The Journey of Malus

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    (This will be something of a crossover with multiple franchises of both non Transformers and Transformers.)

    In the begining there was the One. the One created two beings. One, Primus, was the incarnation of creation. The other, Unicron, the incarnation of chaos and destruction. Togetherm Unicron and Primus created a balance. Primus created many things which Unicron destroyed so more could be created.
    Seeing this balance, the One slumbered, leaving his sons to their duties. This was a mistake.
    Through the eons, Unicron became jealous of his brother. It seemed to him, that he as being forced to serve his brother. The only reason he destroyed was so Primus would have more room to create. He was a slave in his mind. No more.
    On one fateful day, Primus had created a planet, full of life. When Primus moved on, Unicron made his move.
    Betraying his brother, he had destroyed this new creation. Primus felt the lives of those he created be silenced. He emerged to find his brother waiting.
    "I will no longer serve you!" shouted Unicron.
    "What do you mean brother?" asled Primus.
    "You create!" shouted the angered titan. "When I destroy, it is only so that you nay create again! No more! From here on out, only destruction and chaos shall reign! Nothing shall be created ever again! Soon it will be just I who remains in a Void of nothingness and neither you nor Father can stop me!"
    "Come to your senses brother!" shouted Primus. "Father created us to form a balance. I create only to replenish what you have destroyed."
    The two brothers met eyes for a breif moement. Unicron clenched his fists. he let out a primal scream that was heard across the multiverse. With a swift movement, Unicron's fist slammed into the face of Primus. Everything shook and even the multiverse itself began to break apart.
    Primus did not flinch. When Unicron removed his fist, Primus closed his eyes. "I'm sorry it had to be this way brother."
    His arms emitting a heavenly glow, Primus lunged at his brother only to be stopped.
    "I will prevail, brother." growled Unicron.

    The two brothers fought for countless eons. With each attack, something in the multiverse changed. If Unicron gained the upper hand, entire universes would crumble. If Primus managed to get closer to victory, things were repaired.

    As they fought, the two began to learn each other's ways. Primus learned the ways of chaos and death. He was able to manipulate his pwers to use these to further his duty. By learning the ways of chaos, Primus figured a way to create order.
    Unicron eventually learned the ways of creation. When he gained th upper hand,different beings and ideas were created. These creations however, worked only to destroy as Unicron had.

    After many eons, Primus had formulated a plan to defeat his brother. He had created the Primes, a mystical band of warriors whose sole purpose was to protect, even if it meant destroying things that threatened others.
    Originally, Unicron cared not for the thirteen warriors. That is until he found himself gravely injured. Thanks to the Primes, Primus was winning. This would not do.

    Unicron retreated from the fight and hid from his brother and the Primes. Now Unicron was in trouble. He had to do something and quick before his brother's deciples could find him.
    That was it!
    If the Primes gave Primus such an advantage, then Unicron needed his own deciple. His own Prime.

    Already knowing the ways of creation, Unicron could create this life, but he had never tried to before. All of the evil that appeared during the fight were just corrupted creations of Primus. No matter how hard he tried, Unicron just couldn't create something from nothing as his brother had. He needed raw materials. Bearing down, Unicron shot his fist through his own chest and pulled out his still beating Spark. He chipped a peice off of it and held it out infront of him and concentrated.
    The section of his Spark turned solid. Soon it began to grow. Points appeared and soon shaped into body parts.

    A new being was formed. A being of pure chaos.
    "Arise, Malus Prime!"

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