The Rogue Squad

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    Well guys I'm stepping out of retirement for a bit to see what I can do with my characters and the new movie verse. Yep, it's been awhile but hopefully you all will enjoy what I have here. The title of the story is a work in progress and might change later on. Also, if anybody sees anything wrong with a part of a chapter I will try to change it. Critiques are welcomed. :) 

    Chapter 1

    As Joseph Banes woke up he soon realized his alarm has not yet gone off. He let out a low groan, rubbed his face then slowly sat up to see that the time was 7:28am. Might as well get up now and get in an earlier run in before work. His boxer mix, Harley stirred from his spot near the door and let out a loud yawn as it stretched it’s back.

    “Hey Harley." The dog lumbered up to Joseph with a wag of his tail. “I bet you really need to go outside.” He rubbed the dog’s ears before standing up to shut off his alarm. “Let me stretch out and we’ll go on a little longer of a run this morning.”

    Joseph went through his loft towards the living room where his running shoes sat. After putting them on he stretched for ten minutes to get his muscles warmed up for his morning jog. Though he was busy Joseph always found time to exercise. He wasn’t really the healthiest when it came to diets but he still tried to keep his body toned.

    He just got his water bottle filled when a knock came at the front door. Curious as to who it was he quickly opened it and wasn’t at all surprised to see his younger brother staring back at him.

    “Zade, what the hell are you doing here at eight in the morning?” Joseph asked while allowing his brother inside. “You’re very lucky that I woke up early or I would be very angry right now.”

    Zade nodded. “I know, I know and I’m sorry.” He let out a heavy sigh as he sat down on the couch. “Listen, I need some help.”

    “Oh no!” Joseph shook his head as he pointed a finger at the door. “I’ve bailed you out enough times already, I’m not doing it again.”

    Zade quickly stood up to look his taller brother in the eyes. “I lost my job and my apartment!” He’s blue eyes flared with anger. “Like you really care but I’ve been living on the streets for the last month!”

    “Well, maybe if you got your act together that wouldn’t have happened.” Joseph patted his thigh, a signal for Harley to come to his side. “I’m going on a run. If you want, you can stay here but if I find any of my stuff missing you are out!”


    It had been four months since Quentin Banes was injured in Egypt and he was more than ready to get back to full duty. As the C17 flew over the vast wheat fields of Kansas Banes closed his eyes to get his mind on the mission ahead. According to the Autobots, two NonBiologicals landed not too far from an abandoned farm. Lets just hope they were friendlies, but if they weren’t Banes was ready for a fight.

    “Man, I really hope these are Autobots.” Said Terrell Moses who sat to the right of Banes. “We really need a little break after Egypt.”

    “Not me, I’m ready for anything.” Banes opened his eyes to look at the Autobots before him who were still in vehicle mode. “Who’s the Mini Cooper?”

    Moses chuckled. “That, is a new Autobot, arrived just a few days ago. You were still getting checked out by the medic when he came to Diego Garcia.” He let out a heavy sigh. “How you feeling anyway? You took a pretty nasty hit.”

    “I’m ready to do something other than physical therapy.” Banes shook his head as he flexed his left arm. “Still can barely move some fingers, but the Doc said I should be fine. But just to be safe he wants me to partner up with an Autobot.”

    “Okay team, we’re about to reach our landing zone!” Shouted Lieutenant Meyers. “Banes, you’ll be with Windcharger till further instructions.”

    The three Autobots inside the plane quickly transformed into their robotic form while shedding the nets that covered them for transportation. Inside the cargo bay was Sideswipe, Jolt and the Mini Cooper which Banes took to be the new Autobot, Windcharger. Wonder how he was in combat? Could the much smaller robot defend himself against a Decepticon?

    Banes got to his feet, stretched his back then made his way over to Windcharger. “I take it you’re the new Autobot that I’m suppose to be with?”

    Windcharger nodded. “Affirmative.” He nervously began to shift his weight around, his gaze not once wavering from the cargo door. “I may be small but I can handle my own.”

    Sideswipe gave Windcharger a slap on the back, causing the smaller robot to nearly loose his balance. “Why are you so nervous?”

    “Who said I was nervous?” As the plane landed Windcharger nervously glanced around till his optics fell upon Banes. “I’m just keeping my guard up.”

    Jolt chuckled. “Don’t worry, if anything happens we got your back.”

    Lieutenant Meyers made his way over to Banes with a smile on his face. “Glad to see you back, Banes.” Meyers shook his hand then patted Bane's shoulder. “Just remember, what happened in Egypt stays there. No need to seek revenge and get yourself killed.”

    Banes nodded. “Yes sir.”

    “Okay team, lets move out!” Meyers circled his hand in the air as the cargo door slowly opened. “Remember, we’re not sure if they’re friendly.”


    Inside a barn not too far from the C17 two Autobots hid behind several old machines still in their protoform state. One of them, a silver and red robot sat on the ground nursing an injury to the leg. Unfortunately it was an old wound made worse when he landed on this planet. He attempted to shift his weight but the motion caused a stab of pain to race through his circuits.

    “Sonicblaze, you shouldn’t move.” The other Autobot turned his attention to the injured protoform. “You’re badly hurt.”

    “It’s just a leg, I’ll be fine.” Sonicblaze once again attempted to stand, but as he moved his knee several sparks flew from the joint. “Ah, slag it! Torque, help me up will you?”

    Torque took a look through the barn door before shaking his head. “There’s something here.” He took out his pistol and held it at his side. “Sir, I recommend you stay back!”


