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Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by SharkyMcShark, Jul 5, 2009.

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    as much as I liked it, this is one of the main things that annoyed me about the movie. I felt there wasn't enough weight put on the introduction of Teh Fallen, Megatron, and Devastator in RotF.

    To begin with, The Fallen. I felt that the reaction by all parties to the revelation that Megatron was working for essentially a demi God of a Transformer with 'magical' powers (teleporting, levitation) - everyone what just sort of... meh about it really. Granted Starscream had been hanging around the ship with him for a few months, but the Autobots in general were just like "Well Prime can deal with this" - I felt that the lack of dread or impact from his appearance or indeed the revelation that all along Megatron had been working for this powerful being was a detractor from the movie.

    Similarly, Devastator - Skidz and Mudflap just sort of stood there cursing at it for a few seconds. I don't think panic would have gone astray to showing the impact of there being a 150 foot tall robot bearing down on them.

    And finally, Megatron, where there was no "Megatron is back oh shi-" moment.

    I liked RotF but this and some of the editting of the move annoyed me. Did anyone else notice this?
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    Yeah, it bugged me too. Dunno if it was bad editing or writing or whatever, but there was no real "oh shit" factor.

    None of the Autobots seemed surprised at all that Megatron was back, they just seemed to accept it. Like the corpse of their sworn nemesis is brought back to life everyday on Cybertron.

    Same with Devs and the Fallen, no one seemed shocked or scared or anything. Would have been nice to see the Autobots shittin their pants that the Fallen was on Earth. Or at least look a little surprised.

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