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    Here's Part One of my story! It takes place in my own continuity with some real and some made up charactors, because as Rattrap said in the first episode of Beast Machines, there are over 2 million transformers on Cybertron alone.

    Hope you like it. I will post it chapter by chapter, so feel free to comment

    the Melt Part 1:

    Even on the surface of the metal planet, it was cold. That was the first thing he noticed right away, it was cold.

    He couldn't remember a time when it was hot here, or even uncomfortable. It always stayed the same, day in, day out. A pleasant 65 degrees, with about 15 percent humidity.

    How different from Planet Earth! There he never knew what to expect. One day he would be immersed in hot magma, dutifully taking valuable statistics dictated by his boss on the specifics of geostability and potential energy distribution. The next day, his team would fight a gestalt, deep in the snows of the Arctic.

    That was what the cold reminded him of. He imagined the metal surface covered in snow. Wild winds tearing and howling through the buildings as they did through the trees in Siberia.

    How strange it was cold on Seibertron, cold like Siberia. When Squealer first arrived in the Boreal Forest he couldn't get over the fact that the names of the two places could be so similar, and yet the places themselves could be so contrasting.

    " Hey Squealer!" Yelled Powersurge. " You zonin' out? I said do you remember that rap the boss laid on us about the electrostatic thing?"

    "Huh?" replied Squealer. "Oh, the electrostatic vacuum anomaly? What about it?"

    A loud engine like noise sounded from behind Squealer. It was the unmistakable broken audio emission system of the third member of Mayhem Squad, Noisebomb. His audio emitter system had become maladjusted in a fight with fellow team member Powersurge. Caught in the fire of Powersurge's lethal electrodisrupter, his emitter was almost destroyed. But thanks to Soundwave's audio system knowledge the systems were repaired using the vocalizers of Terrorcons. The results were "less than optimal" according to Soundwave, yet " acceptable for the expendable".

    Noisebomb was fortunate to be repaired at all, and he knew it. It was not acceptable to waste precious energon and other resources on the loser of an honor duel, usually the disgraced Decepticon was executed, by the very blaster of the boss, no less! He was never comfortable knowing he was made an exception. Such a thing could breed mistrust among his fellow rookies, and add fuel to the raging fire that was the rookie power structure.

    " Powersurge... want... know... cold... caused... by..." stammered Noisebomb, trying desperately to sound like a Cybertronian and not a feral earth animal.

    " A guh, a guh, spit it out!" Rudely barked Powersurge. " Yeah I wanna know if this cold is the electro-deal, but mostly, I need the skinny on my weapons! They gonna work or what?"

    " Selfish! Not... concerned..." Grumbled Noisebomb, in more of a growl than a voice.

    " Speak! That's it boy, Speak!" Jeered Powersurge. " Tell us where Timmy is boy! Is he in the old mine shaft ? "

    Noisebomb howled like a whole pack of off-key mechanical wolves and transformed from his flier vehicle form into his formidable robot mode, complete with a molecule thick saber and charged Powersurge, head on.

    Blinded by rage born of Powersurge's taunts, Noisebomb's strategy left much to be desired. He raised his saber aggressively over his head with both hands, intent on striking his opponent squarely on the cranium.

    Powersurge gave a sarcastic chuckle and effortlessly turned to avoid Noisebomb's strike. Caught by surprise, Noisebomb plummeted into an ancient sculpture of a long forgotten Autobot commander.

    " Bad! Bad boy! You tried to bite your superior! You need to learn a lesson in obedience!" said Powersurge as he transformed into his alternate form of an electromagnetic static induced charged particle cannon." I seem to have misplaced my newspaper, will this do?"

    Powersurge emitted a high frequency whine as he drew all the available static charge he could into the charging planes that would form his wings in robot mode. " I'm gonna finish what we started on Velocitron once and for all!"

    Squealer transformed into his robot mode and stood in the line of fire. " Powersurge stand down!" He said " That's an order! We have a mission, remember!"

    " So?" Powersurge yelled, fighting to control what was obviously a near overload of static electricity. " With all this juice I'll wipe him from history!"

    " This is not the time for this!" Shouted Squealer. " Stand down! That's an order!"

    Huge sparks of static shot from the conductive structures that were the buildings of this long deserted memorial and bathed Powersurge in so much electricity that he began to glow with intense light. Each time a spark made or terminated connection with him he shuddered as if in great pain.

    "This is it! Now move away from that coward, Squealer" Powersurge said in a cold calm voice, though he was shaking from the power contained in his body. " No turning back now!"

    Noisebomb mustered his strength and arose from the rubble. His optical signals were still blurred by the rush of nanites busy repairing his damaged superstructure, but he could make out the form of Powersurge, and he was planning to fire on him!

    Noisebomb raised his saber in a defensive pose and braced for the blast of stray electrons.

    Powersurge let out a terrible shout and released what seemed like a transwarp core's amount of electricity straight at Noisebomb. With no time to react, Squealer dodged the blast and leapt to safety, leaving Noisebomb to take the brunt of the assault.

    Once the blast was discharged, Powersurge transformed into his robot mode to get a better look at the scene. What he saw surprised him.

    Noisebomb had charged his saber with energon from his own body and was deftly cleaving Powersurge's slow moving beam down the center as it diverted the energy away from Noisebomb, in two streams, harmlessly into the rubble behind him.

    "What?" exclaimed Powersurge. " That is impossible! That's the biggest blast I ever fired!"

    The beam dispersed and Noisebomb fell to his knees from exhaustion. He began to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation, and the failure of Powersurge. " always...." he said at barely a whisper.

    Powersurge fumed, but let no sign show his true emotions. He now would have to wait until his own body repaired his charging systems to take another shot. Though he hid it better, he was as drained as Noisebomb. He would be patient, no matter how long it took, he would finish his business with his ex-friend.

    Squealer however, knew that both his teammates were done fighting. Countless missions and countless eons together left him quite a large amount of experience about his companions. He knew Powersurge's posture was a rouse. He laughed to himself at Powersurge. He wasn't fooling anyone on his team, but not showing weakness is paramount to Decepticon philosophies.

    " And what a good little 'con Powersurge is.." Squealer thought. He gave a little audible chuckle at his little inside joke with himself.

    " What are you laughing at?" Powersurge scowled.

    " Oh a little joke Ratbat once told me, that's all." Said Squealer. Ratbat said that no real Decepticon ever leads his troops, he only leads the fight. How true that rang to Squealer.

    Suddenly there was a rumble from the debris of the statue.

    " Look!" Shouted Powersurge" The rubble, it's firing on us!"
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    Here's Part 2!

    Part 2

    Big awoke after what seemed like ages of cold dreamless sleep. He was beginning to wonder if he would ever wake up.

    Like most things, his first reaction was to get his bearings. He tried to focus his opticals and take a look around himself, but he couldn't seem to get them to work.

    It was starting to make sense to Big. He must have been damaged quite severely in battle. It would be natural to be asleep for a long time while his body reconfigured itself in stasis lock.

    He decided to begin his diagnostic protocol and begin his self repair functions. Curiously, he could not seem to complete that task either.

    A huge deafening roar of laughter surged through Big, vibrating his whole being.

    The laughter felt louder than anything his audios had ever heard, so loud it was his natural reaction to scream aloud in agony. His meager cries were silenced by the horrid laughing.

    After what seemed like an eternity to Big, the laughter stopped. He was glad it was over.

    " So, Maximal, you are awakened." said the ominous voice "You are awake yet your nightmare only begins!"

    There was a small chuckle like laugh from the voice. Big prayed to Lord Primus it would not start the laughing again, he was not sure he could stand it.

    Big needed to make himself heard! He tried and tried but found himself unable to speak. In fact, he wasn't even sure he could feel his audios, or his head for that matter.

    He tried to move his arms, but again was met with nothing, no response, no feeling, nothing.

    This must have amused the voice because it started laughing, only much more boisterous than last time. And much, much louder.

    Pain immersed Big's spark. So much incredible pain! He had never experience torment like this before. It felt as if the laughter was ripping apart his very spark. He feared he would lose himself entirely and succumb to the laughter. He did not know if he would remain sane if it continued.

    The laughter stopped. Big would have sighed but instead did nothing except try to regain his composure.

    His situation was painfully obvious. He was a disembodied spark, the Cybertronian equivalent of a ghost.

    "So it takes the mirror and gazes upon itself!" spoke the ominous voice "Precious. Would that I could gain control over the very powers of dismay such as yours, Maximal, I would have unlimited resource!"

    Big ignored the statement. His spirit was broken by the harsh realization he was dead.

    Without his body he had no defenses or options. He was powerless to do anything but observe. And even then all he seemed to be able to perceive was himself and the horrible sarcastic voice. Those were two situations he could do with out, he told himself.

    " You are correct, Maximal. You are indeed powerless." Spoke the voice. " You are too insignificant to function without your body. Though it is hard for you to believe, I sympathize with your plight."

    Big snapped out of his delusion. How could a thing that caused him so much suffering in such a short period of time sympathize with him? Did it really take him, an Autobot Commander, for such a fool? It must have known Big would recognize these acts as malice!

    " Your perceptions and opinions are nothing to me!" said the angered voice " I have no reason to lie about my intentions, Maximal! I see you as the means to an end. I have a function you will complete."

    Big became angered! He would not help this thing! It's sheer arrogance belied it's evil. It could go to Charr for all he cared. He hoped it was reading his logic centers so it would get the message.

    A sudden rush of pain overcame Big. This time it was far more intense than the laughter. It ripped and burned his spark and caused pain far beyond anything he ever felt before. He had never felt so vulnerable, it was as if the voice was forcing itself into his very being!

    Big tried to resist the probing of the voice, but it was too strong. He felt the voice unlocking his memory and his persona file. He struggled, well aware of the futility, but persistent to defend his mind.

    Suddenly he became aware his memory was being re-coded.

    Big gave what to him felt like a cry of resistance, but was in fact, nothing. His memory was losing it's data at an alarming rate. He knew he was in danger of being erased. His fondest memories flowed from him like a waterfall. He felt himself forget.

    Soon he couldn't even remember why he was resisting, or what he was fighting. He only knew he must resist. He knew he must hold onto his last data with all his strength or be deleted.

    He used what little resources he had available to construct a barrier between his precious data and the violating probe.

    The pain increased exponentially as the voice increased the intensity of the probe to break the encryption Big erected. It would have this data. It must have been important to the Maximal for him to protect it so heavily.

