The Hub Announces Additions To Senior Staff

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    This is more of a Hub related news. The word "Transformers" is mentioned by a passing reference only. So, read only if you are interested in any HUB related news.
    Conclusion : We can clearly see that work is under way very well for the Hub Network which will feature the next Transformers cartoon.

    Margaret Loesch, president and CEO for The Hub, on the 15th March, 2010 announced the appointment of six senior executives to the staff of the children's television network, scheduled to launch in late 2010. Joining the network are Joshua Meyer as senior vice president of business & legal affairs, Jordan Beck as vice president of creative services & on-air promotions, Lou Fazio as vice president of scheduling, acquisitions & planning, Greg Heanue as vice president of marketing & promotions, Fred Poston as vice president of operations, and Michael Ross as vice president of production & post-production.

    "Adding these best-in-class executives further strengthens our already solid management team at The Hub. Each of these leaders brings significant industry expertise and talent to help us build a world-class, family-friendly destination for children." said Loesch.

    Original post with short biographies of each of the senior staff : THE HUB CHILDREN?S NETWORK ANNOUNCES ADDITIONS TO SENIOR STAFF : Discovery Press Web

    P.S : It would be wonderful, if TFW2005 would open-up a Forum for the HUB Network related news (Just like you guys did for "War For Cybertron"). Because pretty soon the Transformers fans will start ditching the name "The Hub" and start calling it "The Transformers Channel". :) 
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    I don't want to talk for staff, but I would assume they're probably going to wait till more info on the actual TF show suffices, and then open a Transformers Prime(Or whatever it's going to be called.) forum.

    Much like how there's a WFC forum, not an Activision forum.

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