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    Part 18

    Starscream waited as Rumble carefully arranged the pieces of his brother into a pile. It seemed to Starscream that Rumble was taking more time with the process than was necessary.

    Rumble sensed Starscream's anxiousness but moved no faster. He wanted to be sure he got all of Frenzy's superstructure. Once he had assembled all the parts, he aimed his right index finger at the pile and emitted a strange green ray. The pile shrunk down to an impossibly small speck before disappearing all together.

    " There," Said Rumble. " It's done."

    "Good." Starscream said. " Now let's get to Megatron at once! We must alert him of this new enemy. We must warn him."

    " Oh yeah, right. " Replied Rumble. " I'm s'pposed to go to d Citadel. Boss man ordered us there a.s.a.p! We was on our ways, but old smokey wanted a little of d old face music." He made a pounding motion. " I got him good! Right in d audio wit a tectonic!" Rumble let out a sadistic giggle." POW!" He screamed violently and quickly transformed both of his hands to tectonic disrupters. He let out a howl and slammed the ground so hard that it caused an large portion of a wall standing in front of them to collapse. " I got him good, Screams!"

    " Yes you did. Excellent Lieutenant. I will see to it you are accommodated when we see Megatron." Starscream said. " Now we must go at once!"

    " Yeah, to the Citadel!" Rumble cheered as he opened his comm panel. He punched a few buttons and vanished into thin air.

    " Slag!" Cursed Starscream. " I positively must have a shortwarp unit installed! Sometimes I feel like the only 'Con without one." He transformed into his alt mode and took off toward Shockwave's Citadel.

    The Beta Seekers carried their prisoner deep into the ancient tunnel. A strange lack of environmental nanites caused it to be very dark and cold. Ramjet found it peculiar and creepy, something wasn't right. He motioned to his brothers to stop.

    " What? Have you three come to your senses and decided to end this madness?" Sixshot commented.

    " Quite!" Yelled Ramjet.

    Dirge placed his hand over Sixshot's audio." What do you hear?" He asked.

    " Nothing." Responded Ramjet. " I don't hear nothin. "

    " I'm surprised you can hear anything at all anymore" Said Thrust.

    " What's that supposed to mean, Thrust?" Asked Ramjet angrily.

    " You tell me armor head!" Thrust made a fist. " This is what I smash stuff with, not this." He indicated his head. " I need mine for thinking."

    Ramjet punched Thrust hard in his face. Thrust, unprepared, fell backwards.

    " I use both for smashing, drone." Gloated Ramjet.

    Thrust stood and readied his blasters.

    " No!" Dirge yelled. " Listen!"

    The four bots stood still and listened. They waited for several long seconds.

    " Bah!" Exclaimed Thrust. " You are a fool! I hear noth.."

    " There!" Yelled Dirge." Amplify quadrant breek zet!"

    Dirge amplified the sound coming from quadrant breek zet. It was the sound of a massive weapon discharging, followed by lots of static pulses.

    " What made that noise, Dirge?" Asked Ramjet. " How could a noise like that come from down there?"

    Dirge shrugged. " I dunno..."

    The three seekers glanced down the tunnel. They had been using infrared scanners due to the darkness and could plainly see the heat of their surroundings. Further down the tunnel it grew pitch black.

    " Dirge, there's no heat in there." Stated Ramjet.

    " What does this mean?" Asked Thrust.

    Dirge shrugged again. " Why you asking me? You're the smart one!"

    Thrust thought for a second. " I guess it means we should find out what is causing all this cold."

    Ramjet shook his head. " Well I ain't goin'!"

    "Well then what do you suppose we do?" Asked Thrust sarcastically.

    " You could start by letting your superior go. " Chimed Sixshot.

    " No way!" Said Ramjet. " I am not gonna be a traitor! "

    Sixshot laughed. " You fool! Don't you see? If you fail to continue down this corridor, you will never reach the core. Isn't that where Megatron ordered you to, what was it again? Oh yes, exile me to the Sharkitcons! Or was it the Terrorcons? So that I may wallow in my own fluids...."

    " Enough! " Shouted Ramjet. " Shut up! I'm in charge here!"

    Thrust chuckled. " Where to fearless leader?"

    Ramjet cast a long look down the dark corridor. He really didn't want to know what was going on down there. He knew it was not good though, that's for sure. But he also did not want to be exiled or worse for disobeying his boss.

    Ramjet sighed. " Carry on. We continue down the passage. The sooner we make it to the core, the sooner we can get back to base and the sooner we get back to the R-chambers."

    Dirge and Thrust secured Sixshot and the four continued into the chamber. Soon it grew so cold and void of energy that no one could see anything.

    Thrust spoke up. " Ramjet, maybe you were right. We can't see anything in any spectrum. It's so black in here. Maybe we shouldn't keep going."

    " No." Said Ramjet. " Megatron said take him to the core, so we go to the core!"

    Thrust looked at Dirge. Dirge shrugged. " Boss' orders." Said Dirge.

    " Idiots!" Said Sixshot. " Why do I have the feeling we venture to our demise?"

    " I told you to be silent!" Ramjet said to Sixshot. " As long as we have some energy signature, we can home in on the core. "

    " Oh really?" Said Sixshot. " This I just have to see demonstrated. "

    " You think I can't do it or something?" Asked Ramjet. " I know it's tricky, but I can do it. I done it plenty of times. Believe it! " He really had successfully tracked a residual energy signature before. It was a difficult task for any transformer, but Ramjet had a knack for it, some how.

    " By all means, proceed" Replied Sixshot.

