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    does anybody remember that picture of optimus prime holding alita's lifeless body in his arms? well since dreamwave never used this picture as cover art when they went bankrupt i felt it would be a real waste of art to just let it dissapear. i figured there could be a unique story behind that picture with a bit of thought put into it.

    one that would explore a side of optimus the show has rarely touched on over the years.

    I'm sure we have all seen prime at his greatest over the years. most of the time he would be calm collected and rational going into a fight with megatron, now from time to time they've shown him upset and on the rarer occasion angry like you would not believe.

    theres what? a 19 year time differance between the end to the second season of generation 1 and the time of the movie.

    something went down man something seriouse and whatever it was prime was unwillingly at the center of it.

    let's review the facts shall we?

    in generation 1 issue 10 megatron had a plan for regaining cybertron by using our world as a bargaining chip.

    he disapeared from cybertron with optimus during the war within age of wrath and returned to cyberton with a million member strong seeker clone army which he reffered to as his aerial extermination squadrons.

    most likley after the fall out from that storyline had it finished and the next stryline after that megatron had some 2 to 3,000 of them left which would be stored away in cold storage for a later time.

    megatron has the titan like might of predaking, menasor and presumably soon after his return to earth devastator and bruticus as well.

    shockwave created the energon transfer unit during the war and peace storyline.

    now they had plans to bring alita and her team into the storyline with g1 issue 11. with her making the ultimate sacrifice in the end with issue 12 or her being killed by that time.

    now they never explained what happend to alita and her team after season 2 to the 80's cartoon in the time leading up to the movie.

    i believe that one could easily figure out what happened leading up to the 80's movie by adding these facts up.

    heres my take on it. basicly i am more or less using the g1 dreamwave comic as a somewhat alternate take on the second season of the 80's cartoon. as for the loose ends this is the best attempt i have made so far at combining them into a believable plot line which itself serves as the prequal to the 80's animated movie.

    megatron used the predacons, soundwave, and the cassettes to break the constructicons out of area 51, he then had them fully repaired and used them to heal, repair, reprogram and to improve on the combaticons and their merged form of bruticus and the stunticons and their merged form of menasor using what he learned from merging the predacons together when he gave them their combined form of predaking. he then used the 4 combiners to hold Canada, the United States of America, South america and Great Britain hostage

    with prime reeling from the death of his beloved alita and so many countless lives hanging in the balance. he would have no choice whatsoever but to give in to megatron's demands for a full cease fire and withdrawel of all autobot forces from cybertron.

    they would make a final stand at iacon and it would be a slaughter. one so horrific in bloodshed and carnage even magnus and the wreckers would be hard pressed to hold their own.

    between shockwave's legions, megatrons decepticons elite, his combiner teams and his AE squadrons all kept at a perpetual prime fighting strength due to shockwaves energon transfer units. the odds were stacked impossibly high against the bots and with prime left a broken man. they did not have a snowballs chance in hell of winning that fight

    one could look at her death and see it as being the tragic event that caused prime to change from the honor bound humbled near pacifist palladin warrior that he was portayed to be in the 80's cartoon to being the tragic avenging hero he would be by the time of the 80's movie.

    her death triggered a series of events in part which led to prime and the bots losing their homeworld of cybertron to the enemy.

    megatron brought about her death and used primes beliefs against him with all the finesse and skill of a fine artist.

    how ironic that his great compassion should prove his greatest weakness in the end

    i am working on a version of the movie as a 3 book novel. one that will take optimus down the path from tragic broken warrior to avenging hero in theend. it will also explain the origins of hot rod and his link to prime. it willl also explore the link shared between optimus prime alpha trion and megatron.

    why do you think those 2 have always been the 2 greatest autobot/decepticon warriors that have ever lived.

    it's because they share the same creator

    think about it alpha and omega if you can figure this one out then your a fellow transfan genius.

    its been stated over the years that if optimus prime has any kind of true personel weakness that it would be his compassion.

    this picture proves what ive always suspected over the years.

    is it just me or does it look like he's crying through the optics and faceplate are those battle scars on his faceplate or tears?

    i swear the way his faceplate is shaded beneath the optics, it really does look like he's crying. litterally crying. say what you would but that is exactly how it looks to me.

    they say a picture can speak a thousand words, never was that more true then in this case. from the first time i saw this picture i was inspired to write a story tying it into the generation 1 cartoon universe. a story which would take a serious approach to exploring their relationship one that would ultimately end in tragedy.

    they are living breathing biomechanicle beings of such advanced design that their minds are every bit as complex as our own, if not more so enabling them to sense touch and to discern each emotion from another and yes they are even able to cry in times of extreme emotional distress. they are so very physically differant from us and yet they are so very much the same as well.

