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Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by MGX, May 24, 2007.

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    Feb 6, 2007
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    At lunchtime I searched Borders for that holy grail, the DK Visual Guide to Transformers movie and got instead:

    The Movie Storybook
    Sam's New Car
    Optimus Prime versus Megatron
    Meet the Autobots
    Meet the Decepticons

    The bad news...they ALL are drawn. No pictures save the covers. Guido Guidi (Meet the Autobots, Meet the Decepticons), Val Staples (of fame does Sam's New Car, Optimus Prime versus Megatron) and Marcello Matere (The Movie Storybook) handle the drawing.

    At least the kids will like them. And they tell you some of the TF's powers. Frenzy has two modes...Blackout's CD Player AND Boombox.
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    Feb 10, 2004
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    I found a bunch a few days ago at my Borders, but none of the ones you mentioned! Weird.

    The Movie Storybook (Hardcover)
    Junior Novel
    Coloring and Activity Book with Crayons (w Megatron cover)
    Reusable Sticker Book (w Jazz cover)
    Coloring and Activity Book w/ Stickers (w Ratchet cover)
    Activity Book and Gel Pen (w Bumblebee cover)
    Transformers Storybook (Electronic with Sounds)

    The sticker books DO have some new CGI poses included (including a particularly cool shot of Blackout brandishing his rotor blades), but yes, most of them are drawn... and there's spoilers aplenty in most of these books, so stay away if you're not wanting to know what's coming.
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    May 29, 2007
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    Hey everyone - it's Bess from DK Publishing. Thanks for looking for our book! We are really excited about this title, so I wanted to let you know why it isn't in Borders yet. Because the images in Transformers: The Movie Guide are so detailed, we cannot sell it until the movie release. You should be able to purchase it in bookstores or online July 4, a date I'm sure all Transformers fans know well.

    In the meantime, we just released our Transformers Ultimate Guide in paperback, with updates to include the IDW comics, and You Can Draw Transformers, featuring art from Guido Guidi. All three books were written by the legendary Simon Furman.

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