The Forgotten Years (BW prequel)

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    The following is a fic which I began to work on last year. Originally, it was going to be a BW prequel, but with flashbacks to show what happened after the G1 show until the beggining of the fic. However, no one seemed to read it, and I only managed to finish one chapter and then moved on to something else.

    Then about three months ago, I got the itch to do a BW fanfic once again, and decided to revisit my BW prequel idea, since I REALLY wanted to do it. This time, its only pre-BW stuff, and just like the BW show, I decided to not exactly make it clear which G1 continuity it follows: show or comic. Like the BW show, I have decided to leave it up to the viewer, or in this case reader, which G1 continuity he/she wants the fic to follow.

    Two people have helped me develop new forms for the BW cast. They are two members here called Dio and Blitz_64. I make it very obvious who the characters are, but because I made some name changes to fit their Cybertronian forms someone might mix them up, but I don't think you'll have much problems due to how unique each BW character was. If there's any doubt as to who's who just ask. Anyways, here it goes. I've already finished several chapters, and this time, I've decided to make them shorter, since I find that this way, I sort of strive to put my all into each one. Here are the first two chapters.

    "CHAPTER 1: A New Beggining"

    ***286 stellar cycles after the end of the Great War***


    A cloaked figure made its way through a desolate back-alley of the Cybertronian city-state Argentan, inhabited by Predacons, shunned by their Maximal brethren. Their ancestors had waged a great war across the universe, until after many stellar cycles, the war had finally come to an end. Peace had been relatively constant on Cybertron, despite the repressed hate both the Maximals and Predacons held for each other. But all that was about to change.

    The cloaked figure knocked on a metallic door, as a small, blue, old Predacon opened the door.

    "Oh, its you... come in...", said the old Transformer.

    The cloaked figure entered through the door, not saying a word. The old Transformer locked the door after making sure no one else was outside. The room was filled with bookcases, a personal library of some sort.

    "You have what I asked?", asked the cloaked figure, not wanting to lose any more time.

    "Yes, follow me."

    The old Predacon pushed aside a small bookcase, which covered a small panel embedded on the wall. He punched in a code in a small console next to it. The panel opened, revealing a thick book inside it. The old Predacon took it out and punched in another code, closing the panel. He then placed the bookcase in its original position, making sure it was once again well hidden.

    "The original copies of the Covenant have been lost... this is the best that I could do through my black market connections. However, it is the most complete copy you'll find out there."

    He handed it to the cloaked figure, which skimmed through the pages.

    "What about your part of the bargain?", asked the old Predacon. "Where are the credits?"

    The cloaked figure chuckled, and closed the book. He pulled back his hood, revealing a purple head with red optics, encased in a black helmet.

    "Your credits... yesss.", said the Predacon, reaching into a pocket in the cloak and placing a small rectangular object on the table.

    The old Predacon grabbed it and took out a device, and swiped the small card-looking object through a slot in the device. The screen lit up as the number of Cybertronian credits it contained was displayed on the screen.

    "There's only 50,000 credits here.", complained the old robot. "We had agreed on 100,000!"

    "Take it or leave it."

    As the cloaked Predacon was about to leave the room, a panel in the ceiling opened, which revealed a machine gun inside it. Aimed directly at him.

    "Either you give me the credits now, or I'll blow your head off, and then take the credits from your smoking corpse!", said the old Predacon with a small remote in his hand. "All it takes is the push of this button..."

    Then suddenly, in what appeared to be a split second, the cloaked figure reached out with his free hand and crushed the remote, along with the old robot's hand. He yelled in agony as mech fluid flowed from his crushed hand. The cloaked Transformer pulled back the cloak over his right shoulder, and revealed a rail gun, and aimed it at the old robot's head.

    "I didn't want it this way, but you've left me no choice."

    He said, before he fired his cannon and a burst of laser fire incinerated the old Predacon's head along with parts of his upper chest and shoulders. The body dropped to the floor with a loud thud, lifeless. The cloaked figure began to walk towards the door when he suddenly stopped and turned back to the corpse.

    "The age of Megatron has begun anew. Yesss", said the Predacon, an evil grin across his face. "Quite a shame you won't live to see it...", he said to the dead Transformer.

    ***2 stellar cycles later ***

    MAXIMAL TERRITORY - Sector 21- High Council Building

    Five robots sat in a round table, each with a small computer before them.

    "That last meeting with the Tripedacus Council did not go as planned.", said one of the council members from across the table.

    "You know how stubborn they've always been.", responded another member.

    "Yes, I still don't know why we bother with them. They never agree to any of our terms."

    "Its just like Predacon nature to distrust others."

    "It is us who should be wary of them. I think they're up to something. This whole problem with the trade dispute may just be a cover for something much bigger."

    "As of right now, I don't see what the Tripedacus Council could gain by stabbing us in the back. We Maximals are the ones who keep the trade with other planets alive, due to how much they distrust Predacons. If they decide to betray us, the planet would face bankruptcy."

    "Not if they build an empire."

    "The Predacons serve us as our military force but it is us who provide them with energon and weapons. They can't just decide to go around conquering the planet, let alone other systems. They know its not wise as we could simply cut off their resources."

    "Then what do you recommend we do?"

    "Well, we must of course be cautious, but we should give the Tripedacus Council another chance."

