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    First off, I'm well aware of the foolishness of even trying to do anything regarding Scale in Transformers ever. Also, I'm not a scale nazi normally by any stretch. However with the Animated Allspark Almanac 2, there's an official published scale guide and it was interesting to see who's in proper scale with each other via the guide.

    While the cartoon is inconsistant and sometimes consistantly inconconsistant, via the official scale guides, we seem to have four proper scales of figures. Not every figure fits these scales, but these figures seem to be in correct scale via the published scale guide.

    Smallest Scale Group
    • Blackout
    • Lugnut
    • Legends Optimus Prime

    These figures are practically perfect from the guide. It shows you just how huge those two 'cons are. Blackout could be a tiny bit taller, but the bigger issue is that his head should be farther up on his body, closer to the rotor and above the windows.

    Small Scale Group
    • Voyager Bulkhead
    • Deluxe Waspinator
    • Deluxe Safeguard
    • Activator Soundwave
    • Activator Optimus Prime
    • Activator Ratchet
    • Legends Prowl
    • Legends Bumblebee

    Ratchet is the only one who's a bit off here really; just bend his legs a hair and he's perfect. I used to have Deluxe Soundwave in this group before I got the Almanac just because of how consistantly huge his final form was in "Sound and Fury". This illustrates just how big Safeguard is and only Safeguard due to some mass shifting there. It's also a surprise at just how much mass Waspinator has gained over his prior Wasp form.

    Normal Scale Group
    • Leader Megatron
    • Voyager Starscream, Skywarp, and Sunstorm
    • Voyager Blitzwing
    • Voyager Shockwave
    • Voyager Grimlock
    • Deluxe Optimus Prime
    • Deluxe Sentinel Prime
    • Deluxe Soundwave
    • Deluxe Swindle
    • Deluxe Blacharachnia
    • Deluxe Oil Slick
    • Activators Bumblebee
    • Activators Cliffjumper

    It's kind of funny how the majority of the Decepticons are in scale here. The lineup is very close to perfect.

    Large Scale Group
    • Leader Ultra Magnus
    • Voyager Optimus Prime
    • Voyager Longarm Prime
    • Voyager Wreck-gar*
    • Voyager Hydrodive Bumblebee*
    • Deluxe Ratchet
    • Deluxe Jetfire and Jetstorm
    • Deluxe Jazz
    • Deluxe Prowl
    • Deluxe Ironhide
    • Deluxe Arcee
    • Deluxe Lockdown
    • Deluxe Rodimus*

    I don't currently have any of the figures marked with *, so I'm approximating based on pictures, but they seem to be just fine. This is the most inaccurate lineup, as there are several figures that should be a bit taller (Jetfire and Jetstorm) and a bit smaller (Prowl) but they're all very close. This shows just how small Longarm, Jetfire, and Jetstorm are compared to their larger forms.

    Leader Bulkhead

    Leader Bulkhead is a bit funny. He's essentially right in between the normal and large scales making him a bit large for the normal scale and a bit tiny for the large scale groups. Given the cartoons propensity to make Bulkhead huge ("Autoboot camp"), I lump him in with the Normal Scale Group but really he could fit into either one.

    Close But Not Quite

    The two closest to being included are Snarl and Swoop, both are just too undersized for the Normal Scale Group, more than noticable in the lineup (Snarl more than Swoop), but for someone who is interested in proper scales but not a stickler, they could be stuck in.

    I don't expect anyone to re-arrange their displays to make sure all the figures are scale accurate to each other after this; I'm sure more then a few will care more about the scales shown in a few episodes (or even sequences within a few episodes) than the official scale guide, but there it is. Have fun.
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    I want to point out that something about the Atomic deco for Atomic Lugnut makes him look bulkier. Not taller, but bulkier. He's the same exact figure, but even if I stand him side-by-side with the show accurate figure he just looks bigger for some reason.

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