the secret of cybertron with burning justice

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    let me know what you think of this idea?

    when it comes to the 80's animated generation 1 transformers movie the susposed alternate ending for it would have seen a weakened optimus prime use the matrix to merge himself with cybertron transforming the homeworld into its own ginormously huge robot mode as primus. with the final batytle coming down to primus and unicron fighting each other to the death with the battle bringing about optimus primes death by the end of the movie

    the final episode of energon

    energon the sun - YouTube

    in part 2 of the episode take the scene of the autobots gathered around optimus primes comatose body at 0:30 seconds

    and the scene of the the super energon forming from cybertron at 2:11

    and the scene aty 3:45 in part 3 of the episode where all the autobots transform their life sparks back into their solid physical bodies after seperating from that glowing unified optimus supreme form

    but reverse the scene so that instead it shows them transforming their bodies into life sparks and merging together with optimus primes cometose body to impower him with thier life energy

    now think about this for a moment

    ultra magnus uses his spark bond with his currently dead brother optimus to access the matrix while hotrod also attempts to access the matrix through his own newly established bond with it

    while this happens though the matrix is still in galvatrons posession causing the matrix to teleport ultra magnus hot rod galvatron and arcee to the vector sigma chamber

    magnus explains to galvatron that each of them have a role to forefill i9n the coming battle against unicron with hot rod and arcee therselves being living components of a huge transformation system which vector sigma itself is a part of due to their being the 2 surviving decendents of the late optimus prime himself
    magnus uses his spark bond with his currently dead borhter optimus to access the matrix in a kind of sidestepped stepping stone manner while ot rod and arcee also contribute to the effort.

    the end result being that the 3 in combining their spark energy with the matrix have mannaged to call forth the life spark of optimus prime

    all autobots and decpeticons and even the ones reformatted by unicron would find their bodies glowing all transparent like as their physical bodies transformin spheres of living life spark energy as this happens planet wide all over cybertron

    their sparks come togheter to form a single super sized spark which then makes it s way through the various layers of the planet and upon reachign the vector sigma chamber it combines with the sparks of ultra magnus hot rod arcee galvatron and the spark of optimus prime himself before finally bonding with vector sigma as the entire planet cybertron transforms to its robot form.

    check this out

    Lagann Hen : Super Tengen Toppa Plus Lord Genome!! - YouTube

    now adapt all of that to the events of his animated video

    basicly this is a attempt on my part to adapt the final battle between the ultimate anti-sprial being and the dia gurren laggan brigades supper tengen toppa gurren lagann to the 80's animaed transformers movie final battle with unicron when it comes to this being a version of the secret of cybertron alternate ending with a bit more burning jsutice thrown into the mix

    what you think?

    to be honest if i had saw that happen back in the day while watching the movie at the theater i would of flipped my shit about a million times over watching cybertron and everyone on it transform into primus and seeing optimus back from the dead as the ghost soldeir leading his people autobot and decepticon alike in the final battle against unicron

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