    Ramjet sat on the ground and focused his perceptions. Soon he could perceive the cold ground and walls. Then he could recognize the brilliant red energy of his companions. He focused and concentrated harder. There in the base of the corridor was an unusual purple energy. He would have it overlooked normally, it not being purple or yellow or green, as those were the normal colors of Seibertronian entities. But the purple energy was so strong the image leapt to the front of his mind's eye. He focused on it until he got a good heading.

    " That way." Said Ramjet as he indicated the purple energy. " We go that way."
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    Part 19

    Starscream stood at the railing of the balcony and gazed out at the sprawl of Iacon. It was a vast and ancient landscape that had served as the principal hub of Autobot and Maximal operations for countless eons.

    He remembered a time when Decepticons were not even allowed on it's streets. Now the Decepticon Political Citadel sat right next to the Maximal Consulate on the main promenade. The street itself had been named Unity Boulevard, and was the place of all High Senate party and their offices.

    He remembered slaughtering wave after wave of Autobot defensive drones and turrets right in the square. Now a sickening statue of Megatron shaking hands with Optimus Prime stood there.

    " Bah! " Said Starscream. " Politics and Transformers. How fleshling! "

    A multi-noted laugh came from behind Starscream. " Longing for the old days, Commander? " Soundwave said in a harmonized chorus.

    Soundwave offered Starscream a glass of energon distillate.

    " Oh, thank you Soundwave. " Starscream said. He lifted the glass to his olfactorys. It had the distinct smell of a fine vintage. He smiled and tasted the beverage. He made a wincing motion after swallowing it.

    " A fine year, the year 6 of the Age of the Guardians. " Soundwave commented. " I acquired it in the first week of the Great War. The Autobot who owned it was loath to part with it. "

    Starscream held the glass to the light to examine the liquid's color. " I can see why! This is outstanding! " He was already a tad intoxicated from the fine drink.

    " Not like that swill your brother's always drinking. " Said Shockwave as he entered the office. "

    Starscream laughed. " You never refused it during the war. "

    Shockwave poured himself a glass and joined the others. " But those were uncivilized times. And one does uncivilized things at those times. Like drink Skywarp's brews! "

    The three laughed heartily at the joke.

    " So Starscream. " Said Shockwave. " Soundwave informs me you have something to tell us of a new threat to the cause?"

    " Yes indeed. " responded Starscream. " Perhaps we should sit down. "

    Squealer reverted his optics to normal mode. " It's hopeless. There's no lock or port anywhere. We're trapped. "

    The small section of tunnel was sealed at both ends by the massive bulkheads of gerantium alloy.

    Noisebomb growled. " Well..." He grunted.

    " Well what? " Said Squealer. " We can't open them, and we can't get a signal through to the Decepticons because of the gerantium interference! We are smoked! "

    Noisebomb growled again. " Can't... just... give... up! "

    " Well what do you think we should do? " Replied Squealer. " Start banging our heads on these bulkheads? "

    A look came over Noisebomb.

    " What? " Said Squealer. " C'mon! I was just kidding! "

    Noisebomb ignored Squealer and drew his saber. " Bang! " He commanded.

    " Oh! " Said Squealer. " Then maybe someone will hear us, cause you know how many bots are out in the Core Sections this time of day..."

    " You... Have... Better... Idea? " Hissed Noisebomb.

    Squealer shrugged. " No, I honestly don't. " He picked up a large piece of debris.

    " Three times....then... wait..." Said Noisebomb. " Okay?"

    " Yeah, I got it. " Squealer said. " But you realize nobody's here to hear us, right.?"

    " Just... bang... three... times!" Noisebomb repeated.

    Squealer and Noisebomb banged on the bulkhead opposite the one they had sealed Powersurge in, and waited. After a second a knock came from the other side. Then came a group of taps and knocks.

    " Hey! That's a Decepticon code! " Squealer exclaimed.

    " What... are... they... saying? " Noisebomb asked.

    Squealer listened " They say; Move... away... from... bulkhead! They say we should stand clear of the bulkhead." He translated.

    The two jumped hurriedly from the bulkhead. There was a loud noise and crash. Smoke and debris filled the room.

    " What happened? " Asked Squealer.

    Before them stood four familiar Transformers.

    Ramjet patted his head cone. " Let's see you do that with your fist, Thrust! " He proclaimed.
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    part 20

    Cryotek tossed the skull of his recently eaten beast up into the air and caught it. He had been amusing himself with this one handed juggling for nearly fifteen minutes. He was beginning to grow restless.

    " This is so boring. " Cryotek commented. " How long has it been since we saw combat, brother? "

    Razorclaw scanned the horizon for potential prey. " Too long. But we are on guard duty now. And it is the master's order we remain so until dismissed. "

    Cryotek nodded. " That is understood. I shall not show disloyalty to the master! "

    Razorclaw looked toward his brother and also nodded. " Yes! The master is great! I exist to serve the master! Lest you forget you owe your very life to the master, for it was he who created us, Cryotek. "

    " I mean no disrespect to the illustrious master." Said Cryotek. He didn't mean any disrespect to the master. He loved him dearly and wanted nothing more than to be in his master's favor. " I simply crave battle, that is all. "

    Razorclaw nodded. " That I know too well. I also crave battle! This is only natural brother, we are great warriors! It is a warrior's place on the battlefront. But it is also a warrior's place to uphold his honor. We must obey our commands and not stray from our appointments, or we tarnish our honor. "

    " Who said anything about abandoning our current mission?" Asked Cryotek. " I merely said I was bored! "

    " Hmm. " Said Razorclaw. " As am I. "

    There was a sudden noise in the cave they were stationed outside of. Then came the audible sound of mecha footsteps. They both turned to watch the cave opening.