    "Agreed. The last thing we want to do is ruin the Pax Cybertronia."


    A lone Transformer with stripes across his chest, and a blue face with red eyes, encased in an orange helmet walked through a busy city sidewalk. They were littered with pedestrians, and the streets next to him were bustling with heavy traffic. He turned right between two buildings, and entered a deserted, dark alley with trash and puddles of energon waste. He looked around before opening the door to his left. He entered a large and desolate warehouse, forgotten by time. He stood alone for several nanoclicks, when suddenly a tall hooded figure approached.

    "Dinobot, I presume?", said the stranger.

    To Be Continued...
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    "CHAPTER 2: Ideologies"


    "That's right. And I take it you're Megatron?"

    "Ah, you're more keen than I had thought.", said Megatron, who had kept his name to himself after the secret transmissions he had sent Dinobot.

    "You've become quite well known in the Predacon underworld. Some say you're just the kind of Predacon that is needed to bring down the Maximals. And named after the great 'slagmaker', no less."

    "You're quite the military historian yourself from what I gather. Well, let's get down to business shall we? You don't seem like the patient type. As you already know...", said Megatron as he paced around Dinobot. "I'm not happy with the Maximals' rule. Far from it, I want them eradicated... or rather enslaved. Just like we are now."

    Dinobot began laughing, "Yes, but how do you intend to do that? The Maximals all the trade and resources henceforth they have the power. And the Tripedacus Council won't support a full scale war."

    "Precisely. Which is why I'm building a small mercenary force, which will bring the Maximals to their knees."

    "What are you ever going to achieve with a small force?"

    "You see, Dinobot, after organizing this mercenary force, I plan to take the Maximals' precious Golden Disk."

    "You're joking."

    "On the contraire. There's a tale which tells about how the Golden Disk contains the location of several energon deposits scattered across the galaxies. I'm sure you're familiar with it."

    "Yeah, your point."

    "If these tales are true, imagine all the energon we could amass. More than enough to power a full-scale rebellion against the Maximals. And one of our first objectives once we return will be to obliterate the Tripedacus Council. Yesss."

    "A sound plan.... except for the risks involved. The Golden Disk is held in one of the most heavily guarded facilities on Cybertron, and there's no guarantee we'll find the energon. And if we actually manage to do all that, there's the problem of recruiting enough Predacons and--"

    "I can accomplish all that and more, believe me. However, I need those to stand at my side before anything else, and someone to be my second in command."

    "And where do I fit into all this? Why did you contact me before anyone else?"

    "Because you're one of the most efficient mercenaries in Cybertron. You're exactly the kind of Predacon I want by my side."

    "What's in it for me?"

    "Cybertron, Dinobot... and everything in it."


    A red jet rocketed through the tall skyscrappers which made up Zeto's skyline. His name was Jetison, a backstabbing mercenary, who had just doublecrossed the wrong Predacon. He was being pursued by three more jets, which although fast, didn't match his speed and maneurability. One of the pursuing jets fired two missiles, but Jetison dove to the side and dodged the projectiles. He made his way beneath one of his pursuers and fired his armor piercing rounds, tearing through his enemy.

    The doomed jet spiralled out of control and smashed into a nearby building, flames and smoke spewing everywhere. Predacons below scattered as the jet's remaining pieces crashed into the busy streets.

    Jetison then attacked his second pursuer with his machine guns, but the jet managed to dive to its right. Jetison pursued but couldn't quite lock on. This one seemed like a better flyer than the last one, but that wasn't saying much. In a daring maneuver, the jet made a U-turn and fired a missile. Jetison transformed as he executed a roll, avoiding the missile. And just as his pursuer flew past him, he grabbed on to his wing. With his free hand, Jetison drew his rifle and fired into the jet's frame, the rounds tore through its armor with ease. He used his weight to destabilize the jet's flight and led it straight into another building, but not before he hopped off, narrowly avoiding death.

    Just as the second jet plummeted into its death, the third one, which he had forgotten about, shot him in the back. Jetison was blasted out of the sky and crashed on top of a nearby building's roof. Then just as he had begun getting up, the third jet transformed into its robot mode. The Predacon landed in front of Jetison, and aimed his missile launcher right at Jetison's head.

    "Any last words, traitor?", said the Predacon as he prepared to pull the trigger.

    Suddenly, a strange rotating blade tore through his chest cavity, going right through his spark chamber. He dropped his weapon, and attempted to say something, but the mech fluid gushing from his mouth prevented him from doing so. As he fell to the ground, his executioner revealed itself to be Dinobot. He pulled the sword from the corpse and stood silent as he wiped the mech fluid off his blade with a cloth. A cloaked figure appeared behind him, and pulled its hood back revealing itself as Megatron.

    "Jetison, a most infamous mercenary.", he said. "Efficient and to the point, but not the most loyal. Whoever hires you is taking a calculated risk."

    "And who might you be?", asked Jetison, finally getting back to his feet.

    "But of course, how rude of me. I am Megatron. And you are now under my employment.", he said with a smirk.

    To Be Continued...
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    Hey jet, good to know you are still writing. I definitely remember the first chapter.

    Good reading overall, I hope you'll write some more.
    You'll never know, you might want to continue your RiD story, too? :D 
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    Next one. Comments are much appreciated. Gonna see if I'll post chapter 4 later tonight.

