The General Public and the Transformers Movie

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Deefuzz, Jun 6, 2007.

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    I recall some discussions on this in the past, usually brought up within other discussions, but I had never had anything to share in this regard.

    What kind of interactions have you had with outsiders, "normies", non-Transformers fanatics, regarding the movie?

    Two small stories:

    I go out at midnight on June 2nd to purchase some Transformers Movie figures at Wal-Mart. As I head back to the toy section I do see one other person walking towards the front with an arm-full of purchases. I go back, grab my stuff and head up front. The lines are pretty long for after midnight, but one lady calls me over to ring me out as she is opening up a new lane. She looks at my figures as she scans it and says:

    "Are you going to see the movie?"

    "You bet I am," I respond, "How about you?"

    "Oh yes I am really looking forward to it" She responds. Then adds "It looks amazing!"

    "Well I hope you enjoy it, and hopefully we both will want to see it many more times," I say as I am gathering my bags and leaving.

    "Oh I am sure I will." She concludes.

    After some adverse weather in our area recently, my cable box started acting wonky. I called up my cable provider and they sent someone out to look at/replace my box on Tuesday. He takes a look at my cable box in the living room, there are some TF things thrown about on display by my TV, and on the back wall of my dining room which is open to the living room.

    He has to call in, they ask if I have a cable modem because they don't see anything under my file for one. I tell him I do, so he asks to get a number off of it. Into my bedroom we go where my desk is set up, opposite the desk are three large display cabinets full of TF's.

    We go back into the living room and he keeps trying to get the replacement cable box to connect to the company's server (to download channel listings, guides, etc), after a bit he figures it is a bad box and leaves to go get a new one. He comes back about 20 minutes later, installs a new box and boots it up, as we wait for it to boot up he says:

    "So you like Transformers?"

    "Yeah I guess you can say I am a pretty big fan," I repsond with.

    "You going to see that movie?"

    "Definitely, you?" I ask.

    "Oh hell yeah, it looks badass!" He exclaims, then continues with "I had a bunch of those when I was a kid: Optimus Prime, Megatron, that yellow Volkswagen guy"

    "Bumblebee" I add.

    "Yeah him! So I guess he isn't in the movie?" He asks.

    "Oh he is, they just made him a Camaro."

    "Wow, why? That's kinda stupid."

    I then go on to explain the deal with GM, and VW's resistance to being involved with TFs at all (i.e. Alternators).

    He then says, "I don't know why they didn't just do things like they were before, but I still think the movie looks like it could be really awesome, I can't wait to see it"

    And that's all, this was just a couple of things that made me smile as I thought about them. Years ago I had people working at the stores asking me why I was buying Transformers, and now I have people telling me how they can't wait to see the new movie and commenting on how good it looks. Obviously this doesn't happen all the time, and is in no way indicative of the overall public response but I just thought it was cool.

    Anyone else have any similar stories?
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    At the gym I go to this one guy I know Scott when he sees me asks me about the goings on regarding the movie. And the last time I saw him he asked me if Optimus Prime was being played by the same guy in the 80's (Obviously has paid attention to the other lines)

    So I tell him "Yeah it's the same guy" and that met with a positive reaction. He also asked if Starscream would be played by the same guy. I told him no since he died a while ago.

    Some people at the gym know I'm into Transformers stuff. 1 of 'em just to bug me sings the G1 theme...But that's just friendly ribbing between muscleheads :D 
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    I was buingy some dress pants for my cousin's upcoming wedding and one of the clerks was painting a Spider-man silver. He made a joke about calling him "Silver Spider surfer". Anyways, we get to talking about how awful SM3 was and what not. He mentions the TF movie how he wants to see it, but that their not using the original characters of Megatron, BB, and Starscream. I explained who everyone was in their new incarnations, and he said man I wish they would've looked like their old selves.

    All of my friends who are non transformer or anything geeky consumers all see the ads and go, "Look explosions, look giant robots, looks just like every sci-fi movie...It looks great I can't wait!".

    I wanna just punch them, but they are right.:lol 
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    Yesterday I showed my mother the new trailer on our PS3. Now, for the longest time my mother didn't understand why I collect Transformers or why I even cared about them. In fact, when she came into our house to view the trailer, she started questioning me about all the Target, Wal-Mart, and TRU bags in the living which was full of Transformers stuff. Then, Kevin played the trailer and I saw something change in my mother's face. After it finished playing she turned to me with a smile.

    She said: "You know, I really want to see this movie. It looks all technical and appears to be a great action movie." She then gave me a hug and then, "Invite me to see it sometime."


    Now, she still doesn't understand why I collect, but at least now she's open about the movie and would love to see it.
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    My best friend, who doesn't really know anything about Transformers, is pretty excited about it. It wasn't me who got her hyped for it either, apparently her Reserves buddies are excited for it as well.

    As well, my mother thinks it looks fun.
  6. cambaprecoz

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    well, here I go!

    after i saw the first teaser, i was all excited 'bout this!

    i have told all my friends at school about the movie (at first they thought it was animated!) plus a teacher of mine who loves transformers since he was a kid.

    i like, work as an updater, everytime telling whoever asks me there about the movie or news.

    and now, all my friends are expecting this movie since they saw the mtv movie awards and they believd it's very cool! (we sometimes organize to see a certain thing on tv, just to talk about it the next day)

    my whole family is into them too (my fault!)
  7. Dio

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    I showed a couple "normie" coworkers the online trailer.

    Coworker 1's response was to immediately go to the internet and try to find all the information he could, because he thinks it looks so cool. He pretty much came to the table knowing that the series would get an update, and while he doesn't have a very big recognition factor going, he definitely can't wait to see it for himself.

    Coworker 2's response really surprised me - when Optimus transforms in the trailer, recall, they added in the original sound effect. That was probably his favorite part about it - the designs can change, but they "have to keep the sound!"

    Overall, I haven't heard anything negative about the movie yet from people who discuss it with me, which I think is a good sign that it'll be successful.

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