    Finally Big's barrier failed. The voice retrieved the data from Big's vacant mind.

    Big could not remember what had occurred. His mind was blank. He could not remember his name or even how to feel the intense pain of the probing. He tried to think, but couldn't remember how, or what to think.

    So he waited.

    " That is what you protected?" spoke the voice. " This is what was so important you needed to destroy your mind to keep it from me?"

    The voice laughed a macabre symphony of multi-tonal bellows that sounded like thousands of evil voices at once. It would have caused Big to feel great pain, but he could not remember pain, or feeling.

    " Maximal, you are either very courageous or very stubborn to try to keep a secret from me!" said the voice" For I am as old as time itself! I will return this data to you Maximal, the data of your name Big Convoy. But I will modify it to suit your new function."

    The voice re-established the probe and inserted the modified data into Big's mind.

    It became clear to Big who he was now. He was never Big Convoy to begin with. And he was no Maximal.

    The voice sent waves of transenergonic plasma at Big's spark. Soon his spark was shielded and contained in a purple cocoon of plasma.

    After several seconds the cocoon dissipated. From the area where the cocoon was stood Big in a new body. He could not remember if it was like his old body.

    " Speak, Herald of Chaos!" commanded the voice " What is your name my slave?"

    Big thought for a second, then he replied in a cold evil voice " I am Nemesis"

    "Excellent!" said the voice " Now Herald of Chaos, who am I ?"

    Big felt pain at the process of recalling the voice's name. "You are the master, my master."

    " That is not my name!" said the voice " Speak my name slave! With it's utterance I shall rise once more!"

    Again pain shot through Nemesis Prime's body as he struggled to obey his master. "You are the master. My master. The Chaos Bringer. The Destroyer. The Eater of worlds. You are Dark Lord Unicron! "

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    and now....

    Part 3

    Squealer turned to look at the pile of rubble. There was a light shining from it, but it clearly wasn't any kind of weapon. It was a hologram projector.

    "Stupid... Not... Weapon... " said Noisebomb " Message!"

    Powersurge started to say something only to be halted by Squealer smacking his chest.

    " Quiet! It's beginning! " said Squealer " That display is filtered through an optica crystal. It must be ancient. Here look! It's focusing!

    The image coalesced into the form of an ancient Transformer with a long bearded face. The image made the long forgotten Gestures of Universal Friendship.

    "Hey!" yelled Powersurge " That guy looks like Alpha Trion!"

    Squealer gestured for Powersurge to shut up. "It's not Alpha Trion slaghead, but it is old. Now shut up so I can hear what he has to say."

    The three stood in front of the image and watched as it began to speak.

    "Greetings! I am Telenis, cartographer of Seibertron." the image said " This holomarker displays the way to the heart of Primus. Heed it and know it's location."

    The image of Telenis made a gesture which caused a panel on the wall next to him to illuminate and open, revealing a data port shaped like a helmet.

    "Interface with this data port and gain thy knowledge, Cybertronian." said the image. With that it deactivated.

    "What do we gotta do? Put that on our heads?" asked Powersurge.

    "No!... Too... old..." growled Noisebomb " Old... Tech... slag... brains..."

    "Noisebomb's right." explained Squealer "An old data port with a head interface sends data straight to your logic centers, bypassing your decrypters. There's no barriers against overload or toxic programming. It could slag our 'Brains'. Or at the least damage them."

    "Well" Powersurge said. " We have to interface with it anyway. You heard the holodude, don't you wanna find the Heart of Primus, whatever that is."

    "Not If it slags my logic center" said Squealer.

    "You... want... know... so... bad...." stammered Noisebomb " You... do it... Powersurge..."

    Powersurge took the comment as a challenge and angrily stepped up to the data port. "Fine! I'll do it. And if I survive and find the Heart of Primus, you'll both bow to me, Powersurge! "

    " Hope... it... slag... brain!" Joked Noise-bomb, though he secretly wished it would slag Powersurge's logic centers.

    " Gotta have a brain first to slag it, Noisebomb," Quipped Squealer.

    " Cowards! Both of you!" yelled Powersurge as he placed the data port on his head. " The knowledge of the Heart of Primus will be..."

    Powersurge was interrupted by the incoming data stream that was entering straight into his head. His eyes went dark and he slumped to the ground, shaking and convulsing.

    "Brain... Melt... " laughed Noisebomb " Noisebomb... happy! "
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    I noticed there's been alot of veiws. I hope you guys like my story.

    It's a little complicated, it takes place with a whole bunch of "who the f>>> is that guy?" characters and one universe Transformer who's origin and story I am completely owning...but I promise it's gonna kick so much giant metal ass, it's ridiculous!!

    And you might see some old friends in there too. And some new dudes that exist only in this story and my mind (until I kit 'em, that is!).

    Please post a comment, good or bad, and tell your opinion!


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    here's part 4:

    Nemesis Prime ... that was who he was now. Gone was the bot he used to be, in it's place stood a cold, powerful, single minded war mech the likes of which the galaxy had never seen.

    So powerful even the ageless entity known as Unicron was not sure his creation was controllable.

    He watched as Nemesis brutalized the Terrorcons he had sent him. It was getting more and more difficult to create opponents strong enough to complete the preliminary training of his warrior-slave.

    These new Terrorcons were in the form of some kind of massive Nautilus like creatures, well over 200 ft long. They were armed to the teeth with all kinds of lethal weaponry, not the least of which was their pairs of energon infused whip like tentacles, which were double the length of their bodies.

    The group of twenty or so Terrorcons swarmed Nemesis, attacking from all sides in no discernible pattern. The void of deep space glowed brightly with the light of the aggressors fierce tentacles as the flayed wildly at Nemesis.

    Maybe it was wrong to call them the aggressors, thought Unicron. Even though they were the attackers, Nemesis was definitely winning the fight.

    Nemesis Prime tore at the Terrorcons with his bare hands, his ferocious might made them seem as if they were made of flesh rather than Cybertronian alloys. He punched and kicked and spun in a mad dance of coordinated destruction, utterly rending his opponents to strands of scrap and mecha fluids.

    The explosions of the dying Terrorcons were as big as small super novas. Unicron could not understand how Nemesis could survive the energy output of the explosions, he was, after all, just a Cybertronian.

    After the climactic explosions ceased, Nemesis stood still in the void and analyzed the battle. He was quite the ominous sight, drenched in the fluids of his victims, calmly surveying the battlefield.

    His analysis concluded he had defeated his opponents with 99.025 percent efficiency. This was well within the acceptable parameters of his battle system protocols. It should have satisfied him. It didn't.

    It didn't satisfy Unicron either. .975 was too large a variable. A variable of that magnitude suggested failure to Unicron. A variable of .914 cost Unicron his previous body. He would not be subject to the possibility of failure once more! Especially not the failure of his own slave's inefficiency.

    Unicron sent a tremendous wave of pain at Nemesis Prime.

    Nemesis received the pain and did not so much as flinch. He simply acknowledged his master's discontent.

    "I am sorry for my weakness, master." Nemesis said. " I assure you I will grow stronger for the next test."

    " Of course you will my slave." spoke Unicron. " For I will tolerate no less than perfection! That is my will! The will of Unicron!"

    Nemesis was unconcerned about perfection. According to his algorithmic battle system, perfection was unattainable, mathematically impossible and thus it was illogical to strive for it. He simply intended to concentrate on the lesser variables in his battle protocol, and maximize his potential in the next battle.

    "Master, I have failed you." Nemesis said, and assumed the posture of submission. " I will not fail you again! I will re-prioritize my battle protocol and maximize my potential.."

    "No my slave!" Interrupted Unicron. " You will not! Further analysis is not necessary! I have determined you faults, slave"

    Nemesis was puzzled. What could his master have analyzed that he did not? He was sure he was quite thorough in his computations. But then again, he was not the master! And there were reasons he was not the master.

    " Forgive me master!" groveled Nemesis Prime " But what is your reasoning?"

    Unicron laughed. This time Nemesis felt no pain at his master's voice. " You question me, Maximal? I am the master!"

    Nemesis recoiled in fear " Again forgive me! I meant not to doubt you Master! I seek only that you enlighten me with your insights, Master."

    Good. Thought Unicron. He has learned fear to go along with his obedience. Maybe he wasn't so uncontrollable after all. " You wish me to instruct you, my slave?"

    " Yes Master!" Nemesis replied " For I am the student. The student of my Master!"

    This devotion pleased Unicron. Soon the entire galaxy would obey him, just as this once independent and proud Maximal obeyed him now.

    "Very well, Maximal." Said Unicron " I will instruct you. Tell me my slave. Did you use your full capacities in this last test?"

    " Yes Master!" replied Nemesis Prime. He was confused as to why the Master asked this. He could feel Unicron within his very spark. He knew him to see all that his eyes saw, to feel all he felt. His Master must have known he used his full resources.

    Unicron laughed again. His slave's naivety always amused him so. " Then why my slave, did you not use your weapons?"
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    alright, here's the fifth:

    Noisebomb laughed like it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. Maybe it was.

    Powersurge laid on the ground twitching and mumbling incoherent gibberish. Noise-bomb had warned him that something like this could and most likely would happen and he still took the risk anyway.

    Noisebomb continued to laugh. What a fool Powersurge was for thinking he was compatible with who knows how many eons old technologies. He was certain that if Powersurge wasn't killed, he would be a worthless vegetable after this.

    Squealer was beginning to echo Noisebomb's sentiment. Powersurge had remained in this disoriented state for over 20 kliks. It was not a good sign.

    Squealer knelt beside Powersurge and positioned his head so he could see his teammate's optics. He looked into them and magnified his view range. At this magnification he could read the diagnostic displays in Powersurge's optics.

    The displays indicated Powersurge was in the process of receiving a huge download. Squealer was a little surprised to find out that according to Powersurge's displays, the data was harmless to his system, and completely compatible with his protocols.

    Wow. Thought Squealer. That must be a huge file if it is taking so long to download.

    Squealer dropped Powersurge's head. " He's fine. He should be up and irritating us in a minute or so."

    " GRRRR.. What ?!" growled Noisebomb. " What... mean... fine...? Not... slagged ?"

    "Nope." Said Squealer. " He's just receiving the mother of ancient text files. It has to be the biggest personal file I've ever seen. It's so big, his logic centers are all computing it at once. That's why he appears catatonic. He should be fine though, it seems to be in current code and not the old stuff."

