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    hey guys here is the last of my stuff for sale. I have to get rid of it ALL.
    I'll ship anywhere, just remember shipping over seas does cost money.
    Also buying more than one thing saves on shipping.
    If you are interested in anytjing shoot me a PM and we can work out a deal.
    I have sold and traded on the boards here for some time. I have a feedback thread, I actually never looked at it. I also sell alot on ebay, if youd like to check out that feedback user name: Angel31579
    If you are curious about something, or need any question answered please feel free to ask. Prices do NOT include shipping. I ship USPS priority mail, unless otherwise specified.

    Here is a list of what I have.
    Thanks for looking

    Generations Thundercracker---------------------------11
    Classics Acid Storm-----------------------------------11
    Generations Seargent Kupp----------------------------10
    Universe Air Raid Vs.Storm Surge----------------------5
    Universe Overload-------------------------------------15
    Universe Stormcloud-----------------------------------15
    ROTF Megatron w/ bonus deluxe Camshaft--------------30
    ROTF Bludgeon----------------------------------------9

    LOOSE (I have instructions for all, if needed)
    ROTF Leader Jetfire-------------------------------------------30
    ROTF Leader Optimus Prime------------------------------------30
    ROTF Leader Starscream--------------------------------------30
    DOTM Voyager Megatron-------------------------------------11
    DOTM Voyager Shockwave------------------------------------11
    DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime-----------------------------------30
    WFC Optimus Prime--------------------------------------------5
    K.O. CHMS Henkei Thundercracker-----------------------------15

    Animated--LOOSE ***all animated are $10 each
    Voyager (Grey) Shockwave/Longarm
    Voyager Cybertron Megatron
    Voyager Blitzwing
    Voyager Starscream
    Voyager Skywarp
    Voyager Grimlock
    Voyager Optimus Prime
    Deluxe Arcee
    Deluxe Rodimus
    Deluxe Blurr

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