The Oddities of Collecting

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by TFPrime, Jan 24, 2012.

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    I have a pretty decent sized respectable collection. It's bigger than some, and small compared to others. I'm neither a MISB or a open 'em all type. I save some boxes, destroy others. I'm not a completest but then again at times for certain figures I need to have every single version of every single toy that comes out.

    I spend time on this board, and watch other peoples posts on their hauls, their collections..and oddly when I see someone that gets a really great haul or a figure that's really cool--even if I already have that figure..I get jealous and want to buy that figure again just to have the feeling of getting it again..I don't follow through with that thankfully..but the urge is there.

    Every now and then I also have this idea in my just sell everything..just to see how much I could make for my collection..and then to start ALL OVER AGAIN..No idea why that one sits in my head..But it's there.

    Anyone else get weird ideas in their heads about collecting or how they collect?
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    If I really like a toy I'm not opposed to owning more than one of the same toy and in some cases will try to obtain multiples.

    Selling everything would be a bad idea. I had several tubs full of Transformers and other assorted toy robots and I sold them all when I thought I was done collecting. Several years later I'm trying to rebuild the collection all over again. Starting all over again isn't really fun.
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    My favorite part of a new toy is that first time getting it out of the packaging and that first transformation back and forth. Learning how a new figure transforms is so much fun especially when one only uses the instructions for help if you get stumped. While i buy some repaints of molds i have already i lose this feeling and i just do not get that into em in comparison to the first time i owned the mold.

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