    "CHAPTER 3: Unlikely Alliances"


    Megatron had chosen an abandoned underground energon disposal facility as the meeting place for his new mercenary force. Before him and Dinobot stood four Predacons. These included Jetison, plus a green and yellow robot called Rotor with helicopter blades in his back and a split cockpit in his chest, Barrage who bore a black coloration, huge claws and a giant cannon mounted on his back, and finally a red and blue robot called Strafe with wheels on his arms and legs indicating some sort of car form.

    "You each know why you've been gathered.", said Megatron as he marched before them. "You're mercenaries, but now, mercenaries with a noble purpose. Once we undertake on this quest there will be no turning back. I trust you'll all be with me until the bitter end."

    They all silently nodded.

    "Excellent.", he said as he smiled towards Dinobot. "Our first move will be simple: stealing a piece of technology from an Autobot facility."

    "What?", said Jetison. "What good will that do?"

    "Patience, Jetison, patience. The only thing you all have to do is follow my orders to the letter and gain my trust. Once you do, all will be revealed."

    "So what are we stealing?", asked Strafe, puzzled.

    M.E.A. (Maximal Explorer Academy)

    One of the Maximal's most accomplished fields was exploration. In this academy, Maximals trained to become part of crews which explored the vast reaches of space. The crews also used advanced stasis pods from which explorers are launched into planets, in which they'll aquire the form of any native beings, to more fully explore the planet. Many systems had been discovered thanks to them, but there were still so many to find.

    A black and white robot with a mouth embedded in a faceplate and antenna stood in the middle of what appeared to be a fighting arena. This was Primal, one of the Academy's most accomplished members and now not only was he a captain, but when he wasn't out in space exploring distant galaxies, he trained young recruits.

    This time his student was Speedbreaker, who so far, seemed to have a promising future. Daring, and brave, but like many young Maximals who joined the Academy, brash and at times absolutely careless. They were sparring in hand-to-hand combat. Maximals were a peaceful race, but the same couldn't be said for the rest of the universe. Sometimes, a planet's inhabitants could be hostile, even deadly. And Maximals must be ready to fight for their lives.

    Speedbreaker charged and swung his fist, but Primal moved to the side and grabbed him by the wrist. Then with one quick shift in balance, slammed Speedbreaker into the ground.

    "You can't be so agressive.", Primal said, laughing. "Try to calm yourself. Anger clouds your thoughts."

    "That's what you always say, Big Bot.", said the yellow Maximal, getting up. He was obviously angry. "And it never works!"

    "Don't be so sure. Again..."

    This time Speedbreaker jumped into the air and pounced, but he inmediately received an open palm strike in the chest, slamming him into the ground once again.

    "What did I just tell you? You're leaving yourself open for attacks."

    Speedbreaker got up again and slowly closed in for another attack. This time, he did as told and stayed calm. He attempted a roundhouse kick, but Primal blocked with his forearm and parried with a jab. Speedbreaker managed to dodge it however and sank his elbow in Primal's abdomen. He was pushed back several feet and then received a punch to the faceplate. Speedbreaker tried to keep up the pressure with another punch, but Primal ducked and with a sweeping kick, knocked the young Maximal off his feet. Just as he was getting back up a kick from Primal made him think otherwise, but the foot stopped just inches away from his face.

    "I think that'll be all for today.", said Primal backing away.

    Speedbreaker got back to his feet, his face filled with frustration and anger.

    "Come on, you did much better this time.", said Primal after he noticed.

    "Yeah, but not good enough. So when do I get to go on an actual mission?"

    "Sorry, Speedbreaker, but not quite yet. You still need to pass the finals."

    "Come on, Big Bot. That slag is useless... you know I've got what it takes."

    "Yes, but until you're cleared by the M.E.A. I can't take you anywhere! And that's--", Primal was interrupted by his comlink beeping. "Yes?"

    Speedbreaker couldn't hear, but he saw a puzzled look in Primal's face.

    "I'll be right there.", he said before the comlink was turned off.

    "What is it?", asked Speedbreaker.

    "Some kind of technology has been stolen from a research facility in Sector 54.", said Primal as he raced out of the room. Speedbreaker followed suit.

    In the main hall of the M.E.A. several Maximals stood in front of a gigantic screen engraved into the wall. The news channel was always on, so everyone in the Academy was aware of any important events.

    Primal and Speedbreaker arrived, and pushed their way amongst the crowd to get a better view.

    "A robbery took place in a Cybercorp facility in Sector 54, and authorities still have no leads on who commited the robbery.", said the blue newscaster. "The robbers apparently stole some strange new type of technology which authorities have neglected to shed more light on. We'll keep you informed on any new developments."

    "Wow, who do you think did it?", asked Speedbreaker.

    "Could be anyone.", said Primal.

    "Could be Preds?"

    "I sure hope not. It could create even more problems between our coexistence. Its bad enough as it is."

    Suddenly, Primal's comlink beeped once again.

    "Yes?... Yeah, I saw it. Alright, give me 5 cycles."

    He turned off his comlink and began heading for the elevator.

    "Big Bot, what's going on?", asked Speedbreaker.

    "Sorry, Speedbreaker, you can't come with me this time.", he said as the doors closed.

