The TerrorconKing Toy Donation Drive!

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    Sorry if this is the worng place to put this.
    if it is please move to where ever it should be. Thank You.

    If Any of you guys have read the Thread i posted about TerrorconKIng MIA

    You know what happened and if your like me and a couple of other people you wanna help this guy out as he has lost EVERYTHING!!

    Soo let help a fellow TFW memeber out.
    know i dont expect people to donate a Botcon set or something super expensive!!(But i wont stop you if your that kind of generous person)

    i am going to vist TK today when he gives me a call as i have some things to give him myself.
    after words ill ask him what hes missing and post it in the thread. I Know that most of the TFs in his collection are expensive BOtcon or TFcon stuff, like i said im not expecting people to give that up.

    But let try to help him out as best as possible.

    Im going to give him my second 99.9% Complete Terrocons along with a couple of RTS & Generations.

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