    " What is the matter?" Said Nemesis Prime as he came into view. " You don't like my new appearance? "

    Nemesis appeared quite as he had before, save for the black smoke which oozed out of his joints and the eire green light that glowed in the strange symbol on his chest. He also now sported a scar running down the middle of his Optimus Prime's face.

    " No master! You appear different, that is all." Said Cryotek.

    Nemesis laughed and cracked his knuckles.

    " You seem mightier, master. " Said Razorclaw as he bowed.

    Nemesis Prime cracked his neck. " One might say that... "

    Nemesis motioned to his slaves and walked off to communicate with Unicron.

    " He speaks to the Chaos Lord! " Said Razorclaw.

    " Indeed." Agreed Cryotek. " He seems different now. I think we grow more alike, he and us, Razorclaw. "

    Razorclaw gasped. " You are not saying you think he can..."

    " Indeed I am." Replied Cryotech. " He seems more in tune with his counter-beast."

    " It cannot be! " Said Razorclaw. " The master knows not of hunger! "

    " Don't I ?" Said Nemesis. He had been standing there long enough to overhear the conversation.

    " Master!" Exclaimed Razorclaw. " Never before have you spoke of such things! "

    " Yes master! " Agreed Cryotek " He speaks the truth! Never before have you spoke of hunger. "

    Nemesis Prime turned away from his soldiers and fingered the scar on his face. For a second, it seemed as if he was discharging even more black smoke.

    " Well my slaves, perhaps I have never truly been hungry before. " Replied Nemesis. The insect that had done this to his face would pay dearly. He began to laugh maniacally.

    Cryotek stood a gape. This was not like the master.

    Razorclaw joined in the laughter, making it seem all the more sinister to Cryotek.

    After a minute Nemesis abruptly stopped laughing. " Enough! " He bellowed. " Now my slaves! The time is nigh. The hour is upon the Heralds of Chaos! "

    Nemesis Prime engulfed himself in the eerie smoke. Neither Cryotek nor Razorclaw could see into the ominous cloud. When the smoke dissipated Nemesis Prime stood in his alt-beast mode.

    " The master's counter-beast! " Proclaimed Cryotek.

    " Indeed! Brother, transform! " Yelled Razorclaw as he transformed. Cryotek nodded and transfomed.

    Nemesis reared himself on his massive mastodon legs and pointed his trunk at the sky. He let out a terrible bellow which caused the surroundings to resonate.

    " Now my slaves! " Said Nemesis as the black smoke oozed from his elephant's mouth. " We hunt! "

    Nemesis' feet ignited in green fire like plasmas. He let out another fierce roar and began to run up into the sky, blazing a trail of green fire and a wake of black smoke.

    " Finally! " Said Cryotek " Some action! "
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    Part 21

    Powersurge awakened after what seem like an eternity. He hoped the nightmare he was having was finally over. He made an attempt to stretch his arms, only to come to the grim realization that what he thought was a bad dream was, in fact, cold hard reality.

    He wanted to scream! This was not how it was supposed to be! He was supposed to become the dominant entity on Seibertron, not some freak. He didn't even know what he was now, not a Decepticon warrior, that was for sure.

    He wished he still had optics so he could at least see what form he took now. He felt like he was bleeding, like his very life energy was escaping and pouring out of him.

    What was he now? What was he to do? Was he truly a powerful force, or a dying invalid?

    He screamed out with his mind, cursing what he had become and who had done this to him. Why? Why did the voices lie to him?

    He stopped his psychic rant and made an attempt to calm himself. He had to focus his thoughts and plan his course of action. But it was no use, he was dying, he was growing colder by the nanosecond.

    Powersurge couldn't contain it any longer, he broke down and cried. His waves of sorrow blanketed the globe. He didn't care about being powerful anymore.

    Suddenly he felt a tremendous pain. It jerked him out of his fit like a swift punch to the gut.

    " This is how the most powerful force on Seibertron behaves?" Chided the Voice. " This is how you show your gratitude? "

    Gratitude? He was expected to show gratitude for becoming this, this thing! How dare he? How dare the voice?

    " Have I struck a pain relay?" Said the Voice. " Have you mustered up a spine somewhere in that blob of electrum you call a body? "

    Pain? The Voice wanted pain? Very well, it would have pain then. Powersurge sent a crippling wave of pain at the Voice. He would make it feel the horror he was now experiencing.

    The voice received the pain and laughed. " Are you quite through? Nice display of psyonic projection though." The Voice sent it's own wave of pain at Powersurge.

    Powersurge lost his concentration and succumbed to the pain. This voice had once again played him. What did it want from him?

    " You will see my plans for you soon enough." Answered the Voice. " But until then, you must feed, minion. "

    Yes. Feed. Powersurge must feed. Memories of his last encounter with a Transformer came pouring into his mind. He remembered. He consumed a massive gestalt sized Transformer and it satiated his hunger for a moment. Just for a split second he did not feel cold, but instead warm.

    Was that his purpose now? Was he to consume the other Transformers?

    " No, it is not your purpose to eat all Transformers." Replied the Voice. " You could just starve yourself. "

    Powersurge recoiled in horror! Now he truly was a monster.

    " No minion, you are not a monster. " Said the Voice. " You are merely alive. "

    Starscream waited outside of Shockwave's office as Shockwave and Soundwave discussed the information they had just received. He realized he was not a politician, so he would have understood little of their private discussion, but he still hated not being in there with them. For all he new, they could be concocting a plot against him. He thought about blasting down the office doors and confronting them about it, but decided it was best to just wait and see how it played out.

    He sat on an ornate bench. He wondered where Megatron was. He hoped he wouldn't run into him before Shockwave and Soundwave had a chance to speak to him, for if he did, Megatron would surely accuse Starscream of treachery.

