The Top Ten Transformers of 2007!!

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by rherk, Dec 2, 2007.

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    Ah, it's time for my my favorite list of the year. Actually, It's a little early this year. Not only was I in great anticipation to compile it but as far as I suspect, no new Transformers will be released before January or at least I won't be able to find them before then.

    This was actually one of the harder lists of the past couple years. This year we saw the end of Alternators, some real odd ball products, and the movie toys. So, I had a tough time organizing the top ten but I feel satisfied that I got it right.

    So, without further adieu:

    10. Revoltech Convoy - This is probably the coolest non-transforming Transformers ever and it wasn't made by Takara or/Hasbro. This little gem by Kaiyodo is as articulated as Convoy can get and I love that the design closely resembles Pat Lee's Transformers style.

    9. Sports Label Nike Convoy - This one is on the list not because it necessarily has the coolest robot or alt mode but because it had the most unique one. I think it's important to see other ways Transformers can be done. Now, I can't say I a m a huge gym shoe fan but the overall presentation of the little shoe in the shoe box packaging made me smile.

    8. Alternators Ravage - You better believe if it is an Alternator and it came out this year (only 2 1/2) it is on this list. Alternators still put all other Transformers to shame with the realistic cars and fine details. Ravage was definitely unique for this line as the Jaguar car turned into a robotic Jaguar. I can't say aesthetically this is my favorite Alternator but I love the variety it gives to the collection.

    7. BT-18 E-Hobby Mirage - Trust me, I really wanted a regular die-cast Binaltech version of the regular Mirage and it most likely it would have been number one. Nevertheless, I like the idea behind this E-Hobby limited edition. A transparent Mirage does not only make sense for the character but looks damn cool! Again, this adds a nice variety to my BT/Alt collection and at least shows that there is still an interest in the line. Maybe 2008 will bring me my die-cast version of Mirage.

    6. Movie Voyager Class Starscream - I will not lie, like many others, I dislike the overall aesthetic of the movie character designs. Not because they don't look like what I grew up with, they just simply aren't that unique and appealing to look at. However, that wasn't going to stop me from checking out the toys. The Voyager Starscream is not only an incredibly fun toy but looks very close to its source material. After transforming him about a dozen times, I was able to separate the Starscream I grew up with and this new bug like creature. Ultimately, it is the fun factor that got him on this list.

    5. US Masterpiece Starscream - I confess, this Wal-Mart exclusive is far better than the original Japanese MP Starscream and it's not because I'm a G1 purist cause I'm not but the red, white & blue colors and more durable plastic makes for an all around better toy. I look forward to the Japanese version of this US paint job. I assume they will eliminate some of the awful overdone smoke marks and lack of little detailed paint applications that were missing. Maybe he'll be on next years list.

    4. Alternators Rumble - Can I love this line anymore? There were many refreshing factors to Alternators Rumble: He was designed to be a Decepticon first, he was a basic car (Honda Civic) and he had chrome pulverizers for hands. This feature was actually a deterrent to many fans. Many transfans would have preferred regular hands. However, again, I think it added a nice distinction for the Alternators collection.

    3. MP-05 Megatron - I admit it, I am not that much of a Megatron fan and never really have been (unless you include Beast Wars Megatron). I thought the original toy was frumpy and did not convey the leader of an evil organization and ever since, few versions have convinced me otherwise. However, the complexity of the Masterpiece Megatron shows what he should have looked like had the technology been available. He is large and much more menacing. What kept him from the number one spot though is his over-complex transformation and lack of weight. I would have preferred a little more die-cast metal. Otherwise, this is the best Megatron to date and probably the best we will ever see. Oh, and he makes a great counterpart for the Masterpiece Optimus Prime.

    2. MP Skywarp - I may get a lot of criticism for this one because this is generally a repaint of the Starscream Masterpiece. However, Skywarp has always been the only seeker jet I cared for and there are some definite improvements from the first MP Starscream mold including: plastic quality & different Facial expressions. The black, purple & silver just go together so well that it reminded me of being a child and laying my eyes on this awesome robot and jet for the first time.

    1. Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime - When I first saw pictures of this toy, I was less then enthused. I didn't think it looked like it does in the movie, it looked too thick and overall didn't seem worth the money. Then, I bought it and discovered the most fun I had with a Transformer in ages. Yes, he doesn't look exactly like the movie graphics but I'm not even sure that is necessarily a bad thing. This toy is so entertaining. The transformation is smooth, the light up features and sounds work great and he includes many little details. This toy wins best Transformer of the year because this is the kind of toy that if I was an eight year old boy, I would never forget it and would most likely try to hunt it down on Ebay twelve years later after my mom sold it at a garage sale when I was in high school. Make sense?

    Honorable Mentions: As I said, this was a tough list to make and some other Transformers that almost made the list are: Music Player Soundwave, Leader Class Movie Brawl, Real Gear Spy Shot, Deluxe Movie 2009 Camaro Bumblebee & Real Gear Meantime. for sale/ramblings.htm

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