The TFW Rodent Owners Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AutobotSkids, Oct 23, 2010.

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    Surely I'm not the only one here who has or has had rodents for pets! I have two little rats, myself.

    Scabbers is a black dumbo rat with a white under belly. Slash is a hooded rat, dark gray on white.

    Scabbers is very docile, and social. He also seems to be in his own little world, we don't know if he's actually oblivious or just very friendly, but he wanders around the house without care, unlike Slash who usually hides in a corner, and while Slash is openly hostile towards the cat, Scabbers shows no signs of aggression. Scabbers is really smart too. My Dad taught him to come to him by name!

    Slash is more of what people would think to be an ideal rat. It takes him along time to calm himself down when you are holding him, and usually once you set him down he'll run and hide somewhere. Slash went missing for a day and a half once, he eventually turned up though, we found out he had been hiding inside the stuffing of one of our chairs!
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    My Biology teacher is going to be giving me a couple of gerbils soon from the classroom cage, the population is getting pretty high >.>
    I've got my eyes on an orange one (Rattrap) and a white one (Orion)
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    Used to own a couple rats, Ruby, Peanut and a hamster called Timmy, before was Fluffy but I only had him for a short time, gave to my sis, My entire family owned 7 rats called Brownie(sister of ruby), Starlight(first one we got), Cookie(bro of peanut) and Rufus and Tiny, minus the rats that were mine, Death time goes by:
    Starlight - May 08.
    Brownie - June 08.
    Tiny - June 08.
    Rufus - August 08.
    Ruby - April 09.(outlasted them all minus the boys)
    Peanut - October 09.
    Cookie - January 2010.

    I'm sticking to cats/bigger animals for now on.

    I'd mention the hamster deaths but this post is long enough.

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