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    alright, here goes. it took me 3 hours to put this post together, but it's like the part of my collection that I put the most effort into building anyway, so I wanted to get it right. hopefully I labelled everything correctly. I do of course have classics prime and the fansproject trailer, but I keep all of my primes together on another set of shelves. I also use animated cybertron prime as orion pax.

    ever since the first set of classics came out 5 years ago (!) this line and its progeny is what I had really always been looking for as an adult collector, once binaltech died out. I made some customs in here if there was a mold that just stood out to me that I felt should've been a particular character, so let me know if you have any questions. as far as having an energon/animated/whatever version of a figure in this set versus an "official" classics release, I have done so because I like those particular figures better than the official version.

    '84 Autobots


    classics mirage
    classics bumblebee
    cybertron redalert repainted into trailbreaker
    botcon ratchet
    animated jazz
    henkei hound
    botcon huffer
    classics 2.0 sideswipe
    reveal the shield wheeljack
    henkei sunstreaker
    energon tow-line repainted into black ironhide
    classics 2.0 silverstreak
    classics bumblebee with custom head into bumper
    cybertron overhaul repainted into brawn
    botcon ironhide with classics 2.0 ironhide head
    energon strongarm repainted into gears
    classics prowl
    cyberton clocker repainted into windcharger
    movie meantime as auto warrior

    '85 Autobots


    classics jetfire
    energon omega supreme
    animated grimlock
    revenge of the fallen hoist
    cybertron hardtop repainted into beachcomber
    universe roadbuster with revenge of the fallen brawn head
    henkei smokescreen
    energon sky shadown repainted into powerglide
    cybertron shortround repainted into seaspray
    energon roadblock as grapple
    generations red alert
    movie real gear longview repainted into cosmos with custom head
    cybertron scattorshot repainted into warpath
    energon inferno
    universe swerve as powerdasher (mailaway reinforcement, get it?)

    '86 Autobots


    device label blaster
    bootleg device label tigatron repainted into steeljaw
    perfect effect eject
    perfect effect rewind
    energon superion with crossfire appendage parts
    animated blurr with generations blurr head
    classics hotrod with fansproject sidearm
    cybertron armorhide as pipes
    botcon alpha trion with beta maxx
    energon rodimus as rodimus prime
    cybertron lugnutz repainted as wheelie
    cybertron brushguard repainted as outback
    animated arcee with custom head
    cybertron clocker repainted into tailgate
    fansproject defender as springer
    energon strongarm repainted as swerve
    classics ultra magnus with fansproject city commander armor
    reveal the shield wreckgar
    reveal the shield perceptor
    generations kup with igear head and fansproject blesser

    '87-'90 Autobots


    cybertron quickmix with stripmine
    cybertron landmine as scoop
    classics 2.0 ironhide as tote
    cybertron crosswise as stepper
    universe night slash cheetor repainted into catilla
    power core combiners steelshot as sidetrack
    cybertron override as lightspeed
    energon skyblast modified into strafe
    power core combiners heavytread as guzzle
    energon jetfire as scattorshot
    cybertron ransack as afterburner
    tfcc dion
    powercore combiners leadfoot and pinpoint as powermaster slapdash and lube
    universe hardhead with headrobots head
    tfcc nightbeat
    perfect effect ninja as rosanna
    perfect effect the sun as sundor

    Post-G1 Autobots


    botcon 2010 streetstar as g2 streetwise
    reveal the shield mindset
    armada jetfire with repainted head as galaxy shuttle
    botcon 2010 rapido
    botcon 2010 spark as g2 pyro
    generations drift
    hunt for the decepticons hubcap as g2 volt
    botcon 2010 turbomaster as g2 scorch
    hunt for the decepticons breacher and powercore combiner grimstone just because they fit

    '84 Decepticons


    classics megatron (repainted)
    classics starscream
    classics skywarp
    classics starscream repainted into thundercracker
    perfect effect frenzy
    perfect effect rumble
    perfect effect kingbat as ratbat
    henkei ravage
    cybertron soundwave with laserbeak and 2nd laserbeak repainted as buzzsaw
    generations soundwave (can't decide which sw I like better in this setting)
    movie speed dial, zoom-out, and spyshot as stand-ins for the reflector team, but not for long ;) 

    '85 Decepticons


    energon devastator
    henkei astrotrain
    classics astrotrain
    classics ramjet modified and repainted into thrust
    classics ramjet
    classics ramjet modified and repainted into dirge
    energon shockblast as shockwave

    '86 Decepticons


    energon galvatron
    classics 2.0 cyclonus
    generations scourge as generic sweep
    botcon 2009 scourge
    classics 2.0 nemesis prime repainted and custom head with bts nemesis trailer as motormaster
    botcon 2010 sharkticons air, land and sea
    movie breakaway repainted, head modified as breakdown
    universe dragstrip
    energon bruticus with fansproject munitioner and explorer
    cybertron runamuck

    '87-'90 Decepticons


    hunt for the decepticons axor as axer
    perfect effect the night as garboil
    botcon 2010 doublepunch
    botcon 2010 slicer
    botcon 2010 ravage as glit
    hunt for the decepticons banzaitron
    generations thunderwing
    revenge of the fallen mindwipe
    revenge of the fallen skystalker as vorath
    energon slugslinger
    revenge of the fallen blast-off as quake (still needs reprolabels)
    classics 2.0 darkwind as darkwing
    classics 2.0 tankor as octane
    botcon 2007 weirdwolf
    cybertron unicron repainted as bludgeon
    energon scorponok
    universe overkill
    cybertron thundercracker repainted as needlenose

    Post-G1 Decepticons


    animated waspinator
    botcon 2010 sky-byte
    animated blackarachnia
    movie gunbarrel as sandstorm
    movie reverb as target hawk
    animated megatron as super megatron
    hunt for the decepticons terradive as g2 jhiaxus
    energon demolishor as g2 dirtbag
    generations darkmount as g2 straxus
    botcon 2010 clench as g2 colossus
    botcon 2010 g2 breakdown
    botcon 2010 cindersaur
    power core combiner undertow and waterlog because I didn't have any better place to put him
    and of course generations dirge, thrust, and thundercracker, unopened because I made customs of these long ago
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    I think your collection totally rocks. I really enjoy seeing it after you've been making customs all these years as well :) 
  3. TrueNomadSkies

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    Hubcap & open trailer base represent? I like that. :p )

    ....Jetfire too
  4. ckhtiger

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    thanks man! aside from binaltechs, my first love, this is where most of my custom effort went, and you saw me through most of it :thumb  I must've spent a better part of a month making my own version of the botcon 2007 seekers since I couldn't afford the boxed set.

    yup, as long as I could find an homage, I'd usually take it!
  5. Lapse of Reason

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    Nice collection! I'd like to see a close-up photo of the Botcon Ironhide with the classics head if you don't mind.
  6. avenged9

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    Very cool collection man! :thumbs2: 
  7. BScorpinok75

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    In the darkness...
    Nice collection! :thumb  You wouldn't happen to have a close-up of Cybertron Red Alert as Trailbreaker would you?
  8. ckhtiger

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    here's the requsted pics! for any other customs of mine, click on my sig. I've got two sub-folders, one of my minibots and one of the custom seekers I made.






    by the way, this trailbreaker wasn't my original idea. I can't remember his name, but there's a customizer here that did this and a hoist, and I got my inspiration from him.
  9. BoboHennLily

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    Great looking collection. Love the custom work that's been done to some of the figures. Good job.

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