    Noisebomb angrily punched a broken column, reducing it to another pile of rubble. " SLAG ! " He growled. " Wanted... slag! "

    " That's enough Noisebomb!" chided Squealer " Save it for the Autobots ! Look! He's coming to ."

    Powersurges eyes re-illuminated and he sat up. " Man! What a headache! What are you losers staring at? You never seen a guy grow more powerful before?"

    " You... not... grow... powerful!" stammered Noisebomb " You... just... knocked... out!"

    Powersurge scowled and turned to Squealer. " What is Beastboy talking about? I was never knocked out! I was gaining tremendous powers! Don't I look different?"

    Squealer visually inspected Powersurge's superstructure. It did not appear in any way different than it used to be, or ever was. Then he switched his opticals to full range scan analysis mode. Now there was something different!

    "You... look... same..." said Noisebomb " Still... Ugly..."

    "Wait a second!" exclaimed Squealer " I'm reading an electro static vacuum anomaly... In Powersurge's head! "

    " Is that some poor attempt at a joke, Squealer?" responded Powersurge. " Are you trying to call me stupid?"

    " No." Said Squealer " It's right there, in your logic center."

    Noisebomb let out a nervous hiss. "What?"

    " I have no idea." Squealer replied " I've never seen anything like it before, but there it is. We should get Powersurge to Shockwave's citadel at once!"

    Noisebomb nodded. "Agreed."

    Powersurge jumped to his feet. " What? To Shockwave's? So he can get the Heart of Primus himself?"

    A crazy paranoid look came over Powesurge. " You wanna sell me out! Both of you! You want the Heart of Primus! I see what's going on! I see the whole big picture now!"

    "What?" Noisebomb barked " Makes... no... sense..."

    Squealer spoke up. " What are you talking about? We don't even know what the Heart of Primus is! We just want to get your systems checked! Who knows what is happening to your brain?"

    " You expect me to believe that?" yelled Powersurge " You really think I'm dumb as a Vechicon drone, don't you!"

    " Come on Powersurge! This is for your own good!" said Squealer " Don't make us force you! "

    Powersurge transformed into his alt-mode. " Just try! You'll have to catch me first" said Powersurge as he ignited his thrusters and flew away from them.

    Squealer and Noisebomb stood in momentary disbelief. It was Noisebomb who spoke first.

    " Now... what.. ?" Said Noisebomb.

    Squealer transformed into his alt-mode of a one wheeled land vehicle. " We transform and follow him to the Heart of Primus" he said, and peeled out with much noise after Powersurge.

    Noisebomb transformed into his flier alt-mode. " Or... follow... to our ... doom..."
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    The Alpha Seekers roared across the void of space in an almost unnaturally tight formation. The ion plume contrails emitted from their thrusters appeared to be endless. They had been traveling in tight formation for six Earth days now without braking formation by a single nanometer.

    Their leader, Air Commander Starscream was beginning to become restless.

    How long had he and his brothers, Thundercracker and Skywarp been on this course? Days? A week?

    Why couldn't they use the spacebridge to go to a deserted colony outpost of scientific research drones?

    Why had he and his brothers been chosen for this fact finding mission when there were plenty of available rookie teams like Mayhem Squadron?

    Was Megatron losing his mind? Could that account for the reasoning behind sending such a magnificent commander such as Starscream out on some glorified robosnipe hunt. Surely he must be mad to leave the whole of Seibertron wide open to attack and defeat by omitting his greatest warrior from the battlefield!

    No, thought Starscream, an insane leader such as Megatron with such obviously poor strategy could only spell doom to the cause of the Revolution! He was not going to let that happen!

    "NO!" Screamed Starscream. " I refuse to sit idly by while that lunatic destroys Seibertron! The Decepticon Revolution is doomed! And all for a stupid data sweep of a wretched colony of Brains!"

    This must have amused his brothers because they both began to laugh at once.

    " ARRRRGGHH!!!" Screamed Starscream. " How dare you mock your commander and the very ideals of the Ancients! Surely you do not find reason in sending us on this pointless quest to the middle of nowhere while Seibertron...."

    "Yes, yes my brother." Affirmed Thundercracker." While Seibertron lays open to attack because of your absence."

    " Because of our absence, my brothers" Replied Starscream.

    "Oh that's rich! " Laughed Skywarp. " The whole planet, open to attack and defenseless? What happened to all the Gestalt teams? Or the Guardians? Or the Beta Seekers?"

    "They could be incapacitated by the Autobots!" Responded Starscream

    Skywarp laughed. " The Autobots? Those flower sniffing Sieberscouts? In who knows how many years they've never even killed one of us! I personally have killed thousands of Autobots! So has our brother! How many have you killed brother?"

    This peaked Thundercracker's attention. " Yes tell us Starscream, how many sparks have been silenced by your hands?"

    "How many?!" Starscream shouted, angered at this treasonous and ennerous portrayal of his weakness! He was the greatest warrior ever to battle! Over the eons his blades had struck countess Autobots down in the heat of battle! Surely hundreds of thousands of enemies maybe even millions have perished at his hand!

    But that was long ago. And such a long time to remember as well! Who could remember what some nameless casualty looked like four million years after the fact?

    " Many!" Replied Starscream. " I have killed many! I am a great warrior! I have fought this war for over seventy million Earth years!"

    " You are a fool!" Laughed Skywarp. " You heed no attention to anything other than your own superstructure. You have no idea how many you have slain because you ignore the whole of the battle and concentrate on your own techniques. I'll bet you don't even remember the face of your first conquest!"

    " That is not true!" Rebuked Starscream. " I remember his face!"

    "Tell us then, brother, who was your first victim?" remarked Thundercracker.

    "Yes!" said Skywarp. "Tell us brother, tell us of the look on the face of the first Transformer to fall to the Mighty Starscream!"

    "You wish to know the look upon his face as I slew him?" Replied Starscream, though he couldn't remember his face or it's expression for Primus himself. He knew now that he had the perfect opportunity to create a winning bluff.

    "I will tell you of his face!" Yelled Starscream " It was the face a weakling! It was contorted with fear! Fear of the one who had defeated him! Fear of Starscream!"

    "Of course it was, brother." Responded Thundercracker " Of course you have killed many Autobots. But this discussion will have to wait. We near our destination."

    "You patronize you own commander?" Yelled Starscream " You believe not in your own brothers prowess, and greet him with sarcasm?"

    There was no response.

    Starscream angrily transformed into his primary robot mode. " Answer me, Thundercracker! For I will tolerate no dissension in my ranks!"

    There was still no answer. Starscream grabbed onto his brothers wing, only to rip him clean in half. Mecha fluid spilled out in great globs into the void.

    " Brother!" Yelled Skywarp in disbelief. " You killed him!"

    "I...I...Did not!" Stammered Starscream." No! Thundercracker!"

    A figure materialized in front of the shocked Seekers. It was a large cloud of black gasses about the size of a command bot. The figure stepped out of the gasses dramatically, the ion light reflecting off of the massive horns on his head. The figure slowly raised his head to show his face to his opponents.

    Starscream was shocked by the image of his face. It was a twisted visage of Optimus Prime, but black and decidedly Decepticon-like. The face almost mocked Optimus Prime by having the massive horns, like some sort of devil.

    " Who are you?" Yelled Starscream. " Is this your doing?"

    The figure stared directly at Starscream's eyes and spoke calmly and slowly. " I am the Nemesis. And all who stand against me will suffer that fate as well!"
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    sorry for the delay, here's part 7:

    The incessant screech of Squealer's one massive tire was practically muted by the throbbing resonance of Noisebomb's sonic emitters, which were amplified all that much more by the acoustics of the ancient tunnel they were now traveling in.

    They had been in this access conduit for miles and it appeared to continue for miles more.

    Squealer found the tunnel to be a rather creepy and foreboding place, made more so by the fact that outside of his navigational surveys, he had no idea where they were, or where they were going. He and Noisebomb had followed their estranged comrade to the Old Sections and were hot on his tail.

    Tracking the ion efflux produced by Powersurge's thrusters was an easy task. It left a distinct trail. All they had to do was stay on the trail and it would eventually lead straight to him.

    But overtaking and subduing their teammate was not the plan. Noisebomb had pointed out that neither he nor Squealer knew where Powersurge was going so maybe it would be wise to hang back a bit and see where he lead them.

    Apparently Powersurge was leading them deep into the Planet Core Sections. No Decepticons were permitted to venture into the Planet Core Sections. They were the closest things to wilderness Seibertron had. Filled with feral Terrorcons and Scrapmetals, a bot risked being scrapped alive by the metal and energon eating beasts.

    Squealer hoped there weren't any in this tunnel, or that the tunnel didn't lead straight to a Sharkticon pool. It was rumored that there were whole underlevel seas filled with hungry Sharkticons just waiting for some unsuspecting fools to blunder right into their midst.

    Just thinking about the tales made him feel nervous. In fact, this whole mission was making him nervous. It kept getting colder and colder the further they went into the tunnel. That couldn't be good, he thought.

    Ice began to collect on Squealers vaporizers. This was not good at all, he thought.

    Squealer shot up into the air and transformed into his robot mode, elegantly skidding to a stop on his mecha-feet.

    Noisebomb transformed as well and landed next to his leader. " Good... was... collecting ice... Couldn't... keep... flying...." He stammered.

    "Me neither, driving that is." Squealer said. " Man is it cold down here. Kinda strange for Seibertron, don't you think?"

    "Agreed..." Noisebomb replied. " Abnormal... Temperature..."

    Squealer switched his opticals to scan mode. " The temp's not the only strange thing down here." He said.

    " Grrrr! Whole ... place.... strange! " Noisebomb growled. " Don't like.... Core section.."

    " Neither do I." Replied Squealer. " It's so old and mysterious. Who knows when the last time was a bot traveled this conduit?"

    " What ... scanned ?" Asked Noisebomb.

    "Right." Said Squealer. " Remember the electrostatic vacuum anomaly we were tracking? Well apparently we're closer to it now then we were at the investigation target sight."

    Noisebomb was alarmed at this news. They had been chasing Powersurge for hours. How could they be closer to the anomaly now? " Impossible!" He barked.

    Squealer shook his head." No, we are definitely closer to the anomaly now. In fact, it appears that this conduit goes straight to it."

    " Straight... to it?" Repeated Noisebomb.

    Squealer nodded. " Yup, right smack dab in the middle of the anomaly, that's were he's going."

