The Transformers: Generation Next fake trailer AKA: The Epitome of my Insane Mind

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    What follows is a script for a fake trailer for an adult-orinted Transformers film (aLa GI Joe: Resolute) aimed at the fans. The italics are the "New Divide lyrics, what floows each line(s) of the song is a description of the shots(s) that would accompany it. Let me know what you think of this madness

    {Instrumental Interlude}: Opening shots of the Ark crashing, with shots of the Bots and Cons fighting mixed in. Followed by some quick shots of the Autobots meeting the humans and the Decepticons setting up base.

    I remembered black skies: shot of Mindwipe in his lab, camera is looking up from the table, into the light hanging above. Mindwipe’s face is in shadow

    The lightning all around me: Starscream is suspended in a circle with his arms and legs restrained. Megatron is in the foreground

    I remembered each flash: close up flashes of two Autobots being shot down.

    As time began to blur: Medium shot of Optimus Prime standing over the corpses of aforementioned Autobots.

    Like a startling sign: Long shot of the Autobot base with Soundwave in the foreground, looking at the base.

    That fate had finally found me: Simple Medium shot of the Dinobots kind of crowded into one frame.

    And your voice was all I heard: Medium shot of Hot Rod sitting next to Arcee. His hand gently touches her cheek.

    That I get what I deserve: Long shot of Prime and Megatron atop a dam. They draw their Energon weapons

    So give me reason
    to prove me wrong
    : Moving shot of Hot Rod holding Arcee at first, but then quickly shoving her aside as he gets hit with an enormous wrecking ball.

    To wash this
    memory clean
    : Long shot. Mindwipe pulls a cord that sends down a guillotine blade which beheads a fellow Decepticon

    Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes: Long shot of Megatron shooting Prime in the face with his fusion cannon.

    Give me reason: Medium shot of Swoop diving off some sort of ledge

    To fill this hole: Grimlock (Classics Design) Kicks a Con in the head, and the Dino jaws clamp on said Decepticon head.

    Connect the space
    : Medium shot. Mindwipe is holding down Runamuck, stabbing him in the face.

    Let it be enough to reach the truth: Several quick cuts of various shots. Showing action and uncertain plot points.

    That lies: Long shot of Megatron holding several flags of different nationalities that are on fire above his head.

    Across this new divide: Title flys out from “Behind” the “camera”: “The Transformers: Generation Next.”

    Music fades to background

    Close up of Prime’s face with the hand of Megatron around his neck. Prime is grabbing Megatron’s wrist with both hands.

    Optimus Prime: Is there no room in your spark for mercy?

    Close up of Megatron’s face

    Megatron: Perhaps long ago, but that was another time, another place.

    He draws a sword from his back, we see a quick cut of it to the side of Megatron.

    Megatron: This….

    Long shot of Megatron holding Prime up, we see they are on top of the dam as earlier.

    Megatron: Is a whole new world!

    Megatron thrusts the sword into Optimus’ belly, but there is a cut to black before the actual strike.

    Title screen comes up showing “Summer (insert relevant year of release)”

    Another title screen showing the basic credits, as well as the rating:

    “R: Restricted
    For graphic violence, implied sexuality, language, and intense horror images.”
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    I'm sorry for double posting, but I really want to bump this.

    Please, someone, say what you think!

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