The Meaning of hope

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    < I decided to bring the autobots to England, for this story. Thought it would be good it revolves around the charters from the movie. Names and charters from the movie I don’t own but the name’s Night storm and Roseanne are mine made up and any others.>

    Since the battle on earth, the autobots have destroyed Megatron and his Decepticons. Starscream has gone back to Cybertron. Since the loss of
    Jazz Optimus Prime has been a bit lost. The story takes place in Christmas time of 2007 about two days before Christmas eve. A pod crashes in a Small village outside of London.
    As the autobots race to England, to find the pod and the being inside it. Optimus prime still blaming him self for jazz’s death go’s with them. But when they get there a old enemy is about to be reawakened and optimus must face his past.

    The Meaning of hope
    (The scene opens it night time, the stars are out suddenly a load of shooting stars fall. Upon a hill we see a figure it is tall but this is not a human. It is a robot from another planet as, we come closer we see that it is Optimus Prime Leader of the Autobots.)

    As Optimus prime stood watching the stars fall a old saying came into mind “When a spark goes online there is great joy, But when a spark is destroyed the universe weeps.” Now the universe was weeping for Jazz but after a few moments the once lit up sky had become peaceful and still as if it was waiting for something to happen.

    Sighing prime closed his eye’s, he did not feel at peace. His mind was raging at what had happened. Jazz his second in command, had lost his life because of Megatron, Optimus Prime’s most hated enemy.
    Optimus had been there to late as his thought’s of the battle raged inside his head.
    How many more had lost there, spark’s because of this battle. Now the All Spark there hope of saving Cybertron had gone. But Optimus was proud of the young human, who had saved him and saved the world.

    The crunch of gravel under tyres, alerted prime looking round he saw Ironhide in his GMC Top Kick C6500 vehicle mode. Watching As Ironhide transformed into his robot mode. Standing a few feet away from him Optimus knew Ironhide would not have come here unless it was important. Prime moved forward his thoughts going to the back of his head. As he went to speak to his comrade and friend.

    As Optimus walked forward Ironhide watched him. Knowing Optimus was still upset about losing jazz. He knew how Optimus felt Jazz was one of them an Autobot a warrior and a good friend. They had been all upset from losing him as well.

    But knowing Optimus his connection with Jazz went far deeper almost like brothers but so different in many ways. As Optimus came forward Ironhide moved to face him. As he explained what was going on Optimus nodded at what he was saying knowing he was taking it in Ironhide continued.

    After he told Optimus of what was happening on the Decepticons front line. A small matter had come up and Ironhide needed to tell Optimus . “Optimus we received a report of a pod crashing” said Ironhide looking at his commander he went on “But it Seems that it didn’t crash in America, it’s on the other side of the earth.” saying the last part he waited. Knowing Optimus he would find a way to save this Autobot.

    Nodding at what ironhide was saying Optimus looked at the Autobot and spoke “ Where is the pod.” said Optimus “Is Sam Witwicky still in touch with Captain Lennox and his men” Said Optimus looking at his weapons specialist. Seeing Ironhide look confused Optimus smiled. Just maybe they could get to where the pod, was and save the Autobot inside it.

    “The Pod is in a place called England .” Nodding his head
    “ I don’t know will have to ask bumblebee he might be able to ask Sam” said ironhide he was wondering what his commander was up to. Nodding Ironhide watched his commander turned and transformed into a Peterbilt 379 truck without the trailer. He watched at Optimus drove away and disappeared into the distance only his red tail lights where visible.

    Sighing Ironhide transformed into his truck mode. Making his way back down the path he had taken to get to Optimus. Knowing Optimus was still blaming him self over Jazz’s death Ironhide hoped that some how that the commander would be alright and come back to normal.


    Over the ocean in England the pod which was being discussed was about to crash land right in the middle of a small public park. In a small village called Ewell West near a very famous race course. As the pod crashed into the park a group of teenagers, who had snuck into the place sat drinking alcohol. Many of them where drunk and where shocked and scared at seeing this big massive, glowing thing rush past them and crash into the filed behind them. As Most of the teenager’s ran off only one remained walking round from behind the bush’s. She watched the thing land.