    To Be Continued...
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    Next chapter. Major Samurai Champloo reference in this one. In fact, you'll find a lot of references to it and Cowboy Bebop too since they're my favorite animes ever.

    "CHAPTER 4: Casting Suspisions"

    Primal entered a dark room, composed mainly of several computers and strange equipment. In front of one of the computers sat a large green, brown and gold robot with tires on his arms and treads on his legs. This was Halftrack, an old friend of Primal and one of the M.E.A.'s most accomplished engineers.

    "So what do you have for me, Halftrack?", asked Primal as he looked at several of the equipment around him.

    "Well, you know all the scientific connections I have.", he said as he turned the chair around. "One of them told me that the stolen equipment was a 'Nucleon Generator'."

    "Nucleon? Why does that sound so familiar?"

    "It should. It was a primitive energy source the Autobots discovered when energon was running too short. However, it came with several after-effects."

    "Yeah, now I remember: loss of transformation. But from what I heard it was more powerful than energon."

    "Much more. Which is why scientists have been trying to stabilize it, but it was shut down after a while due to how difficult it proved to be. The project began again a few stellar cycles ago, and scientists thought that after the mass upgrade, our new bodies would make it easier to handle the nucleon."

    "And this generator?"

    "This device is able to use nucleon and turn it into manageable energy, safe for use by Cybertronians. Hypothetically speaking of course. It hasn't been tested yet."

    "So who do you think stole it?"

    "Not even my sources could tell me that. It was done by proffesionals though, I'll tell you that."

    "So what could they do with it?"

    "As of now, they're in more danger than us if they're planning to use it on themselves. However, I suppose they could use it on something else..."

    "That's just Prime... Like?"

    "To power a machine or a device of some sort. It would take some major tech knowledge for that though. Keep in mind, its still pretty much in the experimental stage."

    "You think the High Council already knows?"


    PREDACON TERRITORY - Sector 87 - 3 Decacycles later

    Megatron and his Predacon team had made their hideout in an abandoned underground sewage filtration chamber. Several computers and other equipment had been installed inside the chamber. A rather crude place, but it had to do for the meantime.

    They were the ones who had stolen the Nucleon Generator, and they had also managed to steal two other Maximal devices in the last two decaycles. However, so far Megatron had neglected to explain to the Predacons why they were stealing these devices. Not even Dinobot knew what Megatron had planned.

    As Barrage researched on where they could find the next device Megatron wanted to add to his collection, Dinobot made his way towards the exit.

    "Where are you going?", asked Barrage.

    "I'm just going out for a while.", said Dinobot. "I think you'll do fine without me for a couple of cycles."

    He pressed a panel on the wall, and a door opened. Before he left, him and Barrage exchanged a cold stare for a brief moment. Barrage was enraged that Dinobot was second in command, and even though he never said it out loud it was very obvious to Dinobot and even Megatron. Quite strange, considering for how little he had known Megatron.

    Sector 105

    Dinobot entered his favorite bar, and sat on one of the stools.

    "Unleaded.", he told the bartender.

    "Sure haven't seen you around here in a while, Dinobot.", he said as he prepared the drink.

    "Well, I've been very busy these past Decacycles, Nozzle.", said Dinobot before taking a sip of the energon.

    "Yeah, I heard you've got a new manager."

    "You... could say that."

    "You know, your manager is upsetting the Tripedacus Council.", he whispered.

    "We know that. What else is new?"

    "Actually, you know how the word of mouth goes around in this place. I keep hearing rumors about a reformatted Decepticon who has been hired to take care of your 'manager'."

    "Really? Who?", he said smiling.

    "Believe me, if I knew I would tell you. I think you should back out of this deal you've made, Dinobot. The Council is too dangerous."

    "Like there's any other hope for--"

    Dinobot stopped as he noticed a tall, black Transformer, with a skull-like head encased in a helmet. His red optics burned eerily from the inside of his sockets. Attached to his back was a scabbard, positioned in a way that would ease the drawing of the strange blade inside. He sat in the stool next to Dinobot, who stopped staring after the Predacon had sat down.

    "Unleaded.", said the stranger.

    "Interesting sword you have there.", said Dinobot.

    "I forged it myself.", said the stranger. "You're a fan of blades?"

    "In some ways."

    "What were you gonna tell me, Dinobot?", asked Nozzle.

    The mere mention of his name caused the stranger's optics to burn even more intensely, but only Dinobot seemed to take notice of this.

    "It was nothing. I'll tell you some other time."

    "Dinobot? Peculiar name...", said the stranger, puzzled.

    "What about you? Got a name?"

    The stranger drank a sip of the energon and said, "Crossblades."

    Dinobot merely smirked.

    Dinobot and Crossblades walked through the busy streets as they chatted and then made their way through an abandoned back-alley.

    "So, what do you think of that renegade, Megatron?", asked Dinobot.

    "I'm afraid I don't interest myself in politics anymore, but I have heard things about him. Looks like the Tripedacus Council is not too happy with him and his band of rogues.", remarked Crossblades.

    "I don't know about you but something tells me that renegade is gonna meet his end very soon."

    "More than likely. But there's ways around that."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I heard this story once. About a Decepticon during the reign of the original Megatron: this individual had taken charge of a small group of warriors and had created a plan to rid himself of the Autobots forever and gain supreme control of the Decepticon race."