    What is it that a man should be measured by? His beliefs, his physical strength?, or perhaps his strong belief in honor. I would say a man should be measured and judged by his overall moral character. His beliefs and what it is that drives him to live by those beliefs in life. Not his ancestry, skin color or nationality nor his disposition towards others but by his desire to be their in life for his friends and family. On that last part bad blood or otherwise you stick by your family no matter what. To defend and protect them from any who would want to unjustly harm them, to shelter them from the violence that exists in our world.

    In the case of Optimus Prime i would say his greatest strength would be his compassion, his genuine concern for the personel health and well being of his friends and comrades ad at times even the one being who would under normal circumstances be his enemy. That was his greatest strength in life, his ablity to see some bit of good iin even the worst of men and cybertronian beings, but it was his beloved Alita that was an even greater strength to him during the darkest of times during the great war on Cybertron. It was she who gave him the strength, the courage , the convictions, and most importantly of all the will to go on fighting for his beliefs while it was he who would put on a brave front to give his comrades hope and the strength to carry on even as he would be plagued by self doubts of thier surviving the war as a group much less defeating the enemy. In a way she would also be his greatest weakness in the end

    This is just my idea of why Alita and her team were never seen again in the movie or season 3.

    It also explains Primes drastic change of character from honor bound hero to tragic avenging warrior in the end.

    He would lose everything he held dear in life for his beliefs. His friends, His comrades and His homeworld, and worst of all His beloved. He would lose the one person He loved more then life itself and when that happens it can pretty much tear your heart out.

    He would lose everything in the end. his honor, his life, his nobil beliefs as well as his purity of heart

    Each hero has a defining moment of tragedy in their life. A moment that would turn them into the person they would be in life and in the end.

    At times when the tragedy becomes a burden to great to bear it can change them for the worst to the point that they become all to painfully aware of the fact that they posess in some way an inner darkside one that the hero can either face down and in facing his fears become in some small part aa better man for it or the hero can instead allow it to consume him and change for the worst as it destroys him in the end.

    This is a story that takes place ten years before the movie. I call it


    The event was Operation Deadbolt, a massive Autobot attack on a secret munitions plant. Nine strike teams were involved, all coordinated by Alita-1 and her squad back at the command center. But the Decepticons struck first with a decapitating blow. A missile barrage leveled the base as the mission started, and those within were presumed dead.

    Prime did not learn otherwise until five million years later. In reality, the females were saved by Alpha Trion, the enigmatic Autobot inventor. He rebuilt them, trained them, and equipped them with new powers. Then, using their abilities and the inherent agility of their female forms, they became an elite commando team, a secret kept from enemies and allies, fighting the Decepticons from the shadows. Alita and Optimus were finally reunited a few years ago, when a crisis forced Alpha Trion to reveal his gambit to the Autobots. elita and her team , in a desperate attempt to replenish their dangerously low energon supply had attacked shockwave's command citadel, shockwave had allowed them to escape in order to track them to their hidden base, he then used reinforcements from earth and captured alita one. megatron playing true to form used her as a bargaining chip to force prime into surrenderring. prime called his bluff and megatron was only too pleased to show him the truth. prime did a double take as his facial features went from shock to relief at seeing her alive to out right horror at seeing his beloved held prisoner by shockwave.