    A young women stood there her, blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her black jacket was long covering the black trousers, a gold top and black jumper underneath, a pink scarf was round her neck.

    As she looked at the thing it had, stopped dead in the centre of the park. As she walked down the hill her white trainers caused her to slip. Letting her brown eyes grow accustomed, to the light from the fire that was blazing round the meteorite. She moved forward very carefully.

    As a clicking sound came from the object, Roseanne moved forward she watched as part’s began to hiss and move like a snake uncoiling ready to strike. Jumping back Roseanne watched as figure rose up. It was about twenty feet or less high it looked alien as if it did not belong to the world as if the earth had tired to get rid of something horrible.

    As Roseanne went to stand up the creature spotted her. The blue eyes looked almost human in a way, but it was if it was analysing her and the area. As it turned it looked about outside the gate was a deep green Corvette C6 Convertible seeing it the creature walked over crushing the blue gate that surrounded the park as it went. As it scanned the corvette in a blink of an eye it turned into the exact same car.

    During this time Roseanne had watched as it had turned into the convertible her jaw dropped shaking her head she walked toward praying it would not hurt her and hoping it spoke English.

    Suddenly one of it’s green doors sprang open. Looking round Roseanne saw the street was empty apart from a drunk man walking on the other side of the road. Sliding into the passenger seat the car started up as it drove off.
    Roseanne spoke “Hey excuse me, can you speak” said Roseanne felling foolish talking to a car.
    Suddenly a voice came through the radio bit but it felt as if the whole car was moving
    “ Of course I can speak where, I come from but you language is different” said the car.
    Sighing Roseanne shocked at this thing started muttering “This …is …great…talking… cars ….this …some….dream ” Thinking it must have a name Roseanne decided to ask just in case.
    “Excuse me but do you have a name because I can’t keep calling you car” said Roseanne

    After a while Roseanne did not hear anything suddenly the voice spoke “Sorry my name is Night Storm” smiling Roseanne nodded “Well Night storm my name is Roseanne Harrison, you might want to pull over because I suspect you have a lot of questions About where you are?” said Roseanne.
    Smiling as Night storm drove towards Epsom downs with help from Roseanne. She pointed to a place where Night Storm could stop in a car park cutting the engine. Roseanne turned to speak to Night storm.


    In another part of the world America. A young teenage boy was driving a brand new Chevrolet Camaro the yellow car had two black racing strips down it. To any normal person they would believe it was an ordinary car being driven by a young boy. But unknown to them the car was driving it self. Beside him a young girl sat her name was Mikaela Banes
    she had been with Sam Witwicky for a while since the day she had helped him repair bumblebee since then she had been helping with the transformers that where on earth hidden as ordinary vehicles.

    “So why has Optimus called this meeting, it sounds like something’s up,
    You don’t think megaton’s back do you?” said Sam watching as Mikaela brushed her brown hair away from her blue eyes.

    “Na he can’t be we made sure renumber, don’t forget we lost jazz in the process and the all spark” said bumblebee since the battle he had regained his speaking ability.

    Sighing Sam shook his head “Don’t remind me please that was not my idea of fun ,Optimus seems to be taking Jazz’s death pretty hard” said Sam his hand griping the steering wheel making his knuckles go white.

    Seeing Sam’s knuckles go white Mikaela touched his arm “hey you did what you thought best , Optimus want angry with you or anyone he was grateful you saved his life and ours” said Mikaela squeezing Sam’s arm.

    As they drove towards the lake where, Sam had first picked up Mikaela that summer they parked where no one could see them. Getting out Sam brown hair was sticking up his brown eyes looked around the area trying to see the autobots.

    Pulling the shirt down it was crumpled and, the Demin jeans where faded and patched black trainers completed the out fit. Beside him Mikaela wore t-shirt Demin jacket and a pair of Demin jeans with a pair of blue and white trainers.