    "Just like every single other Decepticon leader."

    "Quite. However, the plan backfired, Megatron tracked him down and destroyed him."


    "And... it is said that a few decacycles before that, a group of scientists working for him had managed to find a way to transfer his conscience into another body, without the need of his spark. They think this Decepticon went ahead with the procedure before his death."

    "Interesting, so what do you think happened?"

    "Well, he was never heard from again so either this new body is still in stasis... waiting to be awakened. Or it didn't work and he's dead."

    "Sure looks like it. Then again, I guess he had a reason for his actions, right? Just like how Megatron must have his reasons. Its not like us Predacons are doing that well to begin with."

    "I guess not. Well, Dinobot, I guess its time for me to head out."

    "Farewell, Crossblades. I hope we... meet again someday."

    "Same here."

    As quickly as they had started walking away from each other however, Dinobot turned back around and drew his sword, pointing it at Crossblades.

    "You're him, aren't you? The assasin who the Council has sent?", smiled Dinobot. "Yeah, and who better to send than Bludgeon himself?"

    The Predacon laughed, knowing his cover wouldn't have lasted too long. He turned around and quickly drew his sword.

    "I knew you would see through my disguise. After all, I can tell by your name that you know more about Cybertronian history than most."

    "I have to admit, its gonna be interesting fighting a ghost. I was under the impression you were killed by the original Megatron. I take it the operation was a success?"

    Bludgeon laughed at the comment. "Very perceptive."

    He readied himself for attack, and Dinobot quickly charged, but Bludgeon in a split nanoclick swung his sword and a strange wave of energy shot forth from the blade. Dinobot was caught off-guard and had only time to block the strange attack with his sword. He was succesful, but he inmediately began to feel a sharp pain in his hands.

    He ignored it, however, and once again charged. He swung his sword, but Bludgeon ducked and moved underneath his arm and attacked. Dinobot's back was slashed, but the injury wasn't too serious. He attacked again, this time with a downward slash, but Bludgeon moved aside, and with a quick sweep kick, knocked Dinobot on his back. Bludgeon executed the final blow but instead of killing his adversary, he stopped, the blade just inches away from Dinobot's face.

    "Where's Megatron.", asked Bludgeon.

    "You really think I'll tell you?"

    "No, however--"

    Bludgeon was interrupted by the sound of a mob of Predacons which apparently had heard the commotion and were headed their way. He quickly sheated his sword, and gave Dinobot space to get back to his feet.

    "Meet me in Sector 74 exactly a week from now.", said Bludgeon. "If you tell me where Megatron is, the Council won't arrest you for aiding him. If not, you'll die along with him. Think about it, Dinobot."

    He ran through the dark alleys and dissappeared from sight. Dinobot then looked at his hands and noticed that his palms were dripping with mech fluid. Whatever that energy wave had been, it sure seemed to give Bludgeon an advantage. For the first time in his life, Dinobot felt fear.

    He was brought back to reality by the sound of the mob of Predacons headed his way. He quickly transformed into his monster truck form and drove at full speed back to the Predacon hideout.

    To Be Continued...
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    Alls I can say is......WOW, the Beast Wars have been and always will be my favorite Transformers program. And the way you're writing about Pre-Beast Wars is awesome. You have inspired me to try harder on my fic, which im gonna post here on this site.
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    pretty cool if you ask me. I always enjoy a story set before Beast Wars, post G1.
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    Thanks for the comments everyone. Its what makes writing worth it. This one's a bit longer than the ones I've posted so far, but I don't think you'll have a problem with it. Enjoy:

    "CHAPTER 5: Honor and Glory"

    The door to the hideout opened, and inside came Dinobot. Barrage and Jetison stared at him as he made his way toward his makeshift quarters. He locked himself in and sat in a chair. He once again stared at his palms, the mech fluid had stopped due to his internal repair systems, but the wounds were still there. He fired his optical beams into both palms, adjusting the power to weld the wounds. After a few nanoclicks he was done, and then began contemplating on how to defeat this new foe.

    He didn't trust Megatron too much, but he wasn't about to give up his deal with him. Dinobot lived by a Predacon code of honor, and even though it could be twisted for his own needs, he still didn't want to hand Megatron over to the Council. After thinking hard, he got up and exited the room.

    "Why is Dinobot acting so strange? Rotor confused.", asked the Predacon.

    "Beats me.", said Jetison. "Like I care anyway."


    Dinobot was alone in one of the empty filtration chambers, practicing with his sword. As he executed a horizontal slash, he heard someone approaching. He quickly turned around and saw who it was.

    "Megatron. To what do I owe the honor?", said Dinobot as he kept practicing.

    "No particular reason. Other than that I was just wondering why you're acting so strangely."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, you've been more of a loner than usual."

    "I have no idea what you--"

    His words were cut short by a blast impacting into the wall beside him. He turned back to Megatron, the rail gun in his shoulder cooling down after firing.

    "I don't intend for you to tell what's going on, but I'll tell you this: you better sort it out quickly. We're supposed to be a close-knit group and I can't have anyone backing out when we're so close to our goal."

    "I'm not backing out of anything. Why don't we just take the Golden Disk now instead of wasting time?!"

    "We can't take it that way. Its safely guarded. We're not sufficiently equipped for it. Once we gather all the components I need, we'll be ready to take it."

