The Next Gen Handhelds - Your Thoughts

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by OmegaScourge, Dec 16, 2008.

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    After reading about rumors of the PSP2 being worked got me wondering....What would you want on the next gen handhelds

    - The name Gameboy back (Gameboy Touch, Gameboy Wide, Gameboy Touch & Go, Gameboy SD, iGameboy)
    - Backward compatibility
    - Widescreen(s)
    - Bigger internal storage
    - if they go dual screens, i'd want dual touch screens
    - GC or better graphics
    - bigger/different media for games (use actual SD cards, like a 4-8gb one)
    - ability to easily change out battery (like the PSP)
    - Wifi or Wireless-x
    - dual analog sticks/nubs
    - pocket-size
    - launch price of $150 or less
    - games costing $35 or less
    - more colors to choose from (at launch)
    - no region locking

    - names: PSP2, PS2P
    - dual analog sticks/nubs
    - different media (use memory cards)
    - bigger internal memory (dont know how big the PSP one is though)
    - Wifi or Wireless-x
    - Backward compatibility (but if they go away fron UMD, i dont see this happening)
    - more colors to choose from
    - pocket-size
    - intial price of $150 or less
    - games costing $40 or less
    - no region locking

    N-Gage 2:
    - please dont, lol
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