    Noisebomb was not surprised that Powersurge was going straight into a potentially lethal situation. He had always been a rash idiot in his opinion.
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    Part 8

    Starscream stood motionless. It was all so sudden, what was he to do next? Who was this mysterious bot?

    Skywarp, however was not so lax. He let out a rage filled scream and transformed into his primary form. Starscream turned to observe him purely by reaction to the howl. Starscream was further surprised by the look of rage on his brother's face.

    Skywarp reached behind his back with both hands and produced his saber. He swung it in a violent arc while it's energon blade ignited, bathing him in bright purple light.

    Nemesis Prime gave no discernible reaction. He watched Skywarp with intent, but his face and optics were a blank slate.

    "That is not your query, slave." Said the voice of Unicron directly to Nemesis' mind. " The coward. Yes. That is the target."

    Nemesis Prime would have been annoyed by his master's patronizing attitude and constant repetition of commands. As if the Herald of Chaos would not memorize the masters commands! But instead ignored them as the black one was apparently going to attempt some feeble attack.

    "Master," Nemesis spoke aloud. " The black one wishes to engage me."

    Starscream noticed the Nemesis speaking to thin air. " Careful, brother! He is insane! He speaks aloud to no one!"

    "I care not!" Shouted Skywarp. " He slew Thundercracker, now I will slay him! Prepare for oblivion!"

    "Master.." Said Nemesis, hoping he would be granted permission to destroy this arrogant speck.

    " Very well, crush this insect, slave. Let his partner bear witness to my might! Destroy him, Herald of Chaos!" Commanded Unicron. This battle would announce the beginning of the end of Primus, once and for all!

    " It will be done, my lord." Acknowledged Nemesis Prime.

    Skywarp moved his sword in the motions of the Form of the Seekers. The Form of the Seekers was a deadly art, known only to the elite Seekers, aggressive and powerful, it was reserved for special Decepticon occasions, such as coups, or honor duels. Today however, Skywarp was simply going to use it to shred his opponent. He was consumed with rage and unconcerned with honor, even though he would restore honor to his slain brother if he won.

    " I will engage you now." Said Nemesis to Skywarp. " And you will die."

    Skywarp roared and swung his saber, teleporting in mid swing. Nemesis observed the timewrinkle of Skywarps quantum localizer and knew immediately what had occurred.

    Nemesis counted for a second and then moved backward about fifteen meters. He observed another timewrinkle, right were he predicted. Skywarp materialized and swung at nothing.

    Amused, Nemesis teleported behind Skywarp and closed his left hand over his head. Skywarp was surprised and dropped his saber.

    "Sloppy." Nemesis said as he tightened his grip on Skywarp's head. " A vain attempt. You had no chance of victory, insect."

    Starscream watched, overwhelmed by the whole situation, he felt helpless to defend his brother. Was he to watch them both be slain?

    "So bug," Said Nemesis. " How to kill you. Shall I squash your head?" He tightened his grip again.

    Skywarp tried to power up his quantum localizer, but it wouldn't go. Nemesis must be dampening it, he thought.

    " Tsk, tsk, tsk. " chided Nemesis as he waved his right index finger in front of Skywarps nose. " No warping."

    Skywarp started to struggle, only to feel more pressure on his head. He felt his right optic lens shatter, and watched the energon rich mecha fluids float in front of his face. Then he lost consciousness

    "Good slave!" Spoke Unicron " Now as we planned!"

    Nemesis Prime dropped the limp Skywarp and reached into his chest plates. The plates opened like doors. A great green light issued from Nemesis' chest as he reached inside his body with both hands.

    Starscream could not fathom what he had just seen, or what he was seeing now. Was he ripping out his own organs?

    Nemesis had an object grasped firmly by it's oppositional handles. He held it above his head and began to separate it's halves. Brilliant green energy blinded Starscream. He raised his arm to shield his optics.

    " Now! I command you, join with me, my conquests!" Shouted Nemesis.

    The bodies of Thundercracker and Skywarp began to glow green, slowly and faintly at first, but then faster and much more intense. Soon each was sending an arc of green plasma to the object straight from their chests.

    "NOOO!!!" Screamed Starscream when he realized what was happening. " Not their sparks!"

    But it was too late. The sparks of his brothers were already in the clutches of the object.

    Starscream was paralyzed by grief and would have collapsed had he been on land. " My.... my brothers..." He lamented

    Nemesis Prime replaced the object and stood before Starscream. He lifted Starscream's face so he could look into his optics.

    " So coward," Nemesis said " Will you obey, or join your brothers in the Matrix of Death?"

    Starscream gazed upon Nemesis with hatred for a long second. What kind of a paradox was he being offered? Either way it was defeat.

    " I must inform you, I have little patience for cowards, make your choice!" Commanded Nemesis.

    Starscream lowered to his left knee and made the gesture of compliance. " I obey." he said in disgust.
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    Good story can't wait for the next post/chapter. Check out my story "The Power of Friendship".
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    without further adue, part 9

    The twin doors were positively huge! In all his 4 million years Squealer had never seen anything like them. They starkly contrasted any architecture on the surface of Seibertron, looking like they had been grown as a tree grew it's bark, instead of welded of ancient Cybertronian alloys. Squealer could not understand how the ancients had come up with the design as these doors must have been constructed long before any bot had experience with an organic world.

    Noisebomb seemed a bit overwhelmed by the awesome structure. He readied his saber, just in case they were being watched. He had expressed the presumption that they were being watched as soon as they had entered this strange side passage, and reiterated his position every thirty seconds or so.

    " Hurry... with ... scan ..." Noisebomb said as he glanced quickly over his shoulder, determined not to be taken by surprise by whatever phantom enemy lay in the shadows.

    " Oh, right." Squealer replied. " Sorry, I was just looking at these doors. You ever see anything like it?"

    Noisebomb was puzzled, they just looked like enormous doors to him. " What... do ... you ... mean? Look ... like ... doors ..." He stuttered.

    " Yeah, I know, they are doors, but they're bigger than the Gates of The Promenade! And those were made to fit the 1300 Guardians through them for the Festival of the Awakening. These are at least three times that size! What could these have been made to accommodate?" Explained Squealer.

    " Something ... big ?" Answered Noisebomb.

    Squealer nodded and switched to scan mode. " Let's get some readings." He said as he set his optics on the right side of the doors, where the portal controls typically were located.

    Noisebomb quickly turned around and assumed a defensive posture as he gazed intently at the shadows. He was sure something was waiting in them, just out of his sight. Unnerved, he let out a low growl.

    " Got it! " Exclaimed Squealer. " There's the switch, right up there."

    "Huh?" Said Noisebomb as he turned to face Squealer. " Switch? Where?"

    "Right there. " Said Squealer. He pointed his visible reticle at the wall and illuminated a space on it about 85 ft above his hand reach. " Primus help us if that's hand high for whatever is behind these doors."

    " That... high ... up..." Noisebomb said as he surveyed the doors. " Can't... fly..."

    Squealer had almost forgotten that his partner's alt mode would not function in the unusual cold. This presented a problem. " That's right. How are we gonna hit the switch if we can't reach it?"

    There was a loud noise in the shadows behind Noisebomb. Both he and Squealer trained there weapons at the shadows.

    " Told.. you ... we ....were.... watched..." Grunted Noisebomb as he readied his saber.

    Powersurge stepped out of the shadows. " Relax! It's just me. Your friend Powersurge!"

    Noisebomb growled. He stowed his attack, but did not relinquish his defensive stance.

    " Powersurge!" Exclaimed Squealer. " Oh thank Primus! I thought you were a Terrorcon! "

    Powersurge laughed at the statement. " No, I'm just me. There aren't any Terrorcons down here."

    " Why... hide...?" Said Noisebomb.

    "Yeah!" Said Squealer. " Why were you hiding? And why did you run away from us?"

    Powersurge laughed again in a way that disturbed Noisebomb. " Guess my brains were a little disheveled from the data transfer. Made me a little glitched for a clik."

    Noisebomb was suspicious. " How .... me ... know .... still .... not .... glitched?"

    Powersurge exchanged his amused expression for one of stern seriousness. " Well, I'm not running from you anymore, am I ?"

    " I guess not." Squealer said. " You're sure you're alright now?"

    "Fit as a Transcog! " Replied Powersurge as he thumped his chest. " Couldn't be better. In fact, one might say I feel great !"

    That was good enough for Squealer, but not for Noisebomb. " Scan... Him ..." he said to Squealer.

    " Oh, I don't think that will be necessary. I told you I'm just fine." Said Powersurge. " Don't you trust your own teammate?"

    Noisebomb had never trusted him! And Powersurge's reluctance to be scanned just reinforced that notion. " Squealer... Scan... Him!" He said with urgency.

    "C'mon Powersurge!" Squealer said. " Just let me run a diagnostic, to see if you're alright."

    Powersurge smiled and tried to look benevolent. " I told you two it's unnecessary, I'm fine. Besides, don't you want to see what's behind the doors?"

    Noisebomb knew Powersurge was up to something. " Scan... first..." He said.

    "No!" Shouted Powersurge. " Doors first!"

    "Powersurge..." Started Squealer only to be interrupted by the noise of ancient servos.

    Slowly the doors began to open. Powersurge started to laugh madly. Blinding gold light shined from the room behind.

    Noisebomb glanced nervously about the room. " What.... happening?" he said. " What... shines?"

    Powersurge abruptly stopped laughing to look at the opening doors. " Such beauty! Such love! Such power!" He said as if oblivious to anyone else in the chamber." So awesome!"

    A sudden rush of heat shot out of the opening room, causing the condensed ice on Noisebomb's surface to steam. " What?" He stammered in alarm.

    Powersurge turned to Noisebomb as if to answer him, but instead started to laugh again.

    " What are you doing Powersurge?" Yelled Squealer as he readied his blaster. " What is in that room?"

    Powersurge laughed and laughed, like a mad man as the doors opened more. His laugh got louder and more perverse until the doors stood fully open. Then he stopped." Behold!" He yelled and lifted his hands to the sky.

    Squealer and Noisebomb were awe struck by what they saw. A vast lake of gold glowing liquid stood before them. Great amounts of heat left a visible heat distortion.

    At the opposite end of the lake chamber stood several massive sculptures of ancients, depicting some long forgotten historical event. Everywhere, there were ancient symbols and scripts, most of which were unreadable due to obscurity, save for one massive message etched in the ceiling.

