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    Usually when I write a fic I start in word and I make sure that I can finish an idea before I post it here, but every now and then a thought pops in my head that I feel I gotta just roll with, so consider this a sort of 'freestyle' fic that may end up..................anywhere.

    A few things to note. First, this will attempt to tell the story of the Great War from the perspective of Megatron as opposed to Autobot loyalists. Secondly, the term Decepticon will not be used initially, instead I will call them Cybertronians while keeping the name Autobot for the guys in red. If the story gets reviews and I decide to continue it the term Decepticon will eventually be employed by the Autobots as a word used to slander those led b Megatron. Prime will still be good ole benevolent Prime and the Autobots will pretty much be what we've come to expect, the biggest difference will hopefully be how the portrayal of the Decepticons can help people see why they are going down the path they travel.



    Voice over
    The name, is Megatron, and I am the leader of the Cybertronian rebellion that will soon rid our planet of the Quintesson infestation that has plagued our kind with propaganda and slavery for far too long.
    When the tales of this rebellion reach the pages of history there are some who will say it was about freedom and liberating the race of Transformers from the techno-organic hands of those slimmy Quints, but the truth of the matter is that what I am leading is far more than a rebellion. We are in the midst of a movement, a movement with a love and devotion for Cybertron at its very core, and it is a movement that must continue long after this particular war has been won.


    Ancient Cybertron:

    On a metal world in the midst of global upheaval there shines a beacon of light untained by the scars of war. It is a place of peace where its citizens are able to live freely and in many way ignorant to the chaos that its planet is overwhelmed with outside of the city walls. The city is Iacon, and it is the primary home of a race of mechs who've come to be known as Autobots. Within the safety and comfort of its walls the High Council convienes to discuss what the likely ramifications of the defeat of their one time masters will mean.

    "Emirate Xaaron, Elita One, and Alpha Trion," a large orange robot with a broad golden chest and piercing blue optics looking out of a shimmering silver helmeted head began. "I have called this emergency meeting to order because I forsee drastic changes on the horizon for Cybertron, Iacon included. We are at a point of no return in the war with the rogue Quintesson Alliance. Our efforts have been fruitful in that the majority of the planet has now been liberated thanks to the sacrifice and will of the brave mechs and femmes who have manned the front lines in virtual secrecy as we have tried to keep Iacon protected. But as we near the end of this conflict, one of our greatest fears has presented itself. Come with me to the infirmary." Sentinal concluded as he led the small contingent into a dimly lit room were two large powerfully built frames layed motionless.

    "Are they functional?" Alpha Trion asked?

    "I detect a life force in each, one is rather faint, but I do believe I can quickly bring the other out of stasis." Xarron declared as he placed his hands on the powerfully built blue chestplate of the large white mech and the breastplate of the badly damaged silver and red, yet equally powerfully built mech.

    "Come on Mechs, come on Optronix!" Elita One cheered as Xaaron attempted to work his magic.

    "Let us leave them." Alpha Trion plead. "Emirate Xaaron will do all he can."

    "As you all can see," Sentinal interjected as he escorted the remaining council members back from the infirmary, "One of our two military commanders sparks has been all but extinguished."
    Sobs filled the room as thoughts of the lifeless form of Optronix they had gazed upon dominated their processors.
    "The time for grief must be short because if we do not act now, many more will share in the fate of our dear friend Optronix. From the reports I've been given, I am forced to conclude that our other general, Megatron has gone rogue."

    "What do you mean Sentinal?" Elita inquired.

    "The data I've been given seems to indicate that the wound that had led to Optronix's current circumstance came directly from the barrel of Megatron's fusion cannon." Sentinal answered. "In addition to that it appears that while we've been fighting Quints on the front lines, Megatron has had some of his troops secretly fortifying the Polyhex region without authorization. That is where Optronix was.......discovered."

    "Megatron always marched to his own beat to a great extent but never would he kill Optronix, the two were like brothers." Elita stated.

    "I too find it awefully hard to believe as someone who has trained them both and seen how they look at one another." Alpha Trion declared.

    "Be that as it may," the commanding voice of Sentinal began, "the evidence we have shows us that things may not be as we have always believed them to be, and furthermore, the Quintesson threat is not yet over. It appears they and their guardians are poised to make a final charge and their target is Iacon."

    "Should we begin alerting the citizens and preparing an evacuation?" Elita asked.

