The Sari Tilogy

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    (This takes place in the movi-verse.)

    Prometheus Black was one of the top scientists at Sector Seven. His job was to study the alien technology and see how they might be able to be used by humans. The more he learned about the Transformers, particularly their weapons, the more he began to fear and hate them. He was utterly fascinated with how they mechanics of the Transformers worked. It wasn't right for just machines to have that kind of power. Humans needed it.

    With his many discoveries and business knowledge he was sure to be picked for S7's latest cover-up. A robotics factory. Whoever was put in charge of that would be the CEO of the company and S7 would use the company to distribute the new inventions they reversed engineered from the Transformers. The fake CEO would get a handsome cut of the profits. If Prometheus got the promotion he could rub it in his rival's face. But it was not to be…

    Prometheus slammed the door to Simmons's office open. "What the f**k is this Simmons?" he yelled tossing a stack of papers on his desks.

    Simmons looked at the papers with a raised eyebrow. "I don't know, what is it?" he said sarcastically.

    "These are the rejection papers for my promotion!" yelled Prometheus as he took half of the stack and shoved them into Simmons's chest. He lifted the other half up to his face. "And these are congratulating a Mister Isaac Sumdac on getting the exact same promotion!" He smacked the papers on the desk. "Tell me Simmons how is it that I, someone who has worked here for fifteen years and has all the requirements, loose a promotion to a fool who has only worked here for five?"

    Simmons rolled his eyes and set the papers down. "Listen Black," he said putting his hand on Prometheus's shoulder. "I was very impressed with your credentials and your achievements but some of the guys upstairs think you got too short of a fuse. Remember Cullen? You're just lucky he didn't press any charges."

    "So Sumdac got it just because he's calm?" yelled the enraged employee.

    "Well that and he's got a new kid." said Simmons.

    Prometheus yelled a few swears and stormed from the room. Sumdac reversed engineered a NBE-1's communication systems and suddenly he's sooo talented. He deserved that promotion. He deserved the money!

    So he had a kid. Big whoop. He probably just adopted that girl just to get the job. Prometheus stopped in the hallway. That was it! He took a right into the Rec room.

    There he was. The old, fat, fraud called Isaac Sumdac. He was surrounded by his coworkers who were congratulating him on the promotion.

    "Sumdac! You may act all innocent but I know what you've done!" hissed Prometheus at Sumdac.

    The other employees, wishing not to witness a fight, left the room.

    "Your angry about the promotion thing." said Isaac Sumdac calmly. "I'm sorry that you didn't get it. If it means anything, I would have chosen you over me. However what's done is done. The money will help me with Sari's education." He proceeded to drink his tea only for Prometheus to smack it out of his hand.

    "Don't play innocent with me Sumdac. You only adopted that girl of yours just to get the job. That is low!" grunted Prometheus.

    Isaac gasped in surprise and shock. "That is just awful that you would even think that I would do that!" yelled Sumdac. "I found Sari on the streets. She was just a baby. Her mother must have left her for dead!"

    Prometheus fell silent. Not because he regretted what he said but because he was too angry to say anything else.

    "Tell you what Prometheus," said Sumdac, "How about I invite you to a meal at my house. That way I can show you how much of a family Sari and I are and we can discuss this whole promotion thing."

    Prometheus thought for a moment stroking his blond beard. "Deal. I'll see you and your supposed daughter later."

    He exited the rec room and slammed the door. He'll call Sumdac's bluff. He'll show how much of a fraud he is.

    For now however, it was time for work. Prometheus's latest items to study were alien nanobots. Prometheus had already experimented with these before. He inserted them into a cell phone's microchips. Using energy from the alien cube S7 possessed, he turned that cell phone into one of those mutant machines. What happened next was unexpected. The machine grew. It went from only a foot tall to the size of a large dog. Its as if the nanobots shifted the size of the mechanical monster. He lost an assistant that day. Oh well. Just another sacrifice for science.

    Now he was ready for a new experiment. What effect would the nanobots have on an organic being? As he walked into his lab, everything was set up. His two new lab assistants, fresh off the graduation podium, were ready.

    "Everything's ready Dr. Black sir." said the male nervously. Prometheus shoved him aside and bent down to look into an empty container in the center of the table. He continued to stare at it as the female lab assistant spoke.

    "I got the nanobots in the injection tubes jut like you said sir." she said brushing off her lab coat.

    "Where is the rat?" asked Prometheus in an irritated voice. He looked up at the assistants with a furious expression. "I thought I told you two to have everything ready by the time I got back here and you don't even have the most important peace?"

    The two young people began mumbling excuses until the boy spoke up. "I'm sorry sir but the rats they provided are really aggressive. I ordered some protective gloves and they're taking a while to get here."

    Prometheus slapped his face. "I'll do it myself." he growled. He shoved them aside and walked towards a cage filled with rats. With is bare hands he reached into the cage and grabbed a rat by the tail. He snarled in pain as the rat bit into his hand and drew blood. The rat struggled as he walked across the room. Finally he managed to lay the rat into the container with needles connected to tubes. Now all he needed was to insert the needles to inject the nanobots. The first needle went in the rodent no problem. The second, third, this was easy. Only one more. He grabbed the needle and slowly moved it towards the rat. Suddenly the rat refused to cooperate. He shifted it's position ever so slightly but it was enough to make Prometheus accidentally insert the needle into his ungloved hands. He yelped in pain and grabbed his hand. It tingled a bit but nothing serious.

    "Sir I think we should get you to the medic bay." said the female lab assistant.

    "NO! I'll be fine!" yelled the scientists as he stabbed the last needle into the rat.

    "Activate the energy transfer!" he ordered.

    With a flip of the switch a tube carried energy from the alien cube the next room over into the cage. The rat didn't seem to notice at first. All of the sudden it began to shake violently. It squeaked and squealed as it began to shed its fur and bleed through it's pores. Prometheus noticed that the skin had become looser on the rodent. Suddenly the blood that now covered the rat turned into a dark green. Sizzling could be heard as smoke rose from the body. With one final loud squeak the rat seemed to explode in the cage as a green goo. The lab assistants hugged each other in fright. Prometheus however only leaned in for a closer look. He noticed that the goo was actually beginning to eat through the walls of the cage. "Interesting." he chuckled.

    After a couple of hours, Prometheus had finished his notes on the experiment and hid them in a locked file on his computer. "You two are not to reveal this to any one. Do you understand?" growled the man.

    The kids nodded.

    "Now I am off to Sumdac's house to discuss my promotion." said Prometheus as he put on his coat. He looked over to the cage. The goo had eaten through part of the glass and was leaking onto the floor. "And do clean that up."

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