    Squealer translated the message as he spoke it aloud. " His Love. His Power. Is for all."

    Noisebomb gave a shocked look. " Is .... This?" He said.

    " Yes!" Exclaimed Powersurge, " This is the core of the creator! This is the heart of Primus."
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    I like it can't wait to see where this will lead to.
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    Part 10

    On the uninhabited Planet 3321 a battle ensued.

    " Fool! Don't let your guard down!." Barked Nemesis Prime. " You are leaving yourself open!"

    " I know! " Replied Starscream. " It is part of my strategy !"

    " So your strategy is to lose the battle?" Quipped Nemesis.

    Starscream fought well against his opponents, but not well enough to fight along side Nemesis Prime. His training was going to take longer than anticipated.

    Starscream's opponents were a mecha dragon and a sphinx. Both were based on Cybertronian superstructures which Unicron had gleaned from Starscream's own memories. It amused Unicron to watch Starscream clumsily defend himself against his charges, he was certainly no Nemesis.

    The sphinx robot swooped down at Starscream from his blind spot. Starscream dodged defensively and found himself eye to eye with the dragon.

    " Wonderful," Said Starscream sarcastically. He had to act quickly.

    The dragon roared and stretched his wings, a clear indicator it was planning to use it's breath weapon. Starscream made a fake swing with his sabers and sidestepped in the opposite direction, right into the path of the charging sphinx.

    " Again, wonderful," Starscream said. He looked back toward the dragon, it had changed it's attack and was now running to Starscream. Starscream glanced back at the sphinx, it was now also charging straight at him.

    " The coward will be defeated now master." Nemesis said. " He is weaker than we supposed."

    Great. Thought Starscream. Nemesis was speaking to his own imagination again when he could instead assist him in his efforts. If he survived this battle, he would begin his plans to destroy his new lord all the sooner !

    The sphinx came from the front and the dragon, behind. Suddenly a plan formed in Starscream's head. He waited until both were almost upon him and ignited his thrusters, sending him rocketing skyward. " Ha ha! Success!" He gloated.

    Both monsters halted their charge just shy of colliding with each other, and flew up in quick pursuit of Starscream.

    " Slag!" Cursed Starscream. He momentarily forgot his opponents could both fly.

    " Do you see master?" Spoke Nemesis. " He is no warrior! He pays no attention to his opponent's techniques! Please let me destroy this useless coward! "

    " I never eluded to the idea he was a warrior, slave." Replied Unicron. " He is merely a pawn. "

    " I do not understand! " Nemesis said. " Of what use could he possibly be? He is a coward and an idiot! What could he give us that we could not obtain ourselves?"

    " Perhaps nothing, slave." Said Unicron. " But perhaps, everything."

    Cryptic answers always bothered Nemesis. He decided not to push the issue further. He would obey the master, even if he couldn't understand his motives. He turned to observe the battle.

    Starscream was fighting both beasts now, furiously wielding both sabers. The beasts struck with blinding speed, scarcely giving him time to parry, let alone strike.

    The sphinx grasped Starscream's left wrist in it's mouth. He let out a whimper of discouragement as the beast's teeth pierced his arm. Firmly aware it had the advantage, the sphinx pulled Starscream's arm in an attempt to fling him to the rocky ground.

    " YAAHH! " Starscream yelled as he resisted the sphinx. He pulled against the beast until he broke free, leaving one of the sphinx's teeth lodged in his arm. Glowing mecha fluids dripped from his wounds.

    Nemesis shook his head at the spectacle. How could the fool have not foreseen the beast's attack, and now he was wounded. Some skill for one who claimed to be a Commander!

    Surprisingly, Starscream could still use his arm and had not dropped his sabers. This was fortunate, as both the dragon and the sphinx closed on him once more.

    "Enough! " Said Unicron. " I have seen what I needed to see. I will end this session."

    The beasts fell motionless in mid attack, eerily hovering in mid air. Starscream stood in the position of defense.

    " What is this?" Starscream yelled. " I had victory within my grasp!"

    " You had no such thing! " Responded Nemesis. " You nearly perished! You let your opponents best you by making amateur mistakes! If the master had not ended..."

    " What master?" Interrupted Starscream " You speak to a delusion! A phantom of your mind! There is no master!"

    Nemesis laughed at the statement. " Why do you say that? Who do you think created your opponents? "

    Starscream had not thought about it. They had just sort of appeared out of thin air, like all the previous opponents Nemesis had made him fight. He had assumed Nemesis created them.

    " How do I know you didn't create them? How do I know you didn't create them while in some delusional state of madness? In case you hadn't noticed, you are quite insane, my lord." Responded Starscream, taking care to sound condescending and sarcastic.

    Nemesis raised his hand and unleashed a burst of Null radiation at Starscream. Starscream stood paralyzed by the strange radiation. He could not help but appreciate the irony of being immobilized by one of his favorite techniques.

    " Insolent! " Yelled Nemesis Prime. " I cannot create nor destroy! That is the place of the master! A place you have yet to respect! Perhaps he sees a fitting purpose for you, but my patience with you wears thin!"

    Unicron sent waves of horrible pain at Nemesis. He responded by barely flinching.

    " Please master!" Nemesis pleaded. " He is not fit to be my servant! Please let me destroy him! I can use the sparks I possess to create better servants! I Beg you, my master!

    Unicron pondered the statement. Perhaps some new servants were just the thing he needed to expedite his plans. " Very well, you may use the sparks you possess to create new servants, Herald. Unleash them."

    Starscream observed the scene. He recognized the look on Nemesis' face as the look of conversation with his fictional master. How often had he seen that look upon Megatron and Galvatron's faces in the past. He sure had worked for some crazy bosses!

    Nemesis disregarded Starscream and turned his attention to the immobile beast-bots. He opened his chest and removed the strange device that housed Starscream's brother's sparks. He grabbed it by it's handles and raised it above his head.

    Blinding light issued from the device, making the rocky ground glow sickly green. Arcs of energy shot from the device to the beasts. Soon Nemesis, the device and the beasts were all aglow in the strange energy.

    The beasts became active, roaring and stretching their wings and talons. After several seconds, they stood still.

    Nemesis replaced the object within his chest and approached the beasts. They appeared the same to Starscream, save for their new colors.

    Nemesis released Starscream from the Null Radiation. " Now, my new servants, Transform!"

    Starscream realized what he was seeing. " No! It can't be!"

    Nemesis laughed. " Yes it can! Don't you recognize your own brothers?"
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    Part 11

    Noisebomb paced nervously as Squealer scanned the room. He didn't exactly feel safe here, yet for some reason, he new it not to be a foreboding place. The fantastic reliefs and sculptures had obviously been constructed with reverence intended instead of fear. It was clear to him that this was a place of respect, a chamber built for honoring and reflecting. If Transformers believed in such things, one might call it a place of holiness.

    But what was the strange room meant to worship? There were no gods in Transformers history or lore. At least not in a metaphysical sense. All of their gods had in fact been physical, at some point, for some time. And only the Chaos Bringer Unicron came to Noisebomb's mind as a Transformer capable of resembling what the Humans and other Humanoids called gods.

    Unicron was certainly not a god of creation. If anything, he was a Devil, come to eat the very universe, planet by planet! There was no way this chamber was built to worship him!

    Noisebomb walked around the room lost in thought. He was definitely taken in by the awesome spectacle of the strange room. He approached what would be the shore of the glowing gold pond. The "water" lapped gently at the steel shore, leaving a faint amount of glowing yellow foam as each wave receded. It was a curious sight, he thought. He reached to touch the foam.

    "Blasphemy!" Screamed Powersurge suddenly. " Move thyself! "

    Noisebomb was surprised and turned to look at Powersurge, who until screaming, had been hovering in mid-air and quietly mumbling to himself. Now he looked quite distraught and angry.

    " You taint the blood of the god!" Powersurge yelled at Noisebomb. " Heresy! "

    Noisebomb was confused. " Calm.. down... Powersurge..." He said. " Not... going ... to ... touch..." He threw up his hands to show they were now nowhere near the glowing water.

    Powersurge looked relieved. " Do not soil the blood!" He said. " For it flows within us all. Do you understand? In us all! " He emphasized the last sentence in a scolding manner.

    " Well, it's not blood." Said Squealer. " It's electrum. "

    " Electrum? " Echoed Noisebomb.

    "Yeah, It's electrum. " replied Squealer. " It's sort of like natural energon. Like energon liquid. It's high in electro-reactive qualities. Holds an amazing amount of charge. Don't touch it though, it's usually not stable."

    " No one touches! " Exclaimed Powersurge as he gestured at the lake. " No one except.." He seemed to drift of into a daydream and resumed staring at the lake and mumbling.

    Squealer watched Powersurge, then he turned to Noisebomb. " He's starting to get real creepy."

    Noisebomb nodded. " Agreed..." He grumbled. " So... about ... Electrum..."

    "Right." said Squealer as he resumed his explanation. " Well, it's usually found on organic worlds, like Earth or Gaia. And it's usually unstable."

    " Unstable? " Noisebomb asked.

    " Yeah, like dangerous to a bot's touch." Squealer continued. " But this electrum pond is apparently stable. It has no energon radiation excess, if it did, we'd have gone into stasis lock minutes ago."

    " So.." Said Noisebomb. " Is... it...dangerous?"

    There was a loud noise as Powersurge landed heavily on the steel floor. Both Squealer and Noisebomb turned to watch as he walked slowly into the electrum pool.

    " I guess we'll find out.." Said Squealer.
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    Nemesis prime inspected his two newest warriors. " Yes," He said. " This will do. "

    Unicron laughed. " I see. Now perhaps we can begin my plans!"

    Starscream stared at the new Transformers. Could it be possible? Was he witnessing the rebirth of his brothers, Skywarp and Thundercracker? It couldn't be. He was sure of it. They had been absorbed into that thing Nemesis kept in his chest!

    But It had to be so! The robot that used to be a sphinx now stood in it's new form, colored black and purple, and the dragon, blue. These were most certainly the colors of his lost brothers!

    " Brothers! You live!. " Starscream cried in jubilation. " At last, we are together once more! "

    The sphinx robot turned to face Starscream and growled. " Master, who is this, this, thing?"

    The dragon was curious as well. " Yes Master, who is this weak being? Why does he call us brother? "

    " Who am I?" Screamed Starscream. " I am your brother, Air Commander Starscream, of the Decepticon High Guard, and you are my Sweeps! "

    " Your titles are meaningless to us, weakling, for we are the Heralds! " Spoke the sphinx.

