The Ghost Hunters: Cybertron's Death & the War on Earth

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    TransformersGen1: The Ghost Hunter-Cybertron's Death & the War on Earth

    After 12 years of peace on Cybertron, the Autobots look forward to their days of relaxes as the Decepticon scum have not been seen since the beginning of Cybertron's Golden Age. Optimus Prime, the Leader of Cybertron as he is refered to, has moved Autobot artillaries down to planet Earth for the past 4 years leaving almost half of the Cybertron population defenseless for predicted attacks by Decepticons. Many Autbot forces complain the movements might give the Decepticon forces a greater chance of attack, but Optimus believes these complaints come from neurotic Autobots. Optimus soon then realized his mistake when Galvatron, Zarak & the remaining Decepticon forces attack Cybertron slautering all Autobots that get in the way. Zarak was very impatient looking for Vector Sigma telling Galvatron he will destroy it killing the planet in the process, in which he did exactly. In a battle before Cybertron's death, Optimus Prime lead the Headmaster & Targetmaster forces against Galvatron's Head/Targetmaster forces killing both forces & leaving Optimus missing in battle without a trace. Cybertron's implosion killed the Galvatron & the Decepticon & the Autbot forces that stayed on the planet.
    Cybertron is dead, Optimus has been missing since, all remaining transformers have gone to Earth as their new home world, both sides have no leader, the people of Earth wish both sides extinguished from the planet, rebel forces have risen to help forces of both sides to fight the governments of the world.
    It is the year 2090, rebel forces have come to help the Autobots & the Decepticons against the Governments threatening to kill them all. This does not hide the fact that the Autobots still wage war with the Decepticons on Earth with their human assistants. The Autobot's rebels are known as the Oracals, as the Decepticon's are the Diabolicals. The Oracals are led by multiple leaders as the war wages around the globe, while the Diabolicals are led by one as being a small force of warriors.
    The most well-known leader is Thadeuss Prime(aka Thade Ornezz), as human many dont know he is really an Autobot pretender living a life as human teen & a commander. He & other Oracal leaders have chosen the Autobot leader to be a human-built-former, Crossfire. Thade says the arrival of Optimus prime nears by. Thade has formed small armada of rookie Oracals & Autbots to work in the Chicago Land area, sensing weird Diaolical activity by Lake Michigan there.
    Thade hunts through the streets of Chicago looking for the Head-Diabolical, Mondragon, who is also a Decepticon Pretender. Thade figures Mondragon is responsible for his human parents death before becoming a oracal soldier. Mondragon has also created a new Decepticon leader, Collision, as he awaits the arrival of the great Decepticon leader.
    Thade & his Oracal/Autobot forces wage war against the evil forces of Mondragon & the Diabolical/Decepticon forces & the Government forces.

    Generatiion 1 continues in Ghost+Hunters:Transformers

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