    "How about telling the rest of them? Morale isn't at its highest right now."

    "Don't forget, Dinobot. this is also a test of their loyalty. Like I told them, if they follow my orders to the letter they'll prove their dedication and gain my full trust,. Well, part of my trust... yesss."

    "Whatever you say."

    Megatron's smirk dissappeared and he began walking out of the chamber, when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

    "By the way, I never bothered to ask you.", he said. "Why 'Dinobot'?"

    "The Dinobots, although Autobots, were one of Cybertron's best warriors, feared by all for their power and fighting abilities. The fact that they fought against our ancestors means nothing to me."

    Megatron didn't say anything, instead he resumed walking.


    Dinobot made his way towards the hideout's exit when suddenly Barrage stepped in front of him.

    "Leaving again without Megatron's permission?", he said.

    Dinobot merely smiled, "Like I need to explain my actions to you, drone."

    Barrage's clawed hands opened and revealed his missile launchers. Dinobot simultaneously drew his sword.

    "Enough!", said Megatron. "As amusing as this is we have better things to do than bicker amongst ourselves. We'll be making our move in 37 megacycles. I don't care where you go, just as long as you make it back by then. Do we understand each other, Dinobot?"

    "Affirmative.", said Dinobot.

    Barrage nodded reluctantly before he lowered his weapons and stepped out of the way. Dinobot transformed and left the hideout.

    "Barrage, use one of your trackers. I want to know where he's going.", ordered Megatron as soon as the doors closed.

    The loyal Predacon inmediately launched a small scout drone from one of his claws, which flew through one of the pipes on the roof. Once outside, the tracker locked on to Dinobot's signal and followed him stealthily.

    SECTOR 74

    Dinobot drove through the ruins of what was once a Decepticon information gathering building, now just decayed rubble. Atop one of the pieces of rubble sat Bludgeon in deep meditation. His optics came back to life as soon as he heard the rumble of an engine and saw Dinobot screech to a halt in front of him and transform.

    "Glad you haven't dissappointed me.", said Bludgeon as he got to his feet, drawing his sword. "Then again, I was positive you'd come."

    "Why are you working for the Council?", asked Dinobot. "Your views don't exactly agree with theirs."

    Bludgeon laughed."You see, my new frame was safely hidden away in one of my scientific facilities. The Autobots bombed the place, but my frame went undamaged due to the protective chamber in which it was stored. However, since the only ones who knew about it were destroyed, I stayed in stasis."

    Unbeknownst to the two warriors, Barrage's scout drone monitored them closely.


    "Interesting, yesss.", said Megatron as he stared into the monitor. "Very interesting indeed."

    "Do we make a move, Megatron?", asked Barrage.

    "No, let Dinobot handle it. For now..."

    SECTOR 74

    "It was only until 154 stellar cycles after the Great War had ended that the Tripedacus Council had found my body and rebuilt me into a Predacon.", continued Bludgeon. "I pledged my allegiance only as a means to hide my original motives. But then I understood how utterly primitive they were. Yes, the belief that only one being can control an entire planet is ludicrous at best. A unified council is needed, one which wants what's best for the planet, not for themselves... not just lust for power."

    "Yeah, the Tripedacus Council sure has outdone itself. Look where we are! Look what we are! We Predacons are nothing but pests to these slagging Maximals, and they're doing nothing to take back control of the planet."

    "The Predacons' predicament is due to the Pax Cybertronia, it was the only way we could create peace between us and their kind. Believe me when I tell you, the Council has big plans in store for the Maximals. However, Megatron is threatening this plan. We simply can't allow that."

    "Well, I hate to break it to you, but I'm not telling you where Megatron is.", said Dinobot while he drew his sword.

    Bludgeon seemed dissappointed, but not surprised. "I thought so. Too bad, you had potential. Now I'll have to destroy you as well."

    "You should have gotten your scientists to create you another frame. You'll need it."

    "I'm afraid the technology died with them when I had them killed. I couldn't risk anyone else getting a hold of it. Besides, you should know more than anyone, I was already a master of metallikato before my death. I have now evolved that style into something much more grand. You're impossibly outmatched."

    "You mean that attack the other day?"

    "That and more..."

    "All right, enough talk. Unless one of your new techniques is boring me to death."

    Bludgeon smiled. "As you wish..."

    He swung his sword like in their last encounter, unleashing the wave attack. This time Dinobot was ready and jumped over the deadly energy. He charged Bludgeon and swung his sword, but Bludgeon blocked. Dinobot tried to push Bludgeon, but it was like attempting to move a building. Bludgeon laughed again, and pushed his opponent, knocking him on his back.

    "Excellent, you've exceeded my expectations. But now it ends!

    He jumped into the air and as he was coming down tried to crush Dinobot's skull with his fist, but he quickly rolled to his side and barely avoided the mortal blow. However, the worned down ground beneath them crumbled, and both fighters were sent tumbling down into the darkness. The scout drone followed the fighters' fall.

    They ended up in the sewers, splashing into the ankle deep water. Bludgeon managed to land on his feet and awaited Dinobot's oncoming attack. The latter quickly got up and attacked, slashing his sword wildly. Bludgeon easily dodged three slashes, and blocked two others. Dinobot attempted a snap kick, but Bludgeon moved out of the way. Infuriated, Dinobot attacked once more, this time with a downward slash, followed by a horizontal one. Bludgeon dodged both and with one quick swing, cut right through Dinobot's side.

