The Fallen Went Down To Georgia

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    Inspired by Soundfire primes sig.

    The Fallen went down to georgia he was looking for a spark to steal,
    he was in a bind and he was way behind and he was going to make a deal.
    When he came across this young bot fighting a decepticon and doing it hot,
    and the fallen jumped up onta pickup truck and said,
    Bot let me tell ya what,
    I guess you didnt know it, but im an awesome fighter too, and if you'd care to take a dare, i'll make a bet with you. now you fight pretty rough now but
    give the Fallen his due, i bet some energon gold against your spark to think im better than you!
    the bot said my names optimus and it might be a sin, but ill take your bet your gonna regret cause im the best thats ever Been!

    optimus sharpen up your blade and fight that battle hard, cause hecks broke loose in georgia and the fallen deals the cards, and if you win you get some energon made outta gold,and if you lose the fallen gets your Spark!

    the fallen got out his sword and said I'll start this show, and fire flew from his fingertips as he sharpened up his blade, and he scratched that sword and it made an evil hiss, and a band of decepticons joined in the battle went like this
    (music Plays as they fight)
    when the fallen finished optimus said,well your pretty good old bot but fall back right now and let ma show ya how its done.
    Fire on the mountain run bots run! The fallen's in the house of the risin sun!
    turbofox in the forest running away, old bot does it like no protoform no.
    (music plays)
    The fallen bowed his head because he'd knew that he'd been beat. and he laid that golden energon on the ground at optimu's feet. and he said Fallen just come on back if ya ever wanna try again. cause i told you once you son of slag im the best thats eva been.
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    ^ :bay :rock :music :rock :bay  Awesome song dude! Thank you so much.

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