    The sphinx transformed into it's alt mode. It had undergone some superstructure changes and now appeared as a black and purple griffon. It spread it's wings and stood on it's back legs. Charged particles began to collect in it's wings, throwing sparks here and there. " You will address us as such, insect ! "

    Starscream was getting tired of being called an insect by delusional transformers. " I will do no such thing! You are my brother! You are Skywarp ! "

    Nemesis laughed. This whole process of creating new servants was worth it for Starscream's reaction alone.

    " You laugh at this ?" Said Starscream. " This is amusing to you? "

    The dragon transformed into it's alt mode, which had also been changed slightly and now appeared a metallic blue. " I was going to kill you, weakling, but you amuse the Master, so I await his commands! "

    Starscream was furious! How could they not know who they were, or who he was? Why did they refer to Nemesis Prime as the master ? Had they forgotten who had killed them in the first place?

    " Do you not know yourselves? " Starscream pleaded. " You follow the very bot that killed you ! "

    Nemesis and the new robots laughed at once.

    " What? " Starscream yelled. " You mock me! "

    " Enough amusement! " Said Nemesis " I seem to have neglected to introduce your superiors, Slave Razorclaw" He indicated the griffon " And Slave Cryotech." He pointed at the dragon. "Both are slaves to the Master and I, but to you coward, they are your bosses ! "

    Starscream saw he wasn't going to get anywhere. " Very well, my lord. " He said, trying to sound disrespectful. He would play along until he could figure out how to regain control of his Sweeps.

    Nemesis looked to his side as if listening to an invisible bot. Starscream was all the more disturbed by the apparition Nemesis claimed was his master. Maybe he was real after all, and not a phantom of madness.

    " Yes Master! " Said Nemesis. " Slaves! The Master has ordered us to depart at once! "

    " Depart? " Replied Starscream " Depart to where? "

    " To the place where only you can guide us, coward. " Nemesis said as he draped his left arm over Starscream's shoulders as an act of intimidation.

    Starscream shoved Nemesis off of him in defiance. " And where would that be, my lord. " He said.

    Nemesis prime laughed " Why back home, coward. To Seibertron. "
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    part 13

    Powersurge walked slowly into the electrum pond. Soon he would know clarity. Soon he would begin to bring the clarity to the surface of the planet, and to the planets and stars beyond!

    He was going to usher in a new age, bestowed upon him by ancient prophecy.

    He closed his optic shutters. He would revel in the ecstasy of purity. The substances of the pond bathed his body, penetrating his superstructure and mingling with his fluids. He could feel himself at one with the God. The prophecy is at hand.

    " We... must .... stop... him! " Said Noisebomb as he watched Powersurge vanish beneath the electrum.

    " We can't! " Said Squealer. " I just finished the analysis. That electrum is stable, but still dangerous, it could interact with our mechafluids. Who knows what would happen to our superstructures then! It could cause transmutation! "

    Transmutation. That was and ugly word to Noisebomb. Once he had been exposed to a transmutagenic organic energon crystal. The energon overload nearly deleted him! Luckily the surge forced his transcog into protoform mode and he was able to scan an organic alt configuration before it was too late. He was stuck with a beast alt mode for two Earth years. He shuddered at the memories.

    "So...?" Noisebomb hissed.

    " So nothing, " Squealer replied. " We wait. We watch. Maybe he'll survive. " With that he sat on a short decorative wall that surrounded the pond.

    Noisebomb shrugged and began collecting small metal fragments that were lying about the floor. Once he had gathered enough, he sat down next to Squealer and handed him some fragments.

    " What are these for?" Asked Squealer.

    Noisebomb gestured to watch, and skipped a metal piece across the electrum. It bounced across the surface of the glowing liquid, throwing sparks of blue each time it made contact.

    " Cool! Let me try! " Said Squealer. He took a fragment and winged it hard at the electrum. The metal shard skipped wonderfully over the pond with far greater speed than Noisebomb's. It bounced clean across the pond, absorbing electrostatic charge and finally colliding with the opposite wall and causing a loud explosion with much dust and debris.

    " Oops.." Squealer replied. " Guess that was a little hard. "

    " You.. Guess.. ?" Noisebomb said as he wiped the debris off himself.

    " Sorry." Said Squealer.

    Suddenly there was a loud servo noise. Both Squealer and Noisebomb turned there attentions to the noise. It was coming from the sight of the explosion. They readied their weapons.

    Squealer gestured to Noisebomb to take defensive positions. " I think we may have activated the security systems. "

    There were more loud servo noises. A massive hand, at least three times the size of Noisebomb, reached from the explosion crater on the wall. Noisebomb quickly fell back.

    " I guess that's who that switch was built for." Said Squealer, stating the obvious.

    The hand was joined by another equally massive hand. Each one grabbed at the sides of the crater and sunk their giant metal fingers into the steel walls as if they were dirt. There was more motor noise as whatever was attached to the arms pulled itself up through the blast crater, and into the room, finally blasting itself through a large portion of the decorated wall with much noise and dust.

    As the dust cleared, there stood a Transformer of giant proportions, and easy 250 feet tall! It was colored black mostly, and embellished with brilliant golds. He appeared to have no face.

    Squealer motioned to Noisebomb to stand down. They could not fight this robot by themselves and win.

    The huge robot lowered itself to it's knee and bent down to better see Noisebomb and Squealer. As it massive head drew nearer, they could see he did have a rudimentary face displayed with graphics upon the surface of his glass-like head.

    " Why doth thou comest to the Heart of the God Temple? " It asked in a loud and low voice.

    Noisebomb looked at Squealer and gestured at the electrum. The huge robot saw the gesture.

    " Why doth thou indicate the Godblood? " The enormous transformer asked. It turned to observe the electrum. It stood and gazed at the pond.

    " He's scanning! " Squealer said to Noisebomb. " He's gonna find Powersurge! We're done !"

    The two Decepticons waited nervously as the robot scanned the pond. When it finished it returned to Noisebomb and Squealer.

    " Identity. " It said. " Name. Function. Faction. "

    Noisebomb looked at Squealer. Squealer shrugged.

    " I suppose we comply." Squealer replied. " Squealer, Warrior, Decepticon."

    The big robot looked at Noisebomb. Noisebomb spoke up. " Noisebomb, Flier, Decepticon."

    The huge robot stood up and stood motionless for a few seconds before it retracted it's left hand into it's arm and transformed it into a huge blaster cannon.

    " Decepticons. " It said. " Delta Supreme activates Security Protocol 0-1. Threats to be eliminated. "
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    Part 14

    Dirge quickly assumed the posture of submission, as was customary when one was about to receive punishment. As he knelt down he quickly punched Thrust in his shin to signal him that he also should assume the position.

    Thrust yelped in alarm and stared at the supine Dirge. Dirge scowled and pointed at the floor. Thrust was still confused, he glanced at Ramjet, then took his place alongside his brother on the floor.

    Ramjet stood upright, defiantly, his arms crossed. " Idiots! And I'm the one with the faulty brains, they tell me! " He said to Frenzy as an aside comment.

    Frenzy stifled a laugh. " No bud, they're right about you. You gots bad wiring alright."

    Ramjet looked surprised. " Why? 'Cause I don't kneel to accept the punishment? Us Beta Seekers didn't do nothin'! It was the Alphas!"

    Dirge raised his head. " He cares not! Assume the position or he will punish us more severely!"

    " You'd better listen t' y' boy and get on d' floor ! D' boss is steamed!" Frenzy warned.

    " F'geddaboutit, bro." Rumble chimed in. " Ya can't reason with this slaghead! He's got more armor than brains!"

    Their discussion was interrupted by the unmistakable boom of a dark matter cannon. Ramjet forgot his pride and quickly went to the floor, causing Frenzy and Rumble to break out laughing.

    "Slagheads!" Cursed Ramjet. He would make a point to laugh at them the next time the boss was chastising them. Which, knowing the boss, would be any second now.

    " Where are they?!" Screamed Megatron. " Where are my seekers?"

    " Man is he heated this time!" Said Rumble. " Sucks to be you guys!"

    There was a loud noise which Ramjet assumed was the sound of Megatron punching the cybersteel wall. He turned his head to look where the noise was coming from. Sixshot was half collapsed in a heap next to the wall. It must have been him colliding with it that made the noise.

    Sixshot quickly righted himself and then bowed. " My lord, I apologize."

    Ramjet tried to raise himself to get a better look at Megatron only to feel someone smack him in the back of his reinforced head. He glanced at Thrust who was motioning him to keep his head down.

    " You apologize? " Yelled Megatron. " Your charges are traitors! Traitors! Do you understand you mendicant?! "

    " Understand?" Replied Sixshot. " I am sorry, lord. I fail to understand. What do you mean by traitors?"

    Frenzy nudged Rumble. " Oh that did it. It's on now" He whispered. Rumble nodded.

    " Are you so stupid and incompetent that you have no knowledge of treachery? Do I have to explain the concept so your feeble mind can grasp it?" Megatron growled.

    " Not at all my lord, I am well aware what constitutes treason.." Replied Sixshot.

    " No, I don't think you are! " Interrupted Megatron. " Now explain the actions of your charges before I rip you in two!"

    " My charges?" Asked Sixshot. " Are you referring to Mayhem Squadron?"

    " 'Are you referring to Mayhem Squadron?' Yes of course I am speaking of Mayhem Squadron you fool!" Megatron shouted.

    " Mayhem Squadron? Whaddabout 'em? They do somethin' since yesterday?" Frenzy whispered to Rumble.

    " Shhh!" Responded Rumble. " Look's like there's more, listen."

    " I sent them to check out the electrostatic vacuum anomaly, my lord." Said Sixshot.

    Megatron let out a rage filled roar. " So did they?"

    Sixshot had not heard from his team in 20 Earth hours. " I do not know my lord. They have not communicated with me."

    Megatron walked up to Sixshot and stood practically nose to nose with him. He stared at his subordinate's eyes. " You do not know." He glared at Sixshot for a long second before turning from him.

    " He doesn't know." Megatron yelled. " Why am I not surprised?"

    Ramjet kept his head facing the floor. He sure wished he knew what was going on and why he had to stay on the infernal floor! He would have loved to watch Megatron yell at Sixshot. That guy though his thrusters blew no exhaust!

