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    I wasn't sure where to put this, but I figured it was deserving of it's own thread. In 2008 La La Land Records released a limited edition 2 disc set of music from Batman the Animated Series composed by the late and phenomenal Shirley Walker (limited to 3000 copies). Needless to say it sold out pretty quick and until recently was selling for almost $200 sealed on the secondary market.

    In order to commemorate the release of Volume 2, La La Land has released a second edition of volume one (minus two tracks which are only available on the original).

    LA LA LAND RECORDS, Batman The Animated Series Volume 1


    It is an awesome deal and it is extremely rare to get music like this from animated television shows, especially ones from that era.

    While the reissue is awesome, the four disc volume two is even more spectacular. It may be $60 but you are getting 4 CDs with hours and hours of music from the show (arguably from some of the best episodes as well). It is limited to 3500.

    LA LA LAND RECORDS, Batman the Animated Series Volume 2


    Also there is the expanded version of Mask of the Phantasm.

    LA LA LAND RECORDS, Batman Mask Of The Phantasm

    La La Land has done such a bang up job with all of the Batman releases. If you are a huge fan of the Animated series you should really check these CDs out.
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    Very awesome! Shirley Walker is a musical genius. My fav bat-theme is the one from the Adventures of Batman and Robin.

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