The Myth Wars

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    Author's note: This story is based on the Myth Wars project that used to run here (looks like it got lost in the toyfair wipe :(  ) and which is still going strong at Transtopia. This is my take on the story (Metal Samamon has a version at Transtopia that is closely tied to post-Season 3 Beast Wars), but I would like to thank all the contributors there who gave me the inspiration for this. :)  And now, without further ado, here's the tale of a new generation of Maximals in ancient Greece, trying to prevent history from changing by unknowingly taking up the roles of characters from the various ancient tales. :D 

    Ra Media presents, a Transformers tale:

    8 million Earthern years. That's how long it has been since the crash of the Nemesis and thus the end of the Beast Wars. With the risk of the destruction of the Ark no longer a reality, the Maximals left Earth with Megatron II, returning everything to normal...

    But things went different then expected...


    Mediterranean Sea, near the coast of Greece, recon ship ‘The Second Argo’.

    Lighting flashed across the skies as the ship was rocked around by the waves; rain pouring down on it's massive wooden deck as the waves threatened to collapse it into the sea, sacrificing it to Poseidon. A lone figure was leaning on the railing, his bright blue eyes carefully scanning the surface of the water for any hints of trouble, but finding none.

    ,,Are you sure that it was here, Warpath!?”

    A gruff voice grunted as a large humanoid climbed out of the hatch leading to the captain’s cabin of the ship, carrying a large crate before setting it down on the deck. The figure sighed as he watched the humanoid named Warpath do it before looking back at the water, knowing his mechanoid friend was busy...Again.

    ,,You haven’t said a word since starting this journey. What, cat got your tongue?”

    ,,Shut it, Snarl, I’m busy.”

    Snarl frowned as he glanced at Warpath while the lightning briefly illuminated their forms; revealing their alien mechanoid natures to anyone who would have been there to see it.

    ,,No need to get all ‘badass’ on me...”

    He looked back at the sea, but then frowned as he felt a bump that wasn’t related to the waves. He looked at Warpath, and as soon as the second one struck Warpath smashed the crate and throwing a large club at Snarl; who effortlessly catched it as the giant boar grabbed two swords. But before they could do anything else the ship was thrown in the air and kept there by a mass of giant tentacles, and then a second wave came that tried to capture the two mechanoids.

    ,,Well what would you know, intel was right!”

    ,,Hmph. Let’s kill.”

    ,,Finally something we agree on again!”

    Snarl grinned as he looked at his friend before roaring a battlecry as he used his club to smash two of the tentacles, but blinked as they wrapped around his club.


    Snarl yelled as he was thrown into the air with his club, and Warpath merely grunted in annoyance as he slashed the two tentacles that had done it before Snarl crashed into the deck of the ship. He groaned as he slowly got up, and then raised his club again as Warpath slashed another couple of tentacles.

    ,,Blunt objects don’t work. Use swift or sharp weapons; keep battering them.”

    Snarl growled in annoyance at Warpath’s comment, but ejected spikes from his club none the less before he resumed battering the tentacles, nailing some of them to the deck before squishing them with his foot. Warpath briefly glanced at Snarl in smug satisfaction, but then frowned as he saw some of the tentacles withdrawing before feeling the ship was being lowered.

    ,,Something’s going on.”

    Snarl frowned as the tentacles he had been fighting were retreating as well, and then yelped as something very, VERY big crashed through the front end of the ship, obliterating it and causing a small tidalwave to smack them through the back of the ship and into the captain’s cabin, revealing a small but high tech command center. Snarl coughed out some water as Warpath got onto his knees, and growled as he glared at a three times as large creature- no, sea monster with four arms, humanoid body and a weird fish-like face. The ship rumbled again, and Snarl cursed as he looked up, seeing that a large octopus was clutching the back of the ship, it’s large eyes staring right at the pair.

    ,,TWO Krakens!?!”

    ,,No, one.”

    ,,One? What the HELL are you talking about Warpath!?!”

    Warpath narrowed his optics as he clutched his swords as the fourarmed monster roared while ripping off the mast, holding it as a spear.

    ,,No time. Now shut up and transform!”

    Snarl blinked a bit, but then smirked as he nodded before complying, changing into a large lion. Snarl roared as Warpath jumped onto his back, and immediately Snarl jumped aside to dodge a tentacle that smashed right through the spot where they had just been standing. Warpath pointed one of his swords at the octopus, and Snarl quickly jumped onto the now stuck tentacle that had just tried to smash them, running up the arm. Snarl grinned as he saw another tentacle coming and quickly dropped to a lower one before jumping onto the attacking arm, and continued doing it until they reached the head, leaving a giant knot of tentacles behind.

