The Hub Transformers tour (Spring/Houston, Texas)

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    Didn't know where this would go as I don't start too many topics. I made it a point to drive 118 miles to this suburb of Houston (the advertised locale) called Spring, Texas (where the tour stop actually was). I arrived some 15-20 minutes after they opened up for a fairly good sized crowd. That is my shortest drive to any Transformers based gathering, so I hope this sort of thing comes close by very often.

    Not everything was completely set up as the local radio station arrived with their tent set-up some 45 minutes to an hour after it opened (Hot 95.7 Houston). The radio station only allowed one prize per person for their bean bag toss game (mine being a key chain from them). They had TF prizes and a DVD/BR giveaways of DOTM. I went like 3 times through the "Wheel of Transformers" line obtaining 2 Cyberverse figures (Barricade & Topspin) & a TFP pen. There was an Autobot edition Camaro set up evidently with a foot device to activate the horn as one of the staffers played with it. There was a few photographers roaming around staying busy the whole time. There was also a PC set up so you could sign into facebook and enter the contest for the new TF theme park attraction. Set up near to that was a monitor playing the TF Prime episode "Metal Attraction" in a loop plus some commercials for the Hub and Prime). After the radio station set up, listening to the sound of that episode was a lost cause.

    The main tent was probably the most informative place as they had a few bubble stands set up detailing the first year toys. They had G1 Blurr & G1 Perceptor in one bubble stand and G1 Grapple and G1 Astrotrain in another. I think they mixed up the little background art pieces they were to put with them as the '86 toys had the '85 year posters and vice versa. There was a TF Prime section with Arcee and the First Edition Matrix Optimus Primes in their own bubble stands. They had 3 monitors going. 1 detailed some of the origins of G1 with code names, 1 played DOTM promotional ads and a behind the scenes of the wing suits. The last monitor was sort of a composite of G1, Prime, Movie and a tiny bit of Animated. Beast Era, RiD, & Unicron Trilogy fans would be so mad as there was no mention of any of them there. No full episodes other than the one with it's audio being drowned out by the radio station outside. They had the actual Sector 7 briefcase prop from DOTM in the tent as well as a life sized Optimus Prime hand extending out from the center wall with TFP Optimus Prime painted across it. So, lots of folks got their pictures taken in the hand of Optimus Prime.

    Blockbuster Video itself which was hosting the event had a green screen inside where you could pose in front of Prime or Movie editions of Optimus & Bumblebee. Blockbuster also handed out fliers offering DOTM at a reduced price and played an Armada promotional video on their store screens. Blockbuster had fliers being handed out also with DISH Network at an outside tent along with free KRE-Os.

    In all, disappointed I didn't secure a TF Prime poster like I wanted. I already had the Barricade Cyberverse. Felt my age when I saw some of the kids showing the TF Prime pen had a roll out mini poster that retracts back into the pen which I didn't know it could do. One of the security girls (all of them were pretty hot) was eying me in a not so kind manner as I left (she was on break in her vehicle parked right by mine). I had wanted to take a picture of her earlier because the staffers all had cool Hub/TF shirts, but she politely declined and I was like "okay then." I left after some 3 and a half hours as honestly I had done everything at least twice at that point except the green screen. Fun stuff, they could offer up a little more here and there & try to make a little more $$. I'd think they could offer more historical items such as Beast Wars' contribution to the entire franchise for starters (it's only the reason TFs re-entered the state of prominence they held a decade before).
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    Wow cool story bro.

    I wish the HUB would make tours in Canada. That would be cool to just check out.

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