    Mech fluid gushed from the wound as Dinobot stumbled away from his adversary. Bludgeon swung, but Dinobot ducked, the blade barely missing his neck. He gathered his remaining strength and hopped towards the wall behind him, and used his legs to gain momentum as he hopped back to Bludgeon. The latter jumped back as Dinobot's blade missed his chest cavity by just inches. Dinobot didn't give his enemy a chance to recover and kept up the pressure.

    Bludgeon ducked under the first swing and blocked the second one, and with one quick maneuver with his wrist, disarmed Dinobot, and made him lose the grip on his sword. He followed it with a quick elbow strike to Dinobot's abdomen and then a spinning kick to the face. Dinobot went flying in the opposite direction, and crashed into the sewer walls.

    "Why are you so intent on protecting this Megatron?", asked Bludgeon. "Is it your honor?"

    "You could say that...", said Dinobot as he wiped the mech fluid from his face. "Besides-- I'm having the time of my life right now."

    "Same here. Unfortunately, everything must come to an end sometime."

    Bludgeon's optics burned intensely as he prepared for another wave attack. Dinobot drew his spinning blades, which doubled as a shield. As Bludgeon unleashed the attack, Dinobot blocked. However, this time the wave was so strong that it completely pulverized the shield and struck his chest. Mech fluid gushed forth from his mouth, and he collapsed on the wall behind him. However, he had blocked just in time and managed to not only weaken the wave, but deflect some of the energy back. Bludgeon was taken by surprise as his sword was knocked out of his hands, followed by mech fluid dripping from his palms.

    All living beings have an energy aura around them, even those who are mechanical. Masters of metallikato were taught this, but none had thought it possible to use this aura of energy as a weapon, except Bludgeon. He was just beginning to learn how to manipulate this aura, however he was killed by Megatron before he could completely master it. He got a second chance after his revival and had managed to weaponize it. This along with his exceptional skills prior to his death made him the most dangerous Predacon under the Tripedacus Council's rule. He had killed countless of Transformers, Predacon and Maximal alike with this technique, without having to even make physical contact with most of them. However, there was only one problem with it: he couldn't find a way to project it with his own hands. An object was needed, preferably a sword.

    Disarmed, and shocked by what had just happened, Bludgeon lost his clarity. "No matter, I'll destroy you with my bare hands!"

    He charged the near-dead Dinobot, but he quickly came back to life and fired his optic beams directly into his adversary's optics, blinding him for a few nanoclicks. He took the chance, grabbed his sword and charged. The last thing Bludgeon saw as he regained his vision was Dinobot's sword tearing through his chest and straight into his spark. Both fighters collapsed into the sewage water, and remained motionless for a few nanoclicks.

    Then Dinobot rose and pulled his sword from Bludgeon's inanimate body. He saw as his optics faded slowly until they were no more. He reflected on what had just happened for a few nanoclicks, before cleaning the mech fluid off his sword with the water, and sheated it back into his scabbard.

    "Everything must come to an end sometime...", he remembered Bludgeon say. For some reason, these words were weighing heavily on him.


    Megatron couldn't help but smile as he saw Dinobot transform and dissappear from the scout drones view view. He turned off the monitor, and rose to his feet.

    To Be Continued...
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    Whoa, great stuff! Your battle scenes are excellent :) 
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    Good stuff, can't wait for more :)  BW forever!
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    Great stuff, keep it coming! :D 
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    Thanks for the comments, everyone. Sorry for the long wait. Been busy applying to a college and that kinda stuff. Before we start however, I'd like to show you what Megatron transforms into. He transforms into Metal Gear Rex, from my favorite video game series, Metal Gear Solid:


    "CHAPTER 6: It Comes With the Territory"


    Megatron was the first to enter the hideout, followed by Rotor and Barrage, who carried a large device into the room. Dinobot, Strafe and finally Jetison then followed, the latter imputting a code on the computer next to the door, which closed and locked itself. He stared for a few moments into the wall until he punched it in rage.

    "I've had enough!", yelled Jetison. "No more risking our skidplates for these slagging things."

    He slowly walked up to Megatron, who had a smirk in his face. "Ah yesss, the inevitable usurper. Somehow, I had no doubt it would be you."

    "How come I have to keep risking my neck when I still haven't even seen any payments? I don't even know what I'm doing this for!"

    "I already told you...", said Megatron, calm as ever. "Once you complete the tasks which I've assigned you, I will explain my plans."

    "Rotor think Jetbot should shut up.", said Rotor as he grabbed Jetison's arm. "Do you have death wish?"

    "You shut up.", he answered as he pulled his arm free. "Don't tell me you aren't getting tired of all this."


    "Try not to get a systems overload while you figure that out."

    "This was amusing... Back to work.", said Megatron.

    As he was walking away, Jetison fired his weapon into the ceiling thrice. "No... I've had it with you. I'm taking over. And you're gonna die!"

    As Jetison aimed his rifle, Dinobot sneaked up on him, sword drawn. But as he readied to attack, Megatron intervened.

    "That won't be necessary, Dinobot. I'll handle this myself."