    ,,Now what?”


    Snarl nodded at Warpath before jumping onto the head, and then started clawing at the eyes, making the octopus roar with a strange gurgling sound as the sea-monster waded through the water towards them. Warpath narrowed his optics as he saw it coming, and Snarl gulped nervously as he saw it raise the spear.

    ,,Eeeeer, Warpath? Any hints?”

    ,,Jump back to the ship, now.”

    Snarl eagerly complied, but when he landed he got confused when he felt that Warpath was no longer on his back. He transformed back to robotmode before looking at the octopus, and his optics became wide as he saw the boar standing on the octopus’ head.

    ,,That’s it, ugly, come and get me...”

    Warpath kept his optics on the sea monster, which just angered it more until it finally decided to swing the mast at Warpath. The monster grinned as it heard a loud thud, but then blinked as he saw Warpath holding the other end. To it’s bigger surprise, Warpath quickly released the mast, jumped ontop of it and before the monster realized what was happening Warpath had already arrived at his face and slammed one of his swords deep into the creature’s eyes.


    The monster roared out in pain as it clutched it’s bleeding eye, and in this moment Warpath quickly jumped onto one of it’s hands and raised the mast before impaling the distracted octopus on it. Both Krakens screeched in pain as they trashed wildly, and Warpath simply smirked as he jumped back onto the ship where a stunned Snarl was gaping at him.

    ,,Contact Wing Convoy and tell him the job’s done.”

    ,,Eeeer, Warpath...”


    ,,We got a problem.”

    Warpath frowned a bit as Snarl said that, and turned around before his own optics went wide as he saw a huge mechanoid standing in the place of the two Krakens, the mast rammed through one of it’s legs. The worse thing, however, was that it looked very, VERY pissed...And into Snarl’s and Warpath’s direction, who looked up at the humongous mechanoid.

    ,,Oh, that.”

    -Continued in next post-
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    -Continued from last post-


    Lightning illuminated the sky again, and when it passed the monster mechanoid had grabbed the ship and raised it into the air to meet his face, as if he was an adult looking at a kid’s toy boat. Snarl and Warpath stumbled back as they looked at the giant face that was easily the same size as they were, and both realized one thing...

    ,,That’s it, we’re screwed!”


    Snarl blinked as he looked at Warpath (who was looking right into the behemoth’s optics), not believing what he heard.

    ,,’Yes’? That’s it!? No big plan this time!?!”


    ,,Ah, that’s just slagging GREAT! So we’re just going to get eaten by big, green ugly and gruesome over there!?!”

    Snarl growled as he finished, but Warpath simply kept looking at the behemoth, who was troubling with anger now.

    ,,Look at the bright side.”

    ,,What bright side!?! That we won’t be bothered by it’s breath when we’re dead!?!”


    Warpath suddenly tackled Snarl as one of the behemoth’s fists crashed through the middle of the ship, barely missing them but sending them plummeting to the waters below. But before they hit the water the behemoth had catched their half of the ship again, roaring as he brought them back up before smashing the other side of the ship, the two of them barely managing to dodge it.


    Suddenly Warpath grabbed Snarl by the throat, and growled as he raised the surpised lion Maximal.

    ,,Hey, what’s the big idea!?”

    ,,I can’t help it that you don’t know when you have to do the things you have to do.”

    ,,What the hell is that supposed to me...

    Before Snarl could finish his sentence, Warpath hurled him straight at the behemoth’s face before jumping onto one of it’s incoming arms. And while the last part of their ship fall to the depths below, the lion approached the behemoth’s face with high speed.


    The behemoth groaned as he stumbled back a bit as Snarl impacted on his face, and then roared as he tried to swat him away with his other arm.


    Snarl quickly dodged the giant hand, and then smirked as he looked at the giant’s face, realizing what Warpath was talking about. He quickly dodged another swipe of the behemoth’s hand, and then clutched his club before letting electricity crackle around it. The behemoth’s optics went wide as even it’s simple mind was about to happen, and roared as he tried to punch Snarl, but Warpath quickly slammed his sword into the hand and directed it into it’s own face, making it stumble backwards as the boar jumped off.

    ,,What are you waiting for!?!”

    ,,It’s all about timing, dear friend!”

    Just as the behemoth was about to recover his stance, a roar resounded asSnarl swinged his club into it’s face. For a brief moment everything was quiet, but then it was as if lightning struck the behemoth, letting it roar out in pain as it’s flesh and metal was toasted due to the combination of water and electricity. Snarl smirked as he had managed to jump off in the brief second when the club was releasing it’s energy onto the behemoth’s surface, and saw it collapse into the water as smoke poured from it’s torched flesh-tissue. As Snarl hit the water, Warpath quickly pushed him under before diving himself as the giant’s collapse caused a massive tidalwave to rush the surface, pushing them far away from the behemoth....