    There was a loud bellow from down the hallway, followed by a large crashing noise. Starscream instinctively took cover behind a column. A huge Transformer came into his view. At first he didn't recognize the figure, but as it grew closer it's identity became clear.

    " Shockwave! Soundwave! " Yelled Megatron. " Come to me! Come to me now! I command you! " He pounded on the office doors with his fists.

    Megatron seemed much bigger than normal to Starscream.

    The office doors opened just as Megatron began charging his cannon.

    " Apologies, Lord Megatron! " Answered Shockwave as he assumed the posture of submission. " Soundwave and I were discussing a recent debriefing we received only moments ago. "

    " This meeting of yours was more important than following my orders? " Yelled Megatron.

    " No sire! " Responded Soundwave. " I believe they may be related. "

    " And who were you debriefing?" Asked Megatron.

    Starscream stood perfectly still. hoping no one would notice him.

    Shockwave pointed at the column. " Ask him yourself, Lord. He stands behind that column. "

    " Who dares hide from me? " Yelled Megatron as he aimed his cannon at the column. "

    " No sire! Do not shoot! " Yelled Shockwave.

    " The column is structural! If you blast it, the whole building will fall! " Added Soundwave.

    " Show yourself, coward! Stand before Megatron! " Shouted Megatron.

    Starscream came out from behind the column with his hands raised.

    " Ha! " Yelled Megatron. " I should have known! Why did you not arrest this traitor?"

    " Because Lord, " Answered Soundwave. " He did not steal it from you. "

    " What? Impossible! " Said Megatron. " Then what Transformer did? "

    " From what information we have, I think it was Big Convoy! " Shockwave answered.

    " But he was lost en-route to Gaia! " Megatron replied.

    " Yes liege, he was lost. " Said Soundwave. " But he survived, in a way. "

    " How is this possible? " Asked Megatron.

    " He had help from another, I assume." Starscream said. " He referred to him as the Master."

    Megatron grabbed Starscream by his throat and lifted him. " I am the Master! Who falsely calls himself so? "

    Starscream tried to answer but instead just choked.

    " We think it was Unicron. " Said Shockwave.

    Megatron dropped Starscream in a heap. " No! It cannot be! "

    From out of nowhere Nemesis Prime and his slaves appeared.

    " It sure can. " Nemesis said coldly.
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    part 22

    " What a fortunate turn of events! " Exclaimed Sixshot. " It appears I am vindicated. Now you may let me go. "

    Thrust looked at Dirge. Dirge shrugged. Thrust nodded and released his hold on Sixshot. Dirge shrugged again and also let go.

    " That's better. " Said Sixshot as he stretched his arms.

    " What are you fools doing?" Yelled Ramjet. " I didn't tell you to let him go. "

    " But Ramjet, " Answered Dirge. " He's not a traitor no more, here's his squad. " He was throughly confused, but it didn't seem like he should be holding the Defensive Commander hostage anymore.

    " So what? " Replied Ramjet. " I'm in charge here. And I didn't say..."

    " No Ramjet, Sixshot is the command unit here, not you. " interrupted Squealer. " You're just a Beta Seeker. "

    " I'll show you who's the boss around here! " Said Ramjet as he prepared to slap Squealer only to be knocked clean across the tunnel by and unseen attack from Sixshot.

    Sixshot straightened himself. " Anyone else got a problem with my leadership? "

    Dirge and Thrust shook their heads.

    " Traitor! " Yelled Ramjet. As he stood up only to be blasted by Sixshot.

    " Anyone else want to call me a traitor? " Asked Sixshot.

    Dirge and Thrust shook their heads.

    " How about you? " Sixshot asked Ramjet. Ramjet shook his head.

    " Good. " Said Sixshot. " Now where were we? Oh yes! We were going to banish me for commanding an AWOL squad. Now before one convicts one and banishes one, shouldn't it be determined if one is indeed guilty of the acts charged against one? Shouldn't there be proof that one had indeed committed such acts? "

    Dirge shot Thrust a confused look. Thrust nodded at Dirge, and then he nodded at Sixshot. Dirge, fearful of appearing to not understand also nodded at Sixshot.

    " Megatron's opinion is all the proof I need! " Said Ramjet as he brushed rubble off of himself.

    Sixshot sighed. " Ramjet, do shut up. I am third in command of all Decepticons. So when Megatron isn't here, I'm Megatron, understand? "

    Ramjet nodded. Technically, Sixshot was correct about his authority. Plus he really didn't feel like being blasted again.

    " Now Squealer, where have you and your squad been? Did you find the electrostatic vacuum anomaly you were sent to investigate? " Asked Sixshot.

    " Yeah boss, we found it. " Answered Squealer. " Or should I say Powersurge did. "

    " Where is Powersurge? Why is he not with you? Did he go rogue again? " Sixshot inquired.

    " Could... Say... So..." Added Noisebomb.

    "What do you mean? " Asked Sixshot.

    " It's along story boss." Said Squealer. " Maybe you should sit down. "

    "Who dares! " Megatron yelled. " You are trespassing in my citadel! "

    Cryotek sniffed the air. " Master, it is he who we seek. "

    " It is? " Said Nemesis Prime. " Which one? The silver one or the purple one?"

    " The silver one, my liege. " Responded Cryotek.

    " That is the great Megatron?" Replied Nemesis. " That thing calls itself leader of these insects? "

    " You call me an insect? " Yelled Megatron. " You wish to challenge me? "

    Nemesis prime began to laugh maniacally. Cryotek and Razorclaw joined him in the laughter.

    " You laugh at Megatron? " Shouted Megatron in disbelief. " I amuse you? "

    " Do you amuse me? " Said Nemesis. " Well, now that you mention it, yes you do. "

    Megatron roared angrily and began to charge his cannon. He would show this fool who was truly the mightiest.

