The original G1 Shockwave reviewed

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    Prelude: In a way I've written a Shockwave review before, as I've acquired the grey "Shaqwave" variant some years ago. A while ago, though, I managed to get my hands on an original Shockwave, the purple one, and he deserves a full review of his own. So here we go.

    Robot Mode: Shockwave is not only among the biggest of the early G1 Transformers, he also might just be the most posable G1 figure period. He has full arm articulation, right down to a twisting wrist, and he's got knees that bend in the right direction and can even turn his head and bend his legs forward at the hips. Might not sound like much from today's standpoint, but for his day, he was extremely bendy. He's also very solidly built, including lots of metal parts, giving him a very heavy, powerful feel.

    Shockwave's look is pretty much a classic. Cyclops eye, a gun for his left hand, there is no mistaking him. Did I mention he's huge? Along with Jetfire he was the biggest Transformer up to that point (slightly bigger than Devastator even). Soundwave also incorporates light and sound effects. In robot mode his gun hand lights up and he does a shooting sound.

    Bottom line: One of the best G1 robots ever. 'Nuff said.

    Alternate Mode: Shockwave transforms into a so-called 'space gun', a futuristic ray gun that wouldn't look out of place in an 80s Science Fiction movie. The gun is actual size, meaning it fits easily into an adult hand. Push the trigger and you get the light & sound effects. The gun even has a scope and the barrel is the one part you can easily lose (which is about ten parts less than your average G1 toy). While I'm not usually a big fan of gun mode Transformers, Shockwave looks pretty good in this mode and his futuristic design ensures that he can still be sold these days without getting airport security in an uproar. Thumbs up.

    Remarks: Shockwave was definitely one of the coolest Decepticons of all time. Okay, he was a pretty useless yes-man in the G1 cartoon series, but in the comics and just about every other incarnation of G1, he was a bad-ass war machine. He even replaced Megatron as leader of the Decepticons numerous times and usually did a much better job. He even came close to wiping out the Autobots at one time and conquered Cybertron in the Dreamwave comics.

    As a toy Shockwave towers above most other G1 toys both figuratively and literally. He might not be perfect, but he's damn close and the toy gets a lot of bonus points for portraying one of the coolest Transformers characters of all time. Everyone needs a Shockwave. It's only logical.

    Rating: A
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    Actually he's got 2 sound effects.

    the reason he was and still is so poseable is because the original toy wasn't designed by Takara or Hasbro.

    Back then. IMO Shockwave, Jetfire and Predaking were and still are the most Superior G1 toys in existance in terms of durability, playability, and functionality.
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    I love the fact that this guy got a US non-tf release that WASN'T a knockoff. Its a fine example of the trademark and licensing issues that would end up as a fairly constant issue of the franchise. I love even more that hasbro homaged the non-hasbro toy in animated.

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