    Coast of Greece

    Snarl groaned as he woke up, and shook his head as he got up, spilling some water from his audio receptors as Warpath got up as well.

    ,,Ugh...Where the hell are we...”

    ,,Hmph. Back at Greece by the looks of it.”

    Snarl blinked as he looked around with Warpath, surprised to see he was right.

    ,,Wow, talk about luck.”

    ,,Luck had nuthin’ to do with it, guys!”

    Both of them frowned as they looked up to see a horse- with wings no less- flying to the ground, gracefully landing as a gruff looking human weilding a club similiar to Snarl’s was sitting on the ground. Snarl groaned as he facepalmed while Warpath crossed his arms, glaring at the human who was eagerly returning the favour.

    ,,Oh great...My Little Pony and the fleshling knockoff of me...Don’t tell me YOU two were the guys who pulled us out of there...”

    The horse and human smirked at each other before looking back at the two dripping wet Maximals.

    ,,We did, Guardian. Now shape up and go to Olympus, my father wants to speak with you about your recent quest.”

    Warpath narrowed his optics again while Snarl crossed his arms as well.

    ,,Fine...And how are we supposed to get there?”

    ,,Not our problem! Seeya later, boys!”

    The horse smiled at them before taking off in the air, leaving a glaring Snarl and pissed Warpath behind.

    ,,Did I tell you that I hate them?”


    ,,Then let me say it again: I hate them. Let’s get going, this is going to be a loooooooong trip...”

    Snarl sighed as he swinged his club over his shoulder, and then started walking ahead while Warpath transformed and followed him, heading towards mount Olympus in the far distance...

    Half an hour later, back at the Mediterranean Sea.

    ,,Tidalwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave...Oh Tidalwave...WAKE UP, YOU IDIOT!”

    The behemoth groaned as it opened his optics, steam now pouring from it’s skin where first the smoke was coming from. It barely managed to look at it’s chest, where a mermaid was now sitting; at first glance she appeared beautiful, but at second it was revealed that it was a more fish-like creature, but strangely still without scales. The mermaid rolled her eyes as she threw her arms up in desperation, causing the behemoth to feel more irritation at the tiny creature.

    ,,Shut up, Lorelei...”

    ,,Shut up? SHUT UP!?!”

    Tidalwave roared in pain as Lorelei send a green ball of energy into one of it’s wounds, making it cringe in pain as the mermaid smirked in sadistic satisfaction.

    ,,NEVER tell me to shut up, Tidalwave-dearest. Especially not after such a colossal failure, with so many wounds that are so easily worsened...”

    Lorelei smiled innocently as she winked at the gasping Tidalwave, before transforming into a tall humanoid creature with a weird mask. Lorelei idly walked over to it’s face, and leaned on one of it’s crest horns.

    ,,Failure, huh? Yeah, it sucks. But relax. Everything’s going to plan.”

    ,,Going to plan!? I GOT TORCHED!!!”

    Tidalwave growled in anger as it’s optics were looking at the seawitch, who merely looked back with that arrogant sweet smile she always seemed to have.

    ,,Hey, sacrifices must be made you know. But like I said, relax! Stage 1 is about to be set into motion...”

    She then smirked again as a small group of creatures that looked like her mermaid form but were as ugly as she was beautiful, and started pulling Tidalwave down as Lorelei kept looking into his optics.

    ,,...Just leave everything to the world serpent Jormungand.”

    Tidalwave narrowed his optics as he heard that name, but was excited none the less as he was almost pulled beneath water, uttering one last word before disappearing beneath the waves:

    ,,Mega Zarak...”

    To be continued in Chapter 1
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    Chapter 1

    Road to Mount Olympus

    Two lone figures walked through a large mountain range, snow falling down as the few stars in the sky cast their light over the landscape, giving it an almost magical aura. However, the pair didn’t care about this majestic beauty, and were concerned about just one thing...

    ,,Think Zeus will throw another banket?”

    ,,Hmph. Hope so. Haven’t had a decent meal since we set out.”

    Warpath grunted as he licked his tusks in anticipation as Snarl shook his head in annoyance. Warpath noticed this, and growled in annoyance at him, baring his tusks. Snarl gulped as he saw it, and quickly started walking faster, knowing better then to anger his friend when it came to his tablemanners. Snarl sighed as they kept walking through the snow trail, beforehe finally groaned and smashed a nearby rocks with his club, sending it flying to the other side of the mountain range.

    ,,Oh, that’s IT! I’m going to strangle Pegasus when we get there!”