    Hearing the crunch of tyre’s on the gravel road Sam turned as a black truck came forward. Smiling Sam knew it was Ironhide the weapons specialist who had made, Sam very nervous when they first meet the Autobots. As another set of tyre’s appeared this was of a search and rescue vehicle Ratchet. He had been the only one to point out that Sam had wanted to mate with Mikaela, Smiling Sam laughed to him self as they all waited for the last member of the team to arrive .

    As a large track with red flames appeared, Sam smiled Optimus prime leader of the autobots had told Sam he had held the key to everyone’s survival. From that day Sam and Mikaela‘s had changed so much .

    As each of the Autobots transformed ,Sam and Mikaela smiled at each other. Looking back they renumbered the day when bumblebee had taken them down a alleyway through the fog. As Optimus had appeared along with Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchet. Sam had not known that his life then was about to change and he finally was to learn the meaning behind his family’s motto “No Sacrifice ,No victory”

    Seeing the autobots back together Sam knew that they would keep on fighting. As he looked at each one he realised prime seemed to be well sort of day dreaming. realising it was not that it was the first time the group had been with out Jazz and Optimus had been without his second in command.

    “Hey guy’s why are we here?, what’s the problem?” said Sam smiling at them. Leaning down optimus held out his hand. Taking Mikaela’s hand he helped her up first. Realising that long ago Optimus had done the same thing Sam gave a half smile as a, old thought crossed his mind that was the same day bumblebee had been taken and tortured. As both of them stood Optimus brought them to eye level. “Sam you have helped us during our time here on earth but we are in need of your help, one of our fellow Autobots has crashed in a country called England. And we need to get there as soon as possible but we need help” said Optimus prime his gaze never leaving Sam’s
    “So I am giving a guess you want us to call, Captain Lennox and ask for the governments help” said Mikaela looking at Optimus seeing him nod. Mikaela pulled out her phone and pressed the number that would put her in contact with captain Lennox.

    After a few Minutes she hung up “Well it seems they can help, They
    Have a air carrier that can get us there, it seems the English government are trying to hide the truth, about something that landed in a park in a place called surrey so were going to England” said Mikaela looking at the Autobots and Sam.

    “Yeah well it’s up to Optimus and our parents to let us go don’t forget this creature could be dangerous. How did you get in contact with Lennox and his team so fast?” said Sam staring at her as if to say I don’t want you to go
    “Sam it isn’t a decapticon it an autobot and it need’s our help. It might not know what is going on. Anyway I would like to see England and if there government get hold, of this Autobot renumber what sector seven did to bumblebee” said Mikaela standing up looking at him her blue eyes never leaving his brown ones.

    Shaking his head Sam had not wanted to renumber some of the things that had happened over the short course of the year. But Mikaela was right if they stood any chance of ,destroying the deceptions and helping Optimus and his men Get back to Cybertron. They need reinforcements
    And they had to make sure that this Autobot was alive. “First off we need to tell our parents, second we can get to England. But how are we supposed to find a car that looks like one of the autobots I don’t think we can go up to every car and ask them hey can you talk .” said Sam sighing rubbing his eyes frustrated about everything.

    Standing Mikaela moved forward “We will do it Sam because we have to the Autobots need our help, were a team where all in this together” said Mikaela placing her hand out she spoke four words that later would become something. “Till all are one” Smiling Sam placed his hand on top of hers and said as well “yeah till all are one who’s up for a road trip to another country” said Sam looking straight at optimus and receiving a nod in return.

    Nodding each one of the autobots transformed and moved out placing Sam and Mikaela back on the ground Optmius transformed and moved off. As bumblebee came forward Sam and Mikaela jumped in and speed off following Optimus and the other Autobots.

    (well I did not place much in it but we get to find out what happens to Nightstrom and Roseanne in the next part. Hears a brief summery of what might happen depends on how things go)

    <The Autobots race to find one of there own kind who has fallen in another country. During this time the Autobot known as Night storm has emerged and with help from a human named Roseanne Harrison who we later find out who she really is. But with the English government trying to find this strange being can the Autobots save the day.>

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