The Meaning of hope

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    Last time on transformers the meaning of hope

    As the Autobots have raced to one of the army bases to meet Captain Lennox and his team. Sam persuades his dad to let him go to England and Optimus prime is still struggling to come to term’s with jazz’s death.

    But across the ocean the secret government group Sector Seven has emerged and is tracking down the N.B.E that had crashed in the park
    But as Sam, Mikaela and the Autobots are unaware that this is happening. We finally find out why Nightstrom landed in England and why Roseanne was the one who found her.

    As Roseanne sat inside the car that was Night storm she sighed the sun was almost about to rise and Christmas eve, was going to be busy night knowing sooner or later she would have to revel the truth she knew time was running out she had to do this. Sighed her mind flashed back to the day like this one she had been about ten years old when…. Shaking her head she pushed those thoughts the past was past and life had moved on she was here now and she had survived.

    Suddenly Night storm voice that came from the radio interrupting her thoughts “Look I don’t have all day and I need to find the Autobots” said Night storm sounding very pissed off . Sighing Roseanne stretched and yawned Pulling the coat off she flung it on the back seat annoying Nightstrom once more.

    “Ok alright what do you want to know” said Roseanne looking around wonder where she should talk to finally she settled looking at the radio instead.

    “well where are we?, where’s the autobots? Where are the deceptions?”
    Said Night Strom Sighing Roseanne closed her eyes and counted to ten before speaking she hated people asking so many questions in one go.
    “Look calm down I will explain everything, to you but you have to explain some things to me as well. Some of what your saying I don’t know either so I will give you, some info and you tell me something so sort of swapping a story for a story. Deal” said Roseanne hearing a mumbled “ok” she sighed knowing that she would have to go first.

    “Well your on earth in a country called, England I don’t know about any decaept what ever there called and for these auto bots got no clue as to what they are so there not much I can explain so your turn” said Roseanne. Sighing she hated lying but she had to if they found Nightstrom things would go from bad to worse she prayed that her father Coronal James Harrison would be able to help her if she could find him.

    As she rubbed the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes the last memory came back. Suddenly as if she was back there the sound of his voice shouting for her to run as men in, black suits had entered her home. She had watched her father’s face as he was dragged away. Later Roseanne discovered why the government believed that her father had set up a secret organization to destroy the government. Roseanne never knew the truth and she was determined to find out.

    As Nightstrom told of cybertron and what it was like Roseanne sat and
    listened not speaking as Nightstrom, continued. How the wars had started and how the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime had defeated the leader of the Decepticon’s Megatron. Roseanne shivered as Night storm told of how Megatron had gone look for the All spark and how many had been slaughtered in the process. Looking out at the sky Roseanne found it hard to believe that out there was a world unknown.

    In a secret government building in London a young solider marched into a small dimly lit interview room the small window showed that it was almost morning an old wooden table stood with two old wooden chairs.

    In the middle of the room sat two men one in a clean cut suit and one who looked as if he been pulled from a dumpster. As the young solider handed a folder to a man in the black, suit the solider turned and left ignoring the four men on the other side of the room behind the two-way glass.
    Smiling Agent Simmons looked at the man across the table “Are you sure you are ,telling me everything you know” he said looking back at the folder and reading the file once more.
    “Sir I know what I saw this thing stood up, scanned this car and minutes later was the same car, a young women I described her got in and this car drove off . No one was driving it” said the young man his face was hollowed in and he smelt of alcohol. He leaned forward and grinned “so about this reward come on man I gave you some info give me the money” said the man rubbing his fingers together. Looking up Agent Simmons nodded as two young men came in he spoke “Take this man to a cell and make sure he talks to no one” Said Simmons . As the man was dragged out the room. Little did he know that in the cell next to him was the father of the young women he had sold the information for

    Closing the folder Agent Simions smiled and looked at the Glass standing he spoke. “Well seems that we have some work to do men” he spoke as five of the original sector seven team went out the door into the dimly lit corridor. As Simions walked to the window he looked down on London looking at the sky he muttered “This time kid you aren’t going to get out of this one” .

    As a yellow Chevrolet Camaro with two black strips (which was an Autobot called Bumblebee) sat in the back alley way waiting for Sam to come out from the house. Seeing the young boy cross the lawn a male voice spoke “Sam use the path next time, ring me as soon as you get there” said Ronald Witwicky. Poking his head through the door Ronald Witwicky watched as his son, made his way across to the new car sighing he knew that the first car policy had gone straight out the window but he knew his son he was after all a witwicky. “Alright dad I get the message see you soon” shouted Sam as bumblebee revered the engine And drove off.

    As they drove Sam went to where he had first knocked Mikaela off her moped after barricade had attacked him. Shaking his head it had been a year of very unusual thing’s. as Bumblebee pulled away as they drove towards where Ratchet Optimus and Ironhide where to meet them along with Mikaela. Soon they would be having a new comrade to the team and maybe just maybe Optimus could move forward from the loss of jazz.

    Note from the author

    This story is fictional and is not what will happen in the 2009 movie.

    There is more to this story and will be updating.

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