    " My lord! I implore you! " Groveled Sixshot. " I have no knowledge of Mayhem Squadron's actions as of late. But I assure you they are no traitors!"

    Megatron grabbed Sixshot by his throat and lifted him. " I have had enough of you! Your assurances are meaningless! You are supposed to be their commander and yet you know nothing of their treason! How does a commander not know of his troops actions?"

    " Please lord!" Responded Sixshot. " I speak the truth!"

    Megatron laughed and tightened his grip on Sixshot. " See everybody, this fool speaks the truth. He tells me so because he seeks mercy! Bah! And what use is the truth to Decepticons? Of what meaning is the truth in this situation? Did I ever accuse this weakling of lying to me? NO! This fool is not a liar! He is a traitor!" He dropped Sixshot.

    Sixshot rubbed his throat. " My lord, I do not understand, I have not betrayed you!"

    Ramjet didn't understand either. The boss had a funny way with words and logic and stuff. But from what he did understand, Sixshot didn't appear to be a traitor. Maybe the boss had missed something. He decided to speak up.

    " Boss!" Ramjet said as he stood. " Not that I question you sir, you are the smartest."

    Frenzy and Rumble snickered at the statement. No way Megatron was smarter than their boss!

    " But I don't see what Sixshot did that was treasonous." Ramjet continued.

    " Ramjet, Ramjet, Ramjet." Said Megatron. " This is not a matter for simpletons like you. Of course you do not understand. Sixshot is a traitor because his subordinates are traitors. He is guilty by association. Now do you understand?"

    " Yes boss." Ramjet replied. He still did not understand Megatrons actions, but he knew he wasn't getting anywhere.

    "Good. " Megatron said. " Now you and your team, take this traitor to the Inner Core. Let him live out the rest of the his days in the company of Terrorcons wallowing in their own fluids. If he resists, terminate him."

    "Yes boss." Responded Ramjet as he gestured to his teammates to grab Sixshot.

    " But my lord! I am loyal!" Protested Sixshot.

    Megatron motioned the seekers to halt and then approached the restrained Sixshot and powerfully slapped him in the face. " Tell it to the Scrapmetals, Traitor! Now remove this piece of ore!"

    Megatron cast Sixshot one more ugly look before leaving the room.

    " Well that was interesting. " Said Rumble.

    " Yeah, we'd better tell the boss man." Frenzy said.

    " Yeah." Agreed Rumble. " We'd better."

    There was a beep from Frenzy's communicator. " Well speak of the Chaos Bringer! It's the boss man." He answered his communicator. " Wattup boss!"

    " Report to the Citadel with Rumble." Said Soundwave from the communicator. " We have urgent business in the Inner Core."

    " The Core?" Frenzy exclaimed. " That's were they took Sixshot! "

    " Well then." Said Soundwave. " They are in for a big surprise. "

    " What do you mean boss?" Rumble asked.

    " Oh you will find out in due time, now return to the Citadel at once. That is an order!" Commanded Soundwave.

    " Well you heard him! Let's go! " Said Frenzy.

    As they prepared to leave there was a great discharge of green energy. After it dissipated, a familiar face stood before them.

    " Starscream!" Frenzy said. " What are you doing here?"

    " Yeah. Waddaya want? We thought you guys were lost in space!" Replied Rumble.

    " No. I'm fine. We didn't get lost." Answered Starscream, though he wished he had been lost in space. It was certainly preferable to his current situation.

    " You have standing orders to report to your boss!" Frenzy said. " Oh and he's in a bad mood."

    Starscream sneered. " I'm sure he is. And he's gonna be even more upset when he finds out he's not my boss."

    Rumble was confused. " Not your boss? Don't tell me you got a solo gig now. 'Cause then you're a traitor too!"

    " I guess I am a traitor, but I'm not on my own." Starscream said.

    " Then who do you work for?" Asked Frenzy.

    There was a loud metal ripping noise and Frenzy collapsed in a pile of scraps and mechafluids. Nemesis Prime appeared from nowhere.

    " Bro! " Yelled Rumble. " Frenzy!"

    " Starscream works for me." Said Nemesis. " And now so do you!"
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    part 15

    Powersurge could feel the presence of the Creator. It was as if they were becoming one being. As the strange fluid entered deeper into his being the lines between himself and the Creator became blurred.

    He wondered if this was what it was like for the first Transformers. The Old Ones told tales of the Thirteen, the first Transformers to ever be created. They were said to be formed from the blood of the Creator. The blood of Primus.

    It must be so, he thought, for he was surely in the blood of Primus. He knew it because it exactly matched the energy signature he had downloaded at the ancient dataport. He knew it because it was in the exact coordinates of the Heart of Primus. But mostly he knew it because he could feel it in his spark.

    He could feel not just what his own senses allotted, but what seemed to him to be the whole of the planet. His eyes were those of the Planetary Defense satellites, able to see every inch of the surface of the globe. His ears were those of the tectonic surveillance probes and could hear even the nanites that dug through the durasteel that Seibertron called soil. He cloud feel himself growing omnipotent.

    Or was it himself? Was he alone in this, or was there another presence? He had been so enraptured by the changing and growing, he had neglected to pay full attention.

    Powersurge could feel now that there was an intelligence in this blood with him. Could it be the Creator? He wondered. Could it be Primus?

    He thought of calling out to it, but realized he no longer possessed the desire to do so. Speech seemed so primitive and small to him now. Instead he sent a powerful telepathic message to what he presumed was the Creator. No words would be sufficient to communicate with anymore. He was now beyond that.

    He imbibed the telepathic image with thoughts and glimpses relating to asking the intelligence who it was, and if it was his god Primus.

    The intelligence seemed to respond, or at least to react to the telepathy.

    Powersurge was filled with resplendent joy! This was proof he was indeed becoming powerful .

    He was surprised when his senses grew to encompass the radiation detectors on the Energon Towers, which were busy cataloging a passing cosmic storm. How amazing, he thought.

    Suddenly he felt the intelligence again. It was as if it was trying to impress words upon him. How small of it, he thought, to use such a lower form of communication when it could use telepathy. He reined in his senses to comprehend the words.

    " You know who I am." Said the Intelligence.

    Powersurge sent a telepathic statement of affirmation. He had an idea of who it was.

    " Good." The intelligence said. " You know what is happening to you?"

    Of course Powersurge knew what was happening! He was becoming all powerful! He sent another affirmation message.

    " All powerful?" Questioned the entity. " Not yet, you are still resisting."

    Resisting? Powersurge wasn't resisting. What did it mean?

    " You still seek to be you." Said the being." The old you, that is. Give yourself to the blood! Do it! Become reborn! Become a new being! Then you will truly become powerful. You will become power itself!"

    Power itself? Powersurge liked that idea. He liked it a lot. He had always known it was his destiny to become the most powerful thing in existence. He had sacrificed so much in his life in the pursuit of power, that power became all there was. His lust for power had become his driving force. He would sacrifice anything and everything for power! Even himself.

    He let go of his mind and let the blood enter. He could feel the intelligence entering his mind, slipping in and out of his deepest memories and thoughts, merging with him. At last he would become all powerful.

    Then the pain began. Wave after wave coursed through his mind and body, penetrating his spark. It grew stronger and stronger with each journey through himself. He knew he couldn't, but he swore that he heard laughter.

    The pain grew multitudes each passing second, or was it each passing year? Time seemed to stop, suspended in the horrid agony as he was. Now he was certain he could hear the laughter, and worse, the pain and laughter were as one!

    He wanted to cry out, but felt no body capable of such. Why would he do this to him? Why was the Creator so cruel? Why did it torture him? The laughing pain seemed to grow with each introspection.

    The Powersurge realized. This could not be the Creator, it was not Primus! Primus was a good force, it would not let it's children suffer.

    Then who was formating him? Who did he let into his mind? He screamed out in telepathy for the intelligence to identify itself. The laughing grew more intense, as did the pain.

    He could not take it. The pain was to much, he lost consciousness.

    A pity, thought Unicron. After all, Powersurge said he knew who it was in here with him. And he said he knew what was happening to him. What did he expect from The Chaos Bringer?

    Unicron laughed and laughed. If Powersurge was awake, he would have felt pain thousands of times more powerful than what he felt before.

    Squealer stood frozen at the sight of the armed colossus, as did Noisebomb. They knew there was no way they could fight this thing.

    " Decepticon is not a valid faction. Thou art intruders." Said Delta Supreme. " The sanctity of the God's Heart Temple hath been compromised. Threats must be eliminated."

    " It doesn't recognize Decepticon as a valid faction name!" Said Squealer. " It must be from the Old Time! Noisebomb, what did Decepticons call themselves in the Old Time?"

    Noisebomb thought for a second. " Destron! Called... Destron!"

    Squealer began waving his hands and hopping to get the giant to notice him." Hey Gramps! Yoo hoo! We're not Decepticons! You got it wrong!"

    Delta Supreme lowered himself to better see Squealer. " Explain: Thou hath given the faction Decepticon as thy cause. Inquiry: What is thy Faction?"

    "Did I say Decepticon?" Asked Squealer.

    " Affirmative." Responded Delta Supreme.

    " Oh man!" Squealer said. " I feel like such a glitch! Man is this embarrassing! See, what I meant to say is, we're Destrons!"

    "Destron?" Repeated Delta. He turned to Noisebomb. " This is so?"

    " Yes." Hissed Noisebomb. " Destrons... We're... Destrons."

    " Yup. That's what we are." Replied Squealer. " Just a couple of regular old Destrons."

    The massive robot stood eerily still as it contemplated this new information.

    " Hope... This.. Works.." Noisebomb said to Squealer. He had no desire to challenge a 250 foot tall Transfomer armed with what appeared to be a starships' cannon on his hand.

    " Just relax. Look how long it's taking him to approve us." Said Squealer. " If he was gonna vape us, he would have already."

    Noisebomb hoped he was right.

    " Destrons approved." Said Delta Supreme. " Welcome. Delta Supreme serves." He lowered himself to his massive knee.

    " Now that's better!" Said Squealer." Now if it's all the same to you Delta, we'll be leaving."

    Noisebomb was surprised. " We... are? What... about... Powersurge?"

    There was a huge discharge of electricity from the electrum pond. All three turned to it to see what was happening. Huge arcs of blue energy shot out of the middle of the pond as the fluids appeared to begin to boil. The energy arcs began to leave huge black spots wherever they made termination. Soon the lake began to swirl and churn as violently as white water.