    "No, the other mech with Optronix in the infirmary designated as Magnus, a soldier who recently came online, was able to procure this device." Sentinal replied as he unveiled a remote data pad. "Do you recognize this trinket Alpha Trion?

    "The Coda Remote!" Alpha Trion sighed. "This could render the legions of guardians the Quints have as totally useless if I get program it a properly and am able to get close enough to them."

    "You do that Alpha Trion." Sentinal commanded. "And Elita, round up Beta and your crew and assist Alpha Trion in getting to their stronghold. I will personally send word to Megatron and together we will insure that this Quintesson threat comes to an end and afterwards, I will deal with Megatron myself."
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    "Commander Megatron, Sentinal Prime sends word for you to conviene with him in Iacon must urgently." a navy blue mech speaking from behind a battle mask declared.

    "Send word that I will meet with him, but not until we have cut the Quintesson's march towards his precious Iacon short." Megatron replied. "And Soundwave, when he replies please let him know that I am occupied in the moment in the business of restoring the honor of Cybertron."

    "As you command Megatron." Soundwave answered before getting back to his job of relaying vital info to the Cybertronian troops under the command of Megatron.

    Before the outset of the rebellion, Megatron had been built by the Quintessons as a warrior. He was even at that time considered a rogue slave and because of that was forced to fight his way through the ranks of an outcasted group of warriors called Decepticons by the masses because though they were powerful and many of them accomplished, they were not accepted by the mainstream Quints or aristrocrats of Iacon as being on par with the gladiators who entertained the masses. But unlike the other outcasts, Megatron had a special something about him that caused Emirate Xaaron, the trainer and captain of the Iaconian gladiators to take notice. Under the tootledge of Xaaron, Megatron not only became accepted by the masses, he also became a legendary champion who was nearly unriviled in the gladiator arena.
    In time, the games where the gladiators competed came to be looked at as a shame and a bit of Transformer history to be frowned upon as many of the population "woke up" and realized that th Quints were using them to grow their own power while making a mockery of the Transformer's existance. As tensions grew, the Quints built a guardian class of robots to insure the cooperation of the Transformers and as time progressed the Transformers found that many of them, those not in Iacon were looked at as mere fodder and were reduced to virtual slaves. This sentiment eventually began to even resonate among the Transformers of Iacon who had come to be known as Autobots and they found a way to force the unsuspecting Quints from the city state. This worked out well for Iacon, but the wrath of the Quints for losing hold of Iacon was then manifested on the rest of the planet, and it is during this time that Megatron under the direction of Sentinal Prime, the Transformer appointed leader of Iacon, and his close friend Optronix become commanders in the Cybertronian Revolution. All of this history flooded Megatron's processor as he took to the sky to engage the Quints for what he felt would be the last time and first time without his dear friend and brother Optronix by his side.

    "Cybertronians, I have received word from Iacon that they are preparing to meet this Quintesson threat head on." Megatron began as he landed in the midst of and addressed the troops under his command. "We have been on the front lines, seen many victories, turned the tide of this war, and in the process have sacrificed our energon, our very own mech fluid, and have lost many precious sparks. Today, we make our final stand, and together we will liberate Cybertron from the tentacles of these half-mechs and begin the process of making Cybertron into the Utopia it is destined to be and into the war world no outside threat would dare test. For all of us this battle has been long and costly, but it ends tonight! The contigent from Iacon is en route as I speak, so now is the time for us to get behind those tentacled freaks and speed up their meeting with oblivion. Cybertronians, ATTACK!!!!!!!"
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    Open Wounds

    "Sentinel," the voice of Alpha Trion chimed in interrupting the Prime's unmolested walk through the streets of Iacon. "Have you seen what is being reported?"

    "I have learned to ignore much of what the press puts out Alpha Trion," Sentinel answered as he turned to gaze at his fellow council member who had caught up with him.

    "In the past they may have been somewhat out of touch, but ever since the last of the Quints were booted off of Cybertron the things they write have been more and more relevant." Alpha Trion stated.

    "What is it you really want A3?" The Prime, now slightly agrivated sighed.

    "To be blunt, Sentinel," A3 began, "I want you to be forthcoming and honest with me and the rest of the council about the status of Field Commander Megatron's standing."

    "That is a subject not up for discussion A3." The testy Prime replied.