    " Master! " Said Razorclaw. " He smells of rage! I believe he aims to strike you! "

    Megatron howled as he unleashed a huge stream of anti-protons at Nemesis, which caused a deafening explosion. Starscream covered his audios with his hands and closed his optic shutters. When the blast was over all that remained of Nemesis Prime was a thick black smoke.

    " Who is the insect now? " Gloated Megatron.

    Soundwave was about to interject his opinion when his tape deck forcibly open and Rumble ejected.

    Rumble transformed. " Megatron! Watch out! " He yelled. " He's got tricks! "

    Megatron laughed. " Thank you for your concern, Rumble. But I think he bothers us no more. "

    Rumble shook his head. " He ain't slagged! He's got black magic! "

    " Rumble! " Megatron commanded. " I said he is of no concern anymore, I have annihilated him. "

    " But boss! " Pleaded Rumble. Soundwave motioned him to stop. Rumble nodded, transformed back into a tape and replaced himself in Soundwave's deck.

    " Apologies Megatron! " Said Soundwave in his synthesized voice.

    " That is not necessary . " Replied Megatron. " Now for his troops! Now that your boss has been defeated, you will be dealt with. Stand down. Summon my jailers! "

    Cryotek and Razorclaw made no moves to stand down.

    " Perhaps it is you who should stand down. " Said Razorclaw.

    " You should heed my brother's words, insect. " Added Cryotek.

    " And why should I do so? " Megatron said. " Would you have me destroy you like I did your master? "

    Cryotek laughed. " You have not destroyed Nemesis Prime! "

    " Indeed. " Said Razorclaw. " He has the armor of the Chaos Bringer. "

    " Forget my jailers! I will dispose of you beasts myself. " Yelled Megatron as he began to charge his cannon again.

    Razorclaw and Cryotek made no moves once again.

    " Fine. " Said Megatron. " Don't defend yourself, it will make my task all the easier. "

    Shockwave closed his scanner pad. " Lord Megatron! There is an unusual level of transenergonic energy in this area. I suggest we vacate immediately! "

    "Silence! " Shouted Megatron. " We will leave when I am through. " He charged his cannon to an even higher level causing it to whine as the ions in the air became excited.

    Megatron took aim and drew more energy, causing the black smoke to flow into his collectors. Suddenly he became aware me was making a mistake.

    "What? " Exclaimed Megatron. " What is happening to me? " The black smoke infiltrated his superstructure and began to seep out of his mouth and eyes. Megatron decided to let loose his cannon blast, but nothing happened. He could no longer control his body.

    A voice spoke in his mind. " How nice to see you again, Galvatron. "

    No! It couldn't be! It was the voice of Unicron! It was happeneing again!

    Megatron began to scream, bellowing out the black smoke, which reformed into Nemesis. He collapsed on the floor.

    " Rise and face me. Your master commands you! " Said Nemesis.

    Megatron began to glow green as he stood. Once he stood erect, the glowing intensified and stopped suddenly. He appeared very different now.

    " Who do you serve, slave? " Asked Nemesis.

    " Galvatron serves only Chaos. " Spoke Galvatron.

    "Very good. " Nemesis responded. " Who does you legion serve? "

    Galvatron was silent for a second. " The Decepticons serve Galvatron. And Galvatron serves Unicron the Chaos bringer! " He saluted Nemesis.

    Unicron was pleased.
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    Part 23

    Powersurge would have howled in rage, had he a mouth. He had been trying to find a way into the sealed chamber for ten Earth minutes and he had no success. He could smell his prey just on the other side of the ancient metal bulkhead, but the complex alloys they were made of seemed impossibly resistant to Electrum and Energonic energies. And worse still, they were machined with such precision that nothing larger than a helium atom would fit through their seems.

    He sent huge rippling streams of semi-solid Electrum at the titanic door, hoping to overwhelm them with sheer pressure. He was glad he did not have actual audios anymore as the noises of the streams would have deafened him.

    After a minute he stopped the futile efforts. The hunger was returning. He began to expand his new senses, searching for a new prey, one he would be able to access without such efforts.

    Powersurge became as one with the Energonic Leylines of Seibertron which encircled the globe like electrons circle an atom. He was able to spread his awareness across the entire surface of the globe in mere seconds. He held the entire image of the metal world's surface in his mind, likening it to holding an Earth apple in his hand in a light grasp. He was more prepared for this near- omniscient rush of senses, having attempted this state before, but he still marveled at the shear enormity of it all.

    He felt millions of potential meals on the surface, but he also felt how long it would take him to reach them, and that was not soon enough for him. He envisioned himself clamping down on the planet- fruit, pushing his awareness deeper beneath the surface of the globe. Soon a vibrant blue energy filled his mind. He knew it was a massive source of food, millions of times greater than the giant Transformer he had just eaten. That would certainly become his next meal!

    He searched for a path to the new banquet. Powersurge was almost happy when he discovered a conduit straight to it. He decided he would have his vengeance later, after he was replenished. He slipped his liquid body through the grate beneath him that led to the conduit to his meal.

    Perhaps, after he ate this huge amount of energy, he would just pour himself through a sewer pipe an emerge on the surface and consume all the pitiful Transformers he encountered, becoming the supreme being on the planet! He began to think maybe he wasn't as bad off in this new form as he first suspected.
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    part 24

    Starscream stood motionless and in a form of shock. He could not believe what he was witnessing! How was any of this even possible? He was about to speak when both Shockwave and Soundwave grabbed each of his hands.