    The electrum began to flow to the center of the pond and erect itself into a column. The column grew as the electrum flowed to it until the entire pond stood in a vertical vortex of swirling fluid and energy.

    Delta Supreme watched in awe as the spectacle unfolded. " By Primus!" He exclaimed.

    Noisebomb and Squealer took cover behind a massive statue of an ancient.

    " Call It a hunch." Said Squealer. " But I think Powersurge has something to do with that thing,"
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    Part 16

    Rumble knelt down and picked up his brother's head. He looked it straight in the eyes, as if searching for some sign of life. There wasn't any. He sat silently gazing at the head.

    " As this slave will tell you," Said Nemesis Prime. " I have very little patience. I addressed you, and you failed to respond. It would be wise of you not to anger me."

    Rumble looked up from Frenzy's face and straight at Nemesis. He looked surprised for a split second before his expression changed to rage. Rumble dropped his brother's head and screamed. He screamed so loudly it seemed impossible for the sounds to come from his small superstructure.

    Starscream was more than a little amused. Obviously Nemesis had assumed Rumble was a weak Transformer because of his size. Although Starscream would never admit it, he knew Nemesis had picked a fight with one of the Decepticons greatest warriors. This was getting interesting.

    " Do you know who I am?" Said Rumble. " Do you know what you just did?" He transformed his arms into their tectonic disrupter modes. " You wanna dance with Rumble?"

    Rumble began violently pounding the ground with his tectonic disrupters. Nemesis was unprepared for the assault and fell clumsily into a freshly opened hole. Rumble stopped his pounding and dove after Nemesis. Nemesis was a few meters in front of Rumble. Rumble straightened himself to fall faster. He accelerated until he caught up with the falling Nemesis and grabbed his back.

    " You fool!" Exclaimed Nemesis. " Let me go!"

    Rumble ignited his thrusters sending them downward at a much increased rate.

    " What are you doing?" Yelled Nemesis. " Let me go! "

    The pair rapidly approached the bottom of the cave in hole. Rumble transformed his left hand to tectonic mode and released his right hand, freeing himself of Nemesis. Before Nemesis could react, he slammed him in the small of his back with the tectonic disrupter launching Nemesis squarely into the ground with much force. Rumble reversed his thrusters and calmly landed next to Nemesis. Now the real beating was about to begin.

    " You smoked my bro', that ain't cool!" Said Rumble as he approached Nemesis and lifted his head. " See, now you owes me, slaghead." He aimed the tectonic disrupter at Nemesis' half awake face. " This is for Frenzy!"

    Nemesis had no idea what was happening and was unable to orient himself. He must have taken significant damage to his locator systems. He also couldn't seem to see straight. He knew someone was talking, but he was unable to understand all he said to him except the last sentence. Who was Frenzy? Then his vision corrected and he saw the tectonic disrupter.

    Rumble smashed the disrupter into Nemesis' face. Nemesis was out cold.

    Starscream slowly clapped. Rumble turned his gaze toward Starscream. Starscream had followed the battle into the crevice for a better view.

    " Excellent Lieutenant ! You have done well! That brute was holding me hostage!" Starscream said.

    Rumble smiled. " No problem Screams. He had it coming."

    " Yes he did. Now let's get his carcass to Megatron." Starscream walked over to Nemesis. He reached out to touch him just as he dissolved into a black smoke.

    " What's goin' on?!" Exclaimed Rumble.

    Starscream grasped at the black smoke, but it slipped easily through his metal fingers. " Slag!" He cursed.

    "What was that? How'd he do that? " Yelled Rumble. " Who the slag is this guy?"

    " He called himself Nemesis Prime." Replied Starscream.

    " Nemesis Prime?" Asked Rumble. " With a name and a mug like that? Was he a Autobot?"

    " No. I'm certain he wasn't an Autobot." Answered Starscream.

    " Well, if he wasn't a bot, he was a con! What self respecting con calls himself Prime anyway? Seriously..." Rumble said.
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    here's part 17

    Powersurge awoke suddenly. He didn't know where he was. He tried to open his optic shutters but couldn't. It was almost as if he didn't have optics anymore.

    Then he caught a glimpse of a memory. That's right, he was in a pool of power! But what was he doing there? He tried futilely to remember, but he was overwhelmed by a strange feeling. It was like a hunger, but worse, more intense. And he was cold, very, very cold. He could feel the heat and energy flow from himself.

    How could he concentrate? His mind was a blur of panic. This wasn't what was supposed to happen! He was supposed to become powerful, not hungry and cold.

    He tried to overcome the hunger long enough to sense his surroundings. If he could do this, he felt he could maintain his sanity. He pushed the feelings to the back of his mind and concentrated on the immediate area. It felt cold to him, very cold. All was dark and grey. All except for three glowing beacons just outside the chamber.

    His query was warm! So warm! He knew he needed that heat from the beacons more than he had ever needed anything, he needed the heat! He needed to do something with it, but what?

    A voice seemed to appear in his mind. " You want it, you need it." Coaxed the Voice. Indeed, he did want and need it.

    " It feeds your hunger." Said the voice. Did it ever! He was becoming ravenous. But how does a Transformer eat?

    There seemed to be laughing in his mind. " Absorb them, child! Take them into yourself! Make then yours!" Said the Voice.

    Absorb them? Yes that was it! He would absorb them. Then he would satiate his horrid hunger! But that would not be enough. He searched out with his mind for other beacons, for other food. He stretched his awareness to the whole of Seibertron. He felt millions of beacons, millions of meals!

    " Now you understand." Laughed the Voice. " Go then! Consume them! Consume them all!"

    That was it. That was what he was here to do, he realized. He was here to consume! And through consumption, he would grow. And with growth he would become powerful. He would have laughed at the realization, the realization he had indeed become powerful. But the hunger overwhelmed him. He must eat. He must eat them all. Unicron was pleased.

    Noisebomb and Squealer took cover from the constant falling debris under their new ally. They had narrowly escaped the collapse of the temple chambers only seconds ago.

    " How... goes... scan...?" Growled Noisebomb.

    Squealer had only just began his scanning of the conduit walls. " Nothing yet, I've gotta find the portal switch or it won't open! It's class 3 Gerantium alloy, we've got no way to blow it! It's too dense!"

    "Slag!" Cursed Noisebomb. They had no idea that the conduit contained emergency bulkheads. But then again, they had no idea where the conduit even led too, either. He supposed it was only logical to have a containment system if the chambers housed such a volatile energy source. The architects who build these ancient passages clearly had some advanced technologies.

    Only a second or so ago had the bulkheads sealed, clearly agitated by the huge amount of destruction and energy present in the temple chambers. The two Decepticons had to work quickly lest they be destroyed along with the temple.

    " This isn't working!" Yelled Squealer. " I can't find anything. Where is the portal switch?"

    " Portal Switches are radio encodes. Do the Masters wish them to be opened?" Asked Delta Supreme. " Warning: Opening bulkheads could result in conduit damage."

    "You mean you could have just opened them all along?" Yelled Squealer.

    " Affirmative." Replied the colossus. " I hath sealed them."

    " What?!" Yelled Squealer. " Why would you do that?! You nearly deleted us!"

    " Confused." Stated Delta as he began to process the statement. A massive piece of ceiling crashed onto the giant robot as he thought. " Confused no longer."

    " Fool!" Yelped Noisebomb. " Open... Bulk... Heads... !

    Delta Supreme nodded his faceless head. " Compliance."

    The huge bulkhead iris began to open slowly. The energy from the temple chamber was now coursing through the walls of the conduit, slowly illuminating it an erie purple.

    " For sparkin' out loud! " Cursed Squealer. " Can it open any more slowly?"

    " Look!" Shouted Noisebomb. He was pointing at the center of the conduit. A glowing cylinder of the electrum was rapidly traversing the tunnel, headed straight for them.

    " Temple Integrity Breached!" Bellowed Delta Supreme.

    " Thank you Commander Obvious!" Snarked Noisebomb. "We've got to get to the other side of this bulkhead! Delta, throw us through the opening!"

    " Wait! " Yelped Noisebomb. " Not... So... Fast.." He objected, but it was to late as he found himself being scooped up by the enormous hand of the guardian.

    Delta Supreme flung the two Decepticons through the open part of the bulkhead. They landed in a heap on the other side of the portal.

    Squealer quickly righted himself so he could see what was going on with Delta.
    Delta had assumed a defensive posture and was charging his ship-sized charged particle cannon. He looked ready to fight the column of energy-liquid.

    The liquid column stopped just short of hitting Delta Supreme, causing ripples along its surface which resembled waves. It reared itself up to tower over Delta Supreme.

    " Delta Supreme serves!" Yelled the behemoth in a fearfully deep voice. " Must complete my function! Return to the chambers, Godblood!" He pointed his particle cannon at the liquid and unloaded. The deafening roar of the cannon was surpassed only by the blinding flash it emitted. Thousands of gigawatts of electricity flew at his target.

    When the discharge ceased, Squealer could see that it had done nothing to the column. " What in the name of Primus?!" He exclaimed.

    Noisebomb had also been watching. " How...?" He muttered.

    Delta Supreme stood frozen as his ancient Brain tried to devise a new tactic.

    The column took this advantage to whip out strings of itself at Delta and ensnare him. It was obvious what was happening, it was sucking his energy, in effect eating him.

    " You have caught me." Said Delta." But you'll not catch the masters" He almost seemed to chuckle " Bulkheads seal!" He commanded.

    The massive iris again began to seal shut. As it did the two warriors witnessed the column dissolve not only Delta's body, but his superstructure as well, until it was a glowing gold liquid. The column then sucked the liquids into itself. It laid dormant for a moment before it formed itself a rudimentary set of eyes and stared at them.

    Squealer was paralyzed by the haunting gaze. What was this, this Melt?

    Then the column bounded toward them with terrifying speed, only to crash into the iris which sealed in the nick of time.

    Squealer leapt back out of reaction. He was so shaken by the experience he didn't know what to do next, except calm down.

    " Hey.. Squealer..." Called Noisebomb.

    Squealer regained his composure. " Yeah Noisebomb?"

    " Delta... was... a.... good... bot. " Noisebomb commented.

    What a strange thing for a Decepticon to say, thought Squealer. But then, no one had ever sacrificed themselves for him before. That wasn't a very Decepticon thing to do. It sure wouldn't be very Decepticon to continue this conversation, either.

    " Yeah he was Noisebomb." Squealer replied. " Yeah he was."

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