    "But it must be addressed." Alpha Trion (A3) rebutted. "The accepted sentiment about the triumph in our war effort has been that it was I who was the hero and vanquisher of our former slave masters when in fact much credit is due to the efforts of......."

    "MEGATRON!" Sentinel shouted. "Megatron is of little consequence to us at this point. He has proven to be a loose cannon as well as someone who cannot follow standard protocol. As far as I and Iacon are concern he is again just an outcast!"

    "You are wrong Sentinel!" A3 exclamed. "He is more than an outcast, far more, to many, he is a hero. And as much of a pain as he can be, you and I both know that the hero sentiment that is increasingly growing is not without warrant. The people are starting to understand this as well. Look." Alpha Trion finished as he slammed the latest press release into the hand of the Iacon leader.

    "ALL HAIL MEGATRON....." Sentinel read the title of the piece aloud.

    "As you can see Sentinel Prime," A3 explained "Megatron has friends and sympathizers in the press who feel that his treatment from the elites of Iacon, namely us, has been less than fair."

    "I have been more than fair with him cycles, yet he consistantly sows discord among our race and insists on doing things his way. He cannot be trusted Alpha Trion; why can't the denizens see that?" The Prime ranted.

    "What you say may have some merit Sentinel, but try looking at it from Megatron's perspective." A3 implored. "He's always been an outsider, and because of that he has a great appeal to who feel that way about themselves. He has done some great things as well, that we must admit......"

    "You seem to be buying this, this, propaganda as was Alpha Trion!" Sentinel declared. "Listen to you extolling the virtues of a rogue warrior who places his ends above that of the collective and is a mech who has extinguished the spark of one of our own, one of his own."

    "Optronix still has light in his spark Prime." A3 said resolutely. "And we have no solid evidence that Megatron was indeed the malfactor that placed Optronix into his extended statis."

    "What more evidence do you require Alpha Trion? Megatron's energon signature was all over the wound, you said that yourself!" Sentinel barked.

    "All I am saying is that regardless of what we believe happenned, and regardless of what personal issues there clearly are between you and Megatron, for the sake of Cybertron some compremise must be reached." A3 stated.

    "Fine!" Sentinel declared. "If you wish to smooth things over with someone who clearly has an agenda contray to and maybe even a danger to that of Iacon, fine. But hear me, I will have no more part in it. Just be sure to let Megatron know that I will keep an optic on him and Polyhex. That, he can count on."

    "Very well Prime," A3 replied. "I will see if I can convince Emirate Xaaron to meet with him. The Emirate seems to be one of the few mechs Megatron has always held in high esteem."

    "Let's just hope he 'esteems' Xaaron in a better way that he esteemed my protege', Optronix." Sentinel said ending the conversation.


    A cadance of determined footsteps made their way into a newly constructed ediface that had been erected on the range of the Polyhex mountains that the locals were calling Darkmount. Many busy mechs ceased their working and construction long enough to stand and salute as one of the mechs with those determined footsteps proceeding into Darkmount.

    "Lord High Commander," a hulking purple mech with a single optic declared as led the party into the bowels of Darkmount, "Emirate Xaaron and his pupil are here to see you."

    "Thank you Shockwave, direct them to the training chamber." An authoritive voice commanded.

    "As you wish Lord High Commander," Shockwave responded. "Proceed into the chamber." He directed as the duo left him outside and made their way in.

    "Emirate Xaaron," a voice emanating from from a powerfully built silver mech with a defiant red gaze declared. "Normally I would both welcome and appreciate your company, but I fear there is an outside agenda behind your visit today, please tell me I'm wrong."

    "Megatron, it's been far too long," the Emirate replied. "I too wish our meeting were less official but as it stands there are some things we need to discuss with you."

    "We?" Megatron asked. "Who is this with you?"

    "Tell him who you are." Xaaron motioned to the large blue and white mech.

    "My name is Ultra Magnus, pupil of Emirate Xaaron, and leader of the Iacon Recon unit, aka The Wreckers. It is a pleasure to meet you my famed predecessor."

    "Emirate Xaaron," Megatron declared in a tone that all of a sudden was totally relaxed; "Surely the Council has not sent you here with the threat to have me replaced with you new friend in the hopes that I would acquiese to the unreasonable demands of the Prime."

    "You know me well enough to know that I would never agree to threaten you in such a manner." Xaaron replied. "But if you feel threatened by my newest star pupil I'm sure he will be more than oblidged to settle things. Right Magnus?"