    ,,As long as I get a leg or two.”

    Snarl grinned at his friend when he saw drool dripping from one of the corners of Warpath’s mouth, before resuming their journey, walking and chatting (chatting from Snarl and grunting from Warpath at least)...

    Gate to Mount Olympus, one day later

    In one of the valleys below, a group of mountain goats playfully fought with each other while others grazed, content with the peaceful surroundings. The alpha male looked around and would have smiled if he was human, and then looked at his mate. Speaking of which, it seemed she was ready again. The goat happily charged up to her, jumped up and...


    ...Blinked at the weird sound that echoed through the mountains before he and his pack were crushed by one of the largest avalanches the region ever had. A few kilometers higher up, Warpath looked down before glaring at Snarl, who just smiled innocently.

    ,,He-he, eeer, oops?”

    Warpath roled his optics before he kept walking, and Snarl quickly followed him as he whistled innocently.

    ,,Sooooooooooooooo, how long till we’re there? Never used this road.”

    ,,We’re here.”

    Snarl blinked as the two of them arrived at a large square gate, that was sealed off with bars as a strange glow eminated from it. Warpath transformed to robot mode, and growled as he shook the snow out of his fur.

    ,,You open it while I’m getting this damned ice out of my armor...”

    Warpath growled as he grabbed an icepick before sitting down and getting to work on removing the ice from his legs. Snarl snickered as he saw it, but when Warpath started glaring at him he quickly turned around and walked towards the gate, knowing that it was also not wise to anger Warpath when he was removing the thing he hated most from his armor and fur. Snarl walked up to a nearby pedestal with an inbuild crystal control panel, and thought a bit before tapping a sequence of codes. He finally pushed a red crystal in the middle, and the gate opened, the area now being completely illuminated from the glow it eminated.

    ,,First one through gets to pick the nymphs!”

    Snarl smirked as he ran through the gate, and Warpath growled as he jumped up before running after him.

    ,,Why you sneaky little...!”

    But what he failed to notice was that high above them a vicious looking wolf was sitting on a ridge, keeping a calm face as he had observed the entire scene. As soon as the portal closed behind Warpath, the wolf transformed into a tall and slim warrior, his most prominent feature a wolf’s head on his shoulder. He kept the same calm expression as when he did in his beast mode, and looked at the control panel before tapping the side of this head.

    ,,My Lord, I have the codes to Olympus.”

    ,,Excellent! Proceed with the plan, Fenrir.”

    Fenrir turned around as he heard a short buzzing, and briefly nodded at a femine figure that had seemed to come out of nowhere; various feathers covering her entire body while a veil covered her mouth.

    ,,Yes, Lord Megazarak.”

    Fenrir taps the side of his head again, and then walks to the controlpanel. He nodded at the femme before pressing the code, activating the gate and seeing her walk through it before it closed again...

    Mount Olympus

    ,,Now THIS is the life!”

    Snarl grinned as he relaxed while laying in a jaccuzi, several technorganic femmes in there with him as they giggled while some of them werefeeding him strangely glowing grapes as the others eagerly listened.

    ,,Glad you like it, lord Snarl.”

    Snarl smiled as he pressed the one who said that close to him before kissing her lips, erupting a storm of giggles from the other femmes. Snarl winked at her as he let her go before raising a glass of energon, eagerly sipping from it.

    ,,I really have to thank you girls! You can’t IMAGINE the cold out there as we had to climb the frigging stairs!”

    ,,Everything for you, lord Snarl.”

    Snarl smiled as he pressed another couple of femmes close, lying back in the jaccuzi.

    ,,Thanks gals, you’re the best...There’s absolutely nothing that can ruin this moment...”


    Snarl blinked as he turned to look at the entrance of the room, and became pale as he saw a hunched, winged figure leaning on a cane.

    ,,....Except him, of course. Hehe, hey Wings, how’s it going...GLUUUURGH!”

    The hunched figure growled as it quickly grabbed Snarl’s neck before lifting him out of the water, holding him there as Snarl smiled nervously.

    ,,You were supposed to come immediately...”

    ,,Hehe, well, I uh, wanted to warm up a bit first, Wingius sir.”

    Wingius narrowed his optics a bit as he looked at the terrified femmes, but then smiles a bit before setting Snarl down and handing him a towel.

    ,,Dry up. And ladies; your training is about to begin.”

    The femmes all yelped in sudden panic, and quickly jumped out of the jaccuzi before running through the entrance and into a different part of Olympus. Wingius chuckled as he watched them go before looking back at Snarl.

    ,,I don't mind it when you have 'fun', kid, but it's time for business. Zeus is up in arms about something, and he isn't afraid to show it."

