Non-TF: The Supernaturals!

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by The Librarian, Jun 14, 2006.

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    I'm not sure if steampunk is the right word. Historical/Sci Fi modes of dress anyway...

    Basically, an old idea of mine that I dredged up...can't really draw people but I'm pleased with this:


    From left to right:

    Top: Brother Magnus, Brother Ruben, Brother James (the Multiple Monk!), Springheel-Jack, Stravort

    2nd Row: The Fabulous Pym, Ironclad, Anya 'Hex' Maximoff, Faust

    3rd Row: The Fantastic Dr Richards, Voltaire, Myst, Fayed

    Bottom: Warlock, Grim Benjamin

    The idea is that, in one of those pesky parallel universes, Victor Stark (aka Ironclad) assembles a collection of superhumans to take on the magic and science enhanced might of the Hellfire Club.

    And a coconut to whoever guesses who all the characters are based on (except for Voltaire. He's based on an X-Man of my own devising).
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    Top row looks like Magneto, Multiple man+ clones (based on your multiple monk clue), Nightcrawler, and Human torch (almost guessed firestar, but realized it was a guy due to the flat chest)
    Next row looks like Antman (flying around like Wasp?), either its Iron man or Doctor Doom (or both, based on the Victor Stark name), Scarlet witch, Dr. strange (almost guessed Mandarin for some reason)
    3rd row: Reed Richards, Mysterio, and Invisible woman.
    Bottom row is obviously Warlock and Thing.

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