    " What? What is happening? " Starscream protested. " What is going on? Unhand me! "

    Soundwave, who was standing on his left, covered Starscream's audio with his right hand. " Silence! " Soundwave commanded.

    Galvatron was still a little dazed after his sudden metamorphosis. " My Liege! My armada is yours!" He said as he bowed to Nemesis Prime.

    " Excellent! " Said Nemesis. " Now we may bring the Master's plans to fruition! Rise Galvatron, and assemble your forces, the Dawn of Chaos approaches! "

    Galvatron stood and turned himself toward the three Decepticons. " Minions! I command you..." He started to say, but was interrupted by a flash of bright white light. He shielded his still sensitive optics with his hand. When the flash ended, he saw no one left standing there.

    " BAHH! " Galvatron yelled. " Such insolence! " He turned to Cryotek and Razorclaw. " You! You two find them! "

    Cryotek ignored the command and folded his arms. Razorclaw began to laugh sarcastically. Galvatron began to become thoroughly enraged.

    " You filthy beasts disobey me?" Galvatron yelled. " I commanded you to find them! "

    " You have no authority over them, Slave. " Said Nemesis. " You are not their leader. "

    " I have dominion over all Transformers! " Shouted Galvatron. " And I issued a command! "

    " Fine, but it is I who have dominion of you! " Nemesis said coolly. " All the Heralds are mine to command, not yours, Slave. "

    Galvatron seethed with incredible rage. He wanted nothing more than to delete this strange robot. He thought of vaporizing him right there, but found himself mysteriously unable to. Instead he heard himself apologize to Nemesis for his apparent insubordination. He was disgusted at himself for his lack of free will power.

    " Good. " Said Nemesis Prime as he cracked a psychotic smile. " Even the mighty Galvatron bows before the Nemesis Prime! This is your lot now, slave. You do the bidding of the Chaos Bringer! "

    Once again Galvatron bowed to his new boss. He was beginning to feel sick.

    Starscream squirmed and tried to fight off his captors. He broke free and leveled his Null Rays at Soundwave. He aimed them and was about to shoot when Shockwave hit him hard in the back of his head.

    " Idiot! " Said Shockwave. " We warp you to safety, and this is how you reward us? "

    Starscream rubbed his head. " My apologies. I thought I was being kidnapped again. You must realize I have been taken hostage several times as of late. "

    Soundwave let out a choral laugh of cascading notes. " Because you are weak! "

    " How dare you Soundwave?! " Starscream yelled. " I am the mighty Starscream! I'll not have my honor insulted by a scientist! "

    " Enough! " Shockwave yelled. " We've no time for in-fighting! We must get to the Tripredacus Council at once and alert them of these events before those abominations do! "

    " Agreed. " Sang Soundwave. " Consequences of Unicron's actions could be disastrous to current political operations. "

    " Fine. " Said Starscream. " I have no idea what is going on anymore! "

    Ramjet concentrated as he sat very still on the Gerantium floor. " The energy source has moved. I think it's safe to go into the next chamber. "

    Noisebomb scoffed. " Then... you... go... first... "He remarked.

    Ramjet gave Noisebomb a dirty look. " Fine. I will! " He said.

    "Try... not... to... get... eaten.." Noisebomb quipped.

    Ramjet signaled Thrust and Dirge to assist him as he pushed on the remaining bulkhead. Soon the three had levered it open enough so all six could enter the adjoining chamber. Squealer went first, cautiously scanning the chamber.

    " All clear. He's gone! " Squealer reported.

    " But where? " Asked Sixshot. " An energy such as that doesn't just disappear! "

    " There! " shouted Dirge as he pointed to the small conduit that was covered with a fine grate.

    Thrust laughed. " How'd a monster like you two described fit into that small access conduit? "

    " Didn't you listen to what I said? " Said Squealer. " He's a slaggin' liquid, static head! He probably just poured himself through the grate! "

    Thrust gave a sarcastic sneer. " Yeah, sure he did. " He remarked. " And why, pray tell, did he do that? Your big bad electrum monster afraid we'd kick his posterior? "

    Squealer had had enough of Thrust's smarmy attitude. " I'll kick your metal ass if you don't shut up Thrust! "

    Thrust readied his sabers " Bring it land roller! "

    Squealer took out his blasters. " Oh it's brought flyboy! "

    The two squared off, each one ready to recycle the other. Thrust let out a yell and charged, causing Squealer to do the same. They raced at each other only to both be caught by surprise in a plasma explosion.

    " Enough! " Yelled Sixshot. " You two stand down! We've no time for this! We must find this thing before it reaches the surface and eats us all! "

    " Must... find... out... where... tunnel... goes! " Said Noisebomb.

    Dirge leapt up enthusiastically. " I got this one! "

    Thrust laughed sarcastically again. " And how do you know anything about this? "

    " I got a map upgrade in Conmega when you were getting your wings polished by that fembot what's-her-name. " Answered Dirge. " Or did you forget because you and Skywarp were so drunk? "

    " What? " Said Thrust. " I was nothing of the sort. I never drink to excess! "

    " Yeah Red? Said Dirge. " My Holocorders say otherwise, wanna see the holos ? "

    " Um, no. " Said Thrust, now clearly embarrassed. " Just do your thing Dirge. "

    " I'm surprised you even like fembots, Thrust. " Said Squealer.

    Thrust growled and grabbed his sabers again.

    " I thought I said stop! " yelled Sixshot. " Dirge, where does the conduit lead us to? "

    " Right boss. " Said Dirge. " Just let me calibrate, okay, um, this could take a second. "

    " By all means, take your time. " Said Ramjet.