    It has been over three months since the last alien sighting so when General Lennox got the call that a possible meteor went down in Kansas he was ready for action. Lets just hope it was another Autobot and not another Decepticon bent on destroying the Earth. He had enough fighting for awhile, but knew that any new discovery could lead to soldiers dying. So he had to keep his guard up and make sure his men did the same.

    Lennox checked his rifle’s magazine as he went towards Epps. “Lets just hope this doesn’t turn into another Shanghai.”

    Epps took around at the barren landscape and smiled. “I really don’t think we need to worry about that here.”

    Lennox chuckled as he went up to Ironhide who was still in vehicle mode. “Okay Ironhide you know what to do.” As his friend transformed in his more natural form Lennox turned to Ratchet. “Any radioactive signatures?”

    Ratchet gave Lennox a nod. “There was definitely a Cybertronian here.” He knelt next to the large crater with a grimace on his face. “There’s fuel, somebody is bleeding.”

    Lennox shook his head. “That’s not good.” He turned to face his team. “Okay, listen up! There is an injured alien somewhere nearby so they might be on guard!”

    Sideswipe came rolling up with Jolt right next to him. “I spotted a ranch not too far from here. Me and Jolt will check it out.”

    “Okay, Banks and Moses why don’t you two go with them. Let me know right away if you come across anything. Sideswipe, why don’t you bring Windcharger with you as well.” Ordered Lennox.


    After spitting out his gum Quentin Banes got inside the red Mini Cooper making sure he shifted his rifle so as not to hit the steering wheel. It was rather strange being in such a nice car fully dressed in tactical gear, but at least it was comfortable. He turned to Moses who had opened the passenger door and saw him readying the thermal imaging viewer.

    Windcharger lurched forward, the flat landscape making it easy for him to pick up speed. Banes didn’t allow himself to relax knowing anything could happen when around the Autobots. He was there during the battle of Shanghai and in Egypt, has seen things that most men shouldn’t. And at night he was plagued with nightmares making it hard for him to get a decent nights sleep.

    “I sense something ahead.” Said Windcharger through the speakers. “Moses, scan the barn.”

    Moses stuck his head out the passenger side window while holding the thermal imager to his face. “Whoa! We have massive energy spikes, but something’s different.” He pulled his head back inside to show Banes the glowing orange blob on the screen. “It’s not like Shanghai, this alien is much smaller than that Decepticon.”

    “Lets hope.” Said Banes.

    Windcharger skidded to a stop behind a stone wall, the only cover near the barn. Banes and Moses quickly got out so the Autobot can transform.

    “You think they might be Autobots?”

    Jolt, who was following behind Windcharger knelt next to Banes with a smile on his metallic face. “Only one way to find out.”

    Banes nodded as he slowly followed Jolt around the wall, towards the dilapidated barn. He could see obvious impressions in the dirt which showed there was definitely aliens nearby. Sideswipe, rolled ahead taking out his blades as he did so. As for Windcharger, he fell back obviously nervous at the oncoming confrontation. Once at the barn he put his back against the wall then waved for Banes and the other humans to move forward.

    As usual it was Jolt who decided to make the first move and as he broke down the massive barn doors Banes came in behind him. He swept his rifle from left to right till he spotted blue eyes glowing in the darkness. The robotic figure quickly stood, but didn’t draw a weapon.

    Moses lowered his rifleas he approached Banes’ side. “It’s an Autobot!”

    The Autobot’s glowing optics shifted over to the right, a strange movement that Banes took as him hiding something. He quickly made his way to where an old columbine sat and what he saw next made him stumble backwards.

    “Sideswipe!” Banes inched forward all the while keeping his rifle up. “We got another one!”

    “Don’t hurt him!” Shouted the unknown Autobot. “He’s injured!”

    “Torque, it’s all right.” Said a metallic voice in obvious pain. “They are who we are looking for.”

    The other Autobot came out of the shadows to reveal for everybody what Banes saw. With him still being in his protoform state one could see the rivers of energon flowing throughout his system. And unlike his friend this one had red eyes, usually a sign of a Decepticon. This caused every solider in the barn to raise their weapons and aim them at the unknown protoform.

    Torque spun around with what appeared to be a bow and arrow made out of pure energon. A blue visor now covering his optics making him look eerily like Jazz.

    “I said don’t hurt him!” Torque inched his way in front of the unknown protoform till he was directly in front of it. “I will not hesitate to shoot!”

    Banes quickly held his right hand up while lowering his rifle. “Whoa, take it easy! We’re the good guys!” He motioned for the other soldiers to stand down. “What’s wrong with him?”

    “I can speak for myself.” The protoform gradually inched forward and as he did Banes noticed him favoring his left leg. “I had a hard landing, but I’m fine.”

    Lennox came into the barn, stopping once he spotted the two Autobots. “Ratchet! We got ourselves an injured bot!”

    Ratchet came into the barn with his hands held high. “I need everybody out now!”

    Banes allowed himself to relax and shoulder his rifle knowing there was no threat. He made his way out of the barn to see what the other NEST team members were doing. He spotted Windcharger first who was getting a talk from Ironhide, the latter looking rather frustrated at the former. Wonder where Windcharger went to when they confronted the new Autobots?

    “I don’t think he’s ready.” Said Jolt as he approached Banes’ side. “But Prime believes in him.”

    “He’s young, I think he’ll come around.” Banes took out a piece of gum, popped it into his mouth then turned around. “That new Autobot appears to have a similar system as you.”

    Jolt shook his head. “Something is different about him, His energy signature is all over the place.” His attention went towards Torque who was being escorted out of the barn by Sideswipe. “Wonder what their story is?”

    “Who knows, but I hope they stay on our side.”
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    I think you've got a good story going :thumb 

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