    ,,Of course, sir. Forgive me, I just wanted to unstress."

    Wingius nodded as he waved it off, and then started walking away as he shook his head in amusement, Snarl shortly following.


    Wingius walked out of the bath building with Snarl, only to get almost run over by a running group of Sentries. Snarl growled as he shook his fist at the already disappearing group before looking at his commander.

    ,,Sir, what is going on? Aren't the sentries usually inactive?"

    ,,Usually, yes. Things have changed when you were gone."

    Snarl frowned as he kept following Wingius, walking through the golden streets of Olympus as technorganic children, who looked like combinations of maximals and humans with their skin texture, were running and playing through the streets, laughing as they passed the pair. Snarl blinked as he saw them run past, and WC chuckled as he saw Snarl look at them.

    ,,Fourth generation nymphs..Just a generation or two more and Zeus will be able to mass-produce warriors on Hercules' level."

    ,,Yeah, if Hera doesn't kill him first!"

    Wingius chuckled as he nodded in agreement, before walking up the stairs that lead to the Forum, passing various statues of strange blocky warriors that Snarl had never seen before.

    ,,Since when are those standing here?"

    ,,Zeus had them planted two days ago, to honor the Sentries, Royal Guards, Healers and Mystics."

    Snarl briefly stood before one of the statues, crossing his arms as he looked at the crosses imbedded on it's shoulders.

    ,,Funny, this one doés look like the Healers...Prototypes?"

    ,,And you are asking me because...?"

    Wingius frowned as he turned around to look at Snarl, who merely shrugged before heading up the stairs, but frowned again as he looked at a taller then most statue of an almost demonic winged creature with a serpent as it's left arm that was reaching at something on the other end of the stairs. Snarl turned around, and saw another blocky, but yet organic, statue of a winged warrior that was in a more heroic stance then the other.

    ,,What the..."

    At the top of the stairs, Wingius growled in annoyance as he turned around, leaning on his cane as he glared at Snarl.

    ,,Snarl! Do you want to anger Zeus that badly!?!"

    -Continued in next post-
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    -Continued from last post-

    The young Maximal gulped before quickly walking up the stairs, and Wingius gave him an irritated but acknowledging nod before heading into the Forum. Snarl smiled as he looked around, he had missed being here. The Forum was a room of sheer majesty, consisting of several floating tribunes shaped liked rings, with in the middle a central platform with three thrones build into the edges, as with a triangle. The most special part, however, was that it seemed to float in the middle of space; the various stars and pointed out constellations surrounding them, although only the Three Supremes knew what they represented. As always it was filled with all Olympian Guardians, or 'gods' as the Greece revered to them, but then frowned as he could literally feel the tenseness amongst them. Many things had changed indeed it seemed. Wingius sat down on one of the higher tribunes, that were owned by the lower ranked Guardians, and Snarl sat down in the seat next to him. He turned to see Warpath sitting in the seat next to Wingius's, and briefly nodded at his friend who merely grunted, again.

    ,,You shouldn't have taken a bath first, Snarl."

    Snarl blinked in surprise, not understanding and then grew irritated by the situation.

    ,,Could someone just PLEASE tell me what's going on here!?"

    ,,ALL SILENT!"

    Everyone in the Forum immediately obeyed and looked at the center tribune, where the three thrones lighted up before three shadowy figures appeared in the darkened seats, only their optics (one yellow, one red and one blue pair) visible. A Mystic appeared with a brief flash, then another and another before they bowed for their respective masters.

    ,,All honor King Poseidon, Guardian of Water..."

    The throne of Neptunus', the one with the blue optics, was illuminated, revealing a figure masked figure with tentacles coming out of various parts of his body, his hand holding a crystal trident.

    ,,Lord Hades, Guardian of Earth..."

    The throne of Hades, the one with the red optics, was illuminated as well to reveal an hellish looking figure with monstrous dog heads on his shoulders and right arm, his features hidden by a horned helmet with a mouthplate that looked like a demon's mouth with a fire-like glow behind it.

    ,,...And finally Emperor Zeus, Guardian of the Sky and our surpreme leader!"

    The last throne, the one owning to Zeus, got illimunated by a bolt of lightning to reveal an almost godly mechanoid, with silver armor and and a red fur, hinting at his beast mode. The Guardians all clapped as he was revealed, but they silenced as Zeus waved his hand, looking firmly at the center of the stage.

    ,,This is not necessary, my friends and children. As most of you are aware of; war is about to break out."

