The Hobbit 2012 (An Unexpected Toy Company)

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    So we've known (and dreaded) for a while that The Hobbit will be getting a line of toys courtesty of The Bridge Direct, makers of Zhu Zhu Pets, but that's all the information we've had until now. BigBadToyStore has just opened a series of preorders for the line, and while there are no photos yet there are a few clues as to what we will be getting.

    - 3.75" Beast Pack Series 01
    - 3.75" Collector Pack
    - 3.75" Figure Series 01
    - 3.75" Figure Two-Pack Series 01
    - 3.75" Goblin Battle Set
    - 6" Figure Series 01

    The listings can be seen here:
    The Hobbit Toys, Action Figures, and Collectibles

    I really want to be optimistic because I want some excellent Hobbit figures, but the fact that the focus seems to be on 3.75" makes me even more worried than I already was. Few companies can achieve excellence in that scale, and with TBD's resume...*gulp*

    Hopefully at the very least the 6" figures will be good.

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