    Jetison turned and watched as Dinobot sheated the sword slowly and backed away. He turned back to Megatron who still had the same arrogant smirk on his face. Jetison smiled back.

    "How unexpected.", Jetison said. "I didn't think you'd to actually show some bearings for once."

    He fired the rifle, but Megatron rolled to his side and returned fire with his shoulder mounted rail gun. Jetison narrowly avoided the blasts as he jumped into the air and transformed into his jet mode. Megatron watched as his challenger moved in for an attack and he quickly transformed. His cloak was ripped into shreds as panels and body parts shifted and moved to reveal what could only be described as a strange, bipedal tank.

    Megatron fired his rail gun several times, but Jetison used his maneuverability to dodge every single shot. Megatron then followed the attack with his hip-mounted rocket launchers. Jetison rolled out of the first missile's way, but the second one made contact. His rear thruster was damaged but due to his flight skills, Jetison managed to stay in the air.

    He retaliated with his vulcan cannons, which connected with its target. Megatron yelled in agony as the rounds tore into his chest armor, but thankfully for him, his spark chamber hadn't taken any damage whatsoever. He unleashed another volley of missiles, but they missed their fast moving target.

    Another rail gun attack followed, and the blasts connected with Jetison's left wing. This is when Jetison realized that despite his skills, he couldn't fly inside this hideout as well as in the open sky. And now that he was heavily damaged, Megatron would just pick him off with ease. He decided on a risky course of action and headed straight for Megatron at full speed. He rolled to evade the shots being fired at him, transformed in mid-air, and then using both legs, kicked Megatron's chest with all the strength he could muster. The latter crashed into the wall behind him and transformed.

    Jetison readied his rifle but his adversary blasted it clean out of his hand. He charged using his rear thrusters, and landed three punches to Megatron's face, but the much bigger Predacon managed to shake them off. With a backhand strike, Jetison was sent flying in the opposite direction. As he got back up his right arm was blown off by Megatron's rail gun, and another blast connected with his chest, which knocked him on his back.

    As mech fluid gushed from the wound he saw as the mouth of Megatron's rail gun grew closer to his face. He felt the heat generating from within it and panicked.

    "Megatron... please... I'll do anything---", said the almost dead Predacon.

    However, the would-be executioner put away his weapon and said. "Know this, Jetison: I am in charge here, and don't you ever forget that.", he then held his rail gun to Jetison's mouth. "Undermine my orders again however, and I'll have you disintegrated!"

    Jetison replied with some inaudible words before going into stasis lock due to loss of mech fluid.

    "Repair him.", Megatron uttered to the other Predacons as he walked away from the defeated Jetison.

    Rotor and Strafe dragged him to the CR chamber room, leaving Barrage to experiment on their newest find.

    Then Megatron turned to Dinobot and said, "Contact our new ally. Tell him we'll make our move in two days."

    MAXIMAL TERRITORY - Sector 51 - M.E.A.

    Primal and Halftrack sat in the latter's workshop. Halftrack showed Primal several pictures of the devices that had been stolen in the latest weeks.

    "So you now know why the devices have been stolen?", asked Primal.

    "Well, this is pretty much guesswork, but here it goes. Individually, these stolen devices have vastly different purposes and uses. At first glance, other than the Nucleon Generator, they don't look like much. However, I started brainstorming different ideas, seeing what could be done by putting them together in different ways. Like a puzzle."

    "You've been busy."

    "What else is there to do around here? Anyways, look at this..."

    The simulation on the screen combined the six stolen devices into a strange gizmo, which confused Primal even more.

    "What is it?"

    "Some sort of EMP device."

    "What's so special about that? Many races have weaponized EMP machines."

    "Yes, but this one is special for one reason: whoever did this made it to target Cybertronian technology only, including us. So unlike other EMP weapons, this one would be deadly to us, and this is due to the Nucleon Generator attached to it."

    "That's just Prime... what can we do?"

    "We still have a chance, albeit small. They need a large dish with which to amplify its power due to its inmense concentration of power. The biggest one on Cybertron is the one in the communications tower down in sector 24."

    "How do we know whoever's building this thing would go for that one?"

    "If I was building a doomsday EMP weapon, I would choose that one."

    "... Good enough for me. Contact the authorities."

    "Where are you going?"

    "I have to take care of something"

    "This is gonna have to be handled very carefully. The Council could lose some political footing due to this. And I can't even begin to imagine the repercussions that will arise if whoever's doing this are Predacons."

    "I'd rather deal with repercussions than with thousands, maybe millions dead.", said Primal as he raced out of the room.

    "Maybe that's why you're not a politician.", joked Halftrack as he activated his comlink.

    To Be Continued...
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    Great chapter! Keep it coming!
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    Good reading :D 
    Megs sounds really badass, he scares me!

    That pic is cool, too. Do you have anything like that in mind for Primal?
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    Actually, Primal, visualize him like Armada Optimus Prime in his normal mode. But with an Optimus Primal coloration of course. Also, the grill becomes his chest, however, imagine Armada Prime's grill flipping itself around to a chestplate more reminiscent of BW Primal's chest. Kinda like how in the show Primal's gorilla head flipped around when it became his chest.


    I'll see if I post more vehicle mode pics another time. Jetison (Terrosaur), imagine him as Energon Starscream.

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