"The Most Wanted Decepticons" Codes

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    Just got my first Most Wanted "collector card" set, the Victory of the Fallen legends set with The Fallen card. Since these cods are universal (as opposed to the individual codes for the hunt for the Decepticons, I though it would be alright to share them and try and get them all accumulated in one place.

    The Fallen: THEFALLEN24
    Devastator: DEVASTATOR95
    Rampage: RAMPAGE05
    Starscream: STARSCREAM73
    Bonecrusher: BONECRUSHER29
    Sideways: SIDEWAYS20
    Megatron: MEGATRON09
    Ravage: RAVAGE15

    If anyone else has any of the other codes for the other characters, please post them. I think the TRU Devastator pack is the only other one officially released so far, though I've heard people talk about having the Rampage Among the Ruins 3-packs already. Other then that, it looks like the Starscream/Mudflap pack has a Starscream Card, the Ironhide/Bonecrusher pack has a Bonecrusher Card, and the Sideways vs Bike Triplets has the Sideways card. I would guess that the Megatron/Legends Conscructicons pack has the Megatron card, but we never got very good pics of that to know. If we see another code or two, we might be able to guess the remaining ones (if they are nothing more then the character name and some digits like the fallen's is)

    EDIT: I've just been typing the name and a 2 digit number to try and figure them all out. will update as i get them.

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