    Snarl's optics went wide as he looked in shock at Wingius and Warpath, who could only nod in confirmation as they kept looking at the central platform. Snarl followed their gaze, and was surprised to see that the Mystics started murmoring as a ghostly caped figure appeared in the center of it. Zeus nodded at the figure before waving his hand, and immediately the figure raised it's own arms, who were completely covered by the cape (that surprisingly never seemed to shift and seemed to simply generate extra fabric when it moved). As the figure did, several transparent orbs came floating towards it, and the figure started circling it's arms as the orbs swirled around before growing in size until they were as large as the Guardians in the room. The figure lowered it's arms, and looked up at the orbs, revealing a femine face with a jewel above her nose.

    ,,Transmitting data...Complete. Lo and behold, the horsemen of War."

    ,,No need to get personal, lassie!"

    Some Guardians laughed together with a large figure, but a swift glance of Zeus quickly shut them up, slightly angering the figure as he crossed his arms.

    ,,This is serious, Ares. Now, honorable Oracle, could you please continue your teachings?"

    The Oracle nodded, seemingly uncaring of Ares' outburst, and her optics briefly glowed before images shaped themselves in the orbs; one of an egyption and disgruntled looking Maximal, one a blue dragon-like warrior who was trembling with rage, the next an asian looking dragon that was blue as well and the last a shadowed figure.

    ,,Data transmit complete...First: The Pharaoh of Egypte."

    The image of the Pharaoh growled as it shook it's fist at the counsil's direction with narrowed optics before speaking with an almost noble, but still furious voice.

    -How dare you, Zeus, to fortify the borders!? We are your allies, and expect to be treated as such! We shall not stand for this arrogance; your empire shall feel our retaliation!”

    Some of the Guardians murmured after this, but after a glare from one of the Mystics they quickly settled down. Zeus sighed as he supported his head with his hand, hinting that he had seen this message many times before the assembly and that it caused him great stress indeed.

    ,,Next please, great Oracle.”

    The Oracle’s optics glowed again as the image of the dragon warrior appeared, who growled as he made a fist.

    -You arrogant Greece think you are so high and mighty; telling the Northern Tribes what to do! You’re going to make you pay with your blood running down your street like your precious endless river!-

    Zeus growled in annoyance at the message before nodding, and the Oracle’s optics glowed again before the asian dragon appeared in the screen.

    -You pathetic fools have turned a blind eye to the Army of the Great Dragon for far too long. Soon and we will crush you beneath our heels like the ants you truely are.-


    The Oracle’s optics flashed again, and finally the last figure appeared, this one just a blurry image with a distorted voice.

    -I’ll say this once: Give Atlantis it’s independence...Or else.-

    All the Guardians actually shivered at this, and then Zeus stands up while the Oracle shuts down the orbs.

    ,,As I said, we are going to war against all possible directions of the wind...The Barbaric Tribes in the North, the Great Dragon’s Army in the east, the Egyptians from the south and finally the Atlantians from the west. I already have sent Odin and his troops to deal with the situation in mainland Europe, and I have no doubts he will deal with their mysterious commander.”

    Poseidon now stood up as well, leaning on his trident as he looked tired, his optics weary.

    ,,I am already preparing to meet with the Atlantians, and give them the independence they want.”

    But as Poseidon said this, one of the female guardians in the crowd, a Maximal with no altmode and a human, almost technorganic appearance jumped up, shocked at his words.

    ,,That is out of the question! We cannot afford to lose Atlantis, it is our main production facility!”

    Poseidon softly sighed as he shook his head before looking at the woman, who firmly glared at him.

    ,,Athena, we have no other choice...If we do not comply, they will bomb our facilities anyways...And they’re an intelligent people; perhaps we could still negotatiate some kind of trade route.”

    Athena unwillingly settled down, knowing it would be foolish to continue her rant, and then Zeus nodded in appreciation before Hades started speaking with a charming yet raspy voice.

    ,,As for the Egyptian, my forces are already preparing to...How should I say...Negotiate in our favour. Ares, you shall be leading my forces. And do try not to make a mess, alright?”

    Ares and his lackeys smirked at each other while the Guardian of War rubbed his hand togethers in anticipation, causing some unagreeing grunts from the other Guardians.

    ,,That is all, Guardians of Olympians. Oh, and Wingius, I would like to have a word with you and your forces.”

    Wingius frowned in surprise as Snarl and Warpath looked at him, but hesitantly nodded before standing up with the rest of the Guardians, moving towards the exit. As they walk out of the Forum and towards Zeus’ Temple on the top of the mountain, the two friends turned to look at their commander, questions already burning on their lips.

    ,,Why would Zeus want to see us?”

    ,,I have no idea, Snarl, except for the fact that it’s ‘probably’ important.”

    Snarl frowned as they walked up the central stairs, but before he could ask something else Warpath quickly interrupted him, much to his annoyance.

