Customs: The Story of When I Almost Quit Making Customs!

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Superquad7, Nov 5, 2008.

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    I thought I'd start a thread for something most are familiar with: something happening to you that nearly made you quit the hobby you really enjoy for good.

    I was working on a custom Alt once and I had the whole project finished. I was reassembling the piece, and I noticed something. When I was placing the front rim on the back of the arm, I noticed the rim was warped! Apparently, my soldering iron had gotten too hot during the removal. It was an Impreza and it was at a time where I had no spare parts, so I had to botch out an extra one just for the rim.

    I had frantically tried to remove the rim, but was unsuccessful. In this process, the paint had not dried well on the arm and left a horrible fingerprint on it. I had already finished my hard work, and it just seemed that my project was going south too quickly.

    My smart move was taking a break. I was really upset about the whole thing. I made my plan to sand the arm down, repaint it, and attach the new rim.

    At this point, I'd think it would be pertinent to mention that I was painting with white. To take off any layer of paint is quite a setback. Nevertheless, I was able to get over my frustration and finish the project.

    Looking back, it wasn't a huge deal. I had worked really hard on the project and it was one of the few commissions I've done, so I wanted it to look especially nice. I had already been making

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