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    This is for offering tips or asking about how to effectively use weapons and abilities in FoC multiplayer.

    Some of my favorites and one that Planck taught me: With the Destroyer, if you use barrier with ensnare, you can deploy it more effectively as on offensive weapon rather than a defense. Jump into a group of enemies, deploy the shield which slows them down, the spam the chaos combuster and rack up the kill streaks.
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    I'd also like to add that in general, if you're a destroyer than having the Chaos Rift Combuster is amazing if you're defending a node. All it takes is for you to roll up to the node unaware, which is easy on some maps with multiple avenues to approach, and just spam the fuck out of the node. I cannot count the times when three or something players sit on a node, and I roll up just in time and the smallest one of them are dead before they even know what hits them. Then I drop an Ensnare Barrier down on anyone who gets close and they're toast. Depending on how I feel, Riot Cannon or A4 Pulsar Cannon are good for cleaning up what's left after you run out of Bombs.

    Slime Cannon:One of my favorites is still the Slime cannon. Basically, I use the Slime cannon as an enabler to kieep the enemy in range while I kill them with Whirlwind or Energon Harvester. It does quite a bit of damage on it's own, but I find it's better used to either set up for close combat stuff, or to finish off weakened enemies rather than a primary casualty maker itself. There are extremely few times where I've been straight up killed by it...most of the time I die to it are when I'm weakened. You CAN use it as a primary killer on Infiltrators, but in general don't try to make it a habit on bigger guys.

    One more tip about the Slime Cannon, is that the slow effect is more powerful on vehicles than it is on 'bots. Therefore, if you get hit by it, your best chance of survival is just to stand up and fight. You can always score a head shot, or bomb the shit out of them if you're a destroyer, but if you're in vehicle mode when you get hit you're super, SUPER ridiculously slow.

    Finally, for me the best upgrade for the Slime Cannon is the Cosmic Rust Disperser. Because I'm a conquest player, it has the most utility, as the larger spread allows you to hit multiple opponents very reliably, and that equates to two dead guys if you start your Whirlwind and pilot it well. Sonic Blast is nice, but I just don't think it has that same level of utility as the Disperser.

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