    ,,He didn’t mention the Asians. I know that none of the Three take them seriously, but it is dangerous to underestimate them.”

    ,,I agree...We shall see what Zeus’ plans with them are.”

    The pair frowned as they entered Zeus temple, with Wingius briefly nodding at a group of Royal Guards who opened the massive doors for them before saluting. When they entered they were immediately greeted by mechanoid femme dressed in a large crimson robe and dualhorned crown, who smiled warmly at them. Wingius nodded as he gently ‘kissed’ her hand, increasing her smile.

    ,,Please, this is unnecessary, Wing.”

    ,,Oh I know, Hera, but old habits die hard.”

    They both laughed a bit as he let her hand go, and then an entertained chuckle was heard as the massive figure of Zeus walked towards them, making Hera roll her optics.

    ,,I can’t experiment one human females but you can let yourself be kissed by random men? Where is the fairness in that?”

    ,,Oh just shut up, dear, and tell them what needs to be done.”

    -Continued in next post-
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    -Continued from last post-

    Zeus chuckled again as he looked at his wife, and then beckoned the group to follow him into the main chamber. As they entered, Snarl’s optics widened as he looked around: It was nothing more then a palace only fit for a god. Like the Forum, it was a large round chamber with various gates leading to different rooms, but had various couch-like and comfortable looking objects, tables with bowls almost overflowing with the glowing fruit, a large golden throne in the middle of the room that had a dozen transmission orbs floating around it and curtains covering the entrances to the gardens and balconies.


    ,,Weird, I get that alot. Do you think I overdecorated the place?”

    Snarl blinked, and then nervously smiled as he shook his head at the amused Zeus. Zeus frowned a bit as he saw Snarl shaking, and then bellowed a laugh as he patted the lion on the shoulder.

    ,,Oh, don’t be so nervous towards your father, lad!”

    ,,S-Sorry, father. It’s just that we, uh, haven’t seen each other much in private.”

    Zeus chuckled again as Snarl said that, and then pretended to be in deep thought, even rubbing his beard-like mouthplate.

    ,,Ah, yes...Let me think...Twice, wasn’t it? Well, more reasons to spend some quality time together, don’t you agree?”

    Snarl managed to put a small smile on his face, causing Zeus to laugh again before a raspy cough interrupted them, accompanied by a fire-like glow illimunating their faces.

    ,,Can we get down to business already, brother?”

    ,,Ah, of course, Hades.”

    Hades had narrowed his snake-like eyes, and it was now that Snarl realized that it had always been a visor that made it look as if he had organic eyes. Still, the Guardian of the Underworld made him feel uneasy as usual, but it was nothing compared to what he felt when he saw an almost human-looking nymh in a black dress holding Hades’ arm. However, this didn’t stop Zeus from eagerly shaking her free hand, making her red optics narrow before a small smile appeared on her pale face.

    ,,Ah, if it isn’t my dearest daugher and sister-in-law, Persephone! How are you, and why weren’t you at the meeting?”

    ,,I was...Busy, father. As you should be, like my husband stated.”

    Zeus nodded before letting her hand go, and led them to the middle of the room before sitting down on the large throne, Hera standing by his side as she activated a floating console.

    ,,You all know what has been going on from the meeting we just had, but I ‘forgot’ to mention something else to the rest of the Guardians, something they didn’t need to know. You see...I think all of the supposed ‘threats’ are a joke, and I know for certain the Pharaoh will calm down after my brother and son show them that we don’t like being threatened. Atlantis, well, I was already preparing to give them their independence, especially after Poseidon insisted on it, so that won’t be a problem as well. The northern tribes, well, they are a joke to be honest. A bunch of barbarians that don’t know to quit when they’ve got a good thing going; and it’s time they experienced that. Then there is China, but I expect that our show of force towards the three will make them think twice. No, what I am worried about the most is what you two encountered, Warpath and Snarl.”

    The lion and boar blinked in confusion as Zeus said this, and then Hera brought up an holographic image of the Kraken, Tidalwave. Wingius frowned in confusion, but Hades growled as he saw a tiny purple emblem on it’s waist.


    Zeus nodded grimly as he acknowledged what Hades already knew to be true.



    Hades looked in annoyance at Snarl, but Zeus coughed a bit, causing his brother to regain his calm stance. He nodded in appreciation, and then stood up from his throne, pointing to the waist section as Hera enlarged the image, clearly showing the bug-like symbol.

    ,,Predacon, Snarl. The Kraken, or Tidalwave as it is called by it’s masters, is a member of the same tribe that our ancestors combatted many, many millions of years ago.”