    In a fit of rage Prime went on a solo mission to save her but was captured himself by shockwave. To save her lover from death Alita one had used her special power to temporarily freeze time but doing so had put her in death's doorway in prime's place. To save her life prime searched for alpha trion as he was the only one who could possibly save her now. But their reunion was far too brief. And afterwards, Alpha Trion, for his own reasons, continued to keep the females isolated from the Autobots. Unable to reach her, Prime had bided his time, patiently waiting for a better moment to rebuild their former relationship. This realization burned him with a flood of questions. Why had I decided to wait? Why did I let the females remain hidden? Why didn't I question or challenge Alpha Trion's actions? Why did I so easily accept the status quo? Why, with the resources and authority at my command, didn't I do more? Perhaps, Prime considered ruefully, I was too used to believing she was dead. He had grieved for Elita in the wake of Operation Deadbolt, and for a long time, was not certain if he would ever accept her death nor did he know if he could truly go on without her in life. she had been his stregth in life,his reason for being and existing. she had given him the strength to go on fighting for his beliefs when the war would rage at its darkest and bloodiest of times. But the burdens of war refused to relent, and they had finally forced him to lay her memories to rest.

    He realized then that she must have had a similar experience. In ironic parallel, the crash of the Ark and the disappearance of its crew must have convinced Elita-1 that Prime was dead. And her response must have mirrored his own: driven by duty, she would have had to accept his death and continued with her own life. Thus their mutual silence. After an absence of four million years, neither one was truly ready for the other. Instead, they both decided to wait -- for a better time, a quieter time -- before trying to find each other again. But that day would never be a reality.

    Roughly ten years ago something happened to Optimus that hit him so hard in such a way that he would never be able to forget this event which would be burned into his mind, into his very soul forever. this was something that would change him over the years Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, was alone in his private quarters, receiving a personal transmission from Cybertron. The message was delivered without any preamble.

    "Alita-1 is dead." Prime gaped. Hesitantly, he echoed, "...dead?" there was barely any breath for him to form the words. It was as if someone had just took a full swing of the baseball bat and swung it right into his gut. The image on the display, a frail-looking mechanoid in red and violet, soberly nodded. "But ... how?" Alpha Trion glanced away before answering. "She was leading a team on a mission to raid the Decepticon citadel in Effore. The Decepticons there have invented a new magnetic plasma cannon, and we needed the plans, both to discover its weaknesses and to build our own. "They were spotted on the way out. Elita ordered the others to escape while she stayed to distract the Decepticons. But Megatron had greater numbers, and they finally had her injured and cornered. Rather than risk being captured and ... 'interrogated,' she threw herself into a smelting pool." Prime's optics widened. "A smel-- there's ... there is no body?" "No. We learned all of this by intercepting Megatron's final report. I see no reason not to believe it." A stifling silence filled the room. Eventually, in a husky whisper, Prime said, "Thank you." "There's one more thing," Alpha Trion quickly added. "We found a sealed box among Elita's personal possessions. It had a note attached to it, instructing us to deliver it to you upon her death." Prime hissed softly. "I see." A pause. "I shall send someone to retrieve it." "Good. Tell your courier to go to the ruins of my first shop. I'll meet him there." With a nod, Prime said again, "Thank you." Alpha Trion hesitated then, as if searching for more to say. But he did not find it, and an instant later, the screen blinked to black.

    Prime slumped into his chair, unable and unwilling to do anything but absorb the news. He remained still for several minutes, making neither sound nor movement, a hauntingly immobile golem of red and blue then for the first time in 4 million years optimus grieved for the death of his beloved , the tears came and he could do nothing but cover his face and cry, though the fluid his optics secreted existed primarily for cleansing purposes it made his emotions no less real. he cried till he could grieve no more. he got up and screamed a deafening soul shattering scream that came from the very grief ridden depths of his spark. his entire body froze up on him in midscream as every muscle cable throughout his entire body suddenly convulsed and spasmed as his muscles locked up on him making his arms, legs and back grow taught , he arched his back outward, his hands clawed and raked the air as he pulled his arms in towards his chest as though he were trying to pull the very heavens themself down to him through sheer force of will as his scream shook the very room itself to its foundations. this time their was no way for him to come to terms with her death. prime gave in to his anger at himself for failing to protect her, at megatron for being so underhanded and low and at him self again for believing that megatron could have ever had any sense of honor in life after all they hade been through over the years working together time and again when circumstances made it neccesary for them to work as a team to preserve their mutual coexistance in life.

