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    Ever since the "success" of the repaint/retool game,i thought i make a sequel of sorts,this time a multi-pak related ordeal.

    The Rules are quite advanced,but simple anyways. it can be a multipak consisting a numerous figures,though here's the catch you need to follow the "theme and conditions" the above poster posts,including a optional name and a (necessary) bio,short or not..


    Theme: Example,G2,Electro's Breakfast?
    Conditions: 4 Scouts are required in this Multipack.


    -Early Bird Special
    Bio: "Autobot Electro were pursued by two reckless decepticon Warriors,Roadhog and Madtrax,Until the Autobot Skram heard the fellow autobot in distress,assisting him by causing a landslide on the pursuers,giving electro a few energon cubes,saying a old human saying "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,Amigo."
    -Autobot Electro (Repaint of HFTD Hubcap)
    -Skram (Repaint of RTS Windcharger)
    -Roadhog (Repaint of Hftd Brimstone)
    -Decepticon Madtrax (Repaint of Cybertron Lugnutz)"
    -3 Energon Cubes from the Reissue of the Insecticons.

    *And if you cant think up with something just say "WILD CARD!" just to let the below poster to give a pack thought up by someone else. take note though,you can only do it Once per 50 posts,and once someone said wildcard,the below poster cant say "WILD CARD!".

    Now since i lay down the rules,ill begin with this.

    -Upgraded Minicons as Autobots/Decepticons
    Requirements: 4 Deluxe-sized figures.

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