    " Shut up Ramjet! " Said Sixshot. " Anything yet Dirge ? "

    Dirge concentrated a second and then responded. " I got it! It leads to the Plasma Energy Reactor Alpha Aleph! "

    Noisebomb shuttered at the statement. " Out... of....frying... pan...." He stuttered. " Into.... the... fire..."
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    part 25

    Powersurge poured himself out of the small hole in the ceiling cascading like a waterfall onto the floor of the chamber. He could almost taste the incredible bounty of energy that lie before him uncontested. He was almost giddy with anticipation.

    Unicron's presence registered somewhere deep in Powersurge's mind. This annoyed him. He decided he would address Unicron after he ate.

    Unicron created a deep and intense pain sensation within Powersurge. Pathetic, thought Powersurge. Did Unicron really think that he would still be swayed by something as insignificant as pain? He would have to do much more than that to be worthy of Powersurge's attention.

    " Well, it seems as though you have developed some resolve since I last contacted you. " Came Unicron's thoughts precisely into Powersurge's mind.

    Powersurge had no time for this! Unicron was again interfering with his plans. He would make certain to destroy Unicron's presence once he obtained the raw energy in front of him.

    " Ha! " Unicron thought. " You are welcome to attempt. No one has ever actually succeeded in eliminating that which is the Chaos Lord, though countless have tried. I am eternal ! "

    So soon would Powersurge be, just as soon as he consumed this new found power! Then we will see who is truly an "eternal."

    " You are but a tool. " Thought Unicron. " The means to an end, lest I remind you! You pick your battle with the Gods! "

    Now it was a god? Big opinions from a bodiless phantom. If Unicron had come to enrage Powersurge, then he was succeeding.

    " You are correct, slave. " Thought Unicron. " This is a matter for later times. Now is my time to assist you in your efforts. "

    Assist? Now Unicron wanted to assist? Unless he was planning to open the shield locks of the chamber that held the energy, Powersurge had no need of Unicron, or his help.

    Suddenly the shield locks deactivated. Powersurge knew it was Unicron who had disabled them, but he could give a care. He rushed into the chamber in the form of a horizontal column. There before him stood a giant an ancient plasma reactor! He instantly knew he was inside of one of the fabled Plasma Energy Chambers!

    He projected his awareness throughout the ancient chamber. Energy was being pulled from space/time itself from across the universe and into the massive spherical capacitor. Once inside, crystalline rectifiers that were older than any Transformer, laminarized the energy into pure Energon on a massive scale, which was then fed into a series of mammoth power conduits, and distributed all over the planet.

    He instantly launched tendrils of his liquid gold body at every possible conduction point. Huge rushes of pure Energon flooded his being. He felt positively enraptured ! Such incredible energy! He was almost dizzy from the surging rush.

    But there was still more energy being produced that he was not yet harnessing. He shot branches of Electrum to every point he could sense. An even bigger surge of energy shot to him, at least double the amount he was absorbing before now drained into him.

    Powersurge's liquid body began to glow brightly with power. He was barely aware of anything but the energy. Soon he knew he had had his fill, he could feel himself grow to hundreds of times his mass as his body distributed the Energon about his being. He tried to release his connection but found himself unable.

    He began to panic! He had no idea how much more energy his body could hold, but he felt he was nearing his limits. His body began to course with burning pain as it ripped apart and grew larger. What was happening to him?

    " You need to grow larger and stronger still. " Came Unicron's thoughts. " When you have, only then will I allow you to release your connections! "

    Powersurge struggled to regain control of himself, but it was no use. He blacked out from the burning pain, he was sure he could hear laughing as he did.

    Unicron watched the glowing spectacle with much enthusiasm . He was indeed pleased.

    The Heralds of Chaos flew openly into the shipyard of Conmega. They knew they would find no resistance as the Lord of Decepticons was on their team.

    Galvatron had no desire to share his shipyard with his masters. He had worked too hard to establish it the shipyard in his former form. Yet he knew he could not disobey the will of Unicron, for if he did, Unicron would simply control his body like a puppet and accomplish whatever tasks he needed accomplished. For now, he would cooperate with his captors.

    " This is the shipyard, master. As requested. " Said Galvatron to Nemesis Prime.

    Nemesis landed in front of a giant warship that was outfitted with a huge point singularity cannon. It was an evil looking craft painted flat black with glowing purple power conduits tracing the hull. He walked up to it and knocked on the hull. It made a high pitched clanging noise.

    " This ship, " Said Nemesis. " It is Gerantium alloy, slave? "

    How Galvatron hated being called slave. " Yes lord. "

    Nemesis stepped to the port side of the massive craft and began to speak to himself. Galvatron knew what was going on, Nemesis was communicating with Unicron. He remembered having such conversations himself.

    After a second Nemesis returned to his troops. " I shall take this ship. What is it's name, slave? "

    Galvatron seethed at the statement. That ship was to be his personal warship! Now he had to freely give it to a filthy beast-Transformer, before he had even flown it!

    Galvatron calmed himself. " It is named the Nemesis II, Lord Nemesis. "

    Nemesis laughed. " How fitting! It is called the Nemesis! I have no need to name it! "

    " A fine vessel, my lord ! " Said Cryotek. " Fit for my master! "

    " Indeed. " Said Razorclaw. " It will strike dread in the hearts of our enemies. "

    Nemesis Prime laughed again. " You have no idea slaves! Stand Back! "

    Nemesis opened his chest compartment and removed the Matrix of Death. He held it in his hands and projected a green beam of some kind about the ship. After a few minutes, he replaced the Matrix and began to emit huge amounts of his strange black smoke. The smoke enshrouded the whole of the Nemesis II. Nemesis Prime was nowhere to be seen.