    they had learned to trust each other's actions. they had trusted each other with their very lives even. for megatron to have gone that low right now. he might as well have cut prime off at the knees and ripped out his spark while doing so. prime wanted nothing more then to end his own life with a well placed laser blast to his very spark. he kneeled on the floor as he reached for his rifle with his left hand. then he moved his right hand as he brought it up to touch his forehead then down touching his chest,then to the left and right shoulder as he made the sighn of the cross. he willed his chest cavity open. his armored chest assembly split cleanly down the middle folding out to the sides exposing the matrix annex that covered his lasercore. he willed that to fold out as well.

    then steadying his hands he aimed his rifle at his spark as he tilted his head forward in a silent prayer for mercy as he closed his optics a tear spilled down the left and right side of his face mask his hands tensed around the trigger trembling as he attempted to kill himself , and he could not. his honor and his beliefs would not allow such a thing. he had saw himself as a gaurdian in life. a peacekeeper. a man who would give his life for his friends and comrades in a heart beat if need be, an autobot at heart in the truest sense of the word. as such it was his sworn duty in life to defend the beliefs of honor, life and freedom . over time on earth he had come to see that as being all to similer to the honor bound knight of old. to die by ones own hand would be a damning act indeed by his or the knights code of honor. one great enough to damn him to an eternity in the inferno. it would end his suffering in life but it would not reunite him with his beloved though.

    he forced his chest to close up seamlessly. in rage he threw his weapon to the ground with such force the casing cracked in 2. instead he took out his anger on the walls. he started pounding them relentlessly with his fists. as he poured out his rage, his hate, his anger into pummeling the walls with his fists until they bled energon through the variouse wounds prime had inflicted on himself. feeling all numb inside prime collapsed to his knees as his body struggled to begin internal repairs so as to stem the loss of energon from his severly wounded hands

    prime in his grieving did not notice as the door to his chamber chimed open. "prime." said ironhide "i've completed my rounds of the base sir" spoke primes right hand man as he walked in to report to his leader. "were secure so far as the base and outlying defense perimeter are- prime what happened? asked the large grey and red transformer as he ran over to his commander placeing his right hand on primes shoulder, " optimus talk to me" said ironhide as he took in the cracks and holes and dents in the walls. "how bad is it? a look of dread on his face said it all. "she's..... gone ironhide" prime chocked out as the tears and the shakes began all over for him. "she's gone, and there was nothing i could do to save her. i.."i should have been there to protect her, to keep her safe i should have taken her and her team back to earth where they would have had a better chance in this war. "oh primus" said iron hide realising that his friend had tried to replace his emotional pain with physical pain instead.He already knew what happened last time this had come to pass. when she had died that first time optimus simply was not able to come to terms with her death and without even rationalising his actions he had reflexively severed the main arteriel energon line trailing from his pump to his wrists if it weren't for ironhide making his rounds at the time and calling racthet every name in the book as he called him over the comsystem optimus would have been a goner for sure. "prime are you going to be okay?, should i call in rachet and first aid?

    "no ironhide my friend this pain goes far deeper then anything physically possible, this terible pain is in my spark as well as my mind and body. "please ironhide just... give me some time alone. send cosmos to cybertron. alpah trion has a package from her, have him deliver it to me my friend. ironhide looked into his friends soft blue fluid stained optics scared of what he might do to himself. i cant talk him out of it theres just no way i could thought ironhide to himself but with teletran 1 monitoring him he should be safe for the time being."All right prime i'll leave you be for now but im taking your laser cannon with me just in case" said ironhide as he picked up primes weapon and walked out throught the door way. "Primus help us all if he cant shake this man" thought ironhide to himself.

