The one second too late thread.

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Alucard77, Mar 12, 2011.

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    So I call this the one second too late thread. It is all about the time you were ordering something that showed in stock, to only be out of stock before you were able to complete your order. So here is my story.

    I have been looking for Solar Storm Grapple for a while now with everyone having them sold out. So yesterday at around 3:51P, I saw that Entertainment Earth had 1 left. I never used them before but I know they are supposed to be good.

    So I jumped on it and started registering. Checked, item still in stock. Finished registering. Went to purchase, and what is this?!? No Paypal option!?! Damn! OK, went to hunt down my CC. Go fill in my CC info. Check again, stock is still there. Then I need to fill in my address, still good. Chose shipping type. I am still good! Get to the final page where it says, confirm your order. Guess what, OUT OF STOCK!

    Now that sucks!!!!
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    I missed out at a Gears of War weapons set at BBTS. It showed in stock, then I checked something else, came back and it went out of stock :'(

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