3D Artwork: The Metal-Fuhrer

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    So last night me and my dad were talking about how the Americans had Sector 7 and Black Leaf, then what are the possiblities that the Nazis were managing to do the same thing. I mean, they were working on things that were borderline fringe science, then what are the odds that they might have stolen some Allspark fragments to use as a super weapon at the end of the war, when all else would fail.This project dubbed "Projekt Metal-Fuhrer" was an attempt at making a 7-vehicle combiner (With no robot modes) made with these vehicles:

    U-Boat (Chest)
    V-2 Rocket (Right Arm)
    Submarine (Left Arm)
    Bomber Plane (Right Leg)
    Propeller Fighter Plane (Left Leg)
    Tank (Head)
    Treaded Missile Carrier (Upper Legs and waist)

    Cut to after the war, (The monstrosity was never released due to Germany surrendering and all of their weapons being confiscated by the Americans) where the vehicles where placed in the Smithsonian Institution, never to be touched again, until an Allspark fragment was unleashed in their vicinity, causing them to be awakened. Going on a rampage through Washington, DC, the robot was eventually defeated by NEST forces left behind in case of attack.


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    lego former awesomeness!:bay  i have gotta post some of mine:wink: 

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