    In a way megatron had won, the death of Alita 1 would do the one thing to pime he never could do to him. it destroyed him as a man. only time would tell if prime would ever recover from this incident. life went on as usual in the base. wheeljack making the new discovery in his lab, the lambo twins taking verbal potshots at eachother and rachet checking over his comrades for repairs through out the day. time passed and surprisingly there was no news of a decepticon attack at all perhaps it was coincidense or perhaps the decepticon commander had a heart in a way who's to say?

    evening came and with it the coming night as wellCosmos had returned from Cybertron just fifteen minutes ago. He had not asked any embarrassing questions about the package or its contents, for which Prime was grateful. Leadership left almost no room for privacy, and he had learned to cherish what little he had. He had made sure he would not be disturbed tonight. Metal fingers ran slowly over the box, delicately tracing the edges of the caldonite seal, still intact. The half moon gave a ruddy amber glow to the woods, which seemed appropriate somehow. Prime studied the box with a false indifference, examining it haphazardly as he memorized every detail. There was little to note -- aside from a coat of red paint, the box was featureless -- but he took his time. Finally, he stopped. Prime pressed his thumb firmly on the seal.

    It dissolved almost immediately, leaving only a thin crust around the border to indicate where it had been. The lid popped with an almost-inaudible click.With a steadiness that surprised himself, Prime opened the box and gingerly reached inside. The tiara glittered innocently in the darkness. Small and unassertive, its beauty came not from overloaded gaudiness, but from the subtle whispering of its arrangement, a confident ordering of crystals and diamonds. It drew the dull moonlight into its multifaceted beauty, then released it in a purifying glimmer. Prime recognized it immediately. It was his first gift to Elita, her favorite piece of jewelry, from a time now long gone.

    Reluctantly, he placed it on the ground, then looked inside the box again. A small, dull sheet of foil was all that remained. He took it gently, surprised when it proved stronger than it looked. On it was a message: Optimus, If you're reading this, I must be gone. I cannot describe how much I missed you, but I had wanted so much for a chance to try. Even so, I believe that you already know how I feel, and I will take that joy with me to whatever lies beyond. Remember me, Elita The note and the tiara were tenderly returned to the box. Holding it in one hand, Optimus Prime, warrior and veteran, protector and sage, Leader of the Autobots, turned his gaze to the stars above... ...and remembered.

    a knights prayer

    Blade with whom i have lived.

    Blade with whom i know die

    serve RIGHT and JUSTICE one last time

    Seek one last heart of evil

    steal one last life of pain

    cut well old friend and then


    my idea of primes prayer for mercy

    as for describing prime in human terms i always saw him as being the most human of all the autobots when i was a kid.

    the song for this scene

    total surrender of the heart

    do you remember when we were young, our life together had just begun.
    he came and set our world on fire, he wanted nothing but greed and power

    i saw our world burning in his eyes, my holding back was compromised.
    when he killed you it broke my heart, i lostcontrol and i went to far

    what i wouldn't give just to hold you in my arms agian
    now i can only imagine our own world that could have been.

    its the total surrender of my heart, and theres no holding back right now. total surrender to the dark, no turning back right now.

    total surrender

    i haven't looked back since that night, his war has taken so many lives
    i gathers my courage to battle on , the wars at its darkest before the dawn

    i struggle with darkness throughout my life, trying to find strength in the light
    without you here though i can't go on, i know i will die when the war is won

    you were the most importent person in my life right then. you were also my lover and my very bestest friend.

    it's the total surrender of my heart. and theres no holding back right now total surrender from the start, no turning back right now.

    total surrender.

    i give my life now in the end, to avenge the death of my friends.
    with his death now the war is won, my strenngth is gone and my time is done.

    i have found my true peace at last, by defending the beliefs of my past.
    i know my beliefs that they will live on in the hearts of generations to come.

    so now ive come back to hold you in my arms again. we're together forever now in our own world that could have been.

    its the total surrender of my heart, and theres no turning back right now.
    total surrender from the start. no holding back right now.
    the total surrender of my heart and theres no turning back right now.
    total surrender from the start. no holding back right now

    total surrender
    total surrender.

    they are an alternate set of lyrics to the song total surrender by stan bush.
    this version of the song would go with that tragedy scene i put together.
    in a way the song forshadows a part of primes life yet to come

    somebody save and enlarge the picture im using for the cover art to this story.
    take a close look at his face plate in the picture. maybe it's just me but i swear as god is my witness prime looks like he's crying, literally crying tears and all.

    this story serves as a prelude to transformers the movie.

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