The rise of the Decepticons.

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    Hello there all you TF-fans out there!
    I've been working on a fanfic for a while now entitled "Rise of the Decepticons", it will portrait the rise of the... well you get it, right?
    I've tryed to go deep and read as much background story as possible and hope that some of you will find it interesting.

    I know these sorts of things have been made before but I want to put my own spin on it.

    They will be posted in small chunks one part at a time and hopefully I'll get some good responce from you guys (and girls) (and other sentient beings)!

    Be sure to be on the look-out!

    Take care!
    //Thomas A. Sjöström a.k.a Laserbeak_Eject
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    Nine million years ago our planets population consisted of a vide variation of grassland mammals and insects, any human ancestors would not be seen for another five million years. Meanwhile, far away, on the other side of the galaxy, another planet is seeing the final days of it's so-called “golden age”.

    The planet Cybertron...

    ...A mechanical planet, inhabited by mechanical beings known as the Transformers.

    It is still calm on the surface but beneath the exterior trouble brews, trouble that will soon set the whole planet off balance and throw it into the dark abyss that is war.

    It's a time of wealth and peace, Cybertron was rich in energy and it seemed nothing could go wrong. But beneath the High Council, the aristocrats and all the others basking themselves in the glory and the wonders of their world lived a small group still in the shadows, hidden away from the luxuries and the shimmering lights of the golden age. The workers, the miners, the energon-harvesters and every other bot in the lower levels of society where feeling the rising pressure from above as they tried to sustain the level of comfort they were accustomed to, they had to work to survive.

    After a while a small group of rouge transformers started sabotaging the energon plants and the work-stations all over Cybertron, posting plaques and graffiti saying “Stop The Toil, Let The Oil Boil!“. The High Council of Iacon condemned these acts as acts of terror and sent out arrest warrants for the suspected leaders of the group, Soundwave, Starscream and Megatron. This gave little success because of the major support they had in the lower classes, although no-one would openly say that they supported the so-called “Decepticons” as the High Council called them.

    Meanwhile the law enforcement units on Cybertron, the Autobots, planned for the apprehension of the terrorists. The newly appointed leader of the Autobots was a young, brave transformer named Optimus, he held the rank of Prime and his official title was thus Optimus Prime. He was the youngest commander to ever reach the rank of Prime and therefor held a lot of respect among everyone under his command, even the older Autobots. The plan is to raid the location that their intelligence officers has pointed out as the HQ of the Decepticon leader Megatron.
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    PART: I

    “They see us as renegades, as terrorists... Outcasts... There is no room in society for the likes of us, we are the trash in the bottom, the filth they walk over in the streets...
    They call us 'Decepticons'... What an insult! We are the ones being deceived... we are the ones being lied to... But very well...”

    Megatron turned away from his window and looked out over the factory floor that was housing his brethren, his allies, his army.

    He slowly walked down the stairs and up to the nearest repair-bay where communications officer Soundwave was getting mended by the one known as Hook, “How is the repairs coming along, Hook?”
    “Humpf... They are going well Megatron, but I don' have the time for this, I have more important things to do with my time then repair these scrapheaps.”
    “Filthy snob”, Megatron thought to himself, “So you don't think it's worth it? We are fighting a fight we cannot win here, young Hook. You rather see us loose all of that we have fought fore, succumb to the will of the High Council?” Megatron lashed out and grabbed Hook by the throat with his big hand and lifted him into the air seemingly without effort, “Then you are a traitor to our cause and traitors die the most horrid of deaths!”
    Hook shook his head and started waving his arms and legs around, “NO! MEGATRON! I'm not saying that, please, let go!”
    Megatron dropped him to the floor and kicked him in the chest “See that everything is going as planned and repair these poor fools... And never let me catch you talking like that again!” He slowly turned to the rest of the Decepticons and screamed, “THAT GOES FOR THE LOT OF YOU!”

