The New Masterpieces what are Your Thoughts

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    May 13, 2012
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    Well I will start off with Thundercracker Ok and I Know A Lot of you all feel the same way this toys is totally freaking awesome I love the new molds I love the lightness of him his color is dead on and a work of art truly I Have almost forgot about Sky who Star what anyway this guy is the real deal on in one the head is just outstanding the pull out null rays then he has REFLECTOR AND SOUNDWAVE tattooed. On Him I mean I really didn't like how the masterpieces USA editions where kinda scary like they would just break. Becuz of the weight and design Don't get me wrong I am A Huge fan of Hot Rod And Grimme but if you own all three u will know what I mean So on A Scale of 1 through 10 THUNDERCRACKER GET A 15 No doubt about it so go pick up 2 no wait 3 all he'll buy all you can one major disappointment issssss. The gd artwork on the box damn hasbro really they give you not one pic of the toy just a damn gen art of thundercracker so Thank you Your Host Sunstreaker318 Burning Out

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