    It was now Warpath’s turn to look in surprise at Zeus, crossing his arms as he did.

    ,,Wait a second, sir. You told me that it was a renegade Maximal. And what is this about ‘a tribe that fought our ancestors’? You said it yourself that you and your brothers were created by an exploration vessel that arrived at this planet to protect the inhabitants of the holy Ark.”

    ,,Only part of that is true, Warpath. You see, they never came here voluntarily. They were following a group of Predacons, descendants from the same Decepticons our groups in the American continents are protecting as we speak, who eventually planned to change history. Our ancestors stopped them and returned home, but several remained behind. They eventually died of old age, but one of them created Poseidon, Hades and me first before his Spark was lost to the heavens. However, it appeared that one of the original Predacons among the Dark Side had stayed behind, and he had created a new group of Predacons. When we were born we defeated them of course, but appearantly they too had created a new generation that had went into hiding afterwards. It seems that they have surfaced again, but I do not recognize this ‘Tidalwave’. Appearantly they have started to create new generations on their own, and we need to find out how they are doing it and where they are coming from...Which will be your task.”

    Wingius frowned in surprise while Warpath and Snarl looked shocked, with Snarl shaking his head in disbelievement.


    ,,Not just you, of course. It would be suicide sending out just the three of you. No, you will be accompanied by Biowolf, Rack and Ruin and finally Skyboom...Oh, don’t give me that look, Snarl! Shape up or I’m sending Hercules along as well!”

    Snarl grumbled a bit while Wingius stepped forward, the frown seemingly plastered on his face.

    ,,And I am supposed to lead them? I am an advisor, old friend, not a warrior.”

    ,,I know, which is why you will be getting a segment from the Matrix to help you in your quest.”


    Everyone in the room frowned as they turned to look at the furious Hades, who seemed to be bursting with flames from the lights eminating from his body.

    ,,That is out of the question, Zeus! You won’t even let Poseidon or me have a segment of it, and now you are giving it to an old fool who doesn’t know battle!?!”

    Zeus chuckled as he nodded, his optics twinkling in amusement.

    ,,That is exactly what I’m doing, yes.”

    Hades hissed as his mind was ravaged by pure rage, but Persephone clutched his arm more tightly, causing him to calm down as the glow dimmed a bit. Hades looked lovingly at his wife, who smiled as she returned the look, before narrowing his optics as he focussed his attention back on Zeus.

    ,,Alright...Just make sure you don’t regret it, brother.”

    Zeus nodded as he stood up, and beckoned Wingius, who hesitantly obeyed. He kneeled when he was in front of Zeus, who opened the right half of his choice, a bright blue glow illimunating the room as he removed a blue crystal encased in a golden shell.

    ,,Wingius, in order to complete your tasks you shall be granted a segment of the Matrix. Use it to learn and to teach, to fight and to protect, until you have no more need for it.”

    After saying that, Zeus opened the Matrix and let a small crystal-segment of it float towards Wingius, automatically opening his chest before entering and closing it. Wingius looked down in surprise as he sensed that he was starting to float, and then his optics widened as his back was suddenly straightened, his figure becoming taller and more masculine, the tone of his feathers more bright, and finally his features youngered. When his transformation was complete, he was settled back down, and looked in surprise at his own hands while Zeus spread his arms.

    ,,Arise...Wing Convoy!”

    The people in the room now clapped, Warpath and Snarl more enthusiastic then Hades and Persephone, as Wing Convoy nodded before bowing and speaking with a remarkably younger voice.

    ,,I will not fail you, old friend.”

    Zeus smiled as he walked towards Wing Convoy before putting his hand on his shoulder, looking at his friend’s face.

    ,,I know you won’t. Now go, and stop the Predacons!”

    ,,Understood. Maximals, let’s move out!”

    Warpath and Snarl saluted at their commander, and started walking towards the exit with him while Hades and Persephone glared at them all the way in jealousy. However, what no-one noticed was an invisible form escaping by flying away from the balcony, heading towards an open warpgate through which a couple of Sentries were going. When it arrived at the other end and found itself in a temple in Athens, it silently transformed before heading out of the back of the building where Fenrir was already waiting for it in beast mode. The figure decloaked, revealing the veiled femme from before, and kneed down in front of the wolf, her optics narrowing as she cautiously looked around. Fenrir smirked as he for some reason knew what she had seen and heard, and then started walking through the alleyway as she cloaked herself again, disappearing from sight.

    -Fenrir, issss everything ready?-

    ,,Yes, my lord. Phase one can finally begin.”

    To be continued in Chapter two.

    A/N: Uploaded the prelude and first chapter because I already had those finished, hope to finish chapter 2 by tomorrow. :) 

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