The Full Message of the Golden Disk?

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    I think it's more than a safe assumption

    While I'm sure soundwave might've been capable of forging such a message and just as 100% sure ravage would've been able to tell the difference between a forged message from his master and unoriginal

    Not to mention that I'm sure around which would also be able to recognize any forged work from soundwave

    So I think it's pretty safe to assume it was a real message from the real Megatron
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    “This is Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. And if you are hearing this, it means I failed…this time.” Megatron’s sinister laugh cut through the salty air. “But I know that Transwarp technology is being developed. And so I leave this message to any Decepticon descendants that may find it; change the history that has robbed us of our rightful place, right the destiny that was so clearly wrong this time, and ensure that the glorious Decepticon empire rules in perpetuity. I know not your situation, so I can not give you specific instructions or encouragement, but if even the slightest amount of noble Decepticon programming runs through your circuitry, then you have the ability and strength to find a way! Decepticons forever!” Megatron nodded to Buzzsaw, who ceased recording, transformed to bird mode, flew over to Megatron and landed on his shoulder. In the distance, Ravage watched, but paid only the slightest degree of attention. “Astrotrain, front and center!”

    The large, powerful triple-changer ran from the pallet that he was loading with energon cubes and stopped before Megatron. “Yes, Lord Megatron.”

    “I want you fully fueled and in orbit with Buzzsaw within ten minutes. He will instruct you as to the rough coordinates that you are to travel to. It will take some time for you to find the construct that I need you to find, but I’m confident that you’ll reach it eventually. When the construct is found, Buzzsaw will need to make some modifications to an object on board. Once this is completed, you are to return home.” Megatron reached out and gently, but authoritatively, squeezed the shoulder of Astrotrain. “This mission is either completely unnecessary, or of the most extreme importance. Only time will tell. But you are to treat is as if it's the most important undertaking of you life, is that clear?”

    Astrotrain nodded. “Yes Lord Megatron. I see that it's done and done right.”
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    You are all overthinking this. The message was clearly


    Seriously, folks, not that hard.
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