    "It will be an honor to defeat you High Commander." Ultra Magnus declared as he prepared to dual with the legendary gladiator and clothed himself in false bravado.

    "Let's see what you've got." Megatron grinned as he looked from Xaaron to Magnus while the Emirate motioned for the two of them to move to the center of the training facility.

    A rush of energon ran through Megatron that reminded him of the old days when he was not just a powerful outcast, but a champion. At the same time Emirate Xaaron shared in the excitement as he thought back to his days of training Megatron as well as the training he had given his latest pupil and was anxious to see how Ultra Magnus would stack up to the masterpiece known as Megatron.

    A test of strength between the combatants ensued as the two locked hands. This test confirmed to Megatron that the hulking blue warrior was every bit his equal in strength, but the dexterity and swiftness of Megatron proved him as the superior fighter. After exchanging blows and being able to withstand the initial onslought from Megatron, a more confident Ultra Magnus became the hunter only to receive a devastating right hook followed by a ruthless uppercut and instead of gaining the upper hand, Magnus found himself flying across the room and crashing to the hard surface in a heap.

    "Enough." The authoritative voice of Emirate Xaaron bellowed before Megatron could move in for the finish. "It appears that you have not lost your edge, but I wonder; have you lost something more valuable?"

    Feeling like a student once again, Megatron looked at his old mentor and asked. "What do you mean Emirate?"

    After helping Ultra Magnus up and again turning to Megatron Emirate Xaaron decided to get to the real reason for his arrival. "Why is it that you choose to walk a path tht has not been layed out for you? Why do you insist upon rebelling against the command of the Council and its Prime?"

    "I as I knew he would," Megatron replied. "Sentinel Prime has sent in the old mech and an aspiring Megatron to do what he is unwilling or uncapable of doing himself."

    "He is unwilling to meet you on your terms with good reason Megatron." Xaaron declared. "You have openly defied his authority on countless occasions and you are in fact under investigation for war crimes."

    "I will hear no more of this Emirate!" An angered Megatron yelled. "The only think I am guilty of is insuring victory for Cybertron. Had we done thing the way Sentinel prime would have like our world would still be infested with half flesh beings who thought they could rule and control Cybertron."

    "And what of Optronix!?" Xaaron inquired.

    "How dare you even THINK that it was I who did harm to my brother in arms!" Megatron bellowed. "It was mean, Emirate who built this stronghold and instructed my troops to develop the technology that could be used to save him, yet in his great wisdom, Sentinel had Opronix taken from my facility so he could watch him die in Iacon! For that, I cannot forgive him."

    "The two of you are more alike than either of you will ever know, yet your stubborness forces you apart and your selfishness is creating a rift amongst the overall Autobot populace." Xaaron explained.

    "I do not respect or accept the Autobot designation." Megatron replied. "I am nobody's slave! I am a Cybertronian and though you may not realize it, I am fully devoted and loyal beyond compromise to the Cybertronian Empire."

    "There is no Cybertronian Empire Megatron!" Xaaron yelled. "There is Iacon, the Empties, and this, this highly suspicious establishment you have under construction here in Polyhex run by rogue Decepticons worse than you ever were."

    "I would expect such a response from the Prime, but the last thing I thought you would do is insult me and my team who's ideals of a powerful Cybertron allied and prepared for any and everything with a derogitory designation like Decepticon." Megatron said. "Their is nothing deceptive about us or our mission. If you are looking for deception maybe the 'elites' of Iacon need to take a couple glances in the mirror."

    "Let me bottom line it for you as I have tried to do for Sentinel Prime," the Emirate declared. "We must smother this brewing hostility between Iacon and your troops before something unfortunate happens. And in order to do that you will need to set the example. If you get in line under the authority of the Prime, I will work on him to make sure your perspective is in full focus."

    "But I do not feel that Sentinel Prime is worthy of the title, nor do i trust that he will...." Megatron began.

    "I'm not asking you to put your trust in him or his way," Xaaron rebutted, "I'm asking you to put your trust in me. I will handle the Prime and make sure you are a vital member of the Council and not treated as an outsider."

    "Very well," replied Megatron. "Just make sure that Sentinel knows that my optics are watching his every move and if he does anything that is not in the best interest of Cybertron we will be standing on opposing sides."

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