    Enraged Megatron stormed off to his chambers and the others stood there, filled with fear, sure the Autobots had almost caught them and the Wreckers where hot on their tail to and it seemed that the pressure was getting to Megatron.
    After a few silent moments Starscreams shriek voice was heard, “Everyone back to work! We have to get ready!”
    The factory floor buzzes to life and everyone went back to their appointed jobs.
    Starscream walked over to his fellow Seekers, a group of robots all looking somewhat alike, they had all been part of the air-defense unit back in Iacon but after a big corruption scandal they had been given an dishonorable discharge and was now working against their former commanders.
    “I think Megatron is about to crack” said Starscream, “He's getting more nervous and hotheaded by the day”.
    “Yeah I know what you mean”, said Thundercracker, “The other day when me and Ramjet where reporting our mission he snapped for no reason at all and tore the arm of Ramjet...”
    “He's dangerous... we have to do something about this...” Skywarp shook his head.
    “Yeah but what?! I'm not going to challenge him!” Thundercracker took a step backwards.
    “SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!” Starscream glared at the two others, “We will do nothing, you hear me? Nothing!”
    “But Stars---”
    “Quiet! We will do nothing, let Megatron be the cause of his own demise, the last thing we need now is a power-struggle”, Starscream smiled, “and when Megatron has played out his part I can take charge and take this 'army' to new heights!”
    The Seekers laughed to themselves and returned to their duties, biding their time.

    Megatron sat alone in his chambers and was clearly troubled with something. The door opened and Soundwave walked in.
    “Hail, Mighty Megatron” Soundwave said in his cold emotionless voice, “The repairs are almost finished and I have consulted the Constructicons, they believe we are ready to begin working with the upgrades”.
    Megatron sat quiet in his chair and it seemed he hadn't heard a word Soundwave had just spoken.
    “Mighty Megatron?” Soundwave stepped closer.
    “Huh? Oh yes, good, good. Start with the upgrades...”
    “I detect that something is troubling you master”.
    “...This was never my intention Soundwave... This rebellion was started so they would see that we wouldn't take their condescending ways any more. Now we are at the brink of war... A war we cannot win at this point...”
    “But mighty Megatron, more and more join our ranks every single day” Soundwave but his hand on Megatrons shoulder in some sort of attempt to calm him, “I am sure we will prevail.”
    Megatron shook his head in doubt, “you seem so certain Soundwave, but I am not as certain. I believe I will not see the end of this war.”
    Suddenly Megatron stood up and a mighty roar came from deep inside him, he crushed the control table in front of him with his bare hands and tuned around and looked at Soundwave, “It is time, Soundwave, time to go to war!”
    He ran out of the room and Soundwave stood there in disbelief and then slowly followed his enraged leader.

    The factory floor became still when Megatron busted through the doors, some of the Decepticons where halfway through the upgrade cycle, they had been equipped with new weapons and new, improved alt-modes. Onslaught, former captain of the High Council guard, walked up to Megatron, they were about the same size and Onslaught was probably the only one this side of Cybertron that could give Megatron a run for his money, but he didn't have the logical processors for it, he was a superb warrior as long as he could rely on commands from others.
    “We are ready for you Megatron” he said and pointed towards a station equipped with tools and computers.
    Megatron entered the station and soon the robotic tools started cutting into his armor and the sensor-probes downloaded new transformation schematics into his mainframe.

    The process seemed to take hours, every piece of weaponry and armor were redone and when he exited the station, through the smoke from the cooling apparatus, he stood before his minions, shiny light-gray armor, big and bulky, yet slender and agile. Upon his right arm sat an enormous fusion cannon, the most powerful personal weapons system ever. He glanced down on his new body and started laughing, it was a terrible, sinister laugh, the uncertainty Soundwave had witnessed before was all gone.
    “MARVELOUS!” it was Starscreams voice echoing in the silent room, “Excellent mighty Megatron! Now if you would just follow me to the paint---”
    “Hehe, no... I like this color. I think I'll keep it.”
    “But surely a nice purple and black paint-scheme would suit such a great new look?”
    “Starscream...” Megatron waved him closer, “Come here.”
    Starscream hesitated but slowly came closer.
    Megatron caught him by the throat and applied some of the new pressure-power he had gained onto Starscreams throat.
    “Don't question me again! Is that clear?!”
    Starscream nodded and pulled a sigh of relief as he was let down on the floor once more.

    The sirens went off, someone had entered the premises and this someone was not welcomed.
    “So it begins.” Said Megatron, cracked his knuckles and smiled a horrid grin.

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