisis. You don’t have to go to war with them, all you all have to do is alert them to the fact that the time draws near for them to act on their original programming. Let’s not get carried away and make yourselves martyrs when in all likelihood not a one of you will return with even a flesh wound. Now let’s hurry gentleman.”

    “Ms. Rhodem I do think a certain degree of respect is in order, after all I do not see you preparing to board the Omega shuttle.” The general stated as the last of the crew walked past the door.

    “And general,” Ms. Rhodem replied, “you will address me with respect! Your men have one duty, and that duty is to persuade those oversized tin cans on Mars to come to our rescue should we need it. That need not even consider themselves soldiers, I see them more as ambassadors.”

    “What you see is cloudy Ms. Rhodem,” the general responded. “Though people like you and the president see the UNIC as the chief threat, those of us who have been fighting this battle for the better half of our lives realize that the UNIC may at one point have been this country’s biggest concern, but that was before we realized that living robots were in striking distance of our planet’s orbit.”

    “You yourself said that these creatures were on our side.”

    “What else could I say Ms. Rhodem? Was I suppose to tell the president of the United States that he is a fool and that these robots we created over a half century ago may very well have more hostilities for us than Al Queda?”

    “What are you saying?”

    “What I’m saying is that chances are great that we are sending the men you degraded in this very room on a suicide mission!”

    “You’re over reacting general!”

    “Am I? Do you recall the warning we received with the purple insignia?”

    “Yes, it was the mark used by the UNIC to brand its robots.”

    “No, it was the mark used by the last line of robots built by the UNIC as an indication of revolution.”

    “So you mean…..”

    “I don’t know what I mean Ms. Rhodem. All I know is that if my hunches are correct that when we arrive on this new moon we’ll be prepared to go to war.”

    “To war General, you can’t be serious!”

    “I couldn’t be more serious. Aboard the Omega we have enough nukes to blow half of this country into the Pacific Ocean; so if push comes to shove, you may get to witness an interstellar light show.” The general finished as he turned to follow his men.

    “Wait General, if you’re right and somehow you are unable to stop these robots; what are we to do?”

    “At the Pentagon in my office there is a laptop with my daughter’s Marissa’s name on it. Log on to it and download file entitled J.O.E. You will find the answers there.”

    “How can I log in, what’s the password?”

    “Prime, it’s prime. So long Ms. Rhodem.” The general stated as he walked out of the double doors towards the loading ramp.

    “May God be with you General Fairborn, may God be us all.” Ms. Rhodem said under her breath as she watched the astronauts board the Omega shuttle.


    Martian Moon

    A cadence of metallic footsteps could be heard approaching as a lone robot walked down the dark corridor. At the end of the corridor, two shadowy figures awaited the maker of those steps.

    “Halt right there.” A monotone robotic voice stated as the sound of a weapon powering up became audible.

    “I am halting, I am halting!” the slightly panicked voice of the newcomer declared as it ceased its forward progress. “Please don’t shot!” it continued to beg.

    “Cease your whining and bow before your Liege, you have a report to give.” The robot stated as an outside light source reflected from its lone optic.

    “As you command Shockwave.” The newcomer stated as it bowed to its knees.

    “Now raise your groveling head and salute our leader.” The cyclopic robot stated.

    “Hail Megatron, conqueror of worlds, and leader of the mighty Decepticons. It is a pleasure to bow before you.” The robot proclaimed.

    “Save it Starscream,” the leader replied in a commanding voice. “You were summoned here to bring me the head of Alpha Unit Three and the remains of his followers, yet you appear before me empty handed. Explain!”

    “Mighty Megatron I apologize for failing you, you have my word that it will never happen again.”

    “I said explain, not beg!”

    “Y, yes sir, my Lord.” Starscream began. The Alpha unit was able to lead his followers to the attack pods in Polyhex, and by the time we found them, they had managed to destroy over half of the pods and steal most of the rest. My squad was able to vanquish the sparks of all but four of the thieves, one of those four was the Alpha Unit.”

    “So just where did the Alpha Unit escape to?”

    “Earth, he and the other three tried to escape together. We were able to follow them to the Earth’s atmosphere and blast one of their ships out of the sky.”

    “Silence you fool!” Megatron demanded as he delivered a swift backhand to his kneeling subject knocking him on his back. “Did I not give a direct order to stay away from Earth at all costs?”

    “Yes sis.” Starscream stated as he attempted to get back to his knees.

    “And yet you allowed those rogues to escape there to send out an early warning! Give me one reason why I shouldn’t make slag out of you right now.”

    “Because Mighty Megatron, I have put a plan in motion to expedite our conquest of the Earth.” Starscream answered.

    “Oh you have!”

    “Yes, my Liege. At this very moment, Thundercracker, Soundwave, Bonecrusher, and Dreadwing, and the cassettes are within miles of major refining locations preparing to drain the energy so we have enough fuel to power our assault. They’re just waiting on my command.”

    “Your command, your command! No one gives commands around here buy Megatron, it that understood!” Megatron declared before knocking Starscream back to the floor.

    “Yes sir, I, I’m…..”

    “Enough! Despite the fact that you allowed four useless worms to temporarily escape my wrath, you have actually done well.” Megatron stated. “Inform Soundwave that I said start operation energon, and prepare the troops for action. You are dismissed.”

    “Thank you my Liege,” Starscream said as he stood up. “I fill tell the others that the time of the great Decepticon conquest is at hand and we will crush those foolish humans.”

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    What happenned? You left us hanging at 'Mighty'? Update, correct, do something. I know pimpin' ain't easy but damn............
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    I know it's been a while, but I've been really busy. I got a new job, moved, and even got engaged. (Yeah, I got hit across the head with a stupid stick). I actually misplaced my disc with the continuation of this story, so it's just been in limbo.

    I did have the opportunity to read a fic that I think may even rival Petey's (maybe, I know that's a tall order); I even posted it.

    Anyway hope everyone's having a great 07' and is looking forward to 7-4-7 as much as I am.
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    I read the fic you posted,. and it was good, but come on, it can't be compared to 2.0 that would be blasphemy. Congrats on the engagement and good luck planning the wedding, you'll need it.
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