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Qhat do you think of the megatron challenge?

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  1. SG hailstorm

    SG hailstorm JaAm aficionado

    Jun 21, 2011
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    For those of you wondering, this is a challeng proposal hence the "(?)" in the title, what i have in mind is this:

    i want to see how many radicons on the boards cand give the PRID mwgatron a deco from any of his previous incarnations throughout TF history, this isnt for any prize the only for fun, one thing close to it is me and one other member (PM me if interested) will vote on which 3 we like best then i will showcase said 3 in a video on my youtube as well as here, the other megs will get a video showcase as well but it will be seperate.

    The rules would go as follows:

    1. You can pick any megatron from any continuity EXCEPT prime, this is a goofy proof of concept type of challenge.

    2. The challenge is merely for fun and seeing how many radicons can make prime megatron into a different megs

    3. Retooling/editing thr figure will be allowed so long as it doesnt end up an entirely different figure, as stated i want to see the prime megatron in a new deco.

    4. if you were already making a diff deco'd PRID megatron you may enter it into the challenge if you so wish.

    5. When posting your entry in the radicon boards make sure to put "TFP megs chsllenge" or sonething like that

    The members participating woild be listed here (my name as an example)

    -SG hailstorm

    Again merely a proposal, i have listed a poll above to help finslize, if you approve the challenge vote yes, if not vote no, that way members are involved in the process. I want to see how many of us will band together and make this challenge a big effort to show proof of cobcept

    Thank you.

  2. Superquad7

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    May 19, 2003
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    Such things like this are only permitted from admins, thanks.
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