    " What does he do? " Asked Galvatron. " What happens? "

    Cryotek shot Galvatron an insulting look. " I have no need to explain the master's actions to you slave. I have no reason not to. He is taking your ship! "

    " I do not understand. " Said Galvatron. " I already gave it to him, why does he cover it with that strange black vapor ?"

    " I believe my brother means he is becoming one with your ship. " Said Razorclaw.

    Galvatron was surprised. " He can do that? "

    There was a loud creaking noise and then a slight feedback sound. " Indeed I can! " Said Nemesis Prime in a voice many times louder than his old one.

    The Nemesis Prime powered up it's systems. It's ion engines began to emit the strange black smoke and the conduits began to glow erie green, instead of purple.
    The massive docking ramp lowered to the surface and the Nemesis Prime's main hatches opened.

    " Board me, my slaves! " Came the booming voice of Nemesis. " We must make haste off the planet. "

    Galvatron was taken a back. How would he defeat his captor now?

    Galvatron was snapped back to reality by a slap on the shoulder from Razorclaw.

    " Nemesis Prime doesn't mess around, does he? " Razorclaw said to Galvatron.
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    Part 26

    The Hall of Tripredicus was an imposing structure to say the least. Built in the Age of the Guardians, the immense building covered over 25 square Earth miles. It was mostly made of Gerantium alloy that had been anodized flat black. Enormous likenesses of ancient Transformers carved out of massive blocks of the alloy lined the walls.

    Starscream always hated having to visit the Tripredicus Council. The council itself being composed of near-deleted ancient relics, in his opinion, who held court in an overly-dramatic mockery of a Judgment Hall. Always wasting their collective resources while they debate the finer meanings of meanings when concise action was always the best, and most often chosen method.

    Starscream knew the Tripredicus Council was an ancient tradition. It was older than the Decepticons, the Predacons, or even the Destrons. For countless millions of years, his master's masters took guidance from the council. If for no other reason than to uphold the rich traditions of the Transformers. He felt it was time for such stupidity to end.

    Shockwave shot Starscream a glance. Starscream almost giggled at the thought of Shockwave using an imposing facial expression as a method of intimidation. Surely he must have recognized the futility of such, seeing as he had no actual face. Still, it better suited him to comply . He turned his gaze to the ancient metal floor, as was customary.

    The scope of the entrance of the hall was truly titanic. The three stood barely noticeable as they walked under the 1/2 mile high arches. Starscream considered firing a null ray blast just to hear the distinct echos it would make, but decided against it when Shockwave glanced in his direction again. He could have sworn Shockwave's one green eye glowed slightly brighter than usual.

    The three Decepticons approached the biggest know doors on the planet. Starscream gasped when he looked up at the massive doors and saw the ancient motto of the Destrons, stolen from the Quintesson Overlords before the Great Liberation. " To Punish And Enslave " written in hundreds of feet tall letters of the ancient language known only as The Code glowed vividly purple.

    As was customary, Starscream and Soundwave took the posture of submission as Shockwave rapped the ancient signal on a spot on the doors made for that purpose. There was a loud and distant rumble as the doors swung slowly inward.

    A massive black and purple Transformer almost 350' tall walked to the newly opened doorway. It's face was almost indiscernible from the glassy purple surface of it's head. The giant robot knelt down to speak to the guests.

    " Epsilon Supreme questions! " The huge robot said. " Who approaches the council of Tripredicus?"

    Shockwave stood and spoke loud and directly. " O Guardian! I Shockwave, emissary of the Decepticons, Guardian of the Tomes of Knowledge, seeks audience with the Elder Council."

    Epsilon Supreme hesitated for several seconds before continuing his inquiry. " Epsilon Supreme states! Explain your reason for the request, Guardian. "

    " We have come to inform the council of impending danger! " Said Shockwave. " It is a matter that effects all of the Transformers! "

    Epsilon Supreme sat motionless for several more seconds. " Epsilon Supreme states! The council is already aware. "

    " Impossible! " Shouted an alarmed Starscream. " We have yet to tell you of our findings! How does the council have any idea at all of the purpose of this visit? "

    Epsilon Supreme grasped Starscream with his one massive three-fingered hand and stood erect with surprising speed. He lifted Starscream to his dome-shaped face. " Epsilon Supreme commands! You shall not speak unless spoken to! "

    Starscream looked straight at the titan's face. It seemed to mean business. He then looked at the robot's left hand, or rather the lack of it. It's left arm terminated in a massive cannon. He nodded complacently.

    Epsilon Supreme dropped Starscream as if he was a spent Energon Star. " Epsilon Supreme states! The council is aware of the presence of the Chaos Bringer and his subsequent influence of the traitor now know as Galvatron. They have prepared a liaison. "

    Soundwave stood in the customary manner and spoke loudly. " O Guardian! Who have they appointed? "

    Epsilon gestured to his rear and a regular Transformer sized door opened. A black figure entered the room. The figure appeared to be oozing fire and smoke of a sort. When it got closer Epsilon Supreme stepped back and the doors closed, leaving the mysterious figure and the three alone in the hallway.

    " Well hello gentlemen. " Said the robot in a strangely creepy voice. " It's been a long time..."

    Starscream aimed his cannons at the Transformer. " Oh no way! I'll fight the Chaos Bringer myself sooner than I'll work with The Fallen! "

    " Stand down you fool! He is of no danger to us! " Said Shockwave. " He is the emissary. "

    The Fallen laughed. " I guess I am. Well technically anyway. "

    " No! " Protested Starscream . " He works for that illusion as well! "

    " No Starscream, " Said Soundwave in a cascade of random tones. " You are mistaken. He does not work for Unicron. Isn't that correct, nameless one? "

    " I suppose it is " Said the Ancient Transformer. Working for is not